Dec 20, 2014


The picture still derived from the same dock at Mutun Beach (Lampung, Sumatra Island). I tried to capture reflection of poles. I think it looks nice in B&W. 

 The Weekend in Black and White

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Dec 19, 2014

Make Your Christmas Party Colorful By Bright Lights

Christmas is considered as the most important festival for the Christians. But, recently this occasion is becoming famous among all the people, no matter in which religion they belong. Festival is all about lights and colors. On this auspicious day, people decorate their homes and outdoor gardens with variety of lights and colorful lighting strips. The Christmas trees are decorated with color balls, stars, lighting accessories and ribbons. There are many types of Christmas lights available in the market, but the long-lasting LED lights are becoming very popular.

The Decoration Of Indoors and Rooms in Christmas
The indoor space includes dining areas, living spaces, kid’s room and balconies. Some people want to decorate their living spaces with heavy bright lighting strips. Whereas, some just hang the LED strips from the ceilings. The colorful lights change the ambiance of the room. The long chains of red stocking fairy and bright lighting accessories look great in dark rooms. The twinkling and the color changing varieties will surely help you to change the color in interval and maintain the twinkling frequency.

You can decorate your children’s room with bright LED star lights and leaf-shaped light strips. Kids are great fond of these lighting accessories. The LED strips are available in many varieties and shapes like the balls, stars, cubes, leaves, and flowers. All these lighting systems change your atmosphere of your room. You can feel the festive mood everywhere inside your house.

Some people have pools inside their home. They can use the color changing lotus and tea lights on the water. You will definitely feel like colorful lotus floating on your pool water. It is just look wonderful. Small Christmas trees are arranged along the poolside in four sides. You can wrap the trees with bright incandescent LED oyster light strips and icicle lights. This festival is all about colors. You can buy custom lights, like color changing or twinkling lights where you can adjust the color according to your wish. LED spotlights and tubes often focus the dining areas. These illuminating accessories brighten up the entire area and make it more appealing. The walking spaces are decorated with hanging battery operated lights and C6 or C7 lighting accessories.

Decorate Your Outdoor Gardens and Pool Areas
The outdoor space comprises of gardens, lawns and pool areas. You can decorate all your garden trees like the Christmas trees. You can hang the colorful mini lights of various colors and shapes. You can add balls and colorful ribbons to the branches. It will look very attractive. Some cover the garden fences with twinkling net lighting accessories. These accessories are easy to decorate the bushes, shrubs, and fences. You can create a uniform pattern by using them. The bulbs are made up of light-emitting diodes with constant brightness. The snowflake and multi-colored fairy lighting parts can change your pavements, lawns and gardens into fairyland. The outdoor lighting shops in Melbourne offer wide varieties of illuminating accessories.

Brighten Up Your Roofline by Lights
The roofline is considered as a vital area to decorate in the festivals. You can make a combination of hanging cascade lights and icicle lights and hang them from the roof. Your house brightens up in a second. The traditional icicle lighting accessories are available in long and short strips. You can fit them according to your wish. The animated grand cascade lighting strips and falling icicles are very common during the Christmas nights. Some light manufacturing companies offer bright red and green lighting accessories for this special festival. The hanging Candy Cane roof lights looks very beautiful.

The Christmas festival is very famous around the world. The churches, roads, and the residential areas are decorated with bright lights, ribbons, balls, and stars. You can decorate your surroundings with various lighting options available in the market.

Author’s Bio: James is a renowned home decorator and also writes articles on how to decorate homes during festivals. He suggests the readers to buy LED lighting strips from stores in Melbourne.

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