Jul 30, 2012

Thai Dancer Doll

My late father bought it many years ago. I don't know exactly where he bought this pretty doll.

Jul 28, 2012

Old Bikes for Rent

 At the old city area of Jakarta, Indonesia, you can rent old bikes to wander around. There are also some men who can take you to your destination by riding old bikes. We call it ojek sepeda here; old bikes that used for public transportation.

Jul 25, 2012

Go for Bidding Options and Get the Best Accessories at Lowest Prices

Nowadays everyone is busy in their daily chores and do not have time to go door to door for their essential requirements. Moreover, people are looking for good quality household things or accessories at affordable price in less time. They love to go for online shopping with good discounts and prefer penny auction conducted by Beezid. It comes with an excitement and thrill to shop for brand new product at affordable prices.

It offers a new way of shopping with an auction method. Let’s have a look!

All you need to do is to register yourself and you can easily bid on favourite items you desire. It gives you a chance to save your money by doing a fair deal with huge discounts and offers. Take this: “it sells only brand new products”. You can also join the video tutorials to get the thorough knowledge about bidding in case if you are a beginner.

All the apparels and products are mostly from electronics, jewellery, watches etc. Just follow the simple tips for getting into auction.
  • Create an account by signing in.
  •  Buy some of the deals given in the package list.
  •  Click on the bid option to place an amount of bid to purchase any desirable item. The auction starts from zero and goes up to higher price gradually when people start bidding on it.

  • By clicking the PIN button, you can follow up the bid you have already placed and the item will add to your list.

One icon shows you the auction for the product you have made. Every auction has its preset time and the timer starts once the bid is placed. The person with the highest bid will get the item at the moment the time goes out. The bid package you purchased in the beginning will now vary with the price. You can bid for at least 30 to 50 items and the cost of each bid could range from $0.50 to $0.90.

More the number of bids, more you can save your money. On purchase of 500 bids, you would get more offers to save more money like by getting cheaper auctions and more bids. Place the highest bid and win the product for the price quoted through Beezid. Happy Bidding!!

You can save huge amount of money after getting such attractive products through beezid. The customer service provided to the customers is irrelevant and thus the customer service would be right next to you if you will find any problem. The new products keep pouring in each day and it emphasizes the importance of knowledge training to serve you better.

You will find unmatched and crazy prices and aims you to bring the crazy lowest prices possible. These websites provide the best possible accessories at the most affordable prices. If you do an online search, you may discover that we are consistently one of the cheapest online stores offering genuine brand name memory goods.

Author Bio:  Anna is a person with a passion for writing. She has written many articles on various topics as compare dating sites, for more information you can check her other blogs.

Jul 24, 2012

How does Smoking Ruin Your Home?

For many years the focus around smoking has been solely directed at the health issues it can cause for you and those around you. More recently, both through research and for many, personal experience, the impacts of smoking in the home have become much clearer and widely understood and appreciated.
We looked at how smoking can ruin your home.

Air Quality
Even if you have an air conditioning unit from a top brand such as Dyson, all of the windows and doors open in your home and an electric hand fan for your face, even one cigarette is enough to ruin the air quality in your home. For regular smokers who keep all of the windows closed and have lingering smoke in the air regularly in their home, the effect is even greater. As well as leaving the quality of the air you are breathing in at a poor standard, you will be making your home less comfortable, both for yourself and for visitors.

It is always the source of a laugh and a joke when, after a few years of not having redecorated, we take down paintings or move a rug to see how clean the wall or carpet is underneath. In the majority of homes, the difference in cleanliness is perhaps negligible. Do this in the home of a smoker however, and you will be shocked at just how much the home has been affected. It is not just the teeth of a smoker that become stained. Walls will pick up stains from cigarette smoke extremely easily, and to make matters worse it is very difficult to clean and remedy afterwards.
Saving money by quitting smoking will also save you a fortune on cleaning and redecorating costs, too.

The Smell
You know that horrible, stale smell that you can never get out of your clothes, off of your hair or scrub off your skin? That very same lingering stench is currently clinging to everything in your home. Following the stains to the carpets, walls, and furniture, the smell of stale cigarette smoke will serve to leave your home akin to a barren wasteland, a no-go area that is truly unpleasant.

Beware Misconceptions
The only way to really deal with this and put an end to it is to quit smoking, and there are many smoking cessation aids to help with this. Many take to smoking outside as they feel this will help, however you are still bringing in the smoke that is clinging to your clothes, which will ultimately have the same impacts on your home.

Jasper and Jasper provide smoking cessation aids to help people progressively end their addiction to tobacco smoke. You can buy electronic cigarettes from their website at Jasperandjasper.com

Jul 23, 2012

Yellow Touches

 There are some hotels in my city, but I notice that there are only a few with yellow touches.

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