Feb 8, 2013

Bring a Brand New Look to Your Home by Choosing Right Accessories

Using accessories to brighten up interiors is the smart way to achieve a brand new look with minimum effort and financial outlay!
With more and more people choosing to improve their home rather than incur the costs of moving, a good way of making the most of interiors is to accessorise with some carefully chosen objects which show off rooms and help create an illusion of style.

Cheap and cheerful

With everyone feeling the pinch to some extent, money can be tight but there are a whole host of ways to freshen up inside spaces without having to spend lots of money. By adding stylish home accessories, it's possible to create a very specific look, or to simply match items to existing decor.

Homemade touches can add a great deal of flair and give a very personal finish, transforming a room and becoming a talking point. Craft skills can be put to use when it comes to creating stylish home accessories and homemade cushions, bunting, artwork and quilting can easily find their place in an individual home. For those lacking craft ability, there are plenty of ways to cheat by keeping it very simple and buying pieces which are home made, but by someone else!

Sleek and stylish

To add those all important contemporary touches to a room, it's a good idea to seek out inexpensive but beautiful items like smart vases, coloured glass, unusual lamps and colourful rugs. Just one special piece can turn a room around, instantly making it more fashionable.

There are plenty of ways to update a room and some ideas are to add stained glass features, source vintage kitchen accessories, or find creative ways to store little knick knacks.

Two of the best additions to any home regardless of its style are mirrors and lighting, both of which can have a huge impact. Mirrors are essential, especially when creating the illusion of space, while appropriate lighting can change the whole look and feel of a room. Too bright and a room will feel stark, while too dark and it seems gloomy.

A room of one's own

The benefit of accessorising is that it immediately helps the home owner put their own stamp on the space, finding ways to allow their passions and personality to shine through. There is an element of challenge when it comes to identifying desires, sourcing unique objects and putting them in their place creatively.

By adding lovingly chosen pieces to those lived in spaces, an atmosphere and overall effect begins to take shape which can impact on the whole house and what it stands for and who occupies it.

The cost of moving house soon adds up and when everything is factored into the equation it's understandable why so many people are making the decision to stay put. By deciding on a theme and working out personal style, it becomes easy to make the most of any home, increasing satisfaction and reducing the urge to start over elsewhere.

Jennifer Burns-Leigh writes regularly on themes surrounding stylish home accessories for a range of interior design websites and blogs. She guards her personal space fiercely and enjoys picking up bits and pieces to decorate it when travelling around the world.
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