Dec 30, 2020

Ways to make your home eco-friendly

a woman with green fingers holding a green plant

Another benefit of aligning with the cause is that optimizing your living space to be eco-friendly is also energy efficient. This means that you can save energy, and in turn, save a lot of money in the long run. A one-time investment toward an eco-friendly home might seem expensive and redundant at first. Still, studies have shown that this approach to home design is environmentally and financially prudent.With this in mind, we will take a look at what you can do to make your home eco-friendly.

Rethink your water waste and water supply

You should perceive all the elements of your household as potential sources of waste. Most people associate sustainability with energy consumption, most frequently in terms of electricity and heating. However, to make a truly significant contribution to environmentally-friendly home design, it is essential to think holistically. This means that it is necessary to consider other large systems that make up our homes. This is where your water supply and potential waste of water come into play.

The first thing to do is fix any malfunctioning taps and other elements that wastewater. Ideally, if you have decided to fix elements that are damaged or wasteful, you might want to consider swapping your current water supply system for a more sustainable, low-flow system.

a woman washing her hands under a steady stream of water
The best way to control your waste of water is to install eco-friendly taps and shower-heads.
During the works, you may need to move your furniture and other belongings to a storage unit. If that is the case, make sure to call a moving crew that uses equipment and vehicles that adhere to sustainability principles. During your search for a conscientious company, you may come across By hiring such a company, you will be able to maintain your ‘green living’ in all aspects of your day-to-day life.

Apart from fixing and improving your water supply system, you should also rethink your daily habits that increase your overall water consumption. Simple changes such as closing the tap while you brush your teeth or shave can save thousands of liters of water annually. So, keep that in mind when you go to the bathroom.

Incorporate a smart meter into your home

As we have mentioned, your heating system is one of the most significant contributors to excessive energy waste. More and more people realize this and are making efforts to make their homes more energy-efficient. They do this by installing smart meters and other systems that can regulate how much energy you are consuming in the winter months. Smart meters allow you to optimize your heating. You can program them to turn on the heating only at certain hours during the day. As outdated heating systems cannot be regulated in this way, you are wasting your energy and money on heating your home while you are away at work, on vacation, at school, etc.

You can also set the meter to start heating your place one hour before you arrive home or turn it off one hour before you leave. In this way, you are not only saving energy - you are also making your living space more convenient for everyday use.

In some cases, it is necessary to rehaul your heating system altogether. Some sources of energy used for heating, such as coal or wood, are simply too wasteful and damaging to the environment. If you decide to remodel your home and install a more environmentally friendly energy source, be sure to rent a green storage unit for your belongings. If you already have one, you can have your storage unit transformed in no time to make it fit your green, sustainable way of living.

Replace wasteful light bulbs with eco-friendly ones

This minor change in your household will go a long way since old, incandescent bulbs are unnecessarily wasteful. Also, reasons for hesitating to buy eco-friendly light bulbs instead of traditional ones are few if you consider the fact that there is a wide variety of them available at the market.
an eco-friendly light bulb glowing in the dark
The eco-friendly light bulb industry has improved their manufacturing to suit every single ambient.

Eco-friendly light bulbs are advantageous in that they last longer alongside the fact that they use less electrical energy to glow. So, these light-bulbs save both your money and energy in the long run.

Install solar panels

Solar panels have become synonymous with clean, green living in the last few decades. The reason behind this is that they produce electricity in a completely clean, sustainable way. So, if you live in a region that has even a modest number of sunny days in a year, you should definitely consider investing in solar panels alongside other more affordable energy-efficient improvements in your household.

In the past, solar panels were cost-efficient only in predominantly sunny areas. Nowadays, with the manufacturing technology improving by the hour, these systems can produce a hefty amount of energy even in regions that are not necessarily tropical.
a lot of solar panels, symbolizing a wat to make your home eco-friendly
Solar panels have been significantly improved over the years, allowing you to make your home eco-friendly even in areas with moderate amounts of sunshine.

