Jun 30, 2011


Credenza is a thing that serves as storage of goods. But not all stuffs can be stored here. Only certain items that have a not too big size as well as books, CDs, tapes, DVD player, etc.

Above the credenza can be put things, both decorative and aren’t ones, like television, radio, tape, and others.

Credenza usually shaped like a rectangular table that has several drawers for storage, so it looks massive and covered. Credenza standard size is 75-90 cm for height and 60 cm in width. While the length can adjust the space provided.The term console began to emerge when a lot of wrought iron furniture that is named by the sellers with wrought iron console. But this term later became confused with the credenza.

The main difference between the credenza and the console is based on its function. Credenza, as has been mentioned above, serves as a repository. While the console only serves as a place to display, so the shape becomes more open and less massive when compared to the credenza.

From the placement, the difference between console and credenza is clearly visible. As it acts as a storage place, the credenza is usually placed in private places, such as living room, bedroom, or den. TV cabinet is also a credenza, because it serves as a repository.

Console functions more as a place to display objects, so it is usually placed in the space that needs decoration, such as living room, foyer, lobby, etc. Objects that placed on the console are also usually more ornate or used as space filler, such as statues, flowers, picture frames and candles.


Jun 28, 2011

Making the Most of Your Pool Area

If you have the luxury of owning a pool then you should make the most of it and spend some time and money making your whole pool area look fantastic. Rather than just having a pool create an area where your friends and family are going to want to sit and relax, where you can entertain and also have an area that is visually appealing to look at. A pool will greatly increase the value of your property and with a little extra effort you can have the whole area looking perfect. A pool supplies store will have great ideas for improving the look of your pool area.


Having a garden planted around your pool can improve the look of the whole area. What you plant will be determined by the climate that you live in, the type of soil and also your taste. In a warm tropical climate you can create a tropical oasis with palms, ferns and large leafy plants. Plant some exotic flowers and even think about creating a rock pool or waterfall. In a cooler climate you could have a cottage garden and plant borders around the edge of your pool, whether with box hedges or lavender bushes. In a drier area there are many attractive native plants that grow well or you might just want to have a large area of lawn, which is great for relaxing on beside the pool.


By law you are required to have a fence around your pool, and one that complies with the Australian safety standards. When you think of fencing don't just limit yourself to one of the tradition safety fences with the metal bars. You could choose a see through glass fence so you have an unspoiled view or if you have a tropical garden you could erect a thatched fence. If your pool runs along a boundary fence a brick wall is a good idea, as long as it reaches the correct height to meet with the safety standards.

Pool house

A lovely addition to your pool area is a pool house. You can buy kit buildings that work out cheaper, or have an architect draw up plans for an individually styled pool house. Your pool house could have a shower and toilet, perhaps a games area, a bar and house a stereo system. You would certainly be able to throw some great pool parties with this added entertainment area.


Having some sort of shade around your pool area is a good idea, particularly as it is not a good idea to lie outside sun baking. You might want to incorporate a barbecue area around the veranda, and set up your outdoor furniture in the shade.


You will need some sort of paving around your pool, otherwise you will find that a lot of dirt and grass will end up in the water. There is a wide variety of different paving stones or tiles to choose from, or you might just want to concrete the area. If you have children you might want to think about having a non-slip surface.


Jun 27, 2011

Sunday Lunch

Happy Monday to all. I don’t want to scare you here, hehehe. I met this ‘guy’ at a café (Abc Chocolate & Spaghetti in Bogor, Indonesia) yesterday, when we had lunch there. He’s one of the staffs there. It’s a unique café with horror theme. I can’t share the pictures here; there’s no yellow, even if a bit.

We ordered Indonesian food for lunch. It has good presentation, but the taste is just average. Though some of decoration items are scary ones; this place is very cozy!

