Nov 26, 2014

Tricks to Make Your Home Look Bigger

Although you might be happy with your small home, it is not a bad idea to introduce a few steps which will make home seem bigger, not just for you’re the sake of visitors, but you will also enjoy yourself more if your home feels and looks bigger.

Trick your senses
Just like you trick your senses when you wear different shapes and colors to make your body seem longer and fitter, you can do the same thing with your home. With the right combination of decoration, flooring and walls you can make your home seem a lot bigger than it really is.

Opting for striped floors is perhaps the best idea as it adds length to your home. Moreover, stripes and different shapes can elongate your walls so that you can add length and width to the rooms. Do not forget to buy furniture and decorative tables with glass tops, as it will provide and endless surface which seems to continue forever without taking up space.

Clean up your spaces
The simplest of ways to make your home seem bigger is to clear up clutter. Not only will you clean up your home so that it looks already more appealing, but you will make all space which is in a room available and possible to be used in other ways.

De-cluttering also means that you should make space in your closets and that you should organize in a way that will make space available used to the very last bit and that you will not have to worry about overstuffing one wardrobe. While you are at it, reorganize your stuff so that you can pack up everything neatly and in a way that will make using them very effective.

Multipurpose furniture
One effective method you can use is to buy furniture which can be used to save space; most of those will have either a possibility to use them as storage or to put away a few things so that you save up some space. The great thing about space saving furniture is that it can be fitter into every room and that you do not have to worry about it being functional or practical.
Not only that, but storage furniture will offer a great benefit that you can use and make your home seem little bit bigger while not having to sacrifice anything in order to achieve it.

It is important to set up lighting perfectly as the right angle can add length and width to the room. Moreover, depending on the color your will use, you can also set desired moods and make the rooms seem even more spacious. Remember not to leave any dark spots as they will make any room seem smaller. Floor lamps are a great way to add length and height to any room.
On the other hand, it is important to let in as much as possible natural light because it will add a fresher look and it will make the rooms seem bigger.

Make vertical work for you
Install a few shelves or even built-in selves into your walls to use vertical space that can help you get rid of clutter and make your rooms seem cleaner and bigger. Moreover, you can use spaces which were there before but made the rooms seem empty; nooks under the stairs are the perfect place to start.

Repaint your home
Using the right colors you can add accents to your rooms and you can add height and width to your home overall, which will make any smaller house seem bigger than they really are. But be careful not to mash together too many colors as they will only create chaos.

Tricks up your sleeve
It is important to know a few tricks which can help your make your home look bigger so that you will more comfortable and more at home. Furthermore, while it is possible to add the effect of a bigger home, you will be also doing yourself a favor by getting rid of unnecessary clutter while making sure that everything is neatly organized. Make sure that everything has a purpose and a place in your home.

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Clean Your House Like a Professional!

We would all love to live in sparkling clean homes, but unless you can afford a housecleaning service, it can often feel that it is out of your grasp. While professional house cleaners have resources and time that you simply lack, there are ways that you can close the gap. By taking a few tips from the pros, you will discover that you can get your home neat and clean in no time at all. What are a few things that we can learn from all house cleaning services?

When most people clean, they simply pick up the cleaning solutions that they can purchase at the nearest drug store. The issue is that though these items are cheap, they are frequently not as good or as powerful as what professional house cleaners use. Instead, make sure that you are picking up heavy-duty cleaners and that you are choosing cleaning tools that will last. A solid mop and scrubbing pad set can help a great deal when you are looking at getting your home clean.

Make It a Job
Most of us think of cleaning as 'that thing I'm going to get to tomorrow.' You may be tired and you may be bored with the idea, but the truth of the matter is that if you want your home to shine, you need to be willing to clean it like it's your job! Designate a day to clean every week, and try to make sure that you dedicate at least twenty minutes to cleaning every day. You'd be surprised how being on a schedule really makes things happen!

Keep It All Together
When you are cleaning, have you ever noticed how much running around you do? No matter how organized you are, it always seems that you are running up and down the stairs because you forgot about the cleanser or the rags that you needed. Instead of running back and forth, look into getting a tote that will hold all of the cleansers that you need. This can shave a surprisingly large amount of time off of your cleaning routine.

Use Both Hands
Professional house cleaning services make use of all of the resources they have, and that means that they are invested in cleaning the house with both hands! One hand can spray and the other can wipe, as a very important example. Do not let one hand dangle useless while you are cleaning. Both hands can get the work done much more quickly than one hand.

Call In a Friend
When you are looking at professional house cleaners, you will notice how often they send out pairs of cleaners. Two cleaners can get things taken care of a lot faster than one can. Call in a friend and help them clean their house too, or get a family member to help you for a deep clean. The old saying of many hands make light work is very true in this case, so consider how you can get some help.

Cleaning your house does not have to be a troubling chore. Instead, clean like the pros do and you will find that things go much more speedily!