Admittedly, it takes about 20 years for you to feel the financial benefits of installing solar paneling. However, the basic idea behind all green movements is to think in terms of long-term rather than short-term benefits. Therefore, you might want to consider integrating them into your home for the benefit of both your posterity and the planet we live on.

All in all, these are some of the fundamental ways to make your home eco-friendly. We hope this article has inspired you to research more on the topic and make a genuine contribution to making our planet more sustainable and environmentally-friendly.



Dec 25, 2020

How Proper Risk Management Saves you in Forex Trading

A lot of people who are probably reading this right now have probably found themselves either frustrated or too overwhelmed in Forex Trading. It is also safe to assume that some of you have probably looked into quitting all throughout given that your trading account has probably gathered enough damage.

With what is going to be discussed in this article is taken into account, this might have an impact on your trading plan and additional knowledge for proper risk management is implemented, there will be a possibility in recovering from the damage you have incurred.

Some people have probably, if not all, found themselves falling over a long-run and despite a lot of elements can be at play whenever they have experienced failure, there is always one aspect of trading that they have neglected: Risk Management. Most traders who get into trading do not involve themselves in the inner workings of proper risk management and unbeknownst to them, this can be a very powerful tool you can use while trading in the market.

The proper weaponry in winning the battle

Essentially, there are three interconnected aspects of trading that synergizes with one another:
-    Technical Ability: This is the trading strategy you apply, your ability to read charts and make action price trades.
-    Money Management: Self Explanatory, but it dwells on how much money you are willing to risk losing when trading, stop loss placement, position trading and profit targets. In a nutshell, these are the things that you do in order to maintain your capital for trading.
-    Trading Psychology: This is the aspect of trading that represents the mental side of things like resilience and self control.

As much as these are the three aspects that synergize, a lot of people in Forex Trading tend to neglect Money management as it is the aspect that covers proper risk management plans. All the aspects about reading and analyzing charts will not work if you are not able to properly monitor and manage your trading capital. And if you lose your trading capital, that is all she wrote for your stint in the market.

As a trader, you will need to ask yourself why you have engaged in battle (trading) and are you really equipped with the right weaponry to win it? Most traders lose in the market and you will need ask yourself how properly prepared are you in these types of scenarios

It is not enough to become a “good trader”

Uncalculated risks are made by very careless traders and such errors like overly using leverages can be the doom of these people. Putting themselves at unnecessarily big risks can cause your capital to be depleted. Being a good trader doesn’t necessarily cut it anymore as despite them having a good result in the past and have even been hired by big banks and firms, their difficulty in sustaining capital properly is eventually caused by the lack of proper risk management plan as the source of losses.

“Good traders” who are able to analyze charts and project the next move are not going to have a very sustainable future in the market. Those however, who have looked into controlling their risk capital and consistently manage their market exposures are the ones we can expect to stand tall in this line of endeavor If you have lacking skills in preserving your capital, you are definitely on your way to retiring from Forex Trading at a very earlier time that you have not intended. And this retirement is definitely the bad kind.

Key things that you need to look into for Proper Risk Management!

When looking into trading, check if the lemon is worth the squeeze. When trading and it involves a certain amount of risk, make sure that it makes sense, otherwise, it will always be smarter for you to pass it up for a better opportunity.

Some people have different outlooks in risk management and most of them would stick with certain management systems for risks such as “the 2% rule” which might not be a good thing for you as a trader. Look into other rules or philosophies that might help you in achieving a more proper risk management for your trades.

Being able to understand how much of an impact Stop Loss placements have in your risk management system is a must. This is so mainly because you are able to determine until where you stop and declare the risk you can take in a position.


Dec 21, 2020

Home renovations you can do in winter

Painter with a brush climbing a ladder during renovation work
The winter season is usually not associated with home remodeling projects. However, we will show that you can do many home renovations in winter - either as a DIY project or with professional help. Due to coronavirus, most of us won't go on any vacation or participate in outdoor activities as usual. Without distractions of a busy life, this can be a perfect opportunity to accomplish a lot in a short period of time while you are at home, making it warmer. When stuck inside, cozy up your home and do your best to make that time enjoyable.