Jun 25, 2011


These orbs were captured in one night, under my aunt’s carport. Based on Wikipedia source, the term orb illustrates unanticipated, typically circular artifacts that occur in flash photography, especially common with modern compact and ultra-compact digital cameras. Others also call orbs as backscatter, orb backscatter, or near-camera reflection.

The Paranormal have different perception. Orb backscatter has been broadly interpreted as a highly variable range of paranormal phenomenon without confirmable causation — including invisible spirits, auras, angels, ghosts, energy fields, psycho-energetic artifacts, and energy balls.

Jun 24, 2011

Home Decoration Ideas (2)

Chalkboard Wine Boxes

Marry Black gave the idea. Have a wooden wine box at your home? You can change it into this unique storage. On one side, add the chalkboard paint. Use this side to label the box content.

Fabric-Covered Pots

It could be your favorite craft. Pretty fabric can modify a little Mod Podge becoming a beautiful pot. Christine Chitnis has made lots of these.

Cheery Children’s Table and Chairs

You can make this cheery table and chairs by yourself. Follow Belinda Graham instructions. Use Japanese masking tapes to create thin strips on the table and seat tops. Then you cover it in a clear sheet of contact paper. Beautify more the table by painting the frames with super-glossy black paint.

Bold Fabric Wall Art

Wall art mustn’t be expensive. Check out the creation of Jessica Jones. She made this punchy fabric piece on a shoestring. Turning a piece of fabric into wall art was a simple and smart solution. Do you like it?


Jun 21, 2011

Commercial Premises Best Practice- High Quality, Low Maintenance Carpets

There’s a sort of myth that “cheaper is better” with commercial flooring. Nothing could be further from the truth, or more certain to lead to extra cost for commercial building managers. The fact is that high quality flooring needs less maintenance, and lasts much longer. The best flooring solutions for commercial premises are the new generation carpets, and there are added benefits as well.

Flooring issues

The big issues for flooring are all bottom line issues:

· Cost: Commercial interiors aren’t cheap, and outlay on a large area like flooring is a natural issue.

· Maintenance: Repairs and replacement of many types of conventional flooring can be disruptive and expensive. Low grade flooring of any kind is notorious for being easy to damage and costly to fix.

· Safety: Some surfaces are better than others for safety. Wood, concrete and tiles are hard surfaces, and a slip or fall can be expensive for building owners.

The long term view is usually the best with any kind of major business outlay, and flooring is no exception. With flooring, the idea is to contain cost and benefit from long product life to deal with these issues.

Carpets- The new best practice option

In the past, old style carpets were a debatable option, because the high quality broadloom carpets were not only very expensive, they were prone to serious wear and tear over time. Repairs and replacement were also costly.

It was the limitations of the old carpets that spawned the new generation of ultra-heavy duty carpeting. If you’ve seen those extremely tough-looking carpets at airports and other high traffic areas in public buildings, they’re very good examples of the new ideas.

The new carpets are actually carpet tiles, although they don’t look like tiles. An innovative US carpet manufacturer got the message about the failings of the old style commercial flooring, and the whole idea of commercial carpet would never be the same again. The idea was to create very high quality
carpet tiles, with their own underlay and glued, not stitched, together, to provide a seamless single surface.

With this fundamental rethink came new technology which allowed for sustainable production, driving costs down. New software also created a brand new way of customizing carpets, giving customers a way of viewing their carpet design choices in different environments and colour mixes.
The new carpets are really totally different technology:

· Tiles rarely require maintenance and can be replaced very quickly, with minimum disruption and cost.

· The new fabrics are extremely durable, and provide good surfaces for customer safety.

· There’s basically no limit to the customization possibilities. The new carpets can be tailor made for any type of commercial premises.

The new carpets have revolutionized commercial interior design. They’ve also become the industry standard best practice solution for commercial building managers trying to achieve that difficult mix of best quality design and best quality materials.

The other commercial angle to the new carpets is one that all business people will appreciate: They’re much better business propositions for their customers. The market has spoken, and these are the floorings of the future.