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Nov 25, 2014

Sustainable Buildings: What are the Benefits?

Over the years, sustainable buildings have earned quite a following, and with good reason.

Considered more than just a fleeting trend, this kind of approach to building construction is deemed highly suited to today’s modern times.

Below are some of the pivotal benefits of sustainable buildings you should not miss out on.


Let us crush a common misconception here.

Building a sustainable structure is not as costly as often assumed.
Nowadays, green buildings can cost approximately the same as conventional ones. In most cases, the little difference in the expenses is often recouped in the form of savings and comfort.

A study carried out by The Californian Sustainable Building Task Force indicated that an investment in green buildings can yield a significant amount of savings in the long run.


Undoubtedly, green structures come with advantages you can’t afford to ignore.

One of the key benefits of this construction trend is the dramatic decrease in energy consumption. Since this approach often integrates resource efficiency in the mix, you can look forward to eventual long-term savings.

In addition, these efficient structures are often associated with low-operating cost and straightforward maintenance, so upkeep expenses is dramatically reduced. This will enable you to use the budget directed for costly maintenance for other purposes.

Health conducive

Inadequate air circulation, mold build up, toxic adhesives, poor lighting and high pollutant concentration are just some of the many challenges conventional buildings come with.

Fortunately, in an effort to make indoor environment quality (IEQ) ideal, green structures often have sufficient ventilation and are oftentimes built using low-emitting and non-toxic materials. This helps warrant a comfortable and healthier working environment.

Apart from helping in the preservation of the natural elements, sustainable designs often come with various elements that encourage both exercise and recreation.  

Enhanced productivity

Statistics show that when green principles were applied, a notable increase in productivity has been observed.

With employee output often positively correlated to indoor environment conditions, the application of green principles has never been more encouraged. 

In addition, since ideal lighting, ventilation and temperature control are integrated in most sustainable building designs, a notable reduction in absences and health care costs have been observed. In line with this, ensure you integrate green elements in your office design if you wish to experience a boost in both productivity and profit.

Reduced footprints

With the effects of environmental neglect and abuse felt the world over, the need for sustainable methods has become increasingly important.

Contaminants from fossil fuel intensify environmental issues and bring about components that can pose serious risks to human health and well-being (read: smog and acid rain, among others)

Fortunately, sustainable building methods integrate highly beneficial techniques such as daylighting and solar powering, all in the effort to maximize energy efficiency and minimize toxic emissions.

Undoubtedly, the relevance of green construction will continue to increase overtime. With that in mind, it’s safe to assume it will be considered the norm in the not so distant future.
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Nov 22, 2014

Decorating with Cowhide? You’ll Love Our Cushions!

Cowhide is coming back in a major way this upcoming fall. It’s all about recreating the perfect Icelandic dream in your living room, featuring raw natural elements such as concrete, leather, fur, cowhide, and of course, plenty of timber. A great way of incorporating this winning style into your home or office décor is with the cowhide throw pillows available at, as part of the Thomas Collection luxury decorative pillows.

People sometimes think cowhide themed décor is only fit for western films, but that isn’t the case at all! Contemporary throw pillows made from cowhide are a beautiful finishing touch to any room. In fact, these modern cushions have a lot to offer!

The biggest advantage of the cowhide cushion is that it is incredibly hard wearing, unlike many cheaper artificial alternatives. This means that it can be family heirloom of sorts, a prized possession that can last for many years. It also fits in nicely with different color schemes and décor selections. And even if you buy a cowhide cushion to go with your existing décor, it will still be right there complimenting the decor when you entirely redecorate your room. These cushions also happen to be very stylish and aesthetically pleasing. From board rooms to living rooms, we really can’t think of a situation these wouldn’t look good in! And to top it all off, cowhide cushions do great in homes with plenty of kids and pets because these are stain resistant and can handle a fair amount of play.

Versatility at Its Best for the Discerned Decorator!
If you think you’ll only get a palette of browns with cowhide cushions and decorative pillows, you are in for a surprise!

Beautiful cowhide pillows come in many colors and color combinations. These include black, black and white, brown and white, tan and white, tan and grey, pure tan and pure grey. Cowhide rugs truly run the entire gamut of neutral colors, enhancing the natural palette in any room. These colors look just as good with a brighter décor as they do with neutral décor. So whatever sort of furnishing you decide on, you can get wonderful results every time with the addition of an outstanding and eye-catching cowhide cushion.

The cowhide cushion is equally at home in the restaurant as it is in the living room. The ruggedness is perfect for high traffic areas as such waiting lounges and reception areas, making these cushions seriously good value for money.

Put them in front of the fireplace when you are looking for a cozy evening, or add them to the bed for a truly comfortable experience. If you have never considered getting them before, now is the time to do it because cowhide everything is going to be big next year. Look for them at

Author Bio – The author, ave an expert blogger on home improvement related topics explains how you can add a natural appeal to your interior décor with decorative throw pillows. 

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