Jan 19, 2018

Is Positive Sentiment the Driving Force Behind the Increasing Demands of Premium Flats in Kolkata?

We all have an image of our dream home all set in our imagination. A lavish home to call our own, with every facility and amenity to make living even more luxurious, we dream of such a place and more. Now it is possible to own premium flats in Kolkata, the city of joy!

An increase in luxury residential projects

Luxury residential projects are in high demand and the brief slowdown that hit the real estate market towards the end of 2016 is long gone. The market is seeing an upward trend and experts believe the trend to continue in the New Year as well. The increase in demand for luxury residential projects has directly improved the market and, thus, the number of luxury residential projects in the city. Almost every major real estate developer has contributed to the pool of luxury residential projects in Kolkata.

New locations within the city

If you take a closer look at the new luxury residential complexes coming up in the city, you will notice a trend that the real estate developers are shifting their focus towards the areas within the city that were ignored till date. Quite understandably so, since there isn’t much space left in the major locations within the city. The luxury residential complexes need large areas of land that are not readily available in the heart of the city. However, improving infrastructure and connectivity of the outskirts with the city center has led to the increasing demand for the luxury projects coming up in areas such as Rajarhat, EM Bypass, Joka and other such areas in Kolkata. Moreover, these regions are going to be well connected via the Metro network in the near future. The development of these areas of Kolkata has resulted in the city developing and spreading over a larger area. This is indeed a positive sign, given the increasing number of population migrating to the capital for various purposes.

A positive sentiment driving the luxury projects

Even if the above-mentioned factors had remained constant, without a sustainable demand it would have been impossible for the real estate developers to keep developing luxury residential complexes. Thankfully, the demand is pretty high and as per the experts, it is going to be strong in the upcoming years. Today, even a 1 BHK flat in Rajarhat equipped with all the modern amenities has high demand in the market. One of the major reasons behind the increasing demands is the improving lifestyle and changing preferences within the city. With surplus incomes going up with today generation, the lifestyle is bound to change. Factors like having a posh and stylized locality, easy access to the best educational institutions and medical facilities within the city, a need to have gymnasium, entertainment centers, shopping centers, and more, within the housing complex, have led to the development of these luxury residential apartments. An ever growing need and demand for a better lifestyle are some of the important driving forces when it comes to the development and sale of the luxury apartments. And, as the trend looks, this driving force is going to stay strong for a long time.

The Takeaway Point

It can be deduced from the above-mentioned facts that the growing need of luxury residence has certainly been a driving force behind the development of premium projects in the city. According to the experts, the number of premium projects is soon going to change the city’s skyline in the coming years.

Description: One Rajarhat is the upcoming luxury residential project of Anik Industries. Replete with all sorts of premium luxury elements, One Rajarhat is soon going to be the abode of the urban folks who won't settle for anything less than pure elegance.

5 Tips for Staying Sane During Your Home Renovation Project

Planning a home renovation is often a very exciting time for many homeowners. Turning your dreams for your home into a more beautiful, comfortable, or functional living space for you and your family can be a uniquely satisfying experience: After all, it’s not often that we get to watch our visions for our homes take shape and become a reality.

If you’ve lived through a home renovation before, you probably already know how stressful it can be to watch your home renovations take shape. Whether the renovations last for a weekend or a year, it’s important to develop strategies to deal with the difficulties that arise while your dreams for your home take physical shape. Whether you’re remodeling project is elective or your home insurance is covering an unforeseen accident, you’ll want to check out these five tips for staying sane during your home renovation project:

1. Be prepared to move out. Although you may have no intention of leaving your home during renovations especially if they’re minor or only involve one room of the house try to keep in mind that unpredicted complications may arise at anytime during the renovation process. If your household experiences water, electricity, or sewer shut-offs for more than a few hours at a time, you will probably need to relocate.

Even if you’re 99.999% certain that you will not need to move, go ahead and make plans for alternative living arrangements just in case you need leave your home quickly due to an unforeseen problem. Before you start renovations, check out local hotel and motel rates, or make arrangements to stay with friends and family. Some households even choose to rent or borrow an RV during renovations. Regardless of where you choose to stay, make sure to stay close to home, since you’ll need to keep an eye on the work that’s being done there.

2. Protect your family and your home. This may seem obvious, but it’s easy to overlook some basic protective measures that will help keep your house and family safe during renovations. Drywall dust, sawdust, and insulation fibers will fill the air of your home and settle on surfaces. If your renovations include residential metal fabrication projects, you may also have dangerous metal shavings in your living space.
You can keep airborne debris contained by walling off construction areas with plastic sheeting and painters’ tape. This will protect your family’s lungs, eyes, and skin along with the surfaces in your home. Also make sure to cover any air ducts in construction areas in order to keep dust from being blown into other areas of your house.

