Nov 29, 2022

How Self-Storage Can Keep Your Boise Home Organized


storage units are a way to keep your Boise home organized

Keeping your home organized can be a challenge. Whether it's a lack of time or just not knowing where to start, the key is to find a system that works for you. We will explore some tips and tricks on how self-storage can help keep your Boise home organized so that you have more time to spend with family and friends instead of stressing about what goes where in your home.

Purge, Organize, and Store

The best way to open up the space in your home is to get rid of excess inventory. Here’s how you can keep your Boise home organized in three simple steps:

  • Purge: Get rid of anything you don't want or need. If it's just taking up space and collecting dust, get rid of it! After all, you could empty a storage room in your home and create a home gym instead!

  • Organize: You'll want to organize your items by category or room, so they're easy to find when you need them later. For example, if you keep all the kitchenware together in one spot (rather than spread throughout different cabinets), you can grab a whole set at once instead of searching through several places. If a drawer doesn't fit everything from one category (like pots and pans), consider getting a smaller container for those items, so they don't take up valuable space elsewhere in the house.

  • Store: Once everything is properly sorted into its own area in your home storage unit, go ahead and store it there!

Donate Unwanted Items

If you're like most people, you probably have some stuff that could be used by someone else. Whether it's a rarely-used appliance or piece of furniture, plenty of local charities accept donations. They'll be happy to take them off your hands for free!

If you're looking for a place that specifically accepts large items, check out Goodwill Industries or the Salvation Army. These organizations have the space and workforce to take in large donations and find homes for them.

Make sure that when donating items, they are in good condition and usable by someone else if possible. If an item has been damaged in any way (such as from water damage), it may not be desirable by other people or organizations.

Find a Place for Sentimental Items

Sentimental items are important to keep, but you may not want them in your home. If you want to get your home ready for fall, you should keep these items in a box and store them safely away. Another option is to store these sentimental items in a safe place that is easy for you to access when you need them, like an attic or basement.

If you have sentimental items that you want to keep but don’t want in your home, consider storing them in a safe place that is easy for you to access when needed.

You can also consider giving your sentimental items to someone who will appreciate them. You may want to give these items to a family member or friend, or you may even decide that it would be best for the item to go into an heirloom box and be passed down from generation to generation.

Find the Right Packing Supplies

Keeping your home tidy isn’t about getting rid of things. If you just have too many items and want to keep them, you’ll need to pack them the right way. Before moving your things to storage, make sure you have the right supplies. Depending on the unit size, you might need to use boxes of different sizes. Also, keep in mind that some items can damage when kept in storage long-term. Make sure to ask professionals about the best storage packing supplies and ways to pack and store your belongings. 

How to Keep Your Boise Home Organized

Once you decide which items you want to put in storage and declutter your home, you should find the best spot for every item. Here are a few tips for keeping your Boise home organized at all times.

  • Keep it simple. The first step is to know what you want and then create a system that works for you.

  • Get rid of the clutter. Self-storage can help you clear out unused items, freeing up room in your home and making it easier to keep organized going forward.

  • Find storage that’s right for your needs. Since there are many different storage solutions, think about the time frame of renting, unit size, and other factors before renting it.

Self-storage is more than just a place to store stuff. It’s a system that can help you stay organized and keep your home clean. If you’ve got too much stuff and don’t know where to put it, start by getting rid of the clutter in your home. The first step is knowing what you actually need, then creating a system that works for you!

How to Find Good Storage Solutions?

If you want to make your home an oasis, you should minimize the number of things you keep in it. Rental storage can help you create more space and enjoy your clutter-free home. There are a few ways you can find good storage solutions:

  • Check out self-storage units. Self-storage units are affordable and flexible, which is perfect if you're not sure how long you'll need the extra space. You can store items for a short or long period of time, so it's easy to use this option even if your situation changes rapidly. Plus, it's always nice to have an extra option for when your home starts getting too full!

