Feb 10, 2016

Avoid Becoming a Victim of Bait and Switch Carpet Cleaning Companies

Cleaning a carpet is a daunting task. For this reason, most people prefer to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to ensure that the task is done to perfection. However, some carpet cleaning companies are taking advantage of their customers and overcharging them for very basic services. As a customer, it is important to know when a carpet cleaning company is trying to take advantage and switch to a different cleaning company. Below are some examples of when one will require changing their carpet cleaning company.


 The bait and switch trick is where carpet cleaning companies advertise a very low price for a cleaning service. This is referred to as bait because a lot of customers will be attracted by the low price for the cleaning service. However, once the customer has called and the cleaning company has arrived at the clients’ homes, they raise the price, which puts the customer in a bind. For this reason, customers should not be attracted to very low prices from cleaning companies. The low prices might result in the bait and switch trick or a poor job done at the low price from the cleaning company.

Another way to avoid the bait and switch trick is to check on the credentials of the cleaning company that one has chosen before asking them to provide the service. There are a number of ways in which this can be done. First, one can seek reviews of the company that he or she would like to hire. From the review, one will be able to know whether the carpet cleaning company is one of the companies that use the bait and switch trick or not. If one is not able to find a review of the company, one may opt to look for testimonials of previous customers.

The testimonials will greatly benefit a potential client because they will be able to know the kind of service that they should expect from the cleaning company. The previous clients will provide information about the pricing of the cleaning company, the kind of service they provide, the quality of the service they provide as well as any other relevant information such as an overview of the general experience they had with the company. This will enable one to determine whether they like are willing to hire the company or not.

Lastly, one should always ensure that they have all the necessary information from the person who is going to do the actual cleaning before they start cleaning the carpets. The information that one should ask about includes the duration that the individual will take to clean the carpets, the kind of cleaning that he or she is going to do, the additional serviced that he or she is willing to offer as well as the final price for the service that the consumer has chosen. This will enable one to determine whether they are genuine or not.

In conclusion, a lot of carpets cleaning companies are using the bait and switch trick to swindle customers. They use coupons and advertisements to lure customers into subscribing to their services then hand them a hefty bill after cleaning the carpets. One should always ensure that they take all the necessary precautions when finding a carpet cleansing company. One should also make a point of coming to an agreement with the carpet cleaning company about the total price of the cleaning service that they have chosen before they allow them to carry out any cleaning in their homes. This will enable them to evade the bait and switch trick.

Written by Tiger Carpet Care, the best carpet cleaning company in Columbia, MO.

Top 9 Tips To Save Your Plumbing Cost: Hire Some Economical Plumber Now

One of the biggest cost additions in the house has to be plumbing. What happens here is that due to expenditures like the pipes, drains, faucets, etc. you do end up spending a lot more than estimated. So here are some preventive and feasible solutions that you can implement in your every day’s to reduce these costs. Along with that, it is suggested to hire some professional plumbers for this task and they can handle this matter efficiently. Here are some preventive ones-
  • Water freezing in the pipe is a fairly common issue. In such cases, you should switch on one of the nearest taps so that the water in the pipe doesn’t get a chance to freeze and the pipe also thaws. As this pipe gets relief, you are saved from the hassle of a pipe burst and thus plumbing costs.
  • In case, your water in the toilet is too low and there is a clogging issue. Then take some extra water in a bowl and then do the plunger thing. Doing so once or twice helps the water gets back to its regular level.
  • So do not wash your bathroom with your hands. You must use some sanitary and medicated gloves for washing the plumbing chamber of your bathroom. Apart from that, you may need to use some chemicals like boric acid and cleaning solutions for this task and it can harm your health. So try to take proper precaution before washing your bathroom and plumbing system. 
  • Another idea here is to place a strainer on the top of all your drains for collecting the debris. This is vital because you have to ensure drain clogging doesn’t hamper the filters in your kitchen or bathroom. Also, a regular clogging and cleaning solution will help you save a lot on your plumbing costs. 
  • Clean filters of all your faucets on a regular basis. Often, due to the high content of iron and other metals in the water, there is a chance that these filters get jammed. You can clean them using some basic acid at home or even something like vinegar and lemon juice. Getting rid of the clogging here means saving on long term plumbing investments. 
  • Bathtub drains are areas of the house that need maintenance on a regular basis but are often ignored. Remember that it is here that your hair and other similar elements go in and block the area. So make sure that you use baking soda and vinegar or other combinations to regularly clean the same.
  • For the garbage disposal, you should ensure that you use a large quantity of cold water on it every time the blades are used. Doing so helps in keeping the blades sharper and makes the entire process of disposal much faster. It also means that all other greasy foods are easily disposed off and thus your plumbing hassles are reduced.
  • For running toilets, the first thing that you should do is checking the mechanism that controls your flushing. There are some easy tools available in the local hardware stores and you just need to install and use them properly. It is better to install these tools with the help of a professional plumber and maintain your plumbing system properly. 
  • For toilets that are leaking, you should simply go to the home improvement place and buy some dye tablets. Then put these in the toilet tank as instructed. Remember you should see instructions before popping them. Then see how deep it gets into the bowl. This will help you determine the leak.

