Sep 5, 2020

Energy Efficient Home Upgrades That Pay for Themselves

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Energy efficiency is one of the top topics in the last couple of years. Lots of focus is pointed towards reducing energy use at home. Many homeowners are looking to reduce their energy consumption, but they're hesitating because of the costs involved. Luckily for them, there are many energy efficient home upgrades that pay for themselves in the long term. So, it's a good idea to start with those.

It's important to mention that you shouldn't be afraid of larger upgrades that require a bigger investment. These usually add a lot of value to your home and that's something you can definitely use later on. There are also numerous financing options regarding green upgrades so finding money to perform these also shouldn't be a problem.

Seal all the air leaks

As you probably already know, both hot air in the winter and cold air in summer can escape through air leaks in your home. When this is happening, your cooling or heating system has to consume more energy to be able to keep up with the demand and keep the home at a comfortable temperature.

You can prevent this problem by sealing all the leaks in your house. There are many places that you need to check out, but focus your attention to windows as this is where the draft is usually the biggest. They're best sealed by caulking around them. It's a pretty simple job to do and sometimes you don't even have to hire a professional to do it.

However, you'll have to get your hands on a caulking gun, caulk, and a knife or a screwdriver. This simple task can lead up to 20% savings which are not a thing to underestimate. You can easily save enough to decorate your home on a budget in 2020.

Woman sitting by the window thinking about energy efficient home upgrades that pay for themselves.
One of the easiest energy efficient home upgrades that pay for themselves is sealing windows

Turn to low-flow fixtures

Making your showers shorter and turning off the faucet when you're not using it is an efficient way of saving water. However, switching to low-flow fixtures is a more efficient and easier way to reduce your water consumption. You'll need a contractor that will make sure everything is done properly when changing the fixtures. However, making the switch itself isn't that expensive.

The prices can vary a bit, but they're starting as low as $10 which is an amazing price for something that can save you over $150 a year. Therefore, this is one of the energy efficient home upgrades that pay for themselves in no time.

Install a programmable thermostat

The place where you can make the biggest savings regarding your cooling and heating costs is the thermostat. Replace the old one with a reprogrammable model. It presents you with an ability to schedule when the devices turn on or off. So, nothing works while you're at work, but turns an hour before you come home.

This way you're entering an environment with a pleasant temperature and you save a lot of money as nothing operated when you weren't there. You just need a few easy ways to cozy up your home and it will become the place you're running to after work. Additionally, you can change the temperature of your home remotely with your smartphone, which is always a nice feature to have in your pocket.

Thermostat showing outside and inside temperature.
A programmable thermostat can save you up to $200 a year.

Insulate the attic

We all know that hot air rises. However, people seem not to realize that the warm air can escape from your home through the attic. Similar to window air leaks, the heating system has to work much harder to keep everything warm.

Adding insulation to the attic is probably the most common, and definitely the most efficient way to deal with this problem. It's a tricky project, so you'll need some professional help. Your contractor will be able to tell you how much insulation material you need as well as what type of it is best for your application.

You’ll have to get everything out of your attic while the work gets done, but our friends from tell us that it's not that big of a deal. You can hire them to pack up and store your belongings for the time being.

This home upgrade will set you back for around $1,500 to install it, but the expected annual savings are $600. Therefore, this is yet another of our energy efficient home upgrades that pay for themselves.

Buy energy efficient appliances


The next thing on our list is often confusing to homeowners. They usually react in disbelief as they just bought new appliances a few years ago. However, if they're not energy efficient, you can save a lot by replacing them. Top of the line energy-saving appliances can set you back for a few thousand dollars, but you can be sure that they'll pay for themselves.

If you can't afford the whole set and want to just start with a few most important ones here's what you should look into replacing listed by order.
•    Laundry washing machine
•    Laundry dryer
•    Refrigerator
•    Dishwasher
•    Stove

Dishwasher and stove.
If your appliances aren't energy efficient, it may be a good idea to change at least some of them.

