Sep 20, 2019

Tips on How to Live a Posh Lifestyle in Metro Manila

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Nowadays, there’s just something interesting about being so posh, upscale, and flashy. Although we don’t mean this in a negative way. In fact, we admire those people who can pull off posh-living, especially in Metro Manila!

Ever witnessed a #TitasOfMNL afternoon gathering at the nearest Mary Grace Cafe? How about a #TitosOfMNL weekend early morning golf playing?

This is the posh life we’re talking about! However, you can possibly live a posh lifestyle in Metro Manila without having to go to Mary Grace or teeing off golf clubs the whole Saturday afternoon. Actually, you can live a posh lifestyle just by following these simple tips we have for you. Let’s start, shall we? We wouldn’t want to keep you waiting!

Go Tech-Free For A Day

Okay, we know this is completely absurd. Well, not really. There’s something so satisfying about going tech-free for a day. There’s so much more than just secluding your life in a tiny piece of gadget. Each month, try to commit to at least one day spent away from your tech devices. Give yourself a well-deserved time out from the digital and social media world. Let some space in your mind for clarity and peace.

Give Your Home Some Love

Living a posh lifestyle has got to come from the inside out. Yes, you may be out in the streets strutting a designer bag on one hand while drinking your iced coffee on the other, but when you go home, you’re bombarded with the reality that you have such a chaotic and messy life, just because you don’t clean and organize your house enough.

Living in a condo? A home, maybe? It doesn’t matter. Clean up! Give your home some love by setting monthly (or weekly) dates for general cleanups. Trust us, your home will thank you for it. And besides, it’d be nicer to live in a clean house! You get to enjoy staying in and have clearer, brighter, and a more positive outlook in life. Try it!

Buy Something You Love

Just because! Reward yourself once in a while. And we don’t only mean buying small trinkets. Reward yourself with a worthwhile investment if you must, and if your budget allows it! We highly suggest picking through and purchasing a Megaworld Infinite property. This real estate company can definitely offer you elegant homes that’ll surely help you live a posh lifestyle. More than anything, they have great deals of residential properties for you to choose from. Go on and live that luxury lifestyle! No one’s stopping you.

Avoid Unnecessary Appliances

This is somehow connected to the point mentioned above. If you ever decide to live in a condo unit, do avoid unnecessary appliances as this cannot only take up so much space but can also be a factor of making your home look less neat and elegant than how it actually is. Learn and practice the art of having less, because less is more.

If anything, try decorating your home with elegant pieces such as tall curtains, glass tables, or minimalist furniture pieces. Just make sure not to go overboard as this can be an indicator of disorganization and such.

Wrapping Up

Living the posh life doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think it would be. It could be as simple as giving yourself time to do the things you love, to cleaning your home, to going out of your way just to buy something, which you know you’d love. Maybe take one, two, or a few of these tips mentioned above to help you live a more elegant and put-together life in the metro.

Sep 18, 2019

Common Door Knob Problems and How to Fix Them

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Although small purchases, doorknobs play big and important roles in keeping a home safe, secure, and complete. If anything, doorknobs are also seen as staples or essentials in upscaling a home’s decor, which is an additional feature to its primary function. Whatever doorknob you may want for your home, it’s important that you find the right one based on your needs and preferences as this can make things easier for you. More than anything, having a clear idea of what you want your home to look like or what style you’re trying to go for can also give you a clear sense of which types or styles of doorknob to incorporate in your home.

However, just like any other home furniture, feature, or fixture, doorknobs also often get caught up in problems concerning the main handle, its lockset, and so much more. While doorknob prices in the Philippines come off as relatively cheap yet durable, it’s still a rising issue today of whether or not getting new locks and doorknobs would be a good thing or not because hey, sometimes, a good ol’ fix can solve lots of hardware problems. That being said, it’s an essential thing for homeowners to take a look at these problems fast and look for ways on how to solve and correct them before things get worse. Most of the time, doorknobs experience problems regarding a malfunctioning latch assembly or lock mechanism.

Curious about the many other doorknob problems you may face in your homes? Look no further and spend yourself the aggravation of stressing over your home’s doors because we’ve laid out below some of the most common doorknob problems and how to fix them.

Lock-Latching Issues

Locks failing to latch correctly is one of the most common doorknob problems many homeowners experience until today. When door latches don’t click into position, chances are both its latch and strike plate are out of its original posture or alignment.

To fix this, first, try tightening the hinge screws. After that, try adjusting the strike plate by loosening all screws while shifting it slightly. With this issue, repairs usually range from making minor door latch adjustments to repositioning the entire door itself. If simple troubleshooting of the said doorknob’s latch doesn’t work, you might want to call in professionals who can help you fix the problem accurately. After all, you wouldn’t want to ultimately add problems and issues to an already existing one.

