Jan 31, 2014

When Homeowners in Lafayette, LA Need to Renovate Their Home Garage

Today’s garage is already an important part of a home. In the past ten years, a statistic result mentioned that there are more than 79% houses in the U.S. with a garage; even more than 71% of homeowners have used their garage as the main doorway to their property.

The advancing technology has changed many things, including the developing functions of home garage.  Besides its key purposes as the place to park the car and storage of various things; current garage can be functioned as added space in a home for different functions such as working, kid’s playing and entertainment room.

So, if you plan to turn your existing garage into functional living space; no one will blame your desire, yet you should start the project from the base first. Anyway, what do you have in mind? As mentioned before, you can use this added space for a kid’s playroom, laundry room or man cave. To create a new and clean living space, improving or installing new garage floor should be prioritized.

One of the most popular flooring ideas is tiling your garage floor. Today’s tile options come in a wide assortment of materials, colors and designs; from ceramic, porcelain to luxury vinyl tiles. Homeowners live in and around Lafayette, LA who need having new garage floor can trust the nearby Hollier's Flooring America Lafayette, LA since the competent professionals at this reliable floor store provide customers with a wide selection of floor cover choices; while every product offered at reasonable prices, supported by warranties and served up with inclusive service from flooring selection to installation.

Tiled garage flooring will not only appear attractive, but also offer different levels of resistance to water, stains and impacts as well as anti-slip and simple to maintain floor surface. After installing the new floor cover, you may renovate and beautify the space to make it more comfy.  Adding suitable furniture like a new cabinet set and decorative items is a good idea!

In other way, you possibly just need a nice and safe place to store your car at night and don’t want to change its function. If the garage already connects to your home, you should consider to create a direct entry way. The installed new door will ease you much every time parking the car inside the garage; you can simply jump out of the car and go straightly into your home.  Having the direct entrance to your garage may lead you to new ideas in developing added functional space.  

Using Glass to Create Stunning Bathrooms

When you are investing in a stunning bathroom remodel you want every detail to be perfect. Tile plays a key role in creating that spa like feel and covering it up behind walls or unattractive shower curtains just doesn’t make sense. Glass provides the perfect material to finish the look of your high end bathroom with an open feeling that showcases the details of your new remodel. Greg, owner of G.H

Interior Glass (a top Glass Company London is buzzing about at the moment) has been fitting bespoke glass bathrooms for years and is considered a leader in the industry. Here he imparts some of the knowledge that he has collected over the years!

Keep it Open
If you are planning to add an en suite to your master bedroom consider keeping it open using a glass partition wall. If you have plenty of natural light in your en suite don’t let that lovely light go to waste. Glass partition walls are very NYC boutique hotel. Glass partitions are often used in hotel suites between sleeping areas and shower/bathrooms to create a sense of openness in shoe box sized rooms. Whether your master bedroom is massive or tiny, glass partitions work wonderfully for a more open, airy feel.

Show it off
If you have invested a fortune in stunning tile detail in upmarket marbles, natural stones or glass you want to admire it as often as possible. Using glass partitions in your bathroom opens up the room and shows off the expensive details. You can use glass partitions in half walls above counters to separate showers from vanities, frosted glass to separate the more functional aspects of the bathroom such as the toilet or to provide a more intimate feeling.

Keep it Simple
Glass shower enclosures keep things simple allowing the natural details and high end materials in which you have invested to be the focus of your remodel. The shower has taken the place of the soaker tub with the introduction of spa details such as multiple shower heads and computerized faucets. With all this going on glass shower enclosures provide walls that do not interfere with all of the expensive details.

Secure and Practical
Glass shower doors and enclosures are not only beautiful; they are also secure and practical. They offer a seal to keep water from leaking onto the floor which can lead to dangerous slips. You don’t want to have to worry about slips in your beautiful new bathroom and a good seal through glass shower doors will help keep water where it belongs – inside the shower enclosure.

Custom design
You can take full advantage of even the most awkward spaces to allow you to have a larger bathroom. Sloped ceilings and pokey rooms in general can be reconfigured with the use of custom shower screens. Even a few inches can make a huge difference in the comfort of a shower enclosure. Glass shower screens can be custom designed to fit the layout you need.

Slide or Pull
You can choose the style of shower door that suits your needs. There are doors that pull open and closed or shower doors that can slide along a track from the ceiling or floor. If you are using a tub in your remodel instead of a shower you can also use glass partitions and doors for a more upscale look.

To Handle Every Flooring Need in Hudson, NH

Many people hope to be able to provide their family with the ideal home it can be. Nothing’s wrong with this desire, of course, since you want your family members live in a comfortable and functional home. Whatever way that you choose and carry out to offer a proper home; being able to have your own home is definitely a great happiness. You may build a property from scratch, purchase a new house or a used one.


If you have purchased a used property; next thing in your mind that you want to accomplish is making the house as a dream home for your family.  To create a functional, well-built, wonderful and comfy home, you probably need to do some essential home improvement projects. When it comes to renovate a home, the list of projects that you plan to complete can be a long one; but improving or placing new flooring should always become the top of the list.


You may beautify your home with various decorative items, but before doing it; make sure that the home has good home floors already. Decorative item like a rug or large mirror is able to be changed repeatedly; yet flooring is an important and permanent part of a property’s structure that can’t be restored over and over again in a short time.