3. Maintain a good rapport with your contractor and work crews. Developing and maintaining good relationships with the people working in your home will help to keep conflicts to a minimum. When conflicts do arise, the rapport you’ve built with the work crew in your home will make it easier to resolve disputes and misunderstandings.

It’s also helpful to get everything in writing from your contractor. Having agreed upon plans in writing will help to prevent misunderstandings between you and your contractor. It will also help other crews working on your home to understand your expectations. Last but not least, make sure you’re working with a fully licensed general contractor with extensive experience in your specific type of home renovation project.

4. Develop a plan for maintaining family and household routines. The changes to your physical space will be challenging during a home renovation, so make sure you plan ways to maintain your usual family routines. If your household shares meals together or regularly participates in other activities together as a family, be sure to continue those practices with one another, if possible. This will help to reduce some of the stress from the changes to your physical space that you and your family are experiencing while you’re under construction.
If you have children, be sure to explain why certain areas of the home are off limits, and show them alternative ways of doing the things they would normally do in the renovation area. For example, if the bathroom your child normally uses is under construction, show them where they can bathe or brush their teeth elsewhere in the house. If the kitchen is being remodeled, explain how the family will prepare or buy meals during its renovation. This will help kids to feel more secure while their living environment under upheaval.

5. Be flexible. It’s a good idea to anticipate your home renovations lasting at least twice as long as the time-frame anticipated by your contractor. While your renovations probably won’t actually take twice as long as predicted, you won’t be disappointed if they do take a little longer than what your contractor told you. This way, it will be easier for you and the rest of your household to tolerate unanticipated setbacks during the construction process.

It’s also a good idea to prepare all of the members of your household to anticipate noise, occasional damage, periodic water or electricity shut-offs, and other major or minor inconveniences during the renovation process. If everyone in your home knows to expect nuisances now and then, they’re likely to be more flexible and understanding when they happen.

With some good planning and a little flexibility, home renovations can be less stressful for the whole household. With less stress, you’re more likely to stay sane while you watch your dreams for your home take shape.

Author Bio:
Kurt Darrell is a freelance writer based in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s just a guy who wants to research about things and write content about it. He also writes on his life and wellness blog.

Jan 18, 2018

At last, a clean power source for your home

When we see solar panels in homes and factories we feel like the occupants are environmentally conscious and also want to save on fuel bills. We are not wrong. More than the environment, people choose solar power because it results in huge savings. They are also given subsidies to encourage them to buy more of those. But solar power, although clean, doesn’t work through the year, on in cold and snowy places. It’s expensive to make and install and the installation changes the look or the fa├žade of a building or piece of land. Installation is a long-drawn process as well and you need to wait close to 15 years to get a return on investment.

Solar power is good when you have no other option. But if you did, wouldn’t you consider it? You would and you should. At last, there’s a clean power source for your home.

It’s called N-Gen 1 and it uses a very familiar fuel to bring power to the people. More importantly, it understands that the needs of power consumption are different today and need to be dealt with differently. The old power plants are no longer up to the task and there has to be a totally altered approach to producing power.

Power is produced and distributed to homes. But the distribution results in transmission losses, due to the long distances electricity needs to travel. The device mitigates this issue. Compared to its closest compatriot, solar energy, N-Gen 1 comes with huge advantages.
  • It’s quiet and will not disturb anyone.
  • It’s small and can be placed anywhere.
  •  It has a return of investment in about 3 years, if not less.
  • It produces a small carbon footprint in manufacturing and in the final use.
  • It’s a fraction of the cost of a solar panel approach.
The company uses two things we’ve all heard about- natural gas and the heat engine mechanism. What the company does with both is the innovation we’ve all been waiting for. They’ve taken the heat engine and revolutionized its design to such an extent that the N-Gen 1 is the most dynamic generator anywhere, across all criterion. It is better for you and your house than any other power source you can possibly imagine.

Taking the heat engine to a new level happens because of a ‘pin-fin heating and cooling system’ and the company’s novel active regenerator. While the model remains the same, what happens within it is completely different. This is the tool to take abundantly available natural gas and convert it to electrical energy.

This clean power source can cater to 100 percent of your household electrical needs. Bring on the game consoles, multiple computers, air conditioners and hair dryers- they can all be handled with no issues at all. If the household expands, or its needs do, the device can accordingly be ramped up, going up to 15 KW and 1 MW, as required.

We know that natural gas is a clean power source. This means it’s good for the environment. More importantly, by embracing N-Gen 1, you are doing your bit to protect the planet and the future of your offspring.

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