Low Maintenance Landscaping

Most of us suffer with some form of time poverty; it is difficult to fit all the necessary things into our day. Gardens can be time consuming, and in some seasons need a large amount of upkeep. Weeding, pruning, training, these can all have a beautiful effect in a garden, but take a lot of time and energy. The temptation is to concrete or pave over a garden to minimise the impact on our time. But these can look stark, cold and unwelcoming. A low maintenance garden need not be paved over completely. With a few ideas you can create a garden you will enjoy being in but with the minimum of work.

ShrubsThese break up the garden, provide large sections of greenery and in some cases some beautiful blossoms. Arranging these in clusters in your garden provides a break from large squares of lawn.
GrassesGrasses provide variety to shrub bed areas and are easy to look after. These are available in a variety of shades so you can provide contrast.
ConifersThese grow quickly, and provided they are trimmed fairly regularly need little maintenance.

Decked areas
By designating a large part of your garden to a living area with decking you can have a barbecue and relaxation area complete with outdoor recliner sofas, minimising the amount of greenery in the garden but still leaving enough to enjoy.
Decorative lawnsLawns need cutting and feeding occasionally, but nowhere near as much maintenance as flowers and plants. Try shaping lawns to add a little character
Paths and graveled areas
By adding graveled areas and stone paths you can again minimise greenery yet provide a pretty focal point which is useful within the garden. There are other effects which can be created using bark chips, and stone or slate chips which can provide a design element in itself. Try a few potted shrubs arranged in an area layered with slate chips for a truly breathtaking but effortless look.
Weed control fabric

This is one of the best gardening inventions ever created. Simply lay the black fabric around the plants or shrubs you wish to keep and the fabric will block sunlight from the soil, preventing weed growth. This can save hours of constant weeding. Simply cover with bark chips and you have a solution to irritating weeds.

There are plenty of design ideas out there, with a few practical solutions you can create a garden which will give you pleasure. Instead of working for your garden make it work for you.

image source:google

Jun 20, 2011

The Chocolate Replica of Kujang Monument

June 3rd is the birthday date of my city (Bogor,West Java, Indonesia). The age of Bogor city is 529 years. To commemorate the city birthday this year, one chocolate producer made the chocolate replica of the most popular monument in Bogor, Tugu Kujang (Kujang Monument).

The height of this replica is 7.5 meters and the width is 4 meters (base). At June 13th, 2011 the replica has been documented in the national record achievement. It was displayed inside Bogor Trade Mall.

Jun 18, 2011

Shadows at Terrace

It was a very bright day. The sun that shone through wooden blinds made these unique shadows.
My entry for
The Weekend in Black and White this week.

Jun 17, 2011

Sensible Management of Home and Car Air Conditioning: Importance of Educating the Elderly

Your air conditioner in your home, and your car, work on the same principles. Air conditioning will ultimately cost us money. However, the health benefits can be enormous. It extremely hot weather, elderly people, in particular, come under a lot of stress. The importance of air conditioning cannot be stressed enough. In this article, we look at air conditioning in the two main areas of our lives, and why we must incorporate these costs into our lives.

How Air Conditioning Works. Air conditioning works by transferring heat from the air that is sucked into the air conditioning unit out of that air. A simple refrigeration cycle is used in cars and homes, while evaporation technology is also commonly used in buildings. Refrigeration cycles use compressed coolants to transfer heat away from the air, cooling it in the process. Evaporative air conditioners use water to absorb that heat, and therefore, cool the air entering any given space.

Managing Cost. Modern air conditioning systems all have an optimum operating temperature. This temperature is normally around 23-25 degrees. The power consumption of any air conditioning system will be greatly reduced if used to cool to this temperature.

