Feb 21, 2020

Connect With Convenience in your Soul Address

Have you ever thought of a fine balance between comfort and convenience in your living space? Or, did you ever dream of a serene home that is a feast to your mind, body and soul? In fact, the concept of comfort living has underwent a sea change over the past few years. From large and spacious rooms and high balconies, the focus is now shifted to the availability of lifestyle amenities that amp up the comfort quotient of any residential project. The idea is to provide not just a living space, but a living experience.

Here’s what your soul address must offer to grant you a lifestyle that you have always desired.

Lifestyle Amenities                                                    

It’s the amenities of a complex that determines the convenience factor of a residential complex. In the recent times, living spaces are designed in such a way, so that the residents can experience fine living in the truest sense of the term. From state-of-the-art gymnasiums to plush Jacuzzi room, from swimming pool decks to health lounge, plush properties in the city nowadays are offering everything. Lifestyle amenities right within the premises instantly amp up the living experience.

Recreational Facilities

After hectic work hours, when your weary soul craves for warm snug, your very own home should provide that. With recreational amenities like indoor games room, squash court, mini theatre and amphitheatre, evenings in your plush living space are always going to be happening. Whether you want to unwind after a busy day or you love to offload some stress in the indoor games room, your residential complex will serve you in a way you want.

24/7 Surveillance

With a 24/7 surveillance camera you can easily monitor your property when you are not at home. Nowadays, most of the plush properties are equipped with surveillance cameras that enable you to keep a close watch of your property but also keep you assured about the security of your very own home. A security camera is a growing trend for the residential apartments in the recent times. It comes handy especially when you are not around to take care of it.

Entertainment & Activities

A gated residential complex offers a full spectrum entertainment & activities. It gifts you a lifestyle that you have nurtured in your dreams for a long time. To keep you upbeat after a hectic day, a residential complex now comes with air-conditioned community centers, mini theatres, and amphitheatres. To socialise with the neighbours or planning a grand celebration, there are party lawns, and multipurpose halls.

The Takeaway Point

Owning a home is no more a distant dream in the recent times. With high-end amenities and plush facilities, the upcoming addresses in the city are becoming the preferred choice of the potential homebuyers. Added to these, is the strategic locations that offers easy & effortless connectivity and ease of travelling.

So, what are you waiting for? Book the address of your dream today and experience the sophistication.

Summary: The concept of comfort living has evolved significantly in the recent times. Here’s how the uber stylish homes coming up in the city can offer you comfort, convenience, and a lifestyle of your dream. 

Should you renovate a rental property?

renovate a rental property
Owning a rental property is great, even when you take all the downsides into account. You have a monthly income that you don't work for every day, but you also have to deal with many different things. For example, you might have troublesome tenants, or have a property that needs to have some work done, but it is overall beneficial. You are the one that makes all the decisions, so you can choose who lives there and if you are going to renovate it. But you might be asking- should you renovate a rental property? And the answer is- yes, sometimes you should.

When should you renovate a rental property?

Sure, there are some situations when renovating a property that you are renting makes sense. If you just made a successful relocation in NJ and bought a property that you want to rent to other people, you can choose to renovate it. You won't be able to lease out an apartment that does not look like that is what its purpose is. So, in this case, renovations are mandatory. But there are some other situations in which you should renovate a rental property. Making sure you only do it if you feel like it is necessary or when you are certain you can make a profit can save you some money. Doing it just because you like something new is not a good choice. You will be spending your money and won't be gaining anything out of it. There are some situations when renovating your rental property is acceptable:

  • Your rental property will be safer if you fix problems instead of covering them up
  • The rental properties in your area are in a better condition than the property you are renting
  • You will increase the value of your property and will be able to ask for a bigger rent
  • If you renovate a rental property, you will reduce maintenance or operating costs
  • You will be able to attract some high-quality tenants
cash you can earn if you renovate a rental property
Make sure you are gaining financial benefit from this renovation

Safety should always be your priority, especially if you are leasing out a house or an apartment. Things like investing in LED lights and other safer, cheaper and more greener solutions are always a good idea. You should make sure your tenants are happy with the choice they made when they decided to move into your property.

