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Oct 21, 2016

Why Mortgage Investment Opportunities Are Worth Considering

Whether it's been prompted by the low interest rate or by uncertainty over future budgets and pension payments, Australian investors are making a stand. They are demanding more control of their money, and are increasingly looking for more transparent investments.
Savings plans and term deposits hold little interest for investors at the moment and that's no big surprise. With interest rates at a record low, the returns are just not there.

Investors say the share market provides them with choice, but is too volatile, while term deposits are 'safe' but unproductive.

Main Investment Options

Research company Canstar suggests the four main investment choices for investors are shares, bonds, cash or property. Canstar's findings make interesting reading.

According to the ASX's 2016 Long-term Investing Report, Australian shares averaged a 5.5% return per annum over 10 years to December 2015. This makes it the second-lowest-returning Australian asset class out of the four.

Canstar says cash is the safest form your money can take but it generates the lowest returns.  In Australia, cash averaged a 3.1% return per annum over 10 years, according to the ASX report.

Mortgage Investment Opportunities

Australian residential investment property, however, as reported in the ASX's 2016 Long-term Investing Report, averaged an 8% return per annum over the 10 years to December 2015.

Many believe investing in property is too expensive and hard to get into, but still agree it is a favoured asset class, particularly as the property market has been booming across parts of the country recently, particularly in Sydney.
According to the CoreLogic RP Data Daily Home Value Index, as at 11 July, 2016, Sydney house prices have risen 10% since the same time in 2015.

Smart Move for Investors

Investing in Australian real estate, however, doesn't have to mean purchasing your own investment property.

Mortgage investment opportunities are increasingly being seen as a smart move for those seeking a better return on their money, as evidenced by the wide range of clients working with Credit Connect Capital Ltd.

With many decades' experience behind them in the financial solutions market, Credit Connect Capital works with charities, corporations, public and private superannuation funds, religious groups, sovereign wealth funds, high net worth individuals, private loan lenders and family offices.

Experienced and Trusted

That wide range of clients is testament to the fact that Credit Connect Capital Ltd is seen as an experienced and trusted financial expert.

It works like this: Credit Connect Capital Ltd is a public company that holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL). CCC Australia's fund managers are licensed to operate a mortgage and property fund - and are dedicated to providing a consistent and superior service, to both investors and borrowers.

Specialists in property finance, Credit Connect Capital has a range of loans available to businesses, ranging from Construction & Development Loans up to $50,000,000, to Short Term Loans, from $50,000 to $10,000,000.

Returns from 6%

The company loans money to experienced developers, with the loan secured by a mortgage over real Australian real estate.
A construction & development loan may be over one to four years, from 8% per annum.

Credit Connect Capital can then offer its investment clients a very healthy mortgage investment opportunity. Here's an example. An experienced development company based in Melbourne is seeking first mortgage funding of $20,000,000 to assist with the purchase of a property located in North Melbourne. The subject property is being purchased for $31,000,000.

Better Return Than Term Deposit

The loan was for a term of 12 months, with an LVR of 64.51%, and was secured by registered mortgage over the property, giving Credit Connect Capital an opportunity to offer its investors a return of 10% pa on their money.
Easy to see why that investment is a lot more attractive than a term deposit right now!

Avoid Pooled Mortgage Funds

When considering mortgage investment opportunities, there are certain factors you should look for. For starters, only ever deal with a company that has a proven record in successful mortgage investments.

Secondly, avoid pooled funds. Once commonly used, pooled mortgage funds were the hardest hit in the GFC. They work by 'pooling' investments into one fund. A contributory mortgage fund  - which is what Credit Connect Capital offers - comprises multiple schemes, is completely transparent as you will know specifically were your funds are being invested, opposed to a pooled fund where you don’t know where your funds are directly being invested.

Contributory mortgage funds give the investor more choice as well as the opportunity to receive monthly returns, straight into their bank account. This latter point is very important when you are retired, and seeking a regular income.

Oct 19, 2016

Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Roof

For an apartment to be effective in its service to the dwellers, it has to have a well-maintained roofing. While roofing is made to dwell for long periods of time, it also needs replacement and maintenance to keep it effective. Here are some of the things to observe in an effort to determine when a roof needs replacement.
Some roofs when leaking do not necessarily need to be replaced rather to be repaired. However, a leaking roof is an indication that the roof is worn out and might need replacing soon. With a leaking roof, repairs need to be done with immediate effect to prevent more leaks from happening. Leaking roofs are more likely to be rendered useless as the leaks reduce the durability of the roof by gathering damaging bacteria.