  • Ask family members or friends if they have any space in their homes that might fit the bill. If there isn't anything available in the immediate area (maybe someone has something further away), consider looking into other options, such as renting out an RV or a moving truck temporarily instead of paying hefty penalties on late payments at another location.


If you’re looking for a way to keep your home organized and tidy, self-storage is a great option. Not only does it help you declutter and organize your home, but it also allows you to store items that are too big, bulky, or heavy for regular storage units!


Nov 14, 2022

What Las Vegas Homeowners Should Know About Solar Panel Cleaning


House with solar panels

 Solar panel installation could be the way to go if you want to save money on your energy bill and reduce your home's carbon footprint. What Las Vegas homeowners should know about solar panel cleaning is that solar panels are an investment. They have a long lifespan (25–30 years) and can pay for themselves over time.

Suppose you're interested in learning more about solar panel maintenance. In that case, this guide will provide you with all the information you need, including how often your panels need care, how much it costs to keep your solar panels, how to clean your solar panels, and more.

Here's what you need to know before you start cleaning solar panels.

Opinions on whether solar panels need to be cleaned vary widely. Some researchers claim solar panels don't need cleaning since rain can do the trick or that dust buildup doesn't significantly reduce output.

However, recent studies have shown that dust buildup on solar panels can reduce efficiency by as much as 20%. Particular regions experience fluctuating temperatures and varying levels of airborne dust. For instance, some areas have relatively little precipitation and air pollution. Dust accumulation in low-rainfall parts may be more significant, necessitating more frequent cleaning. In contrast, areas with frequent rainfall and low levels of air pollution may never need to clean their panels. The degree to which your solar panels accumulate dirt could even be affected by the angle at which your roof is pitched. For example, panels on a flat roof will collect more dirt than those on a steep roof.

 When Do I Need to Clean My Solar Panels?

Examine your home’s solar panels visually once a month to check for dust buildup. A drop in output may also appear on your monthly power bill or the solar system monitoring app. When that time comes, and only then should you worry about washing your solar panels. What Las Vegas homeowners should know about solar panel cleaning is that even if you don't clean them, nature will most likely do it for you.

House with solar panels.
Inspecting your solar panels is usually enough to determine whether they need cleaning.

How does geographic location impact the frequency of solar panel cleaning?

Where you place the panels affects how you will clean them and how often they need cleaning. In most cases, cleaning them once or twice a year is sufficient. In unusual circumstances, however, you might need to clean them frequently.

 Polluted places. Near factories, highways, and airports, solar panels that collect dirt and oil from the air work less well.

  • Places with lots of trees. Leaves falling over solar panels can reduce their ability to absorb sunlight, so it's important to avoid installing them near densely treed areas. Birds are attracted to trees; their droppings can accumulate on the PV cells and damage the surface due to their acidity.

  • Deserts. Sand builds up on PV panels in the Middle East and the American Southwest, which are arid and sandy. Sand builds on PV panels and blocks light, and scratches the surface. Rapid ash may happen in California and Australia, where wildfires occur often. 

What does it cost to keep your solar panels in good working order?

Most households get a professional solar panel cleaner and inspector once a year. There are so many solar panels on the roof that it is prudent to hire a professional installer. The good news is that even if you employ a professional to handle the upkeep, you can expect to pay only a nominal amount. Hiring solar panel cleaning experts isn’t expensive, so you should leave this task to the pros for convenience.

 An annual inspection costs about $150, and two cleanings cost about $150 each ($300 total), so yearly maintenance for a solar panel system costs roughly $450, as reported by Home Advisor. If your solar panel system is broken or dirt and debris build up faster on your panels, you may have to clean them more often and pay more for maintenance.

Woman counting money.
Hiring experts for solar panel cleaning is usually reasonably priced and is the best option.

How to Remove Dust and Grime from Solar Panels

Solar panels are one of the best eco-friendly investments for your home, so here’s how to clean them:

  1. Before cleaning the panels, make sure you have followed the manufacturer's recommendations for doing so. Never attempt a system clean-up from the roof. You and your panels are in danger if you do that. 