Safety is an important motive to renovate a rental property

You need to be sure that you are a responsible landlord. The safety of your tenants should be the most important thing for you, more important than the height of the rent. So, make sure you take care of problems by fixing them, not covering them up. This is even more important if your property is not located in the city. Even with all the benefits of living in the province over living in the city, hospitals are smaller and less equipped. You don't want to be responsible for other people's injuries. Invest in safety; it's one of the best reasons to renovate a rental property.

You have to be able to compete on the real estate renting market

Another great reason to invest in a renovation of rental property is to be able to compete with the neighbors. Even with all the mortgage and real estate changes in 2020, you have to be able to compete with the other landlords in the area. It is not easy, and you have to be aware of that. Potential tenants have a huge choice and they will go for both the cheapest and the nicest properties. You should renovate a rental property if it is going to make your rental property look much better than it does now.
A block of houses
Make sure you can compete with the neighbors
Gaining financial benefit is always a plus

If you can renovate a rental property and be able to ask for a higher rent, then you are doing a good job. By increasing the value of your home, you will be able to make it safer as well and this is a good reason for you to ask for more money. Even a simple paint job inside and out of your rental property can make it more valuable. Of course, you should never do it by yourself, but hire professionals that will paint the interior and exterior of your property. Nothing will make you feel better than investing in the looks of your property and making it more valuable at the same time. 

Another way to save is to make sure you cut down the costs

If your rental property is outdated and has outdated appliances inside as well, your electric and heating bills will be sky-high. This is something that can easily be fixed. Make sure your walls are thick enough that the heat is not escaping and window frames should be replaced if necessary. Get new appliances and even new electrical installations. Getting the appliances that are energy-efficient is a great idea and will show you quite a difference in costs. This way, you will be sure that you will have a huge difference when it comes to paying the bills. Gather the old appliances and other obsolete things, hire bluebellmovingandstorage.com, and get them moved and stored. You will be able to sell or donate them later on.
a stove with pots on it
Getting energy-efficient appliances is a great investment
Attracting some high-quality tenants is a great reason to renovate a rental property

The best thing that can happen to you as a landlord is to have luck when it comes to tenants. Being able to rent your property to the right people is truly a great feeling. But it takes more than luck. Smart, young people that will respect and take care of your rental property are going to look for the perfect home to rent. So, you need to make sure that is just what they see once they take a look at your property. Even simple things like strengthening your home security systems is a big plus.

Taking care of your tenants is simply a must when it comes to renting a house or apartment. People are willing to pay more just to feel secure and taken care of. This is just the card you should play. Renovate a rental property for one or more of these reasons and you will see the benefits it brings you.

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Jan 30, 2020

7 Top Tips for Picking an Accent Chair

You've got the ideal sofa and the perfect wooden furniture in your living room. Your dining room has a table and chairs. You've decided on the décor and your room is nearly finished. But something is missing. You need an accent chair (or two.) A sofa and armchairs are essential, but accent chairs are equally as vital in setting the overall tone and personality of a room. You have the chance, with an accent chair, to assert your personality and make a visual statement.

But how do you choose an accent chair from the vast range available? Look at these top tips and get the ideal chair for your needs, whether you want your chair to take pride of place in your dining space, living room, bedroom or hallway.

1. Decide Where You Can Make a Great Impression

First impressions are everything, so choose an accent chair that really stands out for a hallway or living room. These rooms are often the first that a guest sees, so you have the chance to make a great style statement that will stay in their minds throughout their visit. Many modern chairs are designed to be dramatic and impactful. Look at bright coloured fabrics or bold shapes.

2. Set Up a Blank Canvas

Contemporary chairs are often minimalist in style. Choose a simple shape and a neutral colour to accessorise the chairs with cushions, throws, or other embellishments. You can then change the accessories as often as you like to suit the season or your mood.

3. Set Up a Reading Nook
An accent chair is ideal as your reading space. Choose a comfortable chair in a classic or traditional style for comfort as well as impact. Pick a chair you want to spend hours in.

4. Choose Furniture as Art

You may want to leave your walls blank and your décor simple. Choose a bold and stunning accent chair as your piece of art in the living room or dining room. You'll make a statement that will also be highly practical.