Install solar panels

And the last thing on our list definitely falls under home improvements you should never DIY. Solar panels are there to capture the energy of the sun and transform it into electricity. You can use this power to supply your whole house or just some bits of it. It was never easier to reduce your reliance on the grid and pay much lower utility bills.

However, it's tricky to tell when this upgrade will pay for itself. It will do that for sure, but there are many factors involved to determine the amount of time needed. For instance, in California, you can expect to pay somewhere around $13,000 for a system and over its 20-year life span, it will save you more than $30,000. Not a bad deal if you ask us.


As you can see, there are many energy efficient home upgrades that pay for themselves. Every single one that we mentioned is more than a wise investment. You can reduce your carbon footprint, save some money along the way, and increase the value of your home all in one go.


Sep 2, 2020


On the off chance that you maintain another business, you realize that getting individuals to attempt your item is truly hard. In the event that you need to succeed, your beginning up must attempt to help facilitate the torment of clients that no different business can unravel.

It's anything but difficult to lose trace of what's most important, envisioning all the benefits, consideration and notoriety that your item would bring. In any case, an item dispatch, similar to some other business activity, requires time and cautious arranging

So as to deliver the ideal item, you have to make a lot of predefined items which buyers will attempt and afterward judge. Item promoting through item showcasing office is likewise a compelling route in contacting quality crowd.

As each business isn't same, there are 6 fundamental advances that expansion the odds of an effective beginning up:


A serious mix-up made by organizations is to avoid the exploration that should be done when choosing whether or not to offer an item for sale to the public. Testing can assist you with ensuring your item, business and clients are prepared to dispatch.

Conversing with your clients and collaborators can help you in assessing and assembling the capability of your new item thoughts. Like you have a business related to online 3D modeling design so need to work on it.

2.Select the right group

Recognizing the proper group is basic to fruitful dispatch of another item. Clearly it's essential to have the specialized aptitude in the group. Portrayal of the business initiative staff, venture chiefs, item clients, exposure, advertising, conveyance and QA is similarly significant.

Undertaking administration needs to explain the venture's motivation and importance, and build up duty regarding meeting objectives and targets. Task administrators and proposed method will have the option to give significant Workflow data and input.

Another help could achieve an unexpected spike in deals. To evade disappointment, you need to ensure your group is prepared to expand the volume and multifaceted nature of the work. Ensure you fill in all the necessary positions and instruct colleagues about the new item's jargon, techniques, and qualities.

3.Timing Is Everything

Set targets and make a firm vital arrangement and the way toward propelling new items.

By severe adherence to a timetable, creating responsibility helps hold your expenses under wraps and permits the promoting group to build up an advertising effort dependent on the official dispatch of the item. At the point when you dispatch an item, the delivery achievement can be vigorously influenced.

Booking a delivery around a career expo or other occasion can help produce fervor and can fill in as an extraordinary promoting effort kick off. For designing sudden disappointments, ensuring that key colleagues are accessible during dispatch is completely significant.

Set significant objectives, and measure consistently how well your administration satisfies those goals. In significant circumstances, on the off chance that it isn't performing, don't be reluctant to scrap your item.

4.Taking input

It's essential to have your inward task chiefs and clients on the up and up as you convey another item, requesting input en route. Investigate customer surveys, and choose what upgrades to support the item

In spite of the fact that there will never be an assurance that another item will be effective on the commercial center, it can make your introduction more noteworthy by appropriately getting ready for and timing your dispatch.

5.Plan Campaign

You have just one possibility of establishing an underlying connection. Building a powerful showcasing plan around propelling another item includes loads of work and thinking ahead.

Regardless of whether it's in dispatch or a long time before-dispatch, don't squander any of the consideration you're creating. Try not to make your possibilities think about what you need them to do on the off chance that you distributed an official statement, begun a web-based media barrage, begun a promotion crusade and so on. To drive commitment structure your site or physical presentations. Model Design or product development organization can make your item or innovation important for clients like rapid prototyping.


