Nov 3, 2012

What to Consider when Planning the Perfect Bathroom

Planning the perfect bathroom isn't always easy, after all it is one of the most important rooms in the house, but get it right and a well designed bathroom can please all the family and even add value to your house.

Whether you are redesigning a current bathroom or putting together a completely new room from scratch, it helps to first of all think about the size of the space you have available and how it is going to be used in the future. For example, an en-suite bathroom might not need to be as practical as a well-used family bathroom, but it also may not be big enough to house both a shower and a bath. Smaller bathrooms need to be more economical with fittings and perhaps use colour or lighting to create the idea of more space. If you are lucky enough to have a larger room you may not be so limited and could consider two sinks or a separate bath and shower unit, but when it comes to family bathrooms, you need to ask yourself what the important factors are, such as, will you be bathing young kids? Will you need warm, non-slip flooring that can cope with the amount of use a family bathroom will get?

Don't Forget The Extras!
There is no doubt you will have an idea of which shower, sink or toilet you want, but don't forget to consider other bathroom furniture as well, in particular, your storage options. Nothing will make a bathroom feel smaller than lots of clutter lying about, so make sure you have planned in enough cabinets and cupboards to store everything you need to. If you are short on space, there is a wide selection of furniture available these days that is designed to suit smaller rooms, taking advantage of space that may otherwise be wasted. Also, extra fittings such as vanity cabinets and mirrors can work extremely well at making a small room appear larger.

Get Creative
With all the basics covered, knowing which bathroom pieces you want and where they will sit, it is time to think about the style and design you want. Modern lines are clean and elegant, but remember you need to compliment furniture with the right flooring and fittings to make sure the overall look fits together. It is also at this stage that you can have a little fun adding colourful touches with towels, decorations and even health and beauty products that have stylish packaging are worth putting on display. Consider how lighting might play a part in the finished look of the room, with a number of up lighters, spotlights and even under floor lighting now available for bathrooms.

Anna Mathews is an experienced interior designer who specialises in creating the perfect bathroom spaces for her clients. She writes regularly on designing bathrooms and choosing the right bathroom furniture for a range of interior design and lifestyle websites and blogs.
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