Feb 5, 2014

How to Clean Area Rugs

For most people, area rugs are a significant home interior design investment, as they help to add colour and warmth to the room. However, if these rugs are not maintained, they will lose their lustre and they will no longer serve their owner well. There are a number of domestic cleaning Brisbane tips that can help an individual to properly maintain their area rug, and by so doing, increase its lifespan.

1.   Vacuum regularly to remove dirt
The best way to maintain a clean area rug is to vacuum it regularly. This is because dirt and dust may stick to the fibres of area rugs. If left to accumulate, the rug will become filthy and harder to clean. However, by vacuuming once a week, the owner will be able to attack the dirt before it becomes too much. This is the best way of domestically cleaning an area rug without incurring too much cost.

2.   Use brushes to remove pet hair
Individuals who have pets will have to put in extra effort in order to clean their area rugs. This is because vacuuming does not completely remove any pet hair that may be stuck in the rug’s fibres. The owner should therefore take a brush and attempt to remove the pet hair by brushing the rug in the direction of its nap.

3.   Remove stains on the area rug as soon as possible.
When the rug gets stains, time is of the essence. This is because the longer the stain stays on the area rug, the harder it will be to remove it. In case of staining, the owner should attempt to remove it by blotting a piece of cotton cloth on the area. Water is best for removing stains, though vinegar and baking soda can also be used for tough spots.

4.   Deep clean occasionally
An area rug should be thoroughly cleaned at least once in every eighteen months. Deep cleaning does not have to be expensive, as there are a number of companies that offer the cheapest carpet cleaning Brisbane services. There are a number of rug-safe cleaning solutions that can thoroughly clean the rug without damaging it. Most of these companies are familiar with such solutions, and the owner should only work with a reputable company in order to ensure that their area rug is not damaged.

5.   Consider the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions
Area rugs are made from different materials and most manufacturers advice owners on how to properly deep clean area rugs. Woven or braided rugs will be cleaned differently from handmade and oriental rugs. Area rugs that are made from grass, sisal, rush or coir will also be cleaned differently from area rugs that are made from hair-on-hides, sheepskin or fur. It is important to always follow the guidelines from the manufacturer in order to ensure that the area rug is not damaged.

Area rugs require quite a bit of maintenance in order for them to look good for longer. Area rug owners who follow these tips will be able to properly clean their rug so that it can continue to be the perfect interior design accessory in their home.

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