  1. You can save time and effort by brushing away any loose dirt before spraying it with water, making squeegeeing much easier. 

  1. You may get by with a suitable nozzle for your lawn hose. A more thorough solar panel cleaning procedure may be required if there is a great deal of dirt and grime. You can use a squeegee attachment to clean. 

  1. You should not use metal tools, abrasives, or cleaning solutions. Scratches on solar panels can block the sun, reducing its effectiveness. Get clean water and wet a cloth-covered sponge or a soft plastic brush. 

  1. As opposed to the "hard water" experienced by some, rainwater has a relatively low mineral content. Squeeze the panels dry after washing to avoid mineral deposits and streaks.

Person holding garden hose.
You can clean solar panels with a garden hose. That is one of the things Las Vegas homeowners should know about solar panel cleaning.

Here are some that you should avoid when cleaning solar panels.

  • Under no circumstances should cold water be used to clean heated panels. The PV panels may crack from the sudden temperature change. Instead, clean panels before sunrise, after sunset, or on a cloudy, cold day.

  • It is not recommended to use chemicals that are acidic or abrasive. Before using a cleaning solution, check the label to see if there are any special precautions you need to take. If you are unsure what to use, stick with plain water and dish soap.

  • Instead of installing gutters, consider using a plant-safe cleaning solution.

  • Never use pressure washers. What Las Vegas homeowners should know about solar panel cleaning is that the glass surface of your solar panels can break if there is too much pressure on them.

 In Conclusion

What Las Vegas homeowners should know about solar panel cleaning is that solar panel systems will cost you more than many other major household purchases. However, they are substantially less high-maintenance and live significantly longer. Solar panel cleaning usually needs to be done once a year. Otherwise, your panels will not require any more maintenance throughout the year as long as they are in good working order.


Oct 26, 2022

Best St. Petersburg, FL, Neighborhoods for Families With Kids


Parents teaching their daughter to ride a bicycle.

Living in St. Petersburg, Florida, can be a fun and exciting experience. Sunny and hot, Florida is a state well-known for its beaches, palm trees, and parties. St. Petersburg is one of Florida's cities that has the potential to sate the appetites of even the most distinguished tastes. Located on Gulf Coast in Florida, this city is now home to over 250,000 people of different races and ethnicities. They form a coherent and tightly-knit community that constantly grows. This city and its neighborhood can easily be a perfect stop for families with its vibrant art districts, museums, and waterfront recreations. Sometimes quiet and sometimes loud, this charming city bears the nickname Sunshine City. And rightfully so, you can bask in the hot Florida sun over nearly the whole course of the year and enjoy beach fun and activities. This article will discuss the best St.Petersburg, FL, neighborhoods for families with kids where you can create a perfect home.

Best neighborhoods for families with kids

Before we discuss the best St.Petersburg, FL, neighborhoods for families with kids, let's take a minute and see what brings people to this city. Families flock to St.Petersburg neighborhoods because of these reasons:

  • job opportunities

  • summertime throughout the year

  • access to ocean and beaches

  • specific, laid-back, and easy-going lifestyle

  • young community

Although this is not a definitive list, these are the most prominent reasons why families with kids flock to this fascinating city. There is much to discover in the city and its vicinity. St.Petersburg neighborhoods are definitely worth your time.

Crescent Lake is one of the best St. Petersburg, FL, neighborhoods for families

Looking for a quiet yet urban part of St.Petersburg, FL? Then look no further, as Crescent Lake can be just the spot you are looking for. Named after Crescent Lake Park in the central part of the city, this quiet and cozy neighborhood is an ideal place for families with kids. You will find many domestic housing options that you can usually find on the outskirts of the cities. But this neighborhood is unique. You can enjoy a laid-back lifestyle and still be 5 minutes away by foot from the city center. According to müv | Trusted Florida Movers, this is one of the most desired areas in Florida. And that shouldn't come as a surprise, as it has access to public schools, prominent restaurants, parks, and many more. Apart from being entirely suitable for families with kids, it can also be a perfect spot for young business people and entrepreneurs, as the nightlife is blooming.