Change light fixtures

Early sunsets and the lack of sunlight in wintertime tends to mess with our mood, making us sleepy and less productive. To avoid and prevent it, swap up your old fixtures and bulbs for new ones, preferably energy efficient. Improving your lighting can help you improve your mood. In case your space is limited, letting in a lot of natural light and adding appropriate lighting fixtures can help make your rooms look and feel more spacious. Bright wall colors and mirrors will also help make such an impression.

Repaint walls

Interior painting is usually done in spring or summer, but late winter can be great for those projects, too. Dry air inside the rooms will help a fresh coat of paint dry faster, and you'll probably find better paint prices at your store during these colder days. Paint your home in winter, add some decorations, and enjoy the holiday season in a refreshed space.
Woman painting walls at her home
Dry air inside your home will help a fresh coat of paint dry faster in winter.
Have a spare room? Make it useful

If you have a spare room, you probably use it as a dumping area that needs detailed decluttering. Be productive this winter and transform it into something practical and functional. Here are some ideas of how you can transform your spare room:
•    Walk-in closet you’ve always wanted
•    Guest room
•    Fitness room
•    Kids’ playroom
•    Crafting room/hobby room
•    Home office
•    Study room
•    Home library
•    Game room

Whatever you choose, you’ll still have extra space for your possessions, but they’ll be organized and well maintained.

Kitchen renovations you can do in winter

If you decide to replace your old kitchen countertops, you can be sure it will make a massive impact on your kitchen appearance. It's a perfect cold-weather upgrade for your home. For an elegant touch in your kitchen, choose granite countertops. Do this project by yourself or find a contractor, depending on your budget and skills. You'll probably find a good deal because contractor prices are lower in the winter season compared to other parts of the year.

Replace old drawer pulls and knobs on kitchen cabinets also. You will be amazed at how big of a difference that will make. And the best part – you can do it by yourself with just a little bit of time, in the comfort of your pajamas.

Winter slowly makes us crave colorful and warm places, and we often seek distraction from the dreariness outside in our kitchen, cooking gourmet dishes or baking delicious cookies. Replace the kitchen backsplash and introduce playfulness into space. This project is not expensive and can be done in one weekend.

Kitchen with granite countertops and a flower vase on it
For an elegant touch in your kitchen, replace old countertops with new granite ones.

Choose new bathroom faucets

Bathroom renovations and plumbing replacement are definitely not something you want to deal with at this time of the year. The key is to focus on something small that will eventually make a big difference. For example, replace the bathroom faucets. Tackle this project one afternoon, and by the evening, you'll already have refreshed space. It will also help you in conserving water.

Reinsulate your home

Protection from cold should be your primary focus in winter renovation tasks. To ensure that your rooms are warm even when the temperature outside drops below zero, reinsulate your home. That will ensure you don't spend the entire season paying enormous utility bills. However, such endeavors require a significant financial investment. How big of an expense it will be will depend on many factors such as:
•    Type of insulation you want
•    What elements you are adding insulation to
•    Required square footage

This project will be worth it since it will significantly impact your comfort and your home's energy efficiency.
Chairs and fireplace in the center of a cozy, elegant living room
Renovations you can do in winter will make your home warm and cozy.

Think about safety

Months at the end of the year and months at the begging of a new year are peak months for house fires. That’s why you need to think about evaluating and then upgrading your home’s safety features such as smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and such. They should be tested often and replaced approximately every five to six years. Remember to replace them on time and, if possible, upgrade to a newer, improved model with better features.

Bonus tip: This is also the perfect time to check and clean (and if needed, replace) the filters on your AC unit, kitchen ventilators, etc.

Energy-efficient solutions

Installing a few eco-conscious energy-efficient upgrades in your home is always a good idea. Managing heat retention is your priority for the winter season, so consider upgrading your furnace or your HVAC unit to a more energy-efficient model. You will see a significant positive effect on your bills right away. Switch your single pane windows to the dual-pane or triple-pane ones. Seal all drafts, not only around windows and doorways but also around electrical switches and outlets. Use caulking, weatherstripping, and insulating foam when needed. To add a final touch to your warm and cozy home, buy thermal insulating curtains.  