Setting up the entire group appropriately for the dispatch of the new item implies more than conveying an email the day preceding the delivery. Backing and circulation require inside and outside information on the item, and all client confronting laborers need understanding and will have the option to respond to straightforward shopper questions.

Hoping to dispatch another item? Our group has many years of experience helping new organizations to transform their item dispatch thoughts into plausible wellsprings of salary, upheld new companies and built up organizations. Get in touch with us today… ..

Aug 31, 2020

Geek Squad Best Buy Phone Number – Expert Assistance At Your Fingertips

When you purchase a new appliance, you also have to consider buying a repairing service warranty that comes with it. But, it has to be noted that not all appliances will serve you years after years without any complaint. Almost all home appliances require repairing and replacement of parts to retain the longevity for a long time. A service warranty of home appliances may save you from bearing hassles. No matter what goes wrong with your appliance, whether it is due to your fault or the manufacturer, you can avail of free repairing service within the warranty period. But once the period is over, you have to consider hiring professionals who will inspect your appliance from time to time to retain their efficiency for a long time. Geek squad best buy phone number offers the most convenient way to avail expert’s assistance at reasonable price rates. Since they are professionals in this field, they aim at offering quality service to their customers and thereby establish a wide clientele base across the globe. 

When to call an appliance repairing service provider?

•    When there is a severe climatic condition

Climate change is a part of our lives and sometimes, it creates severe conditions like cyclones, thunderstorms, and so on. All these severe climate change conditions may impose a serious threat to our home appliances. For example, cords fall off every year. You turn on the air conditioner to check whether it is cooling properly or not and suddenly found that it is not functioning the right way. Now the question is how you can restore the functioning of your appliance again so you don’t have to bear agonizing heat in the summer. Simple, just dial geek squad best buy phone number, speak to an agent, and fix an appointment to resolve the issue the very next day.

•    Financial crunch

If you are facing some budget issues to buy a new appliance and replace it with an old one, hiring expert professional service for home appliance repairing is the best solution. It will not only save your money and time but also restore the functions of your appliance like before so that you don’t have to face further inconveniences.

•    Instant service

When you are hosting a party the next day and your refrigerator stops working all of a sudden, you need an expert’s assistance who will fix the issue instantly. Call to geek squad best buy phone number - 1(855) 244-3388 and avail instant expert’s assistance. You can fix an appointment with them as per your convenient time and they will reach at your doorstep to resolve the issue the same day or the next day.

•    Expert’s service

Sometimes, appliances stop working due to a major technical fault. Under such a situation, you need an expert’s assistance who can resolve the issue with their experience and efficiency. A professional service provider holds both experience and training in this field and therefore, it is always recommended to hire a professional technical service provider who can resolve the issue and bring back its operation all over again. Call to geek squad best buy phone number - 1(855) 244-3388 to avail the best technical assistance at reasonable price rates.

Therefore, if all these above-mentioned situations arise for any of your home appliances, call a geek squad agent and fix it instantly.


Aug 28, 2020

Your Guide To Decorating Your Home On A Budget In 2020

If you are moving into a new apartment or want to give your old one a new look, decorating on a budget can prove to be one of the greatest challenges. With all your funds planned out for expensive projects like remodeling, furniture, cleaning, and other homeowner investments, decorating seems to be the last item on the list and usually has to be done with very little.

However, if you do a little research you can find that there are plenty of affordable decorating and furnishing options to choose from offered by San Diego furniture companies such as D3 Home. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you choose affordable yet effective decorations for your home.

Determine Your Budget

When planning your budget for furnishing and decoration, the best practice is to put your priorities first. Things like mattresses, seating, lighting, or dining will likely be the largest items on your budget. However, you need to remember to plan for accents, decorations, and items such as rugs, flower pots, art, and others. Otherwise, you risk going over your budget once you realize these items can also pile up on your furnishing costs.

