Sep 20, 2014

Budget Ideas for Decorating a Living Room

Before you start decorating the living room, the first thing you need to do is determine the style of your living space in order to buy the right furniture and decoration pieces. Randomly buying furniture without any vision of a complete picture will have negative result on the interior. Although oriental style living room was very popular, people are currently opt for modernistic, contemporary, traditional, Tuscan and industrial design style. This means that you should make a complete contrast from your surroundings if you want to have an impressive living room. If you are living in a newly constructed luxury building you can opt for industrial or traditional style. If you live in a country side, for example, the modernist and contemporary style will leave your guests speechless. On the other hand, if you do not want to be noticed so much, you can make a warm and a pleasant place by corresponding with the environment. This can also leave a lot of positive comments. In this case you can opt for a traditional style at the country side and if you live in a luxurious building try something modern.

Modernist style

Making arrangements in a modernist style means you will not need a lot of furniture with small decorations. Modernist style emphasizes the simplicity and the functionality of a living room. It usually uses neutral colors as well as the white color as the most popular one, although you can sometimes find vibrant colors for obtaining a dramatic effect.

Contemporary style

Contemporary style refers to several different styles made in the 20th and the 21st century. The lines are curved unlike the sharp edges in the modern style. Even if there are any sharp lines they are covered by plants, pillows, carpets, etc... The colors are warm and natural. The contemporary style often relies on brown and green. Decorations are mostly made out of glass, steel, nickel and chromium. The most popular wood is maple and birch and decoration materials such as silk, linen and cotton.

Traditional style

Traditional style is usually associated with the high-class from 18th century, especially in England and France. The most popular color is green and a peach-like color and these colors are complemented with bronze and gold to create a richer atmosphere. Floral pattern on a fabric is a common thing to see and heavy decorations on the windows. The furniture is often carved, decorated and unique. One part of the living room can be decorated with vine bottles for example. This can bring out the effect of a traditional vine basement. Bottles for this kind of decoration can be found in bottle shops.

Tuscan style

Tuscan style is rustic, characterized by stone, elegant iron, simple furniture and detailed murals. Some details are similar to the traditional style but a lot simpler and they look like they are made a lot easier. A rustic color palette is mostly relying on brown earth tones. The fireplace decorated in the Tuscan style is essential in the living room.

Industrial style

The industrial style wasn’t considered as a style for a long time. This style became a lot more popular over the last few years. The advantage of this style is the quality material that will last longer then others. The secret of the organization is in the open space. The ceilings are usually high and the rooms have several purposes. The industrial style is the most modern decorating style and it is especially appreciated by interior designers.

Every style has its own characteristics and a way to emphasize small details and decorations. Only thing you have to do now is learn how to combine colors and this is something that you can learn only by experimenting. A living room should be a warm and an inviting place which can provide comfort and relaxation so you should enjoy decorating it and it will certainly shine back.

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Carrots for Sale

Carrots and green vegetable inside the plastic bag called kangkung were offered to visitors for feeding deer in the Bogor palace yard. 


The Weekend in Black and White

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Sep 18, 2014

Why Keeping Schools Clean Should be a Priority

Our modern-day lives are faced with threats of many different natures, but we often overlook the basic prevention we can all do to keep ourselves away from harm. There’s no better example of this than in schools, colleges and universities - breeding grounds for risks to health.

Children are vulnerable in that their immune systems haven’t had the chance to develop a resistance to many common issues to health; though it should be noted that on the more positive side, they have a fast-learning system and a resilience many of us older adults lack. 

The problem with schools

As with any place where people gather, spending a lot of time together in close proximity, a school can be a breeding ground for infection. The rate of infection is increased as physical contact is often and the sheer proximity of people means germs can be passed on quickly and effortlessly.

There’s another angle to this too - kids and staff alike need to be educated to prevent infection. If children especially don’t receive this education then they won’t wash their hands or pick up that old bit of food in the playground and germs will spread and spread. 

