Nov 26, 2015

Germs Found Inside Your House and How to Exterminate Them

There is much to be said about a huge home and its wide expanse of a room. But what we are not aware of is that, aside from us taking residency within these safe walls, there are also microbes and bacteria residing in the hidden corners of a home, very much to our dismay.

Even with the seemingly spotless clean interior, there may still be germs lurking in concealed spaces. A county club home in Tagaytay makes sure that all of the rooms are spotlessly clean and that germs are eradicated.

Germs live in humid and dark areas while bacteria linger on some unexpected places. But of course, to remedy that, here are some tips on how to exterminate these health pests which are found surprisingly in these areas of your home.

In Your Kitchen

The sink, is the most probable area of the kitchen that houses more germs and bacteria considering this is where you wash your dirty dishes and wash away the foreign remnants in your food such as vegetables and fruits. Your cutting boards are also hiding some bacteria from the raw meats you cut and slice. Sponges and dish towels are also two of the obvious items hoarding germs so to rid them off of germs is making sure to apply citric juices from lemons, limes, and oranges. Soak them good with this acidic liquid which will help disinfect your items of germs and bacteria.

In Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are without a doubt the main lair for germs and bacteria residing in a home. Bathtubs and toilets are breeding places for mucks and grimes which are notable living environment for germs and bacteria and the perfect breeding ground for these harmful things.  Cleaning the tubs and toilet seats, opt for using hot water and baking soda. They are also very effective as cleaning agents. Cleaning the bathroom floors should also be an everyday routine and make sure to use a sanitizing cleaning solution to effectively disinfect the floors.

In Your Living Room
Any potential allergens and microbes can be found in the areas of your living room. Carpets and rugs for one can collect dust overtime which can only mean that it is an accountable source of allergens. Aside from that, fungi are found on the sides of pots of your indoor plants since moisture is constant and bacteria and fungi fester on moist and humid areas. If you have a regular maintenance of carpet cleaning this will prevent from dust and allergens collecting. Plus, opt for easily maintained indoor plants rather than the large ones where it acquires more space and emits more moisture inside.

Electronic equipment and window curtains if not cleaned or dusted properly can also gain germs overtime and accumulate allergens. Make sure to thoroughly wash your curtains since it covers a majority of your windows and block and traps dusts from entering inside the room. Also, make sure to clean the remote of every electronic equipment since you use it almost every single day. Items like these are great carriers of germs and quickly transfer them from person to person who uses it.

You can be assured that with regular and meticulous cleaning can help make sure that your house is a safe place to live in. Keep in mind that a safe home is a clean home, which every family is deserving of.

Author Bio

Randolph Hoover and his family were originally from San Diego California but he is currently studying Business Administration in Umea University in Sweden. Aside from being a student, he also helps his parents with their home maintenance business in their home in Umea. He is also one of the marketing guy for Tagaytay Highlands.

Nov 23, 2015

Make the Best Choice of 2Pac Kitchen Doors

From the aesthetic point of view, kitchen doors are one of the most significant parts of a kitchen. Whenever you think of an imposing and impressive kitchen, it is the style and quality of the kitchen door that comes in our mind. This is the reason why the kitchen doors make a big difference.

Though the options are many, but today, 2-Pac Painted Doors are one of the most preferred materials for the kitchen doors. Reasons could be may be the beautiful finish that these doors provide, or it may be the unlimited color range that these doors come in or it is because that the edges are properly sealed.

What Is 2Pac Painted Door?
2Pac is a special paint preparation for the kitchen doors, which is a mixture of a can of paint and a can of hardener, making it a two-pac paint solution. This two Pac paint gives a finish that is of the same quality and excellence as that of standard car paint. Thus, a 2pac kitchen door is in fact, a 2-Pac Polyurethane door which has been spraying painted by this automotive like paint. There are specialized paints available in the market in this regard. There are also professionals that specialize to apply this type of paint to the kitchen doors.

Two Pac kitchen doors are made of 16mm or 18mm MR MDF (Moisture Resistant/Medium Density Fiber board). First, A primer undercoat is applied, which is followed by a spray of acrylic topcoat. Then, it is sanded and sprayed again. This process is repeated four to five times to ultimately give a thick and durable coat to this MDF board. Finally, 2pac polyurethane top coats are applied for a lustrous and quality finish. Thus, the door obtained is a durable and eye-catching product that is tougher and sturdier to scratch than the usual laminate finished doors.