Loosened Doorknob

Doorknobs can naturally get loose over time, and it’s a common problem among households, which, of course, can be fixed. However, there are different methods of tightening a doorknob’s grip, depending on the type of lockset. For simple interior mortise locksets, you can tighten it by first loosening the setscrew on the knob’s shank. Next, you’ll want to hold the knob on the other side of the door to keep it from falling, then turn the loose knob clockwise until it fits. Finally, proceed with tightening the screw until you feel it resting against the flat side of the spindle. From here, your knob should already turn freely.

However, if these steps don’t help at all, try removing the entire knob and checking the spindle as this can indicate that you need to replace the old, worn-out rod with a new one. Meanwhile, if you notice that the entire lockset has already worn out, then it’s best to replace all of its parts immediately or until you see fit.

Door Often Swings and Won’t Stay Open

This issue is commonly caused by doors out of plumb in its opening. To fix this, try inserting a small amount of shim between the door jamb and the back of its hinge (usually the bottom hinge). To do this, you must first loosen the knob’s hinge screws all the way to give you enough space between for the hinge and the jamb. Next, behind the hinge, try to insert small pieces of plastic laminate (we try to give you the simplest options--ones you can immediately find in any home) then re-tighten its screws.

Note that you may need to adjust a couple of times the amount of shim you insert to get your door to swing accurately this time. The same thing or procedure goes for when you also want to place the hinge somewhere at the center.

Frozen Door Locks

Exterior locks commonly freeze while interior locks can get dirty. These are common doorknob problems that can be fixed through quick remedies such as those mentioned below:

First, try putting some graphite into the keyhole. You can either squeeze it from a container or dust it on towards a key. After that, try to operate the lock a few times to make the graphite work its magic into the mechanism.

Another trick or remedy you can try doing is opt for lock de-icers, which contain alcohol and other lubricants, that could help dissolve dirty deposits within door locks. It pretty much works just like how spritzing graphite on keyholes does.

Your last resort could be completely disassembling the entire lock to see if something inside has started to jam up or break down. Frequently, you really have to opt for a replacement, but without buying a new lock.

Wrapping Up

Doorknobs, locks, and hinges can often get caught up in issues and problems mainly because of how long it has already been hinged or placed within door frames, or maybe because of a knob’s faulty nature (could also be a factory defect). Experiencing troublesome doorknob issues? Try browsing through these common problems and ways on how to fix them so you’d know what to do next time before you splurge on a new knob!

Sep 14, 2019

5 Things You Should Add to Your Wind down Routine

It may seem like a paradox, but the best way to approach relaxation and quality sleep is to be proactive about winding down at night. Lying on the couch and staring at the TV is for those who want to toss and turn. Real relaxation takes planning, and a wind-down routine is an essential part of that.

If you don’t already incorporate 30 minutes to an hour each night for decompressing and relaxation before sleep, you may be missing out on some much-needed, deep, restorative sleep that can decrease your risk of disease and improve cognitive function.

With a wind-down routine, you can reap these positive results and more - with a simple practice that is natural and free. It’s worth it for your mental and physical well-being to add a sleep-conducive wind-down routine to your evenings, staring with these 5 essentials.

Set the Tone with Lighting

At least an hour before bedtime, dim the lights in your home. This will calm your brain and trigger relaxation. To take your commitment to relaxation even further before bed, the Neurosurgery Center of Colorado recommends dimming the lights at dusk.

Although we have the ability through technology to block out night altogether, this is not how we were wired to operate. A slow decrease in light at dusk helps your brain prepare for sleep with the secretion of melatonin. The same effect is not achieved when you suddenly go from bright light to total darkness.

Utilize Aromatherapy and White Noise

One excellent way to foster a relaxing environment during wind-down time and through the wee hours of the night is to keep an essential oil diffuser running with a relaxing oil, such as lavendar or sweet orange.

Another way to keep yourself from waking during the night is to provide some type of white noise while you sleep. White noise, such as from a ceiling fan or nature sound machine, will help mask sleep-stealing noises.

Add a Dose of Mindfulness and Meditation

A consistently practiced wind-down routine is your panacea for quality sleep, but only if you add a little dose of mindfulness and meditation

This part of your quiet time only needs to fill about 10 minutes, but can be as long as you want and can be done wherever you feel the most comfortable, but avoid the bedroom until it’s lights out!

Take Inventory

A common element in addiction recovery programs is to take a brief daily inventory of situations and events that occurred during your day and how you responded to them, but this is a great practice for anyone looking to grow in self-awareness.

If a situation didn’t go as well as it could have or an ongoing issue wasn’t addressed, think of ways that similar situations can be avoided in the future. However, don’t focus solely on what didn’t go as planned. Remember to pat yourself on the back during your daily inventory for the things that went well, equipped with your newly found well-rested, self-aware approach to life.

Fall Asleep Focusing on Your Breath

For many people, trying to fall asleep can involve tossing and turning, as well as a mind that won’t seem to stop running at full speed. As you evolve in your wind-down practice, your ability to fall asleep will improve, as well as the quality of your sleep.

However, a great way to keep your mind calm once you’ve turned out the lights is to focus on your breath as you drift into la-la land. This gives your mind a distraction to keep it from wandering into the past or future.

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