Jul 29, 2010

Key Cabinet

Who hasn’t suffered the nightmare of trying to find keys? This attractive little cabinet will complement any foyer and is large enough to provide storage for a multitude of keys. Its paneled door effect is just pure imitation but when painted, who would know?
It’s a simple box like construction, the top and base extending a little from the sides for added effect. Medium density fibre board has been used because of the case of finishing the end grain.

Collect all the keys, check which ones are obsolete and discard them. Use a labeling system that shows which goes where, then heave a sigh of relief. Your key problem is over!
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Tria Zaluska said...

wah blognya bagus banget! thanks for sharing..
lemari kunci emang solusi yang terbaik apalagi untuk orang yang ceroboh kaya aku hehe!

Jangan lupa mampir ke blog teh ku ya

Unknown said...

alternatif yang bagus buat yang sering lupa menaruh kunci, tapi bisa request untuk ukurannya hehehe...skalian biar langsung dicoba

thank's for share

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