Cost Management Equals Health Management. By over cooling any space we are in, we are subjecting our bodies to extremes in temperature. Just because it is hot outside, there is no real reason to cool our cars and homes to ridiculously cold temperatures. When our bodies become accustomed to low temperatures in either our car or our home, we will find the heat outside, hotter than it really is. This is because we are subjecting our bodies to extremes of temperature. If you have to wear a jumper in your home, car or office, to accommodate the cold air conditioning, you are wasting a lot of energy and risking your health. This is the reason why many elderly people have been turned off by the idea of air conditioning, for health and cost reasons. They then risk living day to day in high temperatures because they feel uncomfortable with the temperature and the cost.

Total Cost. The total cost of not having air conditioning in their home and car can be very high. Premature death and other illnesses, such as heat stroke, can be extremely high. The elderly should be advised on the need for a modern car with modern and effective air conditioning. More modern cars will be cost effective in many other ways. Car insurance and other running costs, are much lower in modern smaller and more economical vehicles. In terms of health, this is extremely important. Home air conditioning can be very cost effective in Winter, as well. Actually, it is one of the cheapest ways to heat our home.

If you, like many of us, have elderly friends and family members, ensure they are using air conditioning in the correct way, and it is regularly maintained. Both cars and home air conditioning require correct and regular maintenance for them to be cost effective. Extremes of temperature put the health of our most important members of society at risk.

How to Locate a Reliable Handyman?

Finding a good handyman in West London is a challenging task, as compared to finding a home improvement contractor. Whereas home contractors are licensed, handymen doesn't need to be licensed for fetching work. It is really an uphill task to track down an experienced handyman, when there are hundreds of unprofessionals who pose to be expert handymen for earning some extra money.

Handymen are hired for day-to-day tasks like, hanging a picture onto the wall, trimming the fences of garden and performing small repair tasks. There is lack of of a governing body behind a handyman. Even there is no need to fulfill local licensing requirements for doing such odd jobs. All these factors make it difficult to find an experienced handyman.

Here are some tips to locate a good handyman in West London.

Search on-line for a good handyman

You can browse the Internet to find a local Handyman
for your home. The list of home improvement professionals is endless on the Internet. Moreover, you can visit their websites and read the feedbacks provided by their previous clients. On the basis of the reviews you can decide whether the handyman is worth hiring for your household tasks.

Ask for references

Don't hire just anyone as a handyman, only because a friend or relative referred him. Always keep in mind the list of tasks for which you need handyman services. Whenever you contact a handyman, always ask for three to four references, before hiring him. Let the friends, relatives and neighbors suggest you with some handyman in West London, but its you who should be decided finally to hire or not to hire him.

Screening the handyman

Once you have made your mind to hire a particular handyman, you should screen him. Make sure that he is trustworthy enough to come into your home. You can check if there are complaints against them through Better Business Bureau. You can do Google search with the handyman's name to find his genuineness and experience. You can even contact the state licensing board to confirm whether any complaints had been filed against that particular handyman.

Handyman suitable to your requirement

Always hie a handyman that suits your requirement. A handyman is a jack of all trades, but a master of none. Suppose you want him to unclog your sink, but he doesn't have the relevant experience in plumbing. He would be of no use to you. You may tell him your requirement prior to to awarding the job, so that your efforts of finding him don't get wasted.

Always look for a handyman who has local address and phone number. A good handyman west London should have experience in areas of plumbing, home repair, remodeling, and carpentry. He should have been serving as a handyman for a period of years. Hiring a novice is never a good idea, as it may lead to damaged things in your home. You should not ask to hesitate to ask a number of questions before awarding the job.

Jun 15, 2011

Five Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe while on Holidays

If you are planning on going on holidays it is important that you plan ahead and put in place methods of keeping your home secure. There would be nothing worse than coming back from your lovely relaxing holiday to find your home broken into, property stolen or damaged and your home vandalised. Get organised before you go and follow a few simple tips to keep your home safe while you are on your holiday. Install security doors, an alarm and even security screens.

Have your neighbour keep on eye out

Ask your neighbour to keep on eye on your property while you are away. Let them know that you are going away and let them know when you will be back. If someone enters your property when they are home they will most likely notice if they have been alerted to the fact that you are away. Get them to collect your mail for you too so it doesn't look so obvious that you are away, and it will also stop your mail getting damaged by the rain. It can also help if they park one of their cars in your driveway.

