Oct 15, 2018

What to Expect from Reliable Water Damage Carpet Cleaning Company

Water damage is one of the most common home emergencies that can happen any time. Household flood can be caused by the weather, different plumbing issues (broken pipes, sewage backups, leakage) or poor functioning of home appliances (dishwasher or washing machine). Whatever the cause, any water damage can leave hard-to-clean stains and annoying odour. The extreme dampness condition might damage your asset right away and encourage growing hazardous mold.
Water Damage Carpet Cleaning
After heavy water incursion, it is most likely that water damaged flooring especially carpets suffer the most severe effect and give homeowners one of the most distressing problems. Most water damaged carpet can be noticed visually and from its bad smell.  What is more, if not handled quickly, wet carpet can become the source of health risks to the whole family members. 

No need to waste time any longer, getting 24 hours emergency water damage carpet cleaning service that offered by reputable Water Damage Restoration Company within your area is very significant. The sooner you do, the bigger chance to save your carpet flooring and the whole parts of your property for sure. For example, Melbourne homeowners can rely on the trustworthy Melbourne’s professional water damage restoration company like skilled and IICRC certified experts at WetCarpetCleaners to perform required restoration process. This company doesn’t offer the common carpet cleaning service yet specialize in flood restoration of carpets or flooring; it is the right service to handle your water damaged carpet cleaning needs and solve the issue.  

During the flood restoration process, professionals from a good company will perform several steps. Below are -at least- the steps of the restoration process that should be done by good flood restoration companies. It is important to know earlier so you will comprehend what to expect from their expertise.  These steps are necessary to ease the water damage restoring and bring the situation back to normal level as soon as possible.

First step: Initial inspection in the affected property.
Once the first inspection done in your house, the professionals will identify the required actions to turn around the severe impact of the water damage. Your valuable belongings will be removed from the wet area and stored in a safe place.

Second step: Water extraction.
It is the start of the main restoration job. During this step the professionals will make hard works to clean-up the area and extract all standing water. It includes:
-picking up the materials on the floor
-removing all wet stuffs from the affected space such as clothes, rugs and pillows.
-getting rid of any damp surface on the flooring, walls and ceilings to get faster the drying process.
-removing the things inside the cabinet and drawers.
-identifying all types of wet surfaces  

Third step: Drying procedure.
This step might take three or four days, it depends on the severity level of the damage impact. Professionals use the powerful appliances such as air movers, dehumidifiers and water heaters to create dry air along with increase air flow and evaporation.

During the drying going on, your home environment is monitored every day. To avoid the growing mold, the moisture level has to be controlled and reduced till the normal level.

Fourth step: Evaluation of the condition after the drying process.
Based on the report of daily moisture level monitoring, the drying process is stopped when the moisture of environment reaches normal level. Professionals will visit to conduct another inspection to observe every affected zone and make sure that the drying process has been done successfully.  The good sign is when there is no trace of moisture anymore. It also means that there is no mold growth in your carpet and other part of your home.

Fifth step: Restoring the structure.
It’s the final step. The affected area is already dry. It is the time for restoring the home structure and your other assets.  Some can be repaired and probably some have to be replaced. The successful process on this step will bring your home back to the pre-damaged situation.

When it comes to restoring your water damaged carpet flooring, the professionals will make efforts to make it as new and healthy again; it might include the drying out, deep cleaning and required carpet repairing.  What a relief.

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