Feb 28, 2013

5 Essential Items for Home Bicycle Maintenance

We've all overpaid for bike repairs in the past, it's not always practical to get down to the shed and change that set of tyres. There are some basic bits of kit that can save you time, money and a few headaches. You can save on some of the items listed by shopping with Castelli cycle clothing.

It's not just the squeaky wheels that should be getting the grease, indeed regular application of this household brand should ensure your bike never makes those unpleasant groans. A large can of the stuff shouldn't set you back more than a few pounds and should ensure you keep your bike rust free, shiny and changing gears smoothly.

A Helmet
OK, so this one isn't strictly essential to keeping your bike in good condition, but it is fundamental to keeping you in good condition. A car isn't quite safe without a hood to cover the engine so why should your bike's engine go unprotected? There are a selection of fetching helmets available from Castelli cycle clothing so there really is no excuse to ignore this fundamental safety feature.

A Bike Pump
Tyre maintenance is essential to keeping your bike comfortable and fast. Pumps come in all different shapes and sizes to cater to different sections of the cycling community. You should certainly own a pump if you are serious about keeping your bike in working order and, if your prepared to spend a little extra, a pump with a good locking mechanism could save you a few inner tubes.

Tyre Levers
These great little bits of kit will ensure you don't break any fingernails or scuff up your silverware when changing your tyres. Strictly not essential, due to the wonderful versatility of the teaspoon but a very useful addition to any cyclist's shed. Tyre changes are quick and painless with these little beauties and, since they're dirt cheap, they're definitely worth the couple pounds most shops will charge you for the time they'll save you alone.

A 15MM Spanner
Easily the best tool I've ever purchased for less than 5 pounds. These portable convenient spanners will allow you to remove the wheels and pedals of your bike and are surprisingly useful for other little bits of DIY around the home. One of these little babies is essential to fixing that most common of all bike problems, the flat tyre. It truly isn't worth going without a 15MM spanner for the meagre chunk of change one will set you back. Often available in local cycle shops next to those eye-catching castelli cycle clothing products; although it may be worth heading to your local hardware store if you're a bargain hunter. Local cycle shops tend to sell more expensive higher quality spanners, whereas your local hardware store will probably be the best bet for a cheap functional spanner.

AUTHOR BIO : Diyana Levi has written a selection of articles on travel and sport for a number of websites. She also occasionally writes pieces on local history and the popular attractions of rural England's lesser known tourist spots. Diyana is a keen cyclist and an advocate of Castelli cycle clothing. She also enjoys football and supports the Suffolk based ITFC.

Feb 27, 2013

Choosing the Right Bathroom Furniture

They can come in all colours, shapes and sizes. Some people like them ladened with luxuries whilst others prefer a simpler more minimalistic approach.
One thing is for sure, the bathroom is a vital part of any home.
It’s where you spend the majority of your time cleaning and preparing yourself for each day. It is a space that most could not do without.
With this in mind it’s no surprise that people are particularly picky when it comes to choosing what bathroom furniture they have within their bathrooms.
Spatial Awareness
However you prefer your bathroom to look, selecting the right style of furniture is important.These fixtures and fittings will have a huge impact on not just how the room looks, but how you interact with the space as well.

The style, size and type of furniture you choose will obviously depend on the available space.Whether you’ve got a lot of spare room to work with or just a little, you will have to factor this in to your decision making process.

Make Some Room
There are many advantages to having a smaller bathroom, for one thing it’s much easier to keep clean. For those of you with limited space, you’ll be looking for ways to make the most of what you have.

Storage is the key point to consider here. You’ll want to invest in lots of smart storage options that give you plenty of room to go about your business whilst not sacrificing any of the area’s aesthetics. You don’t have to hide everything away, but you do want to be able to keep things tidy.

Super Storage
Under-sink cupboards and mirrored cabinets combine storage capabilities with usability and allow you to stow away toiletries without taking up that much needed space.The use of mirrors will also help visually expand the room, making it feel bigger than it is.

Corner modules and built-in laundry compartments allow you to store items in a space that you might not consider usable at first. Install a wall-mounted towel radiator and you’ll be able to hang out your towels (wet or dry) whilst you bathroom heats up.

If floor-space is a problem, don’t be afraid to fit some shelves above your fixtures. Just be sure to choose a material that fits with the rest of the bathroom’s style, such as frosted glass or chrome on light coloured tiles.

Have Some Fun
People with larger bathroom spaces have plenty more freedom when it comes to design and furniture choices. This extra space gives a lot more room for manoeuvre when it comes to choosing fittings.

Classic brass tubs or ultra-stylised slick baths offer a great focal point for the room, whilst paired sinks fitted into long workstations give everyone enough room to get ready in peace. These are ideal for busy couples who need to be ready fast or for those who share their bathroom space.

If you’re looking to add a little more character to your fixtures, you could always opt for attractive handles and faucets. Sleek chrome cupboard handles suggest a certain level of elegance and traditional taps can turn an ordinary sink into a work of art.