Find New Ways To Save

There are many ways to save on your furnishing costs, if you know when and where to look. If you are working on a budget, you should look for promotions and sales that can help you better meet your budget. Some of them include:

Holiday Or Seasonal Sales

If you are buying large quantities of home decoration items, you should wait for large sales and get a massive discount on all the items you need.

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores can be a source of well-preserved and affordable decoration pieces. If you are persistent enough you may be able to find anything from coffee tables and vanities to dining tables and bedroom sets.

Outlet Sales

Some items may have small flaws which while barely noticeable can significantly lower their prices. The best place to search for outlet items is the internet, as a lot of home furniture stores have a separate page for all their outlet items.

Switch Out The Accent Pieces

If you want to refresh your home, you don’t necessarily have to go on a huge shopping spree. You’d be surprised how much switching out the accent pieces can do wonders for giving your home a fresh new look. Replace your light fixtures and lampshades, add a few new pillows and switch out your rug and you’ve got a fresh new room to enjoy. You can even switch between old and new accent pieces’ season by season, making sure your home always stays fresh.

Create A Cozy Atmosphere

If you’re really working on a small budget, opt in for items that can help create a pleasant, homey mood for a very small price. Think items such as candles, live plants, fruit bowls. They can help set a mood by adding both a visual and a sense of smell.

How To Choose the Right Garage Door

Every part of our home has its purpose and importance, and even though the garage often seems to be at the end of the list somehow, it is a very important section of any house. Garage doors play a great role when it comes to the safety of your home, but also when it comes to insulation, and last but not least, the aesthetics. Not to mention the convenience of having just the right type of garage door which perfectly suits your needs when it comes to the rest of your house, your yard, as well as your car(s).

According to garage door installation and repair experts, these are the things you should pay attention to when choosing the door for your garage, whether it is newly built, or you are planning to replace the old one.

Garage Door Construction

The first step you need to define is the type of door construction. There are a few options which are more or less popular.

The most widespread garage door construction is the sectional door. This type is made of a number of horizontal panels which move vertically upwards. The panels are hinged together and when opening, they eventually move back towards the ceiling. They are really good if you want to maximize the space in the garage, as well as in front of it.

Roller garage doors are quite similar to the sectional doors, only they roll up, instead of having the internal tracks. They are perfect if you need free space in the upper part of the garage and wish to leave the ceiling free.

Swing style garage doors are a more old school choice which is good for you if energy efficiency is an important item on your list since they seal really well. However, they require much more space to operate, and, unlike the first two types, are much more expensive to automate.

If you use your garage as an on-foot exit and entrance very often, especially to take out things such as your bike, you might consider a slide garage door. They are also a good option if you cannot spare any space in the upper parts and the ceiling because of the storage space.

Garage Door Material

Besides the construction model of the garage door, the material it is made of also plays an important role when it comes to safety, insulation, and of course aesthetics. Like any other door, the garage door can be made of steel, wood, aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, and some other materials.

Steel doors are quite safe and can provide good insulation, especially if they have two layers of galvanized steel. They can be easily painted to match the overall image of your home. They are, however, quite prone to denting, as well as corrosion, so this is something to keep in mind, especially if you live in humid areas, or near the ocean, where the salty air will make corrosion worse.

If your house is more traditional in style, the wood door might be a good option for you, even though nowadays wood can easily be painted to fit in perfectly into a more modern design.

Unlike the steel option, aluminum framed doors are not subject to corrosion, but on the other hand, they are quite easy to dent. In terms of design, they offer quite a lot of variety coming with different finishes and in many different colors. It is most commonly used for roller doors with double insulation.

In terms of indentation and rusting, fiberglass seems like a perfect option as it is not prone to either. It is, however, more easily broken upon impact, so it is a good idea to get some reinforcement in the form of a steel frame, as well as steel caps.