     Curling Shingles
In some cases, shingles curl upwards and sometimes underneath themselves as a result of incorrect installations, flawed materials, or lack of ventilation. When this happens, it is an implication that the roof needs immediate attention. A replacement of the roof is important especially for buildings within areas that have strong winds.

     Growth of Algae
Spores thrive in dumpy areas, they are transported using air and are therefore likely to thrive at any given place especially on rooftops. Algae, like leakages, reduce the durability of a roof. Therefore, a sign of it is an indication that a roof is in need of replacement. While replacement helps do away with the problem, one can maintain the roof using scrubbing to clean off the algae.

     Deterioration of Covering of a Roof
The growth of algae and mold can bring destruction to the cover of a roof when a roof is destroyed to this point; it is a clear indication that it needs replacing. The algae or mold brings about the destruction by decaying the roof causing the roof to sag and eventually collapse as a result of being weak.

     Peeling of Paint
Cracking of outside paint on the roof is another indication that shows that a roof is in need of repair.  Most people, however, tend to overlook this sign; it causes the steady destruction of the roof by making it vulnerable to all the other issues.

     Age of the Roof
When a roof is continually repairing, it is impossible to notice signs that it might need replacement. Therefore one needs to consider the age of a roof in determining whether or not the roof needs replacing. It is said that a good roof needs to last for 12 to 20 years, therefore if a roof is approaching 20, it needs replacing.

     Sunshine Through Roof Boards
Another sign that a roof is in need of replacing is when the roof board lets in daylight into the room. If rays of sun find a way into a room through the roof, it is an indication that the board and consequently the roof is old.

     Stained Ceilings
Water stains are a common occurrence in most ceilings, the water stains cause mold and are an indication that the roof has a problem. This problem could be as a result of the roof aging or incorrect underlying fitting. Most people opt to repaint the ceiling to cover up the stains. However, the best solution is to replace the roof which is most often than not the cause of the problem. 

In conclusion, the replacement of a roof might not be ideal for most people. However, it is a crucial part of maintenance and upkeep of a good house and therefore unavoidable. You take caution by applying different prevention methods.

Precision Construction Services is a full service roofer in Columbia, MO

Best Apartment Complex Amenities

When you are looking forward to buying or renting a house, there are several things that you need to know. Our priorities may vary depending on the needs and financial flexibility. We strive to seek the best accommodation at a minimum cost. The location of the apartments will also influence the provision of amenities. Therefore, location and an affordable price are key factors. This article will discuss the best apartment complex amenities that you could look out for when house hunting.
     Toddler room
We are living in a contemporary society where securing a room for a toddler is a must have in our homes. Most people will not share their master bedroom with their toddlers. Homeowners can either decorate the room or leave it for you to design as per your preference. In addition to the toddler’s room, most people looking to buy a home will also put more preference to a home that has more room for the children to play.

     Outdoor playgrounds
While outdoor playgrounds have been and still are an important aspect of a home, having an indoor play area plays more into the modern homeowner. It plays into the fact that most homes today are secluded, and therefore children do not have common playgrounds in the estate. In addition to that, indoor play area provides the parent with features to help limit the children's television and technology time. The modern play areas in the house provide parents with an opportunity to monitor whom their children play with and how they interact. It also provides the parents with an opening to network with other parents within their apartment.

     Parking lot
Almost everyone owns a car today, even the cheapest of apartments have to accommodate individuals who drive. Parking lots are a must have for everyone looking for an apartment. Whether or not they drive, people want to know that as they evolve and develop as individuals, their apartments have the capability to accommodate them. It is not only in the parking lot but how big and convenient the lot is. Whether or not it can accommodate everyone within the apartment.

     Outdoor amenities
When looking for apartments, most people are more inclined to look for apartments that have a variety of outdoor amenities that can serve as entertainment. Today, when putting up apartments, owners consider swimming pools, spacious gyms and spa parlors. While some apartments have private pools for every apartment, some put up a pool to service everyone within the apartment complex. Spas are not a must have for apartments, however, they serve as a great attraction for some people. Most people will rent an apartment that has a spa due to the convenience that the spa brings to them. While others will rent the apartment out of a sheer need for a higher social class, either way, the apartment gains more popularity with the provision of a spa.

Gymnasiums are another lavish provision that most people consider today as they look for an apartment. 60 percent of people today engage in a healthier lifestyle, therefore one if not all of them enroll into a gym. Therefore, most people look for apartments that offer this option as it is convenient.

In conclusion, with everyone being so busy, time to engage in outdoor activities has become limited hence the popularity with such apartments. People can go to work and later engage in a sport of their choice. Technology has provided for this as most apartments have virtual playgrounds for sports such as tennis and golf where clients can engage in their favorite activities within the complex.

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