Woman sitting on the grass in a park.
One of the best St. Petersburg, FL, neighborhoods for families with kids is Crescent Lake and its parks.

Historic Kenwood

Another St.Pete neighborhood worth your while if you have a family with kids is Historic Kenwood. This part of the city is well-known for its low crime rate, which makes it particularly attractive for families with small kids. Its safe streets, filled with bungalows and brick houses, are an exciting sight to behold. You can also go with the flow and build a custom home there, primarily since this neighborhood resides in the central part of the town. If your family owns a dog, your little companion can play in the nearby Kenwood dog park. Kenwood is also home to some of the most fantastic glasswork arts and artists, giving a specific friendly note and cultural vibe to this unique part of town. Overall a great place to raise your family and one of the best St.Petersburg, FL, neighborhoods for families.

Kids trick-or-treating
Historic Kenwood can be the best place for families with kids.

Moving your family to St.Petersburg, FL

Moving can be a challenging and tedious process. One that requires a lot of effort, time, and money to complete. But sometimes, it isn't enough, and success is not guaranteed. When moving, it can be an excellent strategy to ask for professional help. Asking local St.Pete movers could do the trick. You can let experts handle the process while you dedicate your time and money to more pressing matters. This way, you will ease and speed up your relocation process. If you have a family with kids, this can be a life-saving experience.

Man and woman carrying a box.
Moving to St.Petersburg can be fun and easy with professional help.

University Park-South Downtown

If a more modern approach to a family lifestyle is what you are looking for, then University Park-South Downtown might do the trick. This vibrant and cheerful part of the city is well-known for its galleries, art museums, and art culture. Many young people flock to this part of town since its many restaurants and sophisticated nightlife culture are blooming. You can also visit Al Lang Stadium and catch Tampa Bay Rowdies playing. Housing options are not scarce either. You can find apartment buildings and condos to rent or buy houses if that is more of your style. It can also be a fun tip for saving money as a Florida family. This part of the city is ideal for young people and progressive families with kids that want to live in a more lively neighborhood.

Jungle Prada- one of the best neighborhoods for families with kids in St.Pete

Jungle Prada, also known as The Jungle by locals, is a tropical oasis in St.Pete. And it is not only the name that is specific. Many peacocks and wildlife are running in the streets of this intriguing neighborhood, hence the nickname The Jungle. Jungle Prada is only 15 minutes away from the city center. This green beauty offers many housing options for families with kids. Due to dozens of high-rated public schools, it is also considered one of the best St.Petersburg neighborhoods for families with kids. The general feel of charm and character it provides brings many tourists and people who love it so much that they decide to stay permanently. This charming neighborhood also has access to some fine cuisine in local restaurants. Jungle Prada Park is a must-see site, which dates from the early 16th century and is filled with mounds. This neighborhood is excellent for families with kids or young couples wanting to raise their kids in a charming and vibrant part of St.Petersburg.

In these past paragraphs, we have discussed the best St. Petersburg, FL, neighborhoods for families with kids and what they offer. There are many different neighborhoods that can fit your lifestyle. Be it modern and agile or slower and more sophisticated, St.Pete has it all. Ultimately, your personal preferences, and those of your family and kids, will make the final verdict.

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Oct 11, 2022

7 Tips for Setting up the Ultimate Home Gym

Taking care of your health should be everyone's primary concern. A crucial part of taking care of your health is working out. In recent decades, the gym culture has drawn many people. So much so that it has become a staple even for professional sports players. But not everybody has the time or money to go to the gym regularly. This is why some people like to have a gym at home. This allows you to work out for as long as you want—all in the comfiness of your home. Creating your home gym can be a tough job, but it also can be entertaining. In this article, we will be discussing 7 tips for setting up the ultimate home gym.