Kitchen Appliances Trends in 2020

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen? Considering we have been spending more time at home these months, chances are you are cooking more and spending more time in the kitchen, so why not as well add some fancy new improvements to make your meal preparation more efficient and pleasant.

You can use the money you saved from not eating out so much and invest in a new kitchen gadget. Every season brings new trends, and these are the must-haves in the kitchen for this season. Here are a few that home appliance showrooms really like, so you can choose the ones that best fit into your needs.

The Steam Is Rising

One of the trends that has just started becoming popular is steam ovens. It has not been so widespread, but this way of cooking is definitely gaining popularity. In this first place, if you are looking for healthier ways of preparing food, without wanting to sacrifice the taste, this is the right method for you.

It also guarantees super clean results with no oil. As more and more people start using steam ovens, we are sure new advantages of this appliance will come up along the way.

Something New Is Cooking

As you can see, steam cooking is on the rise, but with multi-cooker, that is only one of the options you can choose. Multi-cooker as a new trend is also a consequence of the tendency to eat healthier, which does not only imply healthier ingredients, but also healthier methods of preparation.

That is where multi-cooker enters the scene, offering the already mentioned steam-cooking options, as well as a slow cooker and many others. It is super healthy, fast, practical, and offers so much variety. No wonder this trend is growing so fast.

The Ice Age Is Here

As you can guess, the next major trend is related to refrigerators which are undergoing a set of innovations. The new generations of fridges are better adapted to your other kitchen processes. The handle will become a thing of the past with the surge of new smart technologies.

Another important novelty are going to be food zones, some of which will be more or less flexible. The fridges are equipped with different compartments adapted to various sets of foods and ingredients, some of which will be exclusive for only one type of food, while others will be suitable for more different ingredients.

It's All Connected

We mentioned smart technologies coming out of your fridge, but not only. Another 2020 trend when it comes to kitchen appliances is a Wi-Fi connection to all of your kitchen devices. This means you are able to set everything, from the timing and temperature of your stove, to the temperature in your fridge, as well as a microwave and other appliances, from your smartphone. This is a very convenient new trend which helps you optimize the usage of electricity and align all your kitchen work, which also enhances the safety in your home.

Three Things You Need to Do Before Going on Vacation

Taking a break from your hectic work life at least once a year is absolutely paramount for your mental health, as well as your physical health. Not having to worry about things for a while helps you rest more fully and renew your energy and enthusiasm when it is time to go back to work.

We have compiled a list of some of the most important things you need to do at home before you depart for your dream vacation destination. Even though the global pandemic may be limiting your destination options, you should not neglect the time off. However, before you go, make sure your home is good to stay empty for that time.

Clear Away Your Kitchen

There are many things in your kitchen that you use frequently, but if you left them for a long period of time, may go bad and cause you some problems. For instance, that bowl of fruit which you keep on the kitchen island looks great and is a great source of healthy snacks if you are hungry, but leaving it out for over a week would probably result in some nasty smells you would have to deal with.

Similarly, if you forget to take out the trash before you go, what may await you when you return is certainly not pleasant. Aside from the rancid smells that may come from garbage, you also risk having pests such as insects or even rats converging in your kitchen.

Clean Your Home

Clearing away spoilable things in your kitchen is important due to spoilage. On the other hand, cleaning your home before you leave has more of a psychological effect. Sure, it may not be a fun thing to do right before your vacation, but imagine returning home after 2 weeks to find your home a complete mess that needs to be cleaned thoroughly. It may knock the wind out of your sails fairly quickly.

If you are not in the mood to clean your home by yourself, there are professional cleaning services you can use. You can wait to hire a cleaner to clean your home after you return from your vacation, but those things are typically better done before leaving.

