Apr 9, 2022

7 Space-Maximizing Ideas for Renters


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Trying to live your best life while fitting all of your items in a small rented home is far from easy. But, there is no reason to despair. With a bit of DIY-ing, you can live comfortably in any home, whether yours or rented. However, we know it can be tricky to DIY in someone else's home. You will not have the freedom to move things around, get rid of certain items, or even add some of your things (things that include drilling or making permanent changes, for example). But, that too can be overcome. You need a little bit of creativity and resourcefulness. Thus, we have prepared for you seven different space-maximizing ideas for renters!

  1. Declutter 

This one is not a space-maximizing idea for renters, per se, but it is an idea without which you cannot start maximizing your space. Thus, you must get your home in order before you do anything. First, go through all of your rooms and see what you have. Look at things that are cluttering your space. If those are things you haven't used in a long time and don't plan on using anymore, get rid of them. Of course, you don't have to throw them away - you have to find them a new home. So, ask your friends and family if they want them, go to your local charity and donate them, or even sell them. 

  1. Utilize the Hidden Areas 

Your rental has a lot more space than you think! That space is just hiding from you. So, stop playing hide and seek with it and use it. Usually, that hidden space is right in front of you. It's above the cabinets in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedroom dressers, under the sofas and beds, etc. Don't let that space go to waste. You can fit so many of your items there! If you agree, start stashing all your extra items in those hidden areas. But, don't just throw them there without any order - that will make your home look like a mess. Instead, get yourself some nice bins and learn how to fold and pack your belongings to save as much space as possible. Ask professionals from moving companies, such as Spyder Moving, for some help if you don't know how to do this. 

  1. Float On and Access Some of the Best Space-Maximizing Ideas for Renters

As previously mentioned, you cannot just add any piece of furniture you want in most rentals. The only pieces you can add are those that will not cause any damage to the floors and walls. Usually, this means no shelves! However, New Yorkers have invented a thing called floating shelves. These shelves don't require any drilling to the floors and walls and can be put pretty much anywhere. You can place them above your toilet, above sofas, etc. But, be careful - these are not very sturdy. So, don't use them for storing TVs, stereos, or anything heavy. Instead, use it for storing something light such as books, candles, photo albums and frames, etc. This is one of those small space tips to steal from New Yorkers as they are the ones who have mastered small-space living. 

  1. Divide Your Space 

If you live in a studio apartment or in a home that has an entirely open space, it might not be easy to organize everything. Even if you clean and arrange everything neatly, something will always be in your way. To prevent this from happening, you should try to divide your space. One way to do this is to use extended, vertical shelves that go from the floor to the ceiling. This will completely divide your area, make it more functional, and provide extra storage. But don't forget to ask your landlord for permission first, as this is one of those space maximizing ideas for renters that will require a couple of nails here and there.

  1. Use Multi-Purpose Furniture 

This one goes without saying - if you want to use your space in the best possible way, multi-purpose furniture is the way to go. So, if your budget allows it, consider investing in some multi-purpose pieces. Those can be small tables that can be folded and unfolded, stackable chairs, ottomans that can be used as chairs, tables, storage solutions, etc. You can find many of these pieces online and for a low price. So, use the Internet to find inspiration for decorating your rental and make it to your taste. Your landlord will probably have no concerns with one of these space-maximizing ideas for renters, but, to be sure - ask! 

  1. Sofas Can Be Problem Solvers 

Small rental homes usually have all the necessities crammed in a tiny space. This means having your kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, office, etc., all in one area. Even though you cannot make your space bigger, and even though you cannot physically divide those areas, you can try to move things around. For instance, you can consider getting rid of a bed taking half of your studio apartment and replacing it with your sofa. Of course, that sofa must turn into a comfortable bed every night. This is a great tip for small apartments, especially as it will save you a ton of space and make everything more functional and visually appealing. 

  1. Be Creative in Your Closet 

One of the last but certainly not the least space-maximizing ideas for renters is the one related to your closet, wardrobe, dresser, or anything else you have for your clothes and shoes in your rental. You can save space and have an organized and clean closet by using smart closet gadgets. For instance, you can hang shoe holders on the closet doors. Or, you can find some of those clothes hangers that can be used for hanging plenty of clothing items. There are even hanging shelves that you can buy and use as extra storage in your closet. Do some research, and you will undoubtedly find even more interesting and functional ideas for maximizing space in your closet and your entire home.

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