Nov 13, 2012

Top Five Books Recommended for Your Children to Transform Their life

Do you suffer from a persistent feeling that your life has got stuck somewhere? Then you might be in need of inspiration to regain back your self confidence and get going in the right track. When faced with such a situation there can be nothing better than a self help book that has the ability to bring about a drastic transformation in your life. 

Here is a list of the five most popular and well known self help books that will provide your life with a new direction.

The Power of Positive Thinking:
In this book Norman Vincent Peale shares the importance of having faith in your abilities and how it can help you in achieving all the things that you have dreamt of. After reading this book you are definitely going to recharged and also feel how positive thinking has actually given your life a new direction. This book is going to act as a mentor of your life and you will get all the enthusiasm that you need to carry on with your work even under difficulties.

Steve Job:
This book is written by Walter Issacson and is the first published biography of Steve Jobs, the tech guru. The author has shown that how this temperamental individual has been criticized time and again by his foes and friends for taking the unconventional path and has been reminded that he can never achieve what he wants. But he has proved everybody wrong. So if you always have some unconventional idea in your mind and do not have the courage to voice it, then you must read this book as it will help you in giving the power to give it a try.

Top Tips for Life:
This book is especially helpful for womenfolk. Kate Reardon has gives an exhaustive account of the problems that we encounter in our life everyday with regard to our home, work or relationships. You can find interesting tips to handle all this problems with expertise in this book and how it is going to help you in balancing all the facets of the life with ease and perfection.

Most of us at some point of time or the other must have felt really uncreative. This feeling mainly triggers when we fail to come up with creative solution at work or home. This also true for the students when they try hard yet fails to come up with some out of the box solution for their assignments. In this book writer and journalist Jonah Lehrer has treated the problem of being uncreative in a very different way. The author has tired to unveil the various processes that are related to the science of this abstract construct and suggested ways that can help us to become much more creative.

In this book Rhonda Byrne has provided us with a different explanation for incidents that takes place in our life. The writer is of the opinion that whatever happens in our life are the consequences of what we think. So suggesting us to always take a positive attitude towards life as it has the power to influence our life in a positive way and give it a new direction altogether.

These are some more self help books in Nottinghill editions that are definitely going to help you in making the most of your life. If you are finding it difficult to get inspired and which is impacting your life’s various activities in a negative way, then these books are surely going to help you in overcoming it all with ease.

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