Jul 31, 2010

Brass Cow Bell

This brass cow bell is hung on our fence door. I prefer to have a brass cow bell than an electronic one. What about you?

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Jul 29, 2010

Key Cabinet

Who hasn’t suffered the nightmare of trying to find keys? This attractive little cabinet will complement any foyer and is large enough to provide storage for a multitude of keys. Its paneled door effect is just pure imitation but when painted, who would know?
It’s a simple box like construction, the top and base extending a little from the sides for added effect. Medium density fibre board has been used because of the case of finishing the end grain.

Collect all the keys, check which ones are obsolete and discard them. Use a labeling system that shows which goes where, then heave a sigh of relief. Your key problem is over!

Jul 27, 2010

Build Open Shelving for Your Kitchen

A unit of open shelves can look attractive in a kitchen and provides a fantastic amount of storage space. The only obvious drawback is that, being open, it tends to attract dust and other air-carried pollution often found in kitchen.

This unit has a narrow bottom shelf so that use of the bench and sink is not restricted in any way. This small shelf is great for cups and similar items. The curved shaping which bridges the gap between the first narrow and second wider shelf is achieved by means of a sabre saw.
The best way to build these open shelves is to make them up as a complete unit on the kitchen floor. When lifting the unit to mark the fastening positions, you’ll need to commander a couple of friends into giving you assistance. If they’re unavailable, you must build a temporary support off the top of the lower cupboards.

This cleverly designed set of open shelves makes full use of a blank wall behind the kitchen sink. The shelf positions have been carefully considered in order to cater for items of different size.

Source: Easy Home Projects

Jul 26, 2010

Yellow Paper Lantern

When I and my hubby visited Agri Park a week ago, I saw several yellow paper lanterns are hung on the big tree. I’ve never got a chance to visit there in the night, perhaps it will be more beautiful to see.

Have a great Monday everyone!

Approaching Home Improvement (2)

Establish an overall plan

Smart people plan everything well so that success is assured. With home improvement, the same logic applies.

1. Planning
Before you do anything, sit down and do a bit thinking about the proposed project. Inevitably, you’ll need tools, materials and equipment. Make a list of all the materials and equipment that come to mind.

The tools required depend on the job itself. If you don’t have all of them, you may be able to borrow the missing ones.

2. Preparation
Once the materials and tools are to hand, look at the job procedure carefully and try to imagine yourself doing each step. If something is unclear, it’s essential that you seek advice before starting the job.

3. Beginning the Project
Choose a day! Assemble the materials, items and equipment in neat clusters. Proceed slowly if the job is totally unfamiliar, stopping frequently to check your work. If a problem develops, keep calm and try to figure out what is wrong.

4. Finishing the project
The job is not finished until everything is done, including the painting, cleaning up, etc. If you don’t finish as you go, you’ll end up with a houseful of annoying, incomplete projects.

Source: Easy Home Projects

Jul 19, 2010

Traditional Decoration

This unique traditional decoration belongs to Betawi tribe, one of many tribes in Indonesia (so sorry, I forget the name). I captured it at one restaurant in Soekarno Hatta airport Jakarta, Indonesia.


Jul 18, 2010

Approaching Home Improvement

Before undertaking anything in life, you should have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. It’s one of the requirements for success. The following points, although brief, will assist you in considering the home improvements you propose to make from the correct prospective. If you ask yourself a few basic questions before you begin the tasks that need doing around your home, you’ll save yourself a lot of time, expense and trouble.

What needs doing in your house?
Any physical change you make which adds value to your home or increases its amenities can be considered a home improvement. This can range from doing a minor task such as adding a second storey. A gradual progression (with plenty of intermediary stages for learning and the mastering of techniques) should typify your do-it-yourself ambition.

Should there be a theme?
You should have a definite idea of what you want to achieve with your home so that each new change you make adds to a co-ordinated, simple, overall theme. Keep in mind commonsense parameters such as preserving the style of the home, choosing materials that complement those used in the basic construction of your house and selecting harmonizing colors.

Can you over-capitalize?
The answer is yes! You must be very careful to relate the overall cost of home improvement to the value of property, both present and expected. In other words, if it appears that you won’t get your money back, don’t go ahead.