Smart home upgrades

If you’re not up for any renovations you can do in winter, at least upgrade your home’s tech. You can do it entirely on your own, and it will improve your everyday life.

If you're just starting with smart home technology solutions, the good idea is to start with something basic, like a smart speaker and a smart thermostat. Depending on the features, a smart thermostat can allow you to control the air conditioner in your house from your smartphone. It will learn from your behavior and routines and adjust the temperature automatically. That can help you cut down on energy use and lower your electricity bills again. Moreover, smart cameras enable you to monitor your home remotely, also from your phone. They will send you an alert if you're out when something critical happens. A smart door lock is an excellent feature for those who often panic because they can't remember if they have locked the door.


With any of these home renovations you can do in winter, you will keep your home not only warm and cozy but also protected and smart. Enjoy the winter!



Dec 19, 2020

8 Home Ideas for Adding Green Spaces


Working from home has its fair share of perks and pitfalls, especially for those in the city.
You likely have your own office set-up in the comforts of your house or apartment, where you are free to decorate your area and remodel it according to your preferences. However, being in the middle of a concrete jungle might make you long for the outdoors. You may be yearning for the arresting beauty of nature and the tranquility that the lush greenery brings.

In recent decades, the need for plant life in the city has been solved by what experts call a “green space.” This area has efficiently utilized natural resources with eco-friendly construction materials, delivering comfort and calm while maximizing floor areas and ensuring air quality. These green spaces also minimize the expected negative impacts of infrastructure development on nature.

Living in a green building not only helps the environment, but it also helps boost one’s mental health. A report by NASA’s Earth Observatory revealed that citizens from Denmark who grew up in green spaces only had a 55% chance of developing mental health disorders later in life.
Green Spaces in the Philippines

Green spaces are certified by the Philippine Green Building Council (PhilGBC). In its advocacy of empowering green spaces and sustainable building operations, and to answer the call for environmental sustainability, the council has created the Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence (BERDE) rating system.

The BERDE rating system ensures that real estate properties around the country follow the criteria of the PhilBBC. To understand what kind of green spaces they allow, you can check out some green condominiums for sale and see for yourself the ingenuity of Filipino design when it comes to sustainable living.

The Art of Green Living

While you browse through Pinterest looking for your ideal condominium look, you can beautify your own space with the touch of a green thumb through several different ways. In this article, we give you tips on how to add green space to your home and make your vision come to life.

1.    Place some plants in your balcony.


If you are lucky enough to have your own terrace or balcony, you could design this area by putting a coffee table and some chairs and sprucing it up with plants. The balcony has enough ventilation and light, which is perfect for plant life.

As you relax in your own space, your plants will thrive under the sunlight as well as your loving care. Light up your balcony and install some creepers to transform your space into a canopy.

2.    Add a hanging garden to your room.


If there is not enough space in your surroundings because of your furniture, you can place a hanging garden from your ceiling and see the green unravel. Mix and match the plants you can use by planting oregano or rosemary using easy-to-find materials. You can also use old lightbulbs to decorate your room with DIY hanging planters.

3.    Create a mini garden on your windowsills.


Fill your windowsills with plants to create the perfect mini garden. Cacti, geraniums, and jade plants flourish under the sun, particularly for windows that face south.
If the room does not let in much light, you can also place flowers that grow in the shade, including peace lilies, orchids, and flame violets. Amplify your green space by putting multiple rows of plants in a small area.

4.    Install plants into a wooden rack.

Another way of maximizing space in your apartment is by strategically placing plants in a wooden shelf or rack. You can use plants such as rosemary, mint, or thyme, which you can also use in the kitchen. It will be a refreshing mix of beauty and functionality that will make your condominium look serene and organic.

5.    Add some flora to your furniture.
You can never go wrong with inside it. Not only does it look chic, but it also boosts the appeal of your furniture. The resulting design is revitalizing and cool.

6.    Place some terrariums.


A terrarium is a sealable glass container that contains plants and soil. You can place terrariums in your living room or bathroom and open the glass for maintenance. You can also add it to your hanging garden by putting succulents into a glass that hangs from the ceiling.

