Mar 22, 2019

Online Real Estate Investment: An Industry Insight

If there’s one industry that will benefit from the most recent developments in technology, it’s real estate. At some point in the future, it’s inevitable that transactions for the buying and selling of homes will largely be done online, particularly thanks to blockchain and its capabilities. The process of buying a house could be nothing more than a virtual tour online and a quick transaction through an online real estate company. This is an exciting prospect for the industry.

What is This New Approach?

Traditionally, when going through the process of selling your home or investing in real estate, you work with an estate agent who helps you find the perfect property. Then you finalise everything through your residential conveyancing solicitors to make sure all is satisfactory. This process can take months or even years depending on which real estate company you use and the type of property you’re buying. The new approach to real estate is to move the operation completely online. One of the company’s pioneering this move is Shelter Zoom, a blockchain-based real estate application currently based in New York.
Is It Safe to Move Online?

Is moving the operation online wise? For many, the online world presents a wealth of problems that simply wouldn’t occur in typical estate agents. However, there have been a number of steps taken to ensure the process remains safe even when moved online. For example, although everyone can access the records, information will be encrypted, along with the user’s personal details. This will hopefully bring transparency to the process, making clients feel reassured that their personal data isn’t being compromised.

Additionally, all documents are sent electronically and may be signed and returned via the portal. The only setback is the fact that monetary transactions are not able to be processed by the application.
The Impact of Blockchain in Real Estate

If the real estate market is ready to move to a more efficient way of working, then the impact could be huge. Those who have the funds to invest in overseas properties will find the process easier than ever with online real estate investment. It gives a step by step insight into the stages each party is at; from the estate agent’s submitted documents to solicitors signing paperwork and submitting it back. There is potential for this way of working to be rolled out on a wider scale, where it eventually could be adopted by real estate agents across the globe as a universal standard of buying and selling a home.

The Future of Real Estate

There’s no doubt that the future of real estate investment is online. One of the only things standing in its way is the intimidation some agents will feel by this new technology. Adopting new technology can be scary at first, making many reluctant to use it to its full potential. Once real estate agents come around to this new blockchain-based system, the benefits are endless, especially when combined with the help from an online real estate design agency Manchester. Time will tell just how soon this new technology will come into play.

Mar 21, 2019


In the past, wicker furniture was mostly used in archaic house setups. These days, more and more people are embracing it. In modern houses, they are mostly used in outdoor patios and in the living room.

Without proper care, wicker furniture can become brittle and worn out. That is why we recommend the below tips, as recommended by wicker paradise, to ensure they serve you for a lifetime.

As much as we love the look of our wicker furniture in our outdoor patios, I recommend getting them into the house once in a while. Wicker furniture is lightweight so moving them should not be a problem.

If you are using natural wicker furniture, I would prefer having a protective cloth around them to prevent pests, small bugs and harmful ultraviolet rays from causing havoc.

You could choose to invest in an overhead shelter. This will ensure your wicker furniture is safe from direct sunlight. If an overhead shelter is not an option due to finances or other unavoidable circumstances, have a protective spot where you can be moving them I case of extreme temperatures.

It is also advisable to use synthetic wicker furniture for your outdoors because they are made to withstand these harsh climatic conditions.


Wicker furniture should be regularly cleaned just like any other objects in your house. You should do routine vacuum cleaning with a soft bristle attachment to remove dust buildup.

For natural wicker furniture, you can perform spot cleaning with some water and mild detergent in case there is some dirt that has stained the furniture. Make sure that the natural wicker furniture is completely dry before using it again. Sitting on any wicker furniture while still wet might cause the furniture to sag and promote the growth of molds and mildew.

For synthetic wicker furniture, the same care should be taken. However, with this, you can give it some thorough cleaning by hosing it. As stated earlier, make sure the furniture is completely dry before use.

Another point to note is to wipe or clean off dirt or any spills as soon as they occur. Fresh dirt is easier to clean and minimizes any chances of having stubborn stains.


In case you spot mildew that has grown on the furniture, use a mild oil-based soap and some warm water to remove it.