Security alarm

If you don't have a security alarm this would be a good time to have one installed. A security alarm will go off if it senses any movement within the house. A siren will sound, and often there is a flashing light that will go off too which is attached to the front of your house. As well as alerting the neighbours your alarm is connected to the security company's system in their head office and they will send somebody around to check out the problem.

Security doors and screens

Have security doors and even screens put on your windows for added safety. These are great to have even when you are not away. A security door will give you the flexibility of being able to open up your front door and let the breeze through on a hot day, without having your home open and unlocked. You can also answer the front door when someone comes knocking without having to open your security door at all. You can see through and still talk to the person without putting yourself potentially at risk. Thieves often break into houses through windows. Having security screens will stop this problem.

Keep the house tidy

If you are planning on being away for an extended period of time, for example you might be taking a trip overseas, then make sure you keep the front of your house maintained so from the street it looks like someone is currently living there. Pay a gardening service to come by every few weeks, depending on the season, and mow the lawn, tidy the garden and sweep up any leaves. It might cost you a little bit but it is worth not having your house broken into, plus you will come back to a home with a tidy front garden.

House sitter

If you don't want to leave your home vacant while you go on holidays then why not get a house sitter. You may know a friend or family member who would be happy to do it. They can also look after any pets while they are there, which will save you a lot of money in kennel or cattery fees. This is ideal if you are going away overseas for an extended period of time.

Home Decoration Ideas

If you are crafty enough, you surely love Do-It-Yourself projects. Here are some inspirations for you :

Layered Planters
It’s lovely, right? This creative planter is made by Lucy Ancheta-Atkins.

Pallet Headboard

Do you like this kind of headboard? If you still have some left pallets, you can make this. Recreate the natural dark look by painting them with drift-wood stain or using a wire brush.

Herringbone Drawer Shelves

Julie Petrella gives you the idea. Do you have old drawers? If you don’t, it’s easy to discover it at yard sales or on the side of the road left out for trash. Cut it down before painting if it’s too deep for your wall.

Bedside Table

If you need a tall enough bedside table, you can imitate this unique table which created by Katie Steuernagle. Well, you can put your lamp, candles, glasses, and books on it!

Snowlake Curtain
If you love making paper snowflakes, create it become into a lovely curtain.

Polaroid Magnets
Jennifer Kirk offers this idea. I guess lots of you like putting on photos on the fridge. To protect the photos and display them beautifully; you can use Polaroid magnets. Not only to expose your pics, you can also apply the magnets to tack up other things like your kids schedules, paintings and letters.


Jun 13, 2011

Tumpeng Rice

Happy Monday, everyone! Yesterday we attended our nephew’s circumcision celebration. Her mother prepared tumpeng rice for our lunch together. All aunts and uncles were coming. It’s a special celebration for only close family. The bigger celebration will be held later, if my nephew’s pexxx has recovered totally.

Tumpeng rice is a ceremonial dish of yellow rice served in a cone shape. When it served in any special occasion, it will be completed with other various kinds of food. Tumpeng rice will also be decorated beautifully. It’s very inviting, right?

Jun 11, 2011

Rental Properties Basics Managing Light and Heat and Improving Your ROI

If you own a rental property, you may well be aware of the “interesting” issues which light and heat can cause in any house or apartment. The heat can practically renovate the building from inside and out. The thermodynamics of buildings can be very complex, and it’s often a matter of “find a solution or face the costs”. Fortunately for landlords and tenants alike, new sunscreen blinds, window screens exterior screens and awnings are coming to the rescue.

The Problems, Explained
Heat can demolish buildings. Constant expansion and contraction can quite literally take a building apart. Different materials heat differently and expand and contract at different temperatures. The result is chaos, and if you’ve ever wondered why your rental property has that sad look about it, this is “normal wear and tear”, but in a different and sometimes dangerous form.

