Feb 15, 2013

Experience the Wonderful World of Disney by Visiting a Disney Theme Park Today

Do you consider yourself a Disney fan? I know that I am, and there are a lot of other people out there too that will consider themselves pure Disney fans. A true Disney fan will always enjoys all of the great adventures that the Disney movies bring, but they will also always be wanting more, a lot more. There is one way for every Disney fan to get their Disney fix. They are going to need to travel to one of the many Disney theme parks if they want to get a little bit more of what the entertainment giant has to offer.
Multiple Theme Parks
Every single Disney fan out there most likely already knows all of this. But there are Disney theme parks all over the world. You can't really call yourself a true Disney fan without visiting more than one of the major theme parks that are just waiting for your enjoyment. Each theme park will be packed with surprises that are sure to make any Disney fan as happy as can be. They don't call Disney the happiest place on earth for nothing, and each Disney theme park will consist of multiple theme parks.

East Coast of the United States
Take Disney World that is located in Orlando, Florida for instance. There are actually six Disney theme parks that are part of Disney World. In Orlando you can enjoy The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. You can't really have a theme park in Florida without some sort of water park thrown in the mix. Disney gives you two. Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are both water parks that feature some of the best rides and slides that you could ever imagine. Enjoying these theme parks is the best way for a true Disney fan to fully enjoy and immerse themselves in the world of Disney.

West Coast of the United States
If you are closer to the west coast, then you may want to get your Disney fix from Disneyland in California. There are two theme parks located here that will bring you plenty of great entertainment that the whole family can enjoy.

Disney Shopping Experience
Don't forget to plan a nice budget while you are there because Disneyland has plenty of great place to shop and spend some money. You will be able to purchase some very unique Disney souvenirs that you can only find in the theme park. This is just another way to show the world just how much of a Disney fan you really are.

Disney Dining
You can't visit a Disney theme park without having a Disney meal with some of your favorite characters. This is a truly over the top experience for anyone that calls themselves a Disney fan. Just imagine how much fun it would be having a Disney themed breakfast, lunch or dinner with your favorite Disney characters. This can help create memories that will last a lifetime.

There is only one way for a Disney fan to experience everything that Disney has to offer, and that is by visiting a Disney theme park.

Mike Smith is a freelance writer and blogger who loves everything about the wonderful world of Disney. He recently purchased the Disney Ultimate Ticket and had a great time.

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