Another tip on how to care for your wicker furniture is to train yourself to be doing routine checks on them. This will allow you to spot early enough, any damages that may have occurred, and take the appropriate measures. In case of extensive damage, seek professional guidance to help you repair them.

In some cases, it is a repair you can do yourself. In such scenarios, it is recommended you do extensive research on the kind of material that was used to make the specific wicker furniture before proceeding further.

All in all, with all these cleaning and care tips, it is always good to read your manufacturer’s instructions and follow them to the letter.

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Mar 20, 2019

Key Interior Design Trends for 2019 Spring/Summer

2019 is the year of sustainability and natural materials which has come just in time for the upcoming spring and summer months. Of course, there are some gorgeous colours to embrace too, but when it comes to decorating the home, the emphasis on choosing designs that are classic and longer lasting, rather than trends that will quickly become outdated. Take a look at some of the key trends for 2019 spring/summer below.

70s Retro Fusion

This nostalgic trend celebrates Mid-century interiors and designs form a bygone era. 1970’s interior trends are back and re-imagined for the modern home. Inspiration from a decade of style, bold prints and daring designs has made this trend perfect for the brightening spring and summer seasons. Don’t worry, this trend has left the psychedelic wallpaper in the past and focuses more on contrasting textures, woven wall hangings and a splash of daring colours – perfect to prepare for just in time for spring.
Natural materials such as bamboo, wicker and rattan are being championed and paired with plenty of greenery, luxe layers and colourful tasselled detailing. 

An earthy palette and geometric prints can also be incorporated within this trend which are complemented by rich accent colours and statement lighting. When opting for this trend, be sure to follow the ‘less is more’ philosophy and be careful not to over clutter.


Sustainability is an overriding theme this year as more and more home interior brands are making eco-conscious choices. Brands are looking into new ways to re-use materials, such as paper, fibre, foam and plastic in the aim to give them a new life.

Space Themed

No, we’re not talking about a children’s bedroom. With the launch of projects such as SpaceX and Virgin Galactic making space travel a possibility in the not-so-distant future, the latest interior trends are looking to the sky for inspiration. From start constellations and vast galaxies, to rich midnight blue tones, this 2019 trend explores a decadently dark colour scheme with all the intrigue of the night sky perfect for late summer evenings as the sun begins to set.


For the first time this year, French Connection have launched a bedding range, and it perfectly fits into this spring/summer trend of tactile materials, based around slow living with the emphasis on natural resources.

This look is predominantly about creating a cosy feel by mixing texture and pattern through the use of accessories like tactile throws and cushions. Wove materials are key for Spring 2019, particularly across contemporary furniture and decorative items and textiles.

Alternative Patterns

Continuing from last season, this look is used as a counteraction from the minimalist look which has become hugely popular over the past few years, pattern is super key this season. The main rule is to keep the colour palette the same tonally, so everything has the same softness, and nothing stands out more than the other.  Use plain furniture as a blank canvas to allow room patterned cushions, wallpaper and rugs.

Mustard has become the go-to shade over the warmer months, particularly in our homes. It was once used as way of adding small pops of colour to a room however this trend is seen to be moving towards larger investment pieces of furniture as a way of adding a bold and refreshing burst of colour to a living space.

It’s a versatile shade that works brilliantly with millennial pink, teal and indigo blue and of course, crisp white if you want to create more of a fresh look.

This uplifting trend will work beautifully over the spring/summer season and is a joyous celebration of nature. The botanical prints are delivered in a softer format which is diluted by a desaturated, almost pastel, colour palette.

Bold wallpapers such as tropic leaf designs are going from strength to strength this year and vibrant bold prints can breathe new life into rooms, no matter the size.

This summery botanical trend is a great testament that our love for nature and sustainability continues to proliferate.

Refined Glamour

The new 2019 glam designs are embracing a more sophisticated and less sheen look. Luxury materials such as pewter, marble and velvet can be combined to create beautiful, fine decorative details. Fringing is a huge component of this trend from lampshades to wall hangings and cushions – fringing should be added to you glamourous summer renovation.

Dusky rose is a primary colour within this trend and works beautifully with minimal neutral tones, marble, velvet brass materials and smoked glass and copper fittings. 

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