However, do keep in mind that there are some plumbing instances where you cannot deal with the problem yourself. Rather than waiting it out for too long, keep in touch with the plumber and reduce unnecessary damage to your home and property. Waiting for something more drastic to happen or drains to overflow will result in hassle for you.

Feb 9, 2016

Steps To Take When Involved In Leased Car Accident

Getting involved in an accident itself jeopardises your normal daily activities. Accident issues become more complicated when you get involved in leased vehicle crashes. When you lease a vehicle and suffer from accident, you should take certain steps to have least issues with the owner of the crashed leased vehicle.
The steps needed to be taken first:

·         First you should check yourself if you are suffering from any injury at the site of the accident. If all is well, then help other persons involved in the accident.
·         You need to contact police authorities, call for medical aid and ring up the family members of the individuals, who are injured in the accident.
·         It will be wise to gain all information regarding other vehicle insurance and whether it is leased or owned by the person, who is involved in the clash. This information will surely help you later, when the cause of the accident is verified, and you need to put up claiming papers.
·         Contacting law enforcements will help in properly documenting the proofs of the accident, making of report and report of the witness of the accident. It will be profitable if snaps of the accident site are taken, which can be quite useful while claiming for insurance or compensation amount.

General views:

The next question arises in your mind that who is the right person to contact, if it was leased vehicle. You immediately contact the agent of the company, who leased you the car. In most legal matters, they themselves after verification, inform the company official about the condition of the vehicle they have leased out.

Mostly every vehicle has insurance, and thus you will be needed to attend a meeting with the insurance agent, who will aid in claiming the insurance sum assured.

Many insurance companies send an adjuster to verify the statements of the people involved in the accident and even will likely visit the accident location to take photos. The person will visit the garage where the car is towed to know the damage and repairs needed to be done before preparing the estimate.

Some insurance companies even guide you to reliable car service centre, where you can mend your damage vehicle in reasonable price.

Some insurance companies may decline to pay the insurance money, if they find that the person who leased the car is at fault and have caused the accident. In that case, you may have to pay for the repair of the vehicle from your account. The vehicle leasing company will surely ask you to pay for all the charges if the other party involved in the accident has filed for compensation, and it has been approved by legal authorities.

Gap insurance will be quite useful if the leased damaged vehicle can’t be repaired fully. The policy will cover up the difference of money of the actual value of the damaged car and the lease amount to be paid at the end of the term. Motor vehicle injury claim will help in getting insured money for the damaged vehicle. 

Top 4 Advantages of Retractable Awnings


Awnings are those coverings that are installed just above the windows, doors, patios, and decks of homes and commercial establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and other similar premises. Their primary purpose is to provide protection not just from the sun, but also from the harsh elements such as rain, snow, and wind. Also known as overhangs, these attachments come in a lot of designs and frameworks. For a homeowner or business owner, choosing the right type of awning is important in order to exude decorative elements to the structure’s interior, and at the same time provide functionality at all times.

One of the most well-known types of awning is the one that is retractable or one that can be adjusted. Unlike a traditional awning that oftentimes fixed, a retractable awning makes use of a winch that is either motorized or manually operated in an effort to set  it up at any time and retract when not in use. Generally, they come in different colors and designs, allowing users to match their homes’ exterior. It is a very convenient type of awning because it gives users the freedom to control the amount of cover they wish to obtain for their doors, windows, decks, or patios.

Homeowners today have been recognizing the benefits of having retractable type of awning in their homes. In fact, here are some of them:

1.   Australians living in houses that have decks or patios can greatly benefit from having retractable awning. Families can enjoy their outdoor activities such as barbeques and simple home dining right under the comfort of awnings. There is comfort in staying outdoors on the decks or patios knowing that they heat of the sun is not overpowering and not directly hitting them.

2.   Homeowners can see the benefit of installing retractable awning above their windows in reducing the costs of using electricity. Because of the adjustable features of such awnings, less amounts of heat penetrate through the windows and into the home. Thus, families no longer have to use air conditioning units in order to cool themselves down. Indeed, retractable awning contributes to saving money in the long term.

3.   The furniture found in patios and decks of homes are protected because of these awnings. The same can be said for furniture found inside homes. Indeed, the shade that retractable awning provide only means that the materials such as wood, cotton, and other fabrics found in tables, chairs, and other furniture, as well as carpeting, flooring, and upholstery, don’t get exposed to the sun’s rays. The heat causes the parts of such to fade or dry out, and this can be prevented through the installation of overhangs.

4.   Unlike fixed awning, retractable awning is longer lasting. Imagine a fixed awning installed on top of window; it is susceptible to damage due to the bleaching effect of the sun’s heat to the fabric or canvas. Moreover, it is likely to sustain damage due to bad weather conditions, such as a strong wind with rain or heavy snowfall. Indeed, the retractable awning can be used when needed.

Meanwhile, even though a retractable awning is long-lasting, preventive maintenance is important in order to preserve its functionality and decorative aspects. Indeed, once in a month, the awning must be checked if the joints are still correctly aligned and is working perfectly as it should be. Dusting off the awning’s joints will prevent rust from forming that could degrade its structural and functional integrity. The canvas must also be inspected for any tears. Truly, taking good care of retractable awning is a great way to save up on such investments for the home.
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