The best you can do is to work out the total cost of the improvement, and then try to assess the probable increase in the value of your home. With expensive improvements, if in doubt, ask a reliable real estate agent. If there’s no probable increase in value, try to put a satisfaction value of the improvement and relate that to the cost.

Source: Easy Home Projects

Jul 17, 2010

A Railway Bridge

-click on to enlarge-
This railway bridge located in my husband’s hometown (Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia. Local people there call it Saka Limalas (Fifteen Poles) as the bridge has 15 supporting pillars. It’s one of my favorite spots!

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Jul 12, 2010

Candle Light

Mellow Yellow is coming again! I captured the candle light on our table while I and my husband were watching a football match (Germany vs. Spain) at a restaurant that night. I love the beauty and the warmth of it. I also enjoy the chocolate and French fries; it can make me keep awake during the match…


Jul 10, 2010

A Café at 3rd Floor

This café located in Bogor Trade Mall (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia), at 3rd floor. It has a wide terrace, so, we can see beautiful view there. It’s a nice place to hang out!

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Jul 7, 2010

Choosing Baby Bedding Tips

Is your unborn baby coming to home in the short times ahead? Have you already prepared to welcome your baby at home? Arranging a baby room or at least choosing appropriate bedding for your baby is one of most important things that you should consider. Here are the tips on choosing the right baby bedding:

1.Comfort.Parents always concern with their children secure and comfortable. The crib will provide the security, and the bedding will provide the comfort to your baby. It is important to buy bedding that is extremely comfortable for your baby’s delicate skin.

Here are the tips on choosing the right mattress:

  • Select the mattress that is not too soft or too firm.

  • A springy mattress will be very comfortable but it isn’t appropriate for your new born baby. It may endanger your baby; as a very springy mattress can at times be trampoline like.

  • A steel coil mattress is firmer, safer and essentially more durable.

  • The idea is to find mattresses that will support your baby’s back which is developing.
2. Safety.The material should have the right about of softness which won’t in any way harm your baby. The mattress should fit into the crib exactly. The crib should be measured before the mattress is fit in so as to allow the correct fit. It should be comfy enough to keep your baby safe and out of any danger. A loose fitting mattress can leave gaps and baby’s can fall into them, often hurting themselves.

3. Durability.
The bedding should be in good quality and the maintenance of it should also be easy. After all, no one wants to be spending precious time that they can spend with their baby on washing bedding instead.

Source: google & stylekid.ca

Jul 4, 2010

Mellow Yellow: At the Mall

When we’re wandering a mall, we often see interesting things, right? I don’t shop clothes often, but I love to see big discounted items. Who doesn’t? Perhaps I can find good stuffs in best prices…

For Mellow Yellow, I share here two photos; sale items and children on a ‘golden carriage’. All are captured by a camera phone. I asked their mother’s permission to capture her children.


Jul 3, 2010

New Practical Uses of Everyday Items

Sharon Tanenbaum and Ashley Tate wrote this article. Have you noticed that every day items like rubber bands, tooth picks, post-it note, salt, and many more have many new uses? It’s interesting. Check this out:

Rubber Bands
1. Open jars with ease. When a small lid won’t budge, wrap a rubber band around it several times to give you a better grip.
2. Decorate Easter eggs. Arrange rubber bands in a pattern around hard-boiled eggs, then dip them into dye. Remove the bands when the eggs are dry.
3. Bring order to your dishwasher. Tether stemware and other delicate, wobbly items to the rack.
4. Wrap a gift. Use multiple colored rubber bands instead of ribbon to add modern flair to a small present. (Particularly handy when you can’t find the tape.)
1. Label meat. Are these burgers rare or well-done? They all look the same on the outside. Identify just-off-the-grill meats with different-colored toothpicks and they won’t get mixed up.
2. Find the end of the roll. When you’ve finished using tape, wrap the end around a toothpick so you can easily locate it the next time.
3. Glue beads and sequins. Use the sharp ends to apply teensy items to a craft project.
4. Sew a better button. Place a toothpick between the button and fabric so it doesn’t go on too tightly and end up tough to fasten.
5. Press a gadget’s Reset button. What fits perfectly into that tiny hole? You guessed it.

Source: realsimple.com

A Passing By Train

The train was captured from the 3rd floor. At that time, I and my husband were at a restaurant that has a wide balcony.

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