Make Sure your Home Doesn’t Look Vacant

There are certain individuals who pay attention to what homes are empty for several days during the vacation season. These people will then attempt to burgle the house while nobody is in – an easy target for them with very little chance of encountering the owners.

Even if it is not a common occurrence where you live, there are a few things you can do to make your home appear less attractive to those kinds of people. Having a friend to pick up your mail so it doesn’t pile up is the simplest and a very effective start.

However, if your home has some smart features, you can do a lot more. For instance, setting the lights in various rooms to turn on and off occasionally would not be too wasteful, and is visually effective.

Once you’ve done all you can for your home, it is finally time to do yourself a favor and go on a vacation, relax, and recover so you can be a productive member of society, at least until the next time you need a holiday.


Aug 25, 2020

5 Reasons Why businesses should utilise professional security guard services


Would you rather train a security team or hire security guard services in London? Find out why most UK companies are outsourcing security in our brief review.

Recognising your employee’s progress is essential, and planning team-building events is still better. However, if people don’t feel safe in the workplace, these efforts will go to waste. Productivity can suffer and you may even incur losses due to external or employee theft, having the expertise to plan for risk mitigation and future proofing your security needs is essential. That’s why you need a security plan for your business.

Here are the top five reasons why outsourcing security is your best option:

Enjoy reduced liability

Giving someone a security badge and the authority to stop and apprehend suspects is a big deal. You run the risk of legal action if the security guard misuses this power, not to mention potential brand damage, and that is clearly a scenario that every business owner wants to avoid. Outsourcing your security, on the other hand, comes with fewer risks. The guards are not under your insurance. That means that generally the security firm is directly responsible for their employees, bringing you peace of mind.

Save money by hiring security guard services in London

Hiring and training a security team is not cheap. You’ll need expensive equipment, uniforms, insurance and to fund salaries during the training period including the responsibility of replacement officers to cover your teams’ holiday and sickness. Then there are HR issues, promotions and raises to worry about when dealing with an in-house security team. Hiring a security guard service is significantly cheaper than trying to build one from scratch. You get immediate access to experienced personnel who are ready for the job on day one. Best of all, you don’t need to do any background checks, interviews or deal with training.

Greater peace of mind

If the workplace feels safe, employees will be more productive, happy and responsible. And that means you’ll have one less thing to worry about as a business owner. For example, if a security officer cannot make it to work for whatever reason, you won’t even notice since a replacement will be covering their post. The security firm handles the substitution internally, obviating the need for your HR team to intervene.

If this situation happened in an internal security team, you would have to scramble to find a replacement, either by overworking the remaining team members or using expensive agency staff.

Better monitoring and reports

Most business have an array of security cameras, but relatively a few of them use this resource to catch security issues before they get out of hand. Security firms train their staff to identify signs of criminal activity and stop it before it happens. That includes spotting concealed weapons, distressed people and also other risks such as fires before it is too late.

If there is any unfortunate event of criminal activity in your business, the security company can provide a detailed report of the incident. And that makes the situation so much easier for the police to handle.

The bottom line

Hiring a security company is a better choice than running an in-house team. The security firm comes with better technology, more experience and a larger workforce. This combination will help your business save money, boost productivity and bring peace of mind. All you need to do is find a company with values aligned with yours; one that is willing to be flexible, understand and mitigate your risks and has outstanding reviews. Find a security company to be a partner to your business as true partnership builds results!

Aug 20, 2020

Finding the Right Company to Paint Your Home

These difficult times extended our stay at home more than we wanted. Looking at the same old furniture and walls can be quite boring. If you want to make your life more interesting and bring some fresh air into your work-from-home routine you can remodel your home or give the walls a fresh coat of paint. This amazing idea came from a renowned painting company from Houston so I decided to take their advice and give my walls some new looks.

This simple act of recoloring your walls can be demanding because you can’t decide what color to pick or even how to do the job, luckily, you can refer to professionals and let them do their magic. Here’s what you need to consider when picking the right people to paint your home.