The importance of having good home floors is undeniable; it’s definitely a necessity and valuable investment for every homeowner.  Quality floor material covers offer optimal advantages and improve the value of the property. Moreover, good home floors will be the ideal foundation for the whole interior design of your home.  

Today’s flooring choices are offered in a wide variety. For instance, according to the specific needs of a room and your preference, you may choose whether hardwood or carpet flooring to be installed in your family room; as long as you get the finest flooring materials that you are able to afford.

To ease your search for attractive, functional and long-lasting home floors; you should deal with the right professionals and flooring store in your area.  Residents in and around Hudson, New Hampshire don’t need to look for any longer since the nearby reliable floor store such as R & S flooring Hudson, NH can be trusted to handle every customer’s flooring needs in person yet competently.

When you are in doubt to decide the right product choice for a room’s floor; let the designers along with floor specialists at the store support you to make the suitable decision and the trained installers to set up the striking floors for you. The chosen floor cover in a room should fit with the room’s purpose and interior as well as meet your requirements, preference and budget.

Jan 30, 2014

Luxury Vinyl Tile for Your Kitchen Floor

Busy and active homes require easy-to-care, durable and striking floors. Today’s homeowners face different flooring options to choose such as carpet, hardwood, laminate and tiles; but if you are in a quest for such floor to be placed in your heavy foot-traffic and wet areas like kitchen, vinyl floor cover won’t be a wrong decision.

The nature of vinyl makes it usually only fits in kitchens and laundry rooms; but now quality vinyl flooring already produced in a wide range of styles, colors and patterns.  With so lots of alternatives, many homeowners start using vinyl floors in other rooms. You may even find current well-liked trend vinyl plank flooring type that looks like real wood and vinyl tile that resembles ceramic and stone. It gives you chance to enjoy natural looking floors in inexpensive price!

Let’s say that you are ready to replace your worn-out kitchen floor with new vinyl tile. Finding the right product for your new kitchen flooring –between the wide selections of vinyl tiles available- may overwhelm lots of homeowners. To ease your search for excellent kitchen floor, you should narrow down and specify your choices.  

Luxury vinyl tiles with five stars rating will give you optimal benefits. It’s a kind of vinyl floor product that allows you to obtain the finest performance and warranty in some features including water proof, stain and fade resistance, tear resistance as well as long life wear warranty. Residents in Webster, TX who need such new kitchen floors can click here for luxury vinyl tile selection that offered by nearby Flooring America store. Webster people can count on their best prices, wide-ranging collection and comprehensive service of their designers, floor specialists and trained installers.

Installing luxury vinyl tile floor offers attractive appearance, cushioning effect and enhanced durability; furthermore it’s much easier to maintain. You may boost the beauty and value of your home kitchen at once -with no costly spending and hassles in keeping the floor looking new.

Buy Glass Mosaic Tiles Online and Upcycle Old Home Décor

Interested in making better use of your weekends instead of wasting them eating in front of the TV and stuffing your face with junk food? Good for you…it’s a brand new year and everybody really should find something more enjoyable and productive to do other than being a complete couch potato.  Cleaning your house is productive but it’s not always particularly enjoyable even if you have your favourite dance music in the background, gardening perhaps? Too hot outside? Scrap that then. How about upcycling your old home décor to liven up the look of your home?  Sounds good? Cool.

You don’t really need a lot of materials, and most of the items that this project would require are affordable and can be purchased at your local craft store, or online if you really don’t feel like going out or you’re avoiding purchasing other items that you don’t really need for the crafting you want to do.  If you’re thinking of using colourful mosaic tiles for your crafting weekend, you can buy glass mosaic tiles online, as well as other supplies such as cutters, adhesives, grout, et cetera.

Crafting with tiles is really simple, even kids can do it — as long as you understand and can apply the basic principles of gluing, getting creative with mosaic tiles in overhauling the appearance of your old home décor will not be a problem.  As for creating patterns with the glass mosaic tiles, you can take inspiration from Pinterest or you can also just figure it out as you go; there are no clear rules, just have fun as you try to come up with something that meets your aesthetic sensibilities.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas you can try.
1.      Mosaic tabletop – This is the perfect project for tables that have been so badly scratched or have blemishes that can no longer be remedied.  Choose the glass mosaic tiles to use, lay them on the surface, and determine the pattern to go with then glue each one securely.  If you want a completely smooth surface and you want to add more weight to the table, use grout instead of the usual quick-dry adhesives.

2.      Frame frameless mirrors – If you want to glam up your mirrors by adding a shiny frame, the best tiles to use are silver foil glass tiles, which come in a variety of colours.  For an old world-inspired look, go with the yellow gold silverfoil ones, and if you want to achieve a mod style, just line up mixed colours around the edges and let a few pieces stray from the line.

3.      Embellish trays, glass hurricanes, and picture frames – You can choose any colour or style or shape of tiles you want and just lay them out whichever way pleases you, and you can be sure that these old items will not only look more stylish but will take on new functions as well.

About the author: Kenneth Lawrence loves to share his knowledge regarding home improvement tips because he believes that this can help lots of home owners. He writes in behalf of http://www.themosaicstore.com.au/

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