Jun 28, 2010

Mellow Yellow: Goal…!

Yesterday-Sunday morning, I and my husband walked to a little park near our home and sit on the bench. We saw several boys were playing football on the field. It’s actually a multi purpose field; you can play football, volleyball, basketball, and any other activities.

I share here a goal moment. It's a pity, a basketball pole blocked the boy’s face that made the goal kick.


Jun 26, 2010

An Office Building at the Airport

Last Tuesday; I, my husband and brother in-law went to Soekarno-Hatta Airport (Jakarta, Indonesia) to take my sister in-law who will go abroad. When I was walking around, I saw one office building that attracted my attention. I think it looks good in b/w.

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Choosing Modern Bathroom Vanities Tips

Choosing Modern Bathroom Vanities Tips  -If your home’s style is a modern one; you should read this. When buying furniture for your modern homes, consider these: practical, minimalistic, and space-saving. This time, it will focus about bathroom at your home.
Modern bathroom vanities

Bathroom vanities are the center in your bathroom. If your bathroom is already looking dull, replacing your old vanities with the stylish one will make a big difference to your bathroom look. You can get vanities in various sizes and kinds, but you have to pick the one that's just right. At present, modern bathroom vanities usually have following features:

1.Minimalistic. Go for simple one-color or bordered finishes, clean and simple lines.

2.Transparent. Glass is "in" in a big way. Your vanity could have a glass paneled door, or even a glass sink.

3.Small. If you have a small bathroom, make sure that it's friendly for emergency access. Wall-mounted vanities let you access a lot of floor space, while serving as storage units as well.

4.Vessel sinks. Vessel sinks are mounted on top of the vanity rather than embedded into it. While glass vessel sinks can look stunningly contemporary, stone vessel sinks in a variety of finishes - marble, malachite, granite etc - can serve as a pleasing vintage-y contrast to your ultra-modern bathroom.

5.Adventurous faucets. Today, faucets come in stainless steel, bronze, chrome, nickel and even black finishes. Beautifully crafted in thousands of designs, they let you choose from knobs to levers to automatic infrared detection. They may be wall mounted as well as attached to your vanity.

6.Storage space. Modern homes need storage space. A classy bathroom vanity can let you store your towels and bathrobes as well as cosmetics without looking ugly.

Jun 20, 2010

Mellow Yellow: My Niece and Nephew at a Radio Station

From my three brothers, I’ve got four nephews and four nieces. For Mellow Yellow, this time I share a photo of Rafa and Fira, adorable and smart chidren of my brother, Lusman, and his wife, Ellen. Their mother, my SIL, works at a radio station. That’s why I can have this cute photo of them!


Jun 18, 2010

White-Spotted Deer of Bogor Presidential Palace

The deer are special ones, as they (about 300 deer) live in a huge front yard of Bogor Presidential Palace (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia). I think they live happily there…

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Gardening is Good for You

If you still don’t have any garden space in your home, you should consider starting making your own. A garden space can be used for keeping and growing fruits, plants, flowers, vegetables, etc.

According to several studies results, you can get several benefits from gardening, such as:

  • Relaxation and stress reduction can be one of the best benefits.
  • Enjoying beautiful flowers and other plants is a good alternative for antidepressant drugs, as it can develop comfortable and peacefully feelings.
  • Not only giving you mental health through relaxation, gardening also promotes physical health and better nutrition.
Let’s say that you’re already interested in having a garden. To start building your garden, you should prepare several things. In order to maintain your plants growing well, it requires good quality soil, sunlight and enough water. You also need tools to help you doing all gardening jobs. Don’t just buy any garden tool; you must decide first what tools that you will actually need. It’s better to get the highest quality of garden happily that you are able to buy. Using best garden tools will allow energy efficiency and minimize plants damage.

Not only high quality ones, you should also select garden tools that have ergonomically design. It will be more comfortable to grab and won’t hurt your hand if you use it for long time enough.

Jun 11, 2010

A Hanging Bridge

This hanging bridge located in Sempur area, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Along the Ciliwung small river in the area, there are three hanging bridges. I just share one of them here. The traffic is high enough, even motorcycles often passes it.

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Remodel Your Bathroom with Stylish Bathroom Accessories

If your bath room is already looking old and dull, it’s the right time for you to remodel it. You don’t need to make a total renovation, it will costly. Try to replace the old things and replace it with several stylish accessories. You would be amazed how much of a difference it can make. Here are the top ten list :

1.Bathroom towel rack. If you have an older styled towel rack or your towel rack does not match the new theme of your bathroom then buying a new, more modern looking towel rack is an easy accessory to change. By doing this quick little switch out it helps create the desired look you are going for.