Stay Focussed
With so much space it can often be hard to stick to one style, and it’s important to remember that it’s as much about the colour palette as it is the materials used. Whilst timber fittings bring a natural elegance and softness to your lavatory, marble or geo-stone offer a fantastic blend of classic and contemporary. Whether you use laminate, marble, geo-stone or timber, make sure that all your furniture matches up for the most eye-pleasing effect.

Author Bio:
This Guest Post was written by The Utopia Bathroom Group, a leading manufacturer of luxury bathroom furniture.

Feb 25, 2013

Using Coupon Codes for Cost Effective Travel

Most people love to pursue any chance that allows them to pay less. When it comes to fulfill their family needs, parents still prefers to make cuts while shopping, yet without sacrificing their loved one’s basic needs, happiness and health. Have you already known that coupon code websites like http://www.hellocoin.com can help you to save a great deal of money?

Did your child already ask you for a family vacation several times but you still couldn’t agree with it?  Traveling with your family is surely a great thing to tighten your family bonding and to release all stress. Today’s modern world may give pressure not only for adults but also for children; they need to break –once in a while- from their daily routines.  It’s like a life recharging!       

Unfortunately, preparing a family trip can’t be a simple one. There would be different things that you must arrange and pay; that’s why a family vacation may require lots of funds. From flight tickets, accommodation, food and drink, rental car to entrance ticket of tourist destinations; they all will force you to spend money. Well, a family trip is definitely very costly unless you know to prepare an efficient trip plan. If you’re able to obtain best deals that offered by hotels, flight companies and car rental service companies; you would enjoy a big saving while travelling! At travel and vacations category of www.hellocoin.com, you may discover easily a range of active coupon codes on travel matters like airfares, car rentals, cruises, hotels, luggage and vacation packages. Aren’t those that you need most to make an economical family vacation plan?

To obtain best deals, you may use coupon codes that offered by some stores.  For example, Expedia provides top Expedia deals on flights and top hotels, and also coupon codes for 10% off your hotel rooms and $300 savings for a trip to Nassau Paradise Island, Bahamas.  For those who have planned to travel to such island, this savings is surely beyond their expectation.

So, making your family trip an affordable one is possible with using coupon codes. You can count on a great resource such as hellocoin.com to always catch with the latest coupon codes and promotion deals from different reliable stores. You may apply coupons while booking online flight tickets, hotel rooms and car rental service.  You don’t need to break your bank to have a memorable trip since coupon code websites can be your best cost-savings tool!

How to be Consistent with Furniture and Decoration

This article explores simple techniques and suggestions for making a room consistent in terms of color and theme.

When carrying out home improvements it is essential that the furniture you buy and the decorations you choose complement one another. This article gives some tips and hints on ensuring that colour and theme are consistent with one another and matching furniture with interior decoration.

Choosing the right colour palette

Getting the colours right in a room is a difficult task and is often dependent on the furniture you have available. But first of all let us think about some colour palettes that work well together.

For a room with lots of natural light, go for pure white walls, with some earth coloured soft furnishings and wooden floorboards. Look to
buy sofas online for a range of colours which match the ambience of the room.

Use pastel or terracotta colours in the wall or ceiling paint in order to add some extra warmth into the room. Pastel wall colours need not be too stark or bold. Try picking a colour which is just off the colour of the flooring below.

Blues and greens are great to bring life and energy into a room, especially in a bathroom, kitchen or conservatory. Match with either a white ceiling or white floor.

When going for primary colours such as bright red, yellows, blues and greens, there is a lot of room for creativity. Just make sure to be consistent with the vibrancy and keep everything bold and illuminating. If you need to tone it down a little, go for splashes of plain white, rather than dark, earthy or pastel colours.

Deep reds and earthy colours can bring a lot of warmth into a room, especially when combined with rich wooden furniture and thick cream or earth coloured carpets. Be sure not to let deep colours suffocate all the light in a room. If this is the case pick a spot which can be illuminated using light pastel colours.

Furnishing and fixtures and fittings.

In any room with a light or pastel colour theme, it is essential to keep any soft furnishings crisp, clean and simple. Avoid fluffy, bulky or elaborately patterned furnishings. Instead go for bold, indiscreet furniture and let the natural light filling the room do the talking.

Wooden furnishings often add a lot of character and vitality to a room, but should always complement one another tonally. When choosing the right flooring a light wooden flooring or carpet will bring out the features of dark wooden furniture whereas a dark floor will bring life and vitality into light wooden furniture.


The main thing when choosing any colour scheme is to make sure that it is consistent and one that suits you. Always be prepared to try things out, match up different items of furnishings with different floors and walls.

Shirley is a seasoned homes and interior decorations writer. She has been offering advice on homes and interiors, writing for a range of websites and blogs. She also runs her own interior designs consultancy company and always advises customers to shop around and buy sofas online in order to access the diverse range available.

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