Feb 26, 2014

The Versatile Three-Drawer Chest

You’ve chosen small home living because it’s a trendy housing option or other reasons.  Having smaller home will need you to create a sense of space inside; so that you will not feel too crowded.  When dealing with the challenge of making a small home comfortably sufficient, creative decorating is something you'll likely become very familiar with. You'll quickly appreciate the value and convenience of versatile, multi-purpose furniture.  Just be a little more smart and creative with your existing home space!

Small home living gives you the opportunity to exercise your creativity. You'll want to add furniture to your home based on its ability to increase your storage space, make your home more functional and enhance the decor. You will quickly discover the benefit of thinking outside of the box when purchasing furniture.

A three-drawer chest is a furniture item usually placed in a bedroom and can also be used as a side table in the living area. There it can be functioned to store books, magazines, remotes and other items that could clutter your living room. A small chest can be a convenient piece of furniture in the foyer. You could also place one in the bathroom to gain more storage space.

If you live in a large home and have ample space in a bedroom, a collection of various size chests can provide the storage space you need to keep the room looking uncluttered and attractive. Small chests can be placed beside of the bed. Just imagine how much storage space you gain with something like an 8 or 9 drawer dresser or a 6 drawer chest. Your bedroom can look immaculate and your clothes remain perfectly organized when you have sufficient storage space.

Feb 25, 2014

Do You Search for Green Flooring Option?

homezweethome.info -Homeowners who are very conscious in maintaining an eco-friendly residential area will prefer to choose green option when doing every home improvement project. The art of staying in green living can also be applied when choosing the right flooring materials to be installed.   

Are you planning to modify existing living room floor to something more stylish and modern? Today’s homeowners face a large variety of up-to-date flooring choices; but eco-friendly enthusiasts have their own preferences. If you are one of those who desire to develop a green and natural home, bamboo flooring is the most environmental-friendly option among all of flooring choices. Other hardwood floors offer natural beauties that you love, but they come from mature trees that must be taken from ecosystem after living for decades.

Bamboo is naturally a grass. Compared with trees, bamboo plants can already be used to make flooring products after five years of age. You can enjoy warmth, stylishness and natural beauty like other hardwood flooring offers; as long as you choose good quality bamboo floor products at reliable flooring stores.

When searching for the right bamboo flooring, green living enthusiasts who live in and nearby St. Peters, MO can Click here first and then click on Species option to filter and ease the product search. This competent store provides customers with various quality bamboo flooring options to choose.  Their skilled flooring experts and installers will support every customer to set up new bamboo floors that most meet their budget, needs and preferences.

Installing finest bamboo floor covers will assure you to stay away from bad effect of dangerous fumes of used low-quality adhesives. Every floor choice has its disadvantages, as well as bamboo.  This sort of floor is more resistant to water and also easy to maintain. But compared to hardwood, bamboo flooring is less strong plus more prone to scratches and wetness. High humidity rooms aren’t suitable for this floor cover. Bamboo is a great green alternative for your living room floor but it can only be installed in specific areas of your residence.  

Guide to Successful Cake Deliveries

homezweethome.info -As a matter of fact, delivering cakes could be quite stressful. It could be that the person has spent many hours crumb coating, baking and decorating besides planning, designing and preparing for making a cake. However, it is the delivery that can actually break or make the cake.

  • Delivery charges: In order to build a successful business and to earn good revenue, it is necessary to charge the customers for delivery. This is because deliveries do cost a good amount of money, and also, are stressful. They take enough preparation, time, packing, organizing things, and someone to take it to be delivered at the specified address.
  •  Structuring the cake correctly: Many delivery concerns could be reduced if the cake is properly structured. There are various tips available on the net that can help to construct the cakes in a better way.
  • Planning in advance: Deliveries do require enough planning and time. Therefore, adequate time is to be taken out while planning a delivery, and several things need to be understood like the location of delivery, time taken to reach the destination, whether the delivery is to be made during rush hour, if there is any alternative route if there is a delay or accident on the way, if there are other orders for the day and whether they can be coordinated etc.
  •  Contacting key vendors: By being organized, it is possible to be ahead in competition. This way it is possible to get good recommendations.
  • Setting up emergency contact person: It is essential to note down the emergency number and contact details of any other person who is close to the client to make sure that the delivery is on time and to seek help in case of any issues on the way.
  • Delivering early: It is advisable to have the delivery done much before time to avoid last moment delays.
  • Carrying emergency cake supplies: These are required in case there is a requirement to repair the cake.
  • Carrying business cards: This will help to get introduced to the other vendors to expand business.
  • Availing insurance: Business insurance is a necessity. Several companies and venues might need insurance proof for delivering to their business. Also, insurance is likely to protect the business and the entrepreneur, materials, equipments or law suits pertaining to food contamination and health issues.
  •  Maintaining the delivery vehicle: Since deliveries are quite stressful, the vehicle needs to be in top condition. Only then delivery can be made smoothly and on time.
  • Smiling and breathing: It is better to stay calm during the delivery so that a better impression can be had from the receiver.
  • Customer pick up: Several customers might desire to pick up the cakes by themselves from the bakery. In such a case, it is very important for the entrepreneur to clearly specify the importance of understanding the ways to transport the cake, tips to drive carefully so that the cake is not damaged. Also, they should be requested to sign the customer pick up form.


The author works in the marketing department with expressgiftservice.co.uk and helps his team to deliver their best while serving the clients.  

Feb 24, 2014

Playing Kite

The boy was seriously flying his kite :)
 Yellow touches can be seen on the kites.

Captured at the bottom outer part of the National Monument (Jakarta, Indonesia).

Feb 22, 2014

Scratch-Resistant Hardwood Floors for Homes with Pets

You have desired to install new hardwood floor in the living room since weeks ago but there’s still hesitation to make it comes true since you have active dogs which love to run and play inside. You’re afraid if your dogs’ claws and nails will scratch your elegant hardwood floor and cause permanent unattractive marks. You’re not alone; there are other pet owners who think the same!  

So, it’s obvious that households with pets will love not only durable but also scratch-resistant hardwood floor covers. It’s a sort of flooring option that suitable for busy family and pet lovers. Hardwood flooring is well-known for its warmth, elegance, natural beauty and sturdiness yet this floor cover still has disadvantages such as the possibility of being scratched and stained caused by pets, table and chair legs, shoes and heels also accidentally water spills.


In fact, totally scratch-proof hardwood flooring hasn’t been yet offered in the market. When it comes to search for scratch-resistant wooden floors, you can use some harder wood species and engineered hardwood flooring products. Wooden floor cover that made from hardest American wood species like oak and maple will be less prone to scratches.  

Besides the selected wood species, flooring experts at the reliable store will suggest you to choose only wood floor product that has been engineered to endure common depreciation.  Thus, to obtain the most scratch-resistant value, make sure to apply the hardwood flooring product made from hardest wood species with quality engineered finish. Enjoy the strongest hardwood floor surface!

Trees at a Graveyard

Captured from below angle, the trees look rather creepy. I took this shot when visiting mother-in-law’s grave last year.

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