Setting up the home gym

As previously stated, not all people have the means or like to go to public gyms. Before we talk about some crucial tips for setting up the home gym, let's take a look at what it can bring to the table:

  • ease of access- having a home gym means that you can workout whenever you can

  • it is all yours- having to wait for your turn to work out in the public gym can give you headaches

  • cost-effective- you don't have to get all the equipment from the gym, just the ones you will use mostly

  • time-efficient- you won't have to be spending money and time on public transportation or wait in line to work out

According to experts at, your primary concern is to work out regularly. Even if that means in the confines of your home. There are plenty of guides, videos, and work-along that can benefit your cause if you ever get stuck or don't know what to do. The bottom line is never giving up on your goals.

When setting up the home gym, make room

The most crucial part of owning an ultimate home gym is to make enough space. This can represent many a very tedious and challenging part of the process. First, you will need to declutter, tidy up, and make ample room for the equipment. Depending on what type of equipment you mean to install, you will have to make enough space to fit them all. This is why experts from suggest that you measure the area first. Every piece of equipment has specifications and dimensions that you can easily compare with the measurements. This way, you will preemptively secure yourself from not being able to set up all the equipment and parts you want. 

Room prepared for a gym
Create enough space in your room for the home gym.

One of the tips for setting up the ultimate gym is to have a workout mat

The workout mat is one of the essential pieces of equipment when setting up the home gym. A workout mat is a must-have piece that is adequate for every type of training. From stretching to strength exercises, a workout mat can cover all. It is also relatively cheap and doesn't require much space. Meaning that you can fit it anywhere, you see an open spot. It is ideal for many exercises, be it male or female, and should be the first item from your checklist.

Woman doing a plank on a workout mat
One of the best tips for setting up the ultimate home gym is to own a workout mat

Cardio training

Cardio training is a crucial part of every training routine. The benefits are many, and skipping on it can get you in serious trouble. When it comes to creating your home gym, you cannot go without a piece of equipment for cardio. It comes in many shapes and sizes and can be relatively cheap. You can opt for a room bicycle, which is not that expensive, or a treadmill, which is on the other side of the spectrum and can cost a fortune. Either way, you will need room to set it up. Buying a jump rope can be an excellent investment. It is cheap and results in cardio that you can accomplish, don't have a limit. Due to its specific use, you will also have to consider preparing space for it, such as moving bulky furniture.

Two men jumping ropes
Jump rope is a must-have piece of equipment when setting up the home gym.

Cost of building an ultimate home gym

When creating a home gym, cost often becomes a focal point. Since you probably don't have unlimited resources, you will have to cut out some things from the list. Creating the list and a budget should greatly help you out in this endeavor. Since the costs of building a home gym can vary, being prepared can help along the way. There can be many expenses to prepare for, such as the cost of equipment, potential renovations, etc. Before you start building one, take some time to gather enough information about the equipment and its price. It can be a lifesaver in the long run.

A Squat Rack with Pull-Up Bar

If you are looking to create an ultimate home gym, you cannot go without a squat rack. This machine may not be that cheap, but it covers many crucial exercises, no matter if you are going for calisthenics or preparing for deadlifting. A squat rack is dedicated to improving your leg strength through squat-like exercises, a convenient rack for presses and deadlifts. The Pull-up bars add yet another level and access to some exercises that can transform your body really fast. This piece of equipment is very worth your investment.

Pull up bars

Installing a pull-up bar is an excellent choice. Not only is it cheap, but also very durable and gives you access to pull-ups. Pull-ups are a great way to acquire strength, whether you are aiming for bodybuilding or just want some good way to exercise. It also has a multipurpose use, so you can combine different types of exercises, putting it high up on the tips list. With this equipment piece, you can maximize your space usage.

Strip and rubber bands

There is no question about it, 7 tips for setting up the home gym cannot be complete without strip and rubber bands. Easy to come by, cheap, and with little space needed to use, these bad boys represent the ideal investment for your home gym. Amount of exercises you unlock by owning them is practically infinite. They can be used for gaining strength, cardio, and stretching and are a must-have item for every ultimate gym.


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