7.    Revel in the warmth of an earthy interior design.
If you opt for minimalism when it comes to plant life, you can choose to redecorate your interior design and add earthy and green colors to your walls and furniture. The combination of white, green, and brown can transform your space into a lively room with a warm and uplifting aura.

For instance, mint green walls can be used to contrast against wooden floors, which you can use in the kitchen and the living room. This wood combination can also work in the bedroom if you use the right materials. The result is a summer cabin in the city.

8.    Create a vertical garden.
What is the difference between a vertical garden and a hanging garden? A vertical garden, when executed correctly, can look like a verdant mural on your wall. This aesthetic can be done even in homes with small rooms, as it does not take up too much space.

Layer the wall with the same plants to avoid a disorganized look or add various floral accents to create a unique look.

The Importance of Green Spaces

Adding a green space is a must for urban planning, mostly because of its benefits to the community. It encourages restoration and renewal, especially for those who experience over-stimulation because of the hustle and bustle of the city. Additionally, green spaces can decrease air and noise pollution, boost the immune system by giving exposure to good bacteria, and provide spiritual respite.

Transform your life by renovating your surroundings. Be part of crafted communities with sustainable living by creating a green space for yourself. Green is the new luxury.

Can You Have Your AC as the Main Source in the Winter



Making sure your home is warm at this time of year, especially with the current looming Covid state, is priority number one. There’s a number of options on the market, but if HVAC is your choice then there are some things you should know about maintaining your unit to ensure it provides a steady service during the cold months.

I wanted to use my AC unit this winter as my main heating source so I talked to experts at the Allied Experts to learn more about what I need to do to ensure I am covered 24/7 without any major or unexpected malfunction.

Check Your Air Vents

It’s not only the clear way for air to flow that matters, but also the quality of that air. If you want to ensure you have both, and more importantly if you want your AC to perform well and not spend more energy than needed, then this simple cleaning method will bring great results. When you clean your home you should remember to check your air vents.

This way you will enable an unobstructed flow of air inside your living space and be one step closer to fully relying on your AC. Not only that, the quality of air is maybe even more important because you want to reduce the risk of any illness at these difficult times.

Don’t Forget About Air Filters

Air filter Is probably a part of your HVAC that requires the most attention. You should remember to clean it at least twice a year and replace it maybe once a year, depending on the use. This is important for a number of reasons. Yet again, the quality of the air you breathe plays a major role here, but also you want your AC to provide desired heat without pushing itself to work harder which can happen if air filters are clogged and preventing proper airflow. Ignoring this problem that can be quickly resolved is not an option.

Is The Thermostat Working?

A malfunctioning thermostat on HVAC is not the biggest deal, but it might still cause trouble and hinder the overall performance. If you have any doubts that it is showing a wrong temperature you should recalibrate it, change batteries, or if you are using an old mechanical thermostat, this is the perfect time to replace it with a new, digital one. By doing so you’d enable a much more user-friendly experience that allows you to manipulate temperatures in your home even when you are away.

Check the Insulation

No matter how expensive an AC unit you own is and how well you maintain it, you should not expect stellar performance if the living space is not insulated properly. No amount of energy spent can compensate for cracks in your walls or windows that are going to suck out most of the heat. This issue is not directly connected to your AC, but to ensure a warm home you need to double-check everything is insulated properly before putting the blame on your unit which might be in perfect condition.

Outdoors Unit

Many people neglect that other part and take it for granted, but the outdoors unit also needs some love especially during the cold months when you plan to put it to heavy use. What you need to do is prepare it for winter to prevent pipes from bursting. Ice can form inside and prevent fans from rotating properly. The best course of action here is to call a professional to prepare your outdoor unit before you can safely use it for the remainder of winter.

Professional Help

If you don’t feel comfortable performing any of these tasks you should schedule a visit from a pro to help. Since every AC unit needs regular maintenance, you can also arrange for someone to come over before the start of every season you plan to put the HVAC to use. This way you will secure the best performance.

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