The risk

There is of course the evident risk to health in infection, from contracting the common cold to more serious illnesses such as Meningitis, Diphtheria and Influenza. Although these are certainly (and thankfully) rare cases, the seriousness of them are unignorable; causing long-term illness, ongoing health problems or in few cases, death. 

Tackling the problem

Taking steps to prevent and conquer infection can be a difficult thing if risk isn’t managed properly and your staff aren’t behind the control. Here’s some helpful tips to get you started:

1.  Find a good school supplier - Use national registers to find a school cleaning company in Norfolk, Essex or Suffolk that knows how to professionally clean and keep infection at bay. If you’re comfortable with your current supplier, have a frank conversation with them about infection control and agree what they’ll do to help. They will be pivotal in keeping your environment safe.

2. Educate staff - Create a short training package to educate staff in how they can help prevent infection, go as far as including it into their roles and responsibilities. Make people accountable and consider champions and reward/incentive schemes to drive the message home. Head towards becoming a centre of infection control excellence.
3. Educate pupils - Educate children on how to stay clean and prevent infection. Simple procedures such as hand-washing, using alcohol-gel and the like will make a big difference. Bringing things into their daily routine will drum-in the message too, and of course there’s opportunities here for a reward/incentive scheme.

4. Internal comms - Introduce and reinforce messages around cleanliness, consider an internal campaign theme and communicate with staff and pupils alike about keeping a safe, clean environment. Raise awareness and consciousness of infection and the risks involved.

5. Take pride - Become a centre of excellence for infection control, having your staff and pupils feel proud they are keeping their environment safe. Use this as a Unique Selling Point too and towards your Corporate Social Responsibility, improving the reputation of your school and ensuring people are spending less time off ill.

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Why Consider Investing In Timber Floor Sanding

Timber floor sanding can be your best option if you want to boost the interiors of your home or commercial space. Homeowners or business owners usually get timber floor sanding when the worn out top surfaces of a wooden floor are already removed. This process will usually require utmost caution in order to avoid results that you will certainly regret in the end. This is why it is a smart idea to hire the services of timber floor specialists. These professionals have the right experience, knowledge and skill to provide the results you want.

Some Benefits of Timber Floor Sanding
1.  A sanded floor can easily be maintained as opposed to a carpeted floor. Be reminded that maintaining a carpeted floor can be a daunting task, most especially if you must change it regularly. You must know that having your floor sanded will not just save you a lot of your finances but will also spare you a significant amount of your time. They indeed guarantee that once your floors are sanded, you won’t think of its maintenance for many years to come.
2.    Having your floors sanded will surely enhance your room. Furthermore, it will give your room the makeover that it needs. Definitely, it will look a lot better as compared to when you just cover them with carpets. If you choose to invest in the services of timber floor specialist, you will see the difference at once, and the value of your property will increase.
3.    As mentioned, timber floor sanding will greatly improve your property’s value. It is no secret indeed that a sanded floor is more of value as opposed to that of a carpeted floor. Certainly, timber floor sanding will boost your property’s appearance, while enhancing its value that will surely benefit you in the end.
4.    When your family is prone to asthma or allergies, opting for floor sanding can be your best option. Having a carpet which is not treated on a regular basis can have some negative effects on your home along with your family’s health. Timber floor specialists highly emphasized that most homeowners choose to invest in floor sanding due to its advantage of not accumulating several allergens as well as dusts that carpets clutch.

Indeed, there are many benefits you can get when you invest in timber floor sanding. Thus, when you are really interested to give your floor that excellent makeover, then consider opting for a timber floor sanding specialist now. These professionals will guarantee to provide you with the results you desire.

About the author: Kenneth Lawrence is a passionate handyman. He is fond of sharing a couple of home improvement tips and guides. He reads relevant books and visits site like to boost his knowledge about the home improvement industry. He shares what he learned through blogging.

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