  • Smooth Edgings
The beauty of this door is that you will not find any joins or edges on it. The edges of the doors are completely sealed by the paint and that makes it just a flawless, beautiful and smooth door.
  • Unlimited Color And Range
These 2pac kitchen doors are available in a wide range of colors to choose from.  Not only the color range is unlimited, but these 2pac doors are also available as pencil round, beveled edges and patterned doors, that lets you choose the one that suits best to you and to your kitchen in the look and style.
  •  No Peeling Of Paints
The paint on these doors does not peel off. It is because there is no glued on edging, which in due course, can peel off.
  • Choice Of Finishes
You can choose from gloss, satin, texture or metallic 2pac finish, all of which will make your kitchen unique.
  • Cleaning
Cleaning of these doors is very easy. Just take a damp cloth or sponge and clean the 2 Pac painted surfaces using warm liquid cleaners. There is no need to use harsh cleaning products. It might damage, but not to worry much; even if the door is damaged, just a touch up and re spray will bring it back to its splendor.
  •  Easy Makeover
If you are looking to upgrade your 2pac kitchen doors, cupboards etc, within a budget, then also 2pac door finishes are the ideal solution. You just need to recoat it for its original glory rather than replace it.
  • Reasonable Cost
2pac kitchen doors are not very expensive and suits to any budget.

Do you like to know more about 2Pac Kitchen Doors? Visit this link to get few more information about it.

Nov 21, 2015

6 Tricks to Make Your Curb Appeal More Appealing

Is your house living up to its real value? Does it need repairing or at least some freshening up? Help yourself and your house feel comfortable and valuable by doing some remodeling on the exterior. Make your curb more appealing and welcoming and avoid being judged as a person who neglects its house and its comfort. Here are some tricks for staying beautiful on the outside.
image source: flickr
Enhance the Architecture

To make your house more valuable and appealing you need to work on its architecture. Repair everything that has to be repaired, from roof to the very base. Change the window frames, doors, freshen up your patio and balconies, and repaint everything. If something has to be added, make sure to add it. If something has to be removed to make your house more balanced in every possible way, remove it. Create the perfect balance on the outside and you will feel more balanced and safe inside your house.

Paint It right

Colors affect people in many ways. That is why it is important for your house to be painted right. Flashy and tacky colors like some shades of orange, yellow or green should not be used for a facade because they are too strong. Also, you should avoid dark colors because you do not want to make your house depressing. The best choices for painting your house are pastel and calm colors that give away a pleasant peaceful feeling even on the first glance. Another great idea is repainting your garage doors or even the whole garage to match the whole exterior.

Beautiful Garden

Among other things that are catching to the eye is a beautiful garden in front of your house. You should grow at least a small garden so the entrance to your yard and home would be more welcoming. You can decide on some traditional gardens with a few decoration plants and simple furniture or you can choose a more contemporary garden design and make your front yard look spectacular.

Odd and Unique Front Door

To give your home more personality and character you should try some odd or unique designs for your front door. Think of weird shapes, or some strong colors that are catching to the eye and that will give your home more spirit. Also, you could put a nice new interesting door knocker or install a bell that sounds unusual.

Repair the Driveway and Other Paths

Home renovation also means repairing everything that has to be repaired. If your driveway and paths around the house are worn out you should refresh them. There are numerous cement blocks in many shapes and colors. Make your driveway colorful and welcoming for you, your family and guests. Paths that go to your front door or garden should be repaired. You can use cement, pavement or even stone blocks for your garden paths so they would last longer and look more playful.

Light up Your Porch

Lights can change the look of your whole house and exterior. To make your home welcoming even during the evenings and nights you should think of replacing old lights on your porch and around your house. Instead of having small and dull lamps on, be bold and put some big and unique lamps on your porch so you could add some warmth to your evening relaxation. Also, you could set up small lamps in front of you porch or garden, or arrange few of these along your driveway.

By making your curb and exterior more appealing your house could be the best one in the neighborhood. Additionally, you would increase its value and you could enjoy more knowing that your house looks great on the outside, too.
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