Ask The Right Questions

You can always go online and pick the first company you see, but you can also do some research, read comments, and ask people who already used their services. Don’t be afraid to ask everything you want to know, it is your money and your house, so it is in your best interest to get the service you want. Feel free to express your dislike towards certain ideas, and try to be as clear and direct with your demands, because after all it is you who is going to be looking at these walls every day.


Some people don’t care about a license only to be disappointed when they need to pay for a poorly done paint job. A license ensures that the contractor is permitted by the state to do the job and can be held responsible if the outcome is not what the customer was promised. This form of insurance for the customer is important because you can rest assured that you are going to get what the company marketed, and if not, you can choose not to pay.

Track Record

This correlates with the investigation I mentioned above. Before you pick the right company, you should check their track record and read customers’ comments online. You can also check if people posted some before/after pictures of their homes. This will give you some reassurance and confidence that the job will be executed right.


This is important because painting includes physical work inside your home, and if the workers are not insured then you are solely responsible for compensating for potential injury treatment costs. Accidents aren’t so frequent in this line of work, but they still can happen, and some shady businesses would rather avoid insuring their workers to save a few bucks, but in reality, you don’t want to bear that kind of responsibility.


Before you say yes you need to know how many workers will come, what sort of tools will they use, and most importantly, what type of paint? They need to offer an estimate of the time needed to finish the job. When you gather all these details you can plan the rest of your day according to the information provided by the company.

The Price

Price is in most cases the determining factor whether you choose to invest in a product or a service. My advice is to avoid the cheapest option because then you can’t expect some stellar performance, but if you don’t care much then that’s ok. When you consider the cost it’s better to first check what previous customers have to say about the company and choose the one you think is going to do the best job even if the price is different from what you expected. After all, you don’t paint your house every day, the quality of the service should win over a low price.


Just like any item or service you pay for you want to have some sort of warranty. Even if you manage to find painters you like, you can’t be 100% sure that you are going to be happy. That’s what a warranty is for, to ensure both parties leave satisfied.

Aug 19, 2020

4 Balcony Garden Ideas

If you have an outdoor space, you might be interested in learning some of the ways you can optimize it to best meet your needs. No matter the size of your balcony, you can turn it into an  oasis that brings you joy. One way to immediately enhance a balcony, is to add plants! A balcony garden can breathe new life into your outdoor space. Check out the tips below to learn how to create the perfect balcony garden for your lifestyle, along with inspirational mood boards from Apartment Guide.

1.    For an apartment
Apartment complexes naturally tend to lack privacy. If you have a balcony, there are several things you can do to make the same more private. You can use plants to construct a living wall that will block the view of nosy neighbors and people passing by. Use a trellis or add tall planters to make your space private and cozy.

2.    For eco-conscious individuals
As we become more aware of our impact on the world around us, many people want to live more sustainably. There are many ways to sustainably create a balcony garden. From upcycling furniture that you already own to planting an edible garden, you can build a space that is eco-friendly. 

3.    For small spaces

Even tiny balconies have a lot to offer. Optimize your space by utilizing the railing and surrounding walls to hang plants. If you have another space to add some furniture, consider adding items that are versatile. For example, adding a collapsible table to the railing or a chair that reclines and can be used for both eating and lounging.

4.    For dogs
If you have a dog, you might also want to share your outdoor space with them! It’s important to ensure the space is safe for your furry friend. Make sure that they can’t jump over or squeeze between the railing. You’ll also want to ensure that any plants you add are non-toxic to dogs.

Jul 30, 2020

Easy ways to cozy up your home

One of the biggest compliments you can get about your home is that it is cozy, because that means that your home is inviting, friendly, and comfortable. That is what makes a house or an apartment - a home. But, how does one cozy up his or her home? Well, you only need your creativity. However, we understand that that is not everyone's strongest suit, so we are offering our help. Thus, if you need some creative, innovative, but at the same time very simple and cheap ideas for cozying up your home, keep on reading.