2. Garbage can. Every bathroom is in need of a garbage can. If your current garbage can is an eye sore why not throw out that old, out-dated one and replace it with a new, more modern looking garbage can.

3. Towels. If you are like most people and have had the same bathroom towels for 10+ years and want to change the look and feel of your bathroom then this might be the easiest way to do so. Bright, new fluffy towels will surely freshen up and rejuvenate your bathroom.

4. Retro shower curtain. Another easy accessory to change in your bathroom is the shower curtain. A shower curtain is probably one of the first things that is noticed in a bathroom. It’s a good idea to replace your shower curtain every couple of years unless you have a liner, then just replace that. You can also increase the lifespan of your shower curtain by adding a plastic liner to the inside of it. That way the liner collects the mildew and any other residue left behind, not your lovely shower curtain.

5. Pebble floor mat. This is a cool new spin on an old, sometimes outdated look. Replacing your floor mats is also a good idea to do every couple of years as well because of wear-and-tear. A pebble floor mat is a great choice not only because of its modern look but since it’s made from pebbles it gives your feet a massage like feeling.

6. Toilet tissue holder. If you are looking for a new way to store your toilet tissue paper then, buying a new holder is a great idea. If you want something different than a holder that is attached to a wall or cabinet then a free standing toilet tissue holder is a great way to add a modern look to a bathroom essential.

7. Bathroom vanity. A bathroom vanity can be a great addition to your bathroom. It not only adds a new look and feel to your bathroom but can also double as a great storage device.

8. Rectangular bathroom sink. If you want your bathroom to have a modern feel then adding a rectangular sink is a great way to do so. A rectangular sink is also a great way to make your bathroom stand out from others.

9. Heated floors. If you are going to be redoing your entire bathroom then you might want to consider adding heated floors to your plans. Heated floors are amazing. Imagine never having to walk on cold floors in the middle of the night, after a shower or on those cold winter nights. With heated floors you can say goodbye to all those things.

10. Lighting. It’s amazing the difference that lighting can make. If you want to be able to add warmth or brightness in the matter of seconds then adjusting or adding lighting to your bathroom is a great way to do so. You can add a dimmer to your old light switch allowing you to select the desired level of lighting or you could add a floor lamp or more light fixtures. This enables you to create the feel you are going for any occasion.


Jun 7, 2010

Girls Playing Music Traditional Instruments

I saw their performance at Bogor Craft 2010 event that held in a mall in my city. There were more than ten girls playing the instruments. It’s a new bamboo music traditional instrument, called Ronteng (it’s my first time seeing it). They were playing several popular songs, so interesting!

Jun 5, 2010

Female Farmers

The photos are still captured in a village in my husband’s hometown (Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia). I can’t help to capture these diligent women who were busy working at rice fields.

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Jun 2, 2010

Decorate Your Home with Easy Paint Projects (2)

As mentioned in the first post, for high impact, you don’t have to paint all walls, just highlight one detail with color. Here are several other paint projects that you can do (written by Claire Wilson) :

4. Paint Crown Molding
Tips and tricks: Painting crown moldings a color that contrasts slightly with the walls can give a room a crisp, tailored look and create an appealing frame for works of art. In general, avoid dark colors, which attract too much attention to the moldings. You want to draw the eye to the furnishings in the room, like a fancy lamp, and not the ceiling. If the ceiling is so high that it is out of proportion to the room, a high-contrast ribbon of paint can help make the space feel less vast.
Best paint for the job: Choose high-gloss or semigloss. Matte doesn't have the same kind of kick.
5. Paint Stair Risers
Tips and tricks: A dark color in a glossy finish hides scuff marks best. If you want to test colors before committing, cut cardboard pieces to the size of the risers, paint them, and position them on the steps to approximate the effect. When you’re ready to go, prime the risers, then add at least two coats of paint. If you wait a day, then add a third coat, the paint will be even more durable.
Best paint for the job: Semigloss and high-gloss finishes withstand high traffic best.
6. Paint Interior Window Frames
Tips and tricks: A painted window frame can enhance a view and add character to a room. Consider choosing a color that complements the landscape outside, but make sure it doesn't contrast too much with the walls or steal the show from the scenery. If you have too much contrast, you don't look out the window―you look at the window.

Best paint for the job: Semigloss paint is a good choice because it is resistant to fingerprints and whatever nature delivers through an open window, including rain and soot.

Source:realsimple.com & google

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