Nov 29, 2012

How to Organise Your Shed

For many of us, the garden shed becomes something of a dumping ground for all manner of items, from tools and gardening equipment to bikes and old cans of paint. It's therefore pretty easy for it to become disorganised and messy.
So, what is the key to keeping your shed neat and tidy? The answer (probably not surprisingly) is installing the right kind of storage units.

There is a staggering array of options out there, so think carefully about what you keep in your shed before you start looking for the right way to store it. Here are a few suggestions of ways in which you can organise your outdoor storage space.

Consider size ...
The best place to start is by looking at the size of your shed and deciding what it's practical to store in it. If you plan to use it as a workshop as well as somewhere to keep your tools and gardening equipment, make sure you allow sufficient room for this and think about installing a workbench, if you haven't already.

You'll want to utilise as much of the space as possible, so think carefully about how to arrange your shelves and where you'll store larger items.

Be innovative ...
Shelves are the most obvious way to organise all your belongings, but there is a host of other storage options on the market. For example, racks are a great solution for keeping gardening tools like forks, rakes and spades in order. You can buy a wall-mounted rack if you've got the room, or pick up a stand that can be positioned in a corner and hold all these items when they're not in use.

Metal sheds, meanwhile, are ideally-suited to slat wall storage solutions. These are essentially grooved panels that are fitted to the inside of the shed that can then support shelves, racks, rails, hooks and other kinds of storage.

They're incredibly versatile, as you can move the various shelves and things around or swap them for different options as your needs change.

Buying small storage boxes for all those little fixtures and fittings like screws, nails and picture hooks is a great way to organise all your spare DIY parts and make them easy to find when you need them.

Consider additional storage ...
If you also use your shed as a place to keep things like logs for an open fire, it could be worth looking for an alternative space in which to put them, thereby freeing up a bit more room in your shed for tools and other odds and ends.

A garden log store is the perfect choice, as these are not overly large and can simply be positioned directly next to your shed to give them extra shelter. Typically, this type of product provides a covered area that will protect your wood from the elements and help keep them tidy too.

Bikes are another possession that is often kept in a shed, but as these tend to be quite bulky they can take up a lot of space. Buying a separate garden storage box that is large enough for bicycles is a great way to not only move these items out of your shed, but also to keep them secure.

This kind of storage product can be purchased with locks, giving you extra peace of mind that all your cycling gear will be safe when it's not in use.

Get the Most Out of Your Charcoal BBQ

I love barbecues and having one on a summer's evening really is a lovely way to end the day. I must admit I'm a little bit sad when the time comes for me to pack my grill away, especially if I feel I haven't got as much use out of it as I'd have liked.

As tempting as it is to just put your BBQ into your shed or garage and not think about it again come next year, avoid doing this, as it could end up costing you. Instead, I've laid out a few simple steps that will ensure your cooking equipment is raring to go once the warmer months arrive again.

It won't take you too long and will save you time and money further down the line.

Step 1: Clean
Cleaning your BBQ is not likely to be a task you look forward to, but it's not as bad as you think and once it's done, you don't have to worry about it for a while. If you've forked out for a high-end BBQ like the charcoal Weber One Touch Deluxe with removable ash catcher, you certainly want to look after your investment.

If you have bought a quality model that comes with features like an ash catcher, at least you know cleaning it will be that little bit easier. Throwing the old ash away is not enough, though, and you really need to take the equipment apart and give it a good scrub with a wire brush.

This includes the lid and outside, as if you've paid for a good brand you will want it to not only work efficiently, but also look the part. If you don't clean your charcoal barbecue before putting it away, it will be even harder come next summer, plus a build-up of dust and dirt could cause damage.

Step 2: Dry
Your job doesn't end with cleaning, as you'll also need to make sure every part is totally dry before storing. Water can cause rust, and you'll regret not drying it properly should you pull out a rusty and broken barbecue a few months down the line.

Even though the Weber One Touch Deluxe, for example, comes with a rust-proof ash catcher, aluminium vents, lid and bowl, I think it still makes sense to not tempt fate and to look after your BBQ.

Step 3: Give it a once over
Now you've got rid of any grime and dirt, you can clearly see all of the parts and check for any damage. If you do notice you need new bits and bobs, or something needs fixing, autumn is the time to do it. That way, you'll remember to do it, rather than realising during the warmer months when you try to whip up a feast on it, only to find that it doesn't work properly.

My top tip is to buy from a well-known and reputable brand, like Weber, as that way you should be covered by a long warranty so you won't have to spend a penny on new parts.

