Nov 5, 2012

How to Improve Your Home Interior to Maximize Your Property Investment

With so many properties for sale or for rent on the market, the task of making your investment unique can be tricky.  There is no doubt that a well-presented home is surely going to attract many potential buyers or future tenants. So how do you make sure that your property is decorated and furnished in a way that will win over your potential future tenants?   Before you start rushing to the next furniture wholesaler, here are a few things you may want to consider while making your choices.

Do some research and find out what is popular with tenants.  Although you might be tempted to choose something that you like, this may not appeal to your potential buyer or tenant.  Look at magazines, find out current décor trends and see what is practical.  For example, silk paint is preferred in rented property, as it is easy to maintain and clean, as opposed to wallpapers.  For many years, magnolia was the preferred choice of colour for many properties, but if you have a very large room, you could get away with a darker colour to make the place feel cosier. Remember that bathrooms are preferred white, and if you are going to use paint, make sure it is mould and water resistant.

Consider the flooring carefully.  Light-coloured carpets can make a room lighter and bigger, but they are difficult to keep clean, and the cost of deep cleaning carpeted rooms can be quite high for both you and the tenants.  Wooden floors are great in halls, reception rooms and bedrooms; vinyl or tiles are best in the kitchen and bathrooms areas.  You may want to enquire at your local property management Connecticut about what other landlords opt for if you are planning to rent out your property.

A well-lit property is always more appealing.  Make sure that the type of curtains you choose doesn’t block too much light from your windows.  In some areas, it may be that all you need is a blind which, when rolled up, maximises the amount of light that comes into the room.  Internal glass panel doors or glass stair panels are a great way to let light flow through your house.  Mirrors placed on the opposite side of a window can add more light into a room while adding an attractive feature to an otherwise plain wall.

If you are not sure about furnishing or partly furnishing your property, ask your local property management Connecticut about their tenant’s profile.  If they are students, consider providing desk and storage space.  But if they are professionals, providing a cooker, washing machine and a fridge freezer will attract more tenants and even a higher rent.  Bear in mind that having electrical appliances will incur regular yearly checks to make sure that they comply with the appropriate standards and legal requirements.
Don’t forget the exterior of your property.  Make sure that all gardens, back and front patios are well maintained, and that all wall façades are clean and newly painted.  Add security devices to your property such as lockable gates, motion-sensor lighting and good-quality fencing.  If your house is regularly checked, maintained and appropriately decorated, then it will always attract tenants, and retain them for longer, too.

Flora Andrino is a UK based writer who covers topics such architecture, construction and home improvements.  She writes on a freelance basis for major online firms, often writing about topics like property management Connecticut.
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