The interior is also subjected to heat effects. The interior does the same thing, to a lesser extent in most cases, but that just means a separate problem. If the interior has rising damp or mold, the heat triggers growth and corrupts surfaces. Expansion and contraction of buildings can also affect wiring and plumbing.

A building can literally pull itself apart with expansion and contraction, unless these things are managed. Gaps and cracks don’t just happen. If you’ve seen one of those mysterious new gaps around a window frame, (always in some nice, semi-accessible place, of course) the usual suspects are heat or water, but heat can do this without any help. Any sort of problem of this sort has another trick to play- It can become progressively more of a problem, and in a hurry. A small gap or crack can turn itself into a cost base overnight, or over the course of a hot season.

The Solution – Blinds and AwningsThe safest, and definitely the simplest approach to these problems is mercifully simple- External screens, retractable awnings and similar straightforward fixes. The exterior screens block heat before it makes contact with building surfaces. That effectively stops the problem before it happens.

Even the exterior of old buildings gets a boost, because the outer faces of the building are spared the ravages of heat. This cuts down on costs for everything from painting to just holding the building together. Window frames aren’t heated to egg-frying temperatures, either.

Tenants appreciate the improvements, and the old buildings get a new lease of life, literally in one sense, because the heat effects inside are minimized. Carpets don’t get bleached, and the interior of the building isn’t subjected to heat-based expansion and contraction.

Best of all, you can get customized, tailored blinds, screens and awnings to deal with the problems on a case by case basis if necessary. You can arrange for a consultation to protect your valuable property and talk through the options, finding a good working solution to any situation.

Check out the options, and you will find solutions.


These are windows of Saung Dolken (Dolken House), a rented wooden villa. The villa located inside a fishing place area. It takes only ten minutes car ride to reach the place. I've never yet rented the villa, as it's too big for only one family.

Jun 10, 2011

Installing a New Shower Rose

Is the shower rose in your bathroom old fashioned? Is it too low? Does it leak or use too much water? What about the shower taps-have they almost achieved antique status?

A quick way for you to take years off your bathroom is to replace these ancient fittings with new, good looking modern ones. They can, in most cases, simply be screwed onto the existing wall outlets.

Shower roses come in a variety of shapes and finishes. Many have specific uses. For example, by varying the number of holes in the shower rose and their diameter, some shower roses cut down water consumption. This is useful if water and heating bills are excessive or if water pressure is low.

The bubble-stream shower rose is a clever little innovation worth considering; it mixes air with the water to give the illusion of a fast-running shower.

Other roses are pulsating and according to the manufacturers, they are therapeutic as well stimulating! These types meter the water out in spurts of varying intensity and volume, and can also be adjusted to give a normal spray.


Jun 7, 2011

Maintenance and Rental Properties- Why It's so Important to be on Top of any Problems

There’s an unholy and remarkably stupid myth in the rental market that not doing maintenance saves money. Nothing could possibly be further from the truth. Failure to maintain rental properties can be an absolute financial disaster, and a self-inflicted one, for landlords who are foolish enough to believe this myth. Property maintenance is a form of control over assets, like home insurance for homeowners, making sure that those assets are properly protected.

Maintenance basics- The difference between making and losing money on rental properties

Buildings can’t repair themselves. They also can’t do much about typical wear and tear, or their age. Nor can plumbing or wiring fittings be expected to survive without regular maintenance. These fittings can also become dangerous to buildings, in the case of electrical fittings risking fires and with plumbing, actual destruction of the building and/or damage to other buildings.

Building structures are also vulnerable. Rising damp, movements in the footings of buildings and other problems can literally gut a building, given time. A small structural problem can be relied upon to become a major issue, particularly if you’re thinking of selling. Prompt maintenance is the cheapest, quickest way to deal with these issues. It’s also the only way of preventing major costs later on.

