Feb 6, 2013

5 Amazing Flooring Ideas

The year 2013 has begun and trends have started to make an appearance in people’s lives. Usually, flooring trends tend to remain virtually unchanged, except for a tweaks and innovations. Flooring is one area where you can’t just blindly follow the trends. There is so much scope to be innovative and creative in this area that you just can’t stick to a trend.
By all means, use these trends as a base for your ideas but try to include a personal statement while you apply them. Changing your flooring can give an entirely new look to your house that is nothing short of a makeover. The following is a list of a few flooring ideas that are sure to interest you –

1.   Natural Wood Texture – Natural Wood is one of the most favorite textures and colors of people because it looks cozy as well as classy. The elegance that comes with the shade is made better by the amount of personality it adds to your house and your rooms. This trend has been in top lists for ages and why not? It is an evergreen style that might stay for the years to come.

2.   Dark Wood Texture – While natural wood creates a cozy and simplistic look, dark wood is preferred when you want the décor to be more modern and flamboyant. It speaks class and suavity and is especially perfect if you have larger rooms. Polished and glossy dark wood colored floors look very good and can change the personality of your entire house.

3.   Mirror Tiles – Mirroring tiles are a hot favorite with modern building and offices but you can use them at your home as well. If you happen to have a room that is too small and compact and you want to make it look roomier, go for mirror tiles. They reflect light which gives the illusion of the room being bigger than it actually is. You can explore this option of flooring because it has quite a lot of scope.

4.   Sandy Colored Porcelain Tiles – Are you someone who prefers the mild earthy colors? If your room has a lot of cream colored drapes and classy doilies, plus if you tend to prefer linen and such fabrics if your décor, this flooring would blend really well with it. The sandy color gives a certain amount of warmth to the room and a hint of homeliness, while porcelain gives it elegance and class.

5.   Edgy Colored Tiles – The usual colored tiles are obviously common but edgy colors like greys and blacks seem to make an appearance in the trend list this year. Even colors like crème and bright crimson are current favorites in flooring choices. The best part about such colors is that they make the room appear instantly bright and lively.

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