Nov 22, 2012

Eco Friendly Commercial Cleaning

Being eco-friendly and environmentally conscious is a nice way to be! Apart from building a green office or commercial establishment and following a sustainable living kind of work style, you can also extend this thought process to the cleaning process that you employ for your office. Using eco-friendly products or even organic products is one of the ways in which you can foster an overall green outlook to business. So if you are an eco-citizen and are looking for a green commercial cleaning Lake Country company, then here are a few aspects you can keep in mind.

A green-minded commercial cleaning company will make it a point to use organic, herbal, biodegradable products which do not add effluents to the earth. Most companies talk about using products that are not acidic or are neutral in their pH value so this is good not just for the earth but also for your furnishings and carpets as well.

Usage of water
Find out from the cleaning company about the amount of water they will use. It is not just about using plant based products and biodegradable products but also about the amount of water they will consume during the course of cleaning. Of course, there is no getting away from the fact that water will have to be used but you can check if they are trying to minimize the quantity.

VOC or Volatile Organic Chemicals is one more aspect that you can check up on. most companies will make it explicitly clear that their products are VOC free. Even more important is that their cleaning process in entirety is free of VOCs. This has an added advantage to you if you are using green or eco-friendly cleaning services and that is to reduce or even eliminate allergies and reactions to harmful chemicals.

Look for certifications or recognitions or awards from green agencies. For instance, products or a company can be certified at various levels by the Green Business Bureau or have a green seal affixed to their services. This means that they have had some kind of standardization to make them greener and safer.
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