Lightning is Important!

With lighting, you can create any type of atmosphere you desire in your home. And, luckily, updating your in-home lighting or just changing it and it using it to your favor are one of those improvements that are more than affordable. Start by removing any harsh, single overhead lighting from the rooms you want to make cozy. Instead, focus on creating an abundance of lighting. For example, add a lot of floor lamps, table lamps, string lights, and scented candles.

Moreover, you need to pay attention to the lighting temperature as well. Namely, you should banish those cold temperature lights from your home. We can all agree that those make us feel like we are in a hospital or in an interrogation room. So, replace those cold, neon lights with something with warmer bulbs and you will be surprised what a difference that can make.
A living room
Changing your lights can make a huge difference and completely transform your home
Add Rugs, Pillows, and Throws

Hardwood flooring, and even laminate and tiles, can be excellent solutions. But, when those cold months come, we all get chilly under our feet. Again, there is an easy way to fix that. Place rugs and mats in areas you spend your time the most and the areas you want to make more comfy and cozy. Also, if your budget allows it, consider investing in one big area rug and then, add a layer of multiple smaller ones where necessary, for an even better result.

A home is not a home without pillows and throws. They are not just decoration, they are a necessity. We use them to warm ourselves up and, of course, to make everything feel more inviting and comfortable. Thus, buy them in bulk. They are a cheap investment but still something that will enrich your daily life. However, if you want to splurge, you can always go for those big furry pillows and snuggly throws that cost a little bit more.

Bring Nature Inside

Plants and flowers are amazing as they bring life to any home. But, they do not do only that - they also contribute to the cozy sensation. So, if you have none of them in your home yet, it is time to bring them in. You can buy any type you like or you think will fit in nicely with the rest of your home. However, be warned - they can be costly. Luckily, there is a way to cut corners here too. For example, you can learn to propagate plants. That way, you can ask for cuttings from other people and grow your own plants completely free.
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If you tend to travel a lot, it would be a good idea to consider buying faux greenery, that is, fake plants. They are a cheaper and easier solution. On the other hand, fresh flowers add not only a beautiful touch but also a beautiful smell to every home.

Lastly, do not forget to invest in some amazing pots, planters, vases, and baskets. They are inexpensive and will be a great addition to any room. The best part is - you can always reuse them!
A living room
Even the most simplistic rooms can become cozy with a touch of nature
Decorate Your Walls

If you want a cozy home, avoid blank walls by all means. Avoid white (sterile-looking) walls too! If this is something you are facing right now, it is time for a project. Call Movage Moving NYC and ask them to help you relocate your furniture to someplace safe, then, get paint and start painting your walls. For a comfy atmosphere, use neutral colors like beige, or some pastel colors like light blue, green, yellow, etc.

But do not stop there! Even with color, a blank wall is a blank wall. You need to decorate it. Do that by hanging some art pieces. However, if your budget does not allow it, you to make an investment as big as that, consider a cheaper alternative - copies and prints. You can even hang bookshelves, mirrors, plants, wall lamps, dream catchers, etc.
A living room
Experiment with your wall design until you make it match your cozy room perfectly.
Add Fragrance and Scent

Last but certainly not the least thing to have in mind when trying to 'cozy up' your home is its fragrance and scent. Of course, what we see and feel is important, but never underestimate the power of smell. After all, if your home looks like one of those on the cover of magazines and is filled with the most comfortable pieces of furniture and household objects, it will not be worth it if it smells like rubbish.

Thus, do not do your home injustice and disfavor, but do what is right. That is, finish cozying up your home by adding fragrance and scent to it. Luckily, again, that is an easy and simple thing to do. You just need to buy some fresh flowers, for example. Or, buy a scented candle, potpourri, or some wax melts. Choose your favorite ones, and your home will not only look comfy but will smell like that as well.

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