5. Take a Risk

Don't be afraid to play around with styles, colours and shapes. Accent chairs are meant to be fun. You can be as bold as you like with this furniture and flaunt your personality through your choice.

6. Size Matters

A statement chair in the bedroom, hallway or kitchen is likely to be a little smaller than an accent chair in the living room as you will need to be able to move easily around the room. If you have a large living room, go large with your accent chairs since they will otherwise be swamped in the space.

7. Think Versatility

Accent chairs in the living room could also double as extra dining chairs for when you have additional guests, so think about a style that would fit in both rooms. You could also use a living room accent chair in a guest room when someone comes to stay. In this case, make sure you choose something you can easily move.

Why Living in The Province Is Better Than the City

We’re all used to a routine that provides us opportunities and life in the city. This is a great privilege. Although our daily activities in cities can be draining and you might wonder what it’s like to live another lifestyle away from the buildings, busy streets, and fast-paced living. 

Investing in a house for sale in provinces will surely give you a place for you and your family to live. Also, take a quick visit on the weekends for a change of scenery because there are surely drastic differences in living in the province. Here is everything to need to know about it: 

Lower Cost of Real Estate

Houses, condominiums, and apartments alone in the city can be extremely pricey. The city consists of employees, families, and students. Because of its high demand, accommodation can be expensive. If you opt to live in the province you will be saving not only on rent, but also on food expenses, and transportation because the cost of living is exceptionally cheaper. 

Free from City Traffic

This has been an ongoing and inevitable dilemma when you live in the city. Your daily commute is always something you have to consider. Sacrificing a few hours of sleep to travel for hours just for a few kilometers, and staying in standstill traffic.

This happens because the city is overpopulated by vehicles. Factors like rain, flooding, irresponsible drivers also contribute to this. Provinces don’t have to deal with this as much because of their simple, easy accessible transportation, and less cars. 

Surrounded by Nature

You are less likely to see and appreciate the beauty of nature in the city because you are surrounded by a rushed and hurried lifestyle. The province is surrounded by trees, animals and greener grass.

There are views of clear clouds and mountains almost everywhere you look. Your surroundings highly affect the way that you think. Being surrounded by nature reduces anger, fear, and stress. 

Relaxed Environment

Recently stated that living in the province gives you the advantage of being surrounded by nature. The environment away from the city is much more different. People in the city are always rushing and hurrying from all the work and responsibility.

If you prefer a more laid back atmosphere, the province is a good place to start. Living in the province helps you relax easier because of the surroundings. Some provinces are just a five-minute walk through the mangroves and the beach, something you won't be able to experience in the city. 

Job Opportunities

Many people think that the city is the only place for good career opportunities, this is why most people relocate to the city. But most places outside of the city also have well-established companies and special economic zones.

By moving to the province, you will still be able to look for opportunities that require your skillset. You can even opt to sell your services or start a business to cater to the needs of the people from the province. 

Less Pollution

You would be surprised to see and feel how the air is very different in the province. The many vehicles, buildings, and factories in the city are great factors of pollution. Areas away from the city contain less pollution and have cleaner air because they have less of these.

This can be a great investment for your health because you are unknowingly affected by the pollution that the city provides. You can immediately see how pollution affects the city due to the smoke that covers the sky in the day and there isn’t much to see at night. In the province, you can clearly see the beautiful stars and clear sky at night.

Cost of Commodities

Living in the city costs more for food and basic necessities. Meats, fruits, and vegetables are lower due to the proximity to farms and fewer middlemen for labor. Buying them wouldn’t be such a hassle as well because local markets are much nearer to houses. 


The fresh fruits and vegetables that the province can provide is a great factor to contribute to your health. There are also factors like the fresher air, the greens, no pollution compared to living in the city. 

Less Technology

Although it is a privilege to be able to relocate or live in the city, it can also take a toll on your mental health. Life moves more slowly in the province and is away from the digital era and excessive use of smart technology. Living in the province will be able to reduce your technology habits because of limited connection and the beautiful surroundings that the province can offer. 

Key Takeaway

There is a huge difference between the lifestyle of the city to those living in the province. 

Investing in a house for sale in provinces will be able to give you and your family the luxury of a simple life. 

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