Nov 28, 2012

The Best Colours to Create the Perfect Bathroom Environment

Whether you have a large family bathroom or a small ensuite, the colour you choose can say a lot about yourself. Some people want a practical space, whereas others are looking for a luxurious retreat. Here are some colour choices to help you create the perfect mood in your bathroom. 

Relax In a Sea Of Blue
If you are looking to create a calming, soothing and relaxing space, then blues and greens will work well. These colours are often used by spas and bring in influences from the ocean. There are so many different shades, ranging from pastels to bolder and deeper colours, that you can really create a unique look simply by changing the colour. If you want to make a small room look bigger then pale aqua shades are a good choice. Blues can sometimes look a bit cold, so to avoid this go for a warm shade and help to brighten the room further by the use of gold accessories, such as light fittings and mirrors. Black and white fittings also work well with a blue colour scheme.

Classic Whites and Neutral Hues
With a family bathroom you might want to adapt the accessories and bath towels as the children grow up. Therefore, a white or neutral colour scheme is a good choice. With this you can easily match fixtures and fittings and change them as required without having to re-decorate. White is a classic look, but if you are looking for something a bit more warm and inviting then add a subtle hint of colour through the paintwork. Not only are these neutral colour schemes soothing and peaceful, but they also work exceptionally well in smaller spaces where natural light is limited. If you want to bring in a splash of colour then go for a few bright, colourful or patterned tiles.

Pastels are Not Just for Girls
Any type of pastel colour, such as peach or lilac, is a good choice for bathrooms. They help you to create a stress free zone, allowing you time to think and contemplate the day's events. To bring the room alive and complement the paint work, use black or silver bath towels to create a statement style. Glass shelving will work well alongside these, as well as chrome taps and fixtures.

Let the Sun Shine Through
To create a cheerful oasis in your bathroom, go for shades of yellow, which evoke memories of the summer and endless days of sunshine, even in the middle of a gloomy winter's day. A bright and refreshing bathroom will help to wake you up in the morning and also opens up small and dark spaces. To complement the colour scheme use natural stone or wood on the surfaces and flooring.

There are many ways in which your bathroom can say something about the type of person you are and evoke a specific mood. Next time you are looking to redecorate, have a think about how you use the bathroom, whether you are straight in and out or prefer to spend a long time in there and this will help you with your colour choices.

Shirley Jones writes on a regular basis on interior design for a variety of property and home websites and blogs. As an interior designer she worked with many clients looking at ways they could create the perfect bathroom, through the use of colours, accessories and bath towels.

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