Feb 5, 2013

The Basics of Warehouse Management: Top Tips for Keeping your Warehouse Safe

Employers don’t always pay attention to warehouse safety. This is a dangerous practice which can lead to serious problems. Warehouse safety and security should be maintained at all times to ensure that the workers are safe. It is also your legal and ethical obligation to provide a safe working environment to your employees. Failure to adhere to these rules could result in a penalty by the state. Every year a high percentage of injuries are caused due to mismanagement and insufficient safety training for employees. These statistics don’t lie and you have to make an effort to fix these problems. Even if no accidents have occurred, there is no guarantee that they won’t in the future. Every warehouse manager must be aware of the basics of warehouse management or else he is doomed to fail. Listed below are a few safety measures you can implement.


After performing various tasks throughout the day, workers get tired and stressed. The idea behind using ergonomics is to reduce the stress on the body of the workers and give them a relaxed feeling. When dealing with heavy equipment, workers can make mistakes which can result in injuries. So train your workers properly so that they don’t get hurt while working. You may also hold workshops to inform them of the risks associated with their work and how can they be avoided.



Some accidents can be avoided by just performing daily housekeeping tasks. Clear out the garbage and clean your warehouse regularly, make sure that no debris is left over. Clean up any spills immediately so that no one falls over or slips. Do not leave any sharp objects lying around openly. Put them in a safe place. Any wires or cords must be maintained properly as they can cause accidents as well.


Safety Equipment

Taking Precautionary measures is always a wise choice. Do you have the proper equipment for the job? Use helmets, eyewear and other safety equipment at all times. It may sound extreme but it is for your own good. Make sure that your warehouse has a proper emergency exit in case of emergencies. A fire extinguisher should also be installed in case of fire. Maintain your safety equipment properly so that in times of need they are functional and don’t leave you hanging.



Hundreds of employees are killed every year in forklift accidents. This normally occurs due to a couple of reasons. Firstly, when the forklift driver is inexperienced or incapable of handling the forklift, it can lead to accidents. Secondly, if the forklift is carrying more weight than its capacity it can flip over on a sharp turn. Forklift operators must have the required training and certification before they operate the forklift.



A lot of materials are stacked in the warehouse so it is not uncommon that most of the stuff is shelved in the upper lockers. This is when ladders are used, climbing up and down a ladder seems easy but if you are not careful you could get hurt. Always place the ladder on a flat surface and make sure that it is sturdy enough to handle your weight.


Harmful Substances

Normally chemicals and harmful substance are only found on industrial sites and factories. However, in certain circumstances you might have to use them, so make sure that you follow all safety procedures before proceeding.


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