Step 4: Protect it in storage
Just because your barbecue is clean does not mean it can now be placed in storage with no protection. While your BBQ might describe itself as weather-proof, it's still sensible to purchase a cover for it to make sure it really is protected from the wind and rain.

Even better, keep it in your garage or shed, if you have one, to be doubly sure.

Points to Consider to Ensure that You Buy Top Quality Hotpoint Spares!

You need to choose the right company in order to ensure that the spare parts you by for any type of good are genuine, of a high quality and at a good price. After all, spare parts result in money being spent that you probably did not account for. Therefore, you need to make doubly sure that this money is well spent. This article aims to give you a helping hand by providing you with some tips regarding things that you should consider when on the lookout for great appliance spare parts.

The first thing that you will obviously need to consider is the price of the spare parts. This is something which is important when it comes to buying any product. You should visit several websites in order to get an idea of the average price for the appliance spare part that you are looking for. This will equip you properly on your search to finding the best deals. It is also a very good idea to have a look online to find discount codes, coupons and vouchers. These are readily available online and you may be able to find something which saves you quite a bit of money. Furthermore, on a final note there are also a lot of companies that offer a price match option – this is another aspect which is highly beneficial.

In addition to price you also need to ensure that the company you go for offers high quality quality hotpoint spares. This is something which obviously goes hand in hand with the previous option. The best way to find out whether something is of a high quality, and just as importantly – genuine, is to search the product online. When you do this you will be faced with a lot of results, the majority of which will either be expert reviews or customer reviews. It is highly advisable that you read a good selection of these because it will give you a general overall as to whether the spares you are considering are good or not.

Another aspect worth thinking about is that the company in question should offer a good customer service option. There should always be people on hand ready to give you advice on what products and parts you should be going for.

A final point worth thinking about is all of the ‘little things’. These include things such as; delivery options, delivery prices, order tracking and more. These are aspects which may be important to some and may not be so important to others. It all depends on personal preference and how soon you actually need your spare points.

All in all, it is important to make sure that the spare parts that you buy are genuine, of a high quality and available for a good price. Take note of all the aspects mentioned in this article in order to ensure that this is the case. After all, as previously stated, you are going to be spending your money on these products and therefore it is critical that your money is well spent.

Author bio – Anna Mathews  is a multimedia journalist. She used Buy Spares as a resource for this article. For further information on quality hotpoint spares visit their website.

Some Simple Tips for Caring for Your Pet Cat

A cat is generally regarded as a low maintenance pet, however, low maintenance does not mean that they do not need to be cared for. Like any other pet, he or she will depend on you for attention, training, health care, food and a place to sleep.

Feeding Your Cat
As a general rule, cats prefer variety in their diet and this is considered by many to be a healthier option than feeding them the same dish every day. As well as providing them with dry food each day, you may want to add in moist tinned food once in a while. Keep in mind, however, that whilst dry cat food can easily be stored for several months, opened wet cat food is likely to spoil quite quickly, so always serve it within one or two days. Avoid giving your cat scraps from the table on a regular basis and never feed them bones, as these are a choking hazard.

Indoor Or Outdoor?
Regardless of whether you choose to keep your cat as an indoor or outdoor pet, pet experts Dierenspeciaalzaak say that it is important to make sure that they have a warm bed inside, in a safe and quiet part of the house, preferably away from any drafts. However, cats tend to find several other napping spots around the home which they use in addition to their designated bed.

In terms of whether to keep them inside or outside, they are generally safer when they are indoors, as cats that are allowed to roam around the local area can fall victim to fighting with other cats, which can cause infections and injuries. They are also likely to bring home mites, lice or fleas and are obviously at risk of being hit by cars. Having said this, 
dierenspeciaalzaak adds that cats are very intelligent animals and so, provided they are properly vaccinated and you do not live by any busy roads, it should be fine to allow them out during the day and bring them in at night.

However, if you decide that the indoor life is best for your cat, it is important to ensure that they have enough to entertain themselves with. Ideally, it is better to have another pet in addition to your cat, so that they can be companions whilst you are away during the day. The cat should also have a scratching post and toys (this will keep them amused, but will also save your soft furnishings!) as well as of course, plenty of attention.

General Health Care
In order to keep your cat healthy and happy, they require exercise and a good diet. However, they also need a good level of care from a veterinarian too. Whatever age your cat is when you first adopt them, make sure to take a trip to your local vet; they will inform you about the vaccinations the cat will need, as well as any potential health problems the cat may have and how to treat them.

AUTHOR BIO : Joana Sweeney writes regularly for a wide range of pet health magazines, websites and blogs. An owner of both a cat and a dog and a regular customer at Dierenspeciaalzaak, she provides simple tips and advice on how to keep
pets healthy.

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