Nov 8, 2012

Are Your Business Energy Costs Driving You up the Wall?

If like many owners of small and medium businesses you're being driven up the wall by escalating energy costs, you can do something about it. While energy companies seem to have a license to print money, you can easily switch supplier and reduce your costs considerably. If you haven’t already done so, get a price comparison today and then act on it.

Get a slice of the action
Since the beginning of the global recession and the banking crisis the only growth industry has been energy coast and bankers’ bonuses. If the graph above is indicative of your energy costs versus your business turnover and income, isn't it about time you did something to buck the trend. If you have thought about doing something but not sure what, all you need do is an online business electricity prices comparison at a website such as the Energy Advice Line.

You can either enter details onto a web form about your current costs and tariff and then click a submit button, or make a free phone call and speak to a real person. With domestic consumers able to make savings as much as £400 pounds a year on a dual fuel tariff reduction think what your business could save over a year, year on year. In a stroke you could reverse the trend of the green line which would seriously impact positively on the black line of the graph.

Money to burn?
If you have money to burn then you probably aren't too bothered about making the switch to a new energy supplier however, if you're like the hundreds of thousands of small and medium (SME) businesses up and down the UK which is struggling to keep overheads down, as the owner you're probably well interested. Of course, you can ring round all the energy suppliers and ask about their tariffs yourself, but wouldn’t it be easier to use a price comparison company?

Switching supplier is a simple process and you won’t get burned in the process. The entire operation can be carried out in a very short time and you don't have to do anything, it is all dealt with remotely on your behalf. The only thing you'll notice is a reduction in your energy bills when they arrive, and will continue to save you money as long as you remain on the new tariff.

Shopping around
Of course you do not have to remain on the tariff if you find something at a later date which is cheaper. You may have to stick out a contracted period but unless your supplier will reduce their tariff if you find a cheaper alternative via a business electricity prices comparison you are free to change to take advantage.

Just use the services of a website like the Energy Advice Line and you can save hundreds and maybe thousands of pounds a year depending on your usage. And for the sake of a free phone call that has got to be the best investment strategy of the year.

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