Sep 30, 2013

Beautify Your Fence with Yellow Touch

There are many ways to decorate your fence. Adding bright color like yellow is one great idea that you may try. I have one example for you, the fence of Bogor Presidential Palace which looks wonderful with yellow touch. 
A closer look

Sep 28, 2013

Dealing with Trusted Real Estate Agents in Your Area

A few years after the damaging subprime mortgage crisis in the US, the indications of national economy recovery have already been shown. This improving condition should bring back the confidence of people in the real estate market. As many people already notice, landed property has been commonly assumed as a good medium to long term investment. According to relatively stable today’s real estate market in the US, it’s a fact that there are lots of citizens who are interested again to conduct real estate transactions.

AgentHarvest Elite agents

When selling or buying a home, it’s only experienced and competent real estate agents who can remove your stress and worry during the whole process. Since you need to find the trusted realtors, you’ll need AgentHarvest, a real estate agent rating service that offers AgentHarvest Elite agents to any customer who wants to buy or sell a home. They are hand-picked, award-winning, top-selling agents who help buyers and sellers with their real estate transactions. These nationally recognized agents provide top-notch advice so that real estate transactions benefit both sides of the table, making both buyer and seller happy throughout the process.

How Are AgentHarvest Elite Brokers Chosen?

In order to be named an AgentHarvest Elite real estate agent, the broker must be one of the top-selling agents in the area they cover. In addition, they must rank:

•In the Top Ten in an area they represent; or

•Nationally, regionally or citywide for sales; or

•Be recipients of a recognized national sales award.

The agent must observe the Client’s Bill of Rights and must be a full-time real estate agent offering full real estate services.

A Free Service

AgentHarvest provides the names of three AgentHarvest Elite real estate agents once a request form is completed. The information provided is only used so that the agent can reach the buyer or seller who is seeking the services of a real estate agent.


An email that includes a link is sent once the form is received by AgentHarvest, and once the link is clicked, the names of the three agents are provided so that the customer can notify the agents that they are interested in being contacted. Within 24 hours, the agents should contact the customer and arrange a meeting to discuss how they may assist.


The service is free to anyone buying or selling a home, and even for those wanting to lease property. The real estate agent pays all fees, but only when the property transaction is completed. Because AgentHarvest only gets paid upon a successful transaction, they are motivated to connect the right agent with the right customer.

Privacy Policy

AgentHarvest only shares information with the agents chosen to best suit the needs of the customer, and does not share information with anyone else as they hate SPAM as much as everyone else does. Their website,, uses cookies as they are required for an advertising feature the site uses, but these can be changed in the customer’s computer settings. The instructions to do so are on the AgentHarvest website.

If you are planning to buy or sell a house, visit AgentHarvest online so that they may connect you with one of their AgentElite real estate agents so that you get the best of the best for your real estate needs.

Why Use a Swimming Pool Mosaic?

Using a swimming pool mosaic can be one of the best ways to give a bland yard personality. These are available in a wide range of formats and can be used in both regular in-ground models or the popular vinyl lined ones.

As pizzazz to an existing home

Many people purchase older homes that often have the rectangular or kidney bean-shaped in-ground pools. These homeowners often are interested in upgrading and remodeling the home over time. Many want to make the backyard more attractive for use for parties and gatherings but need to be budget-conscious at the same time. Using these kinds of products is one way to give an old pool a new look without the cost of extensive pool remodeling. These can provide a conversation piece as well as many have some surprising looks.

Different styles are available

Some of the most interesting examples of this kind of design are the ones that are inset into the pool itself or that appear on the cement walkway areas around the pool. These can serve a decorative purpose or one that is functional. People may want to find footprint or sandal versions to use to point the way to another feature such as bathroom, outdoor shower or separate spa. These can provide a whimsical touch but also one that is fairly unique.

Some people will want to create a specific theme. This can be a tropical flower like hibiscus, hula girls, palm trees or other item.  Other people may want geometric patterns, lines or other designs. Sea animals like dolphins and whales are very popular as are many kinds of tropical fish, sharks or seashells. People may want to recreate the look of a seaweed forest or a coral reef.

While many of the designs are readymade, there are also options for custom work. Some companies can create something completely unique based on what the client wants to accomplish. Clients can bring in photos of something they have seen, a basic drawing or even just discuss their ideas with the company.

There are also different styles and materials available. Some homeowners will want tiles that have a printed design such as those that feature things like fish. Other homeowners will want inset tile work that creates the fish or other design. In addition to ceramic or porcelain tiles for standard in-ground pools, there are also options that can be placed in the pool without any extensive work to set the mosaic. These kinds are appropriate for in-ground pools or the kinds that have vinyl liners.

For more information, visit today.

The Perfect Lights for Summer Nights

What are some of the best lights to install for summer nights? These tend to be lights and lanterns that can be put up in your garden or around conservatories and the back of your home; uses can include everything from creating a pleasant atmosphere to making your home more secure. With a wide range of lights available through suppliers like BLT Direct, what are some of the major types that you should be looking out for when preparing for summer evenings?

Projector Lamps

These high powered lights can be found in energy saving forms, and can be placed in different parts of your garden to provide strong directional beams to illuminate individual areas.

Solar Lights

Representing an eco friendly approach to lighting your garden at night, solar lights can be fitted as spot lights, lanterns, and many other types, and absorb light during the day for use in the evening.

Spot Lights

A good way to provide directional light for parties, spot lights can be set up to only illuminate particular parts of your garden; this might include lighting up sheds, water features and foliage. It’s also possible to use spot lights for outdoor parties to guide visitors to your home.

Coloured Lights

Investments in coloured lights can pay off in terms of atmosphere and changing the mood at parties - you can go for coloured light tubing, as well as incandescent bulbs and decorative strings of bulbs.

Shatterproof Lamps
These outdoor lamps can be found in metal halide forms, and are designed to be able to withstand being dropping onto a hard surface, which might include a patio floor or path. Also useful as a form of protection against pets and bad weather.

String Lights

A versatile option, string lights can be hung over fences, along window beams, or in trees to provide atmospheric lighting for outdoor parties. Can also double up at Christmas time as seasonal lights.

Post Lights

If you have a patio, it can be worth investing in post lights that are permanently fixed into the ground using stainless steel poles, and can light up chairs and tables when you’re sitting outside.


Different sized garden lanterns can be found, which can be hung from branches and the walls of your home as more traditional complements to contemporary lighting. Make sure that you follow proper health and safety rules, though, when hanging lanterns.

LED Sensors

When fitted to outside walls, LED sensor lights can be useful as a way of detecting movement - you can use them while sitting outside for parties, or you can keep them running if you’re going away from home and want a remote sensor to be able to detect intruders into your garden.


For when you need a decent level of coverage throughout your garden on summer nights, floodlights can be easily set up, with just a few able to illuminate your entire garden. This can be a particularly good option to take if you need even lighting throughout an outdoor space.

Author Bio: Emily blogs about interior design and DIY. To find out more about different lighting options for your home, she recommends checking out BLT Direct . She also writes about ways to save money around your home.

Romantic Lunch

 Lunch can also be romantic, right?

Location : Ah Poong restaurant, Sentul City, Bogor, Indonesia

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