Case study

Ridiculous as it is to believe that not spending $100 on simple repairs is “making money”, it’s even more bizarre if you consider that a simple plumbing job can prevent spending thousands on water damage later.

This is a simple case study of a rental apartment’s maintenance issues:
The apartment is on the fourth floor. It’s an older building, circa 1970s vintage, with a timber frame and brick veneer exterior. The apartment’s plumbing is the same age and also experiencing “water hammer”, knocking on the pipes and spitting water coming out of taps, indicating problems. To save money, the owner does nothing, despite repeated warnings from the real estate agent.

The plumbing gives up the ghost one weekend while the tenant is away. It was simply too old and water pressure in the pipes finished it off. The apartments below are flooded. The water flows through gaps in the old apartment block and emerges in a large pool in front of the building. The owner receives multiple lawsuits from the owners of the apartments below and the strata title manager also threatens legal action.

For the sake of saving a few dollars on a correctible problem, the property owner is now faced with tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of damages, plus legal costs. Half of the building is now uninhabitable, and the amount of water which has seeped through the rest of the building is also a possible problem.

Was being cheap about maintenance a good idea? How could it be? The plumbing was sure to cause trouble at some point. “Water hammer” is a well-known sign of potential problems about to emerge.

Maintenance in this case would have been the equivalent of contents insurance, making sure that any risks from the building’s fittings was under control.

The moral of the story is simple enough: Maintenance = common sense. Don’t take the risk- Find and fix problems as they occur.

Jun 6, 2011

ATV Ride

Last Sunday, we hosted a family gathering at a restaurant inside a fishing place. After the event was over and guests were going home; we tried to have an ATV ride.

My hubby rode it first to learn driving it. Later, both of us were wandering around the place by ATV. It’s fun!

Jun 1, 2011

Home Security Basics

Security is an issue for most homes and the fact is that the simplest approach is often the best. Sophisticated alarm systems do provide a lot of features, but the bottom line is always going to be preventing access to your home. A good security door is as important as any other feature in achieving a reliable level of security.

Homeowners, understandably, often feel a bit baffled by the security issues and are sometimes mystified by the security technology now on the market. The other issue is cost, and for big homes, that can be significant. However, it’s not a lost cause for homeowners.

Good security pays for itself, providing peace of mind and it’s actually pretty simple to understand when you know how this technology works. In many cases in relation to home security, simpler is better. Modern security doors are designed to take major impacts, cutting and any attempt to break them down. An intruder won’t get in, simply because they can’t. Security experts will tell you that’s the most effective deterrent of all.

Home security issues

The major security issue with any home is access. What points can be used to get into the home easily? The usual culprits are old windows without security screens or old doors which can’t provide much resistance to a break in, because they’re not designed to do that.

The best approach to access issues is to make a list of the weak points and upgrade them. If you have a local security firm, it’s worth your while to get a professional inspection done. Security screen doors and window suppliers can also give you some useful tips.

Integrating your security

It’s actually very easy to integrate door and window security with an alarm system. Most of these alarms work on the magnetic lock principle, meaning that if a window or door is opened, the circuit is broken, triggering an alarm.

Security doors are easy to fit with alarms, and have the added advantage of acting together as double security layers.

The same situation applies to windows. Unless using security screens, windows are no real barrier to access from outside. Best practice is to use the same sort of double security as on the doors, and it’s equally straightforward, using similar principles.

Shopping for security doors and other features

The best option for consumers is to do some research online and learn about the security products available:

Security screen doors and windows: Check out the top of the range first. This will show you the best products available, and you’ll also have a figure for your budget. You’ll be able to compare quality and deals and make an informed decision.

Security alarms: Service and value for money are the big issues in security alarms. Top of the range is a monitored alarm system, meaning monitored 24/7 with direct access to police and emergency services. Compare rates, services provided and any options the security firms provide.

Home security is actually pretty straightforward. All you need to do is make sure you get the products and services that make you feel most secure.

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