May 17, 2022

How to Choose the Right Lamp for Any Room


A table lamp on a stand.

Knowing how to illuminate a room is just as essential as knowing how to decorate it. It makes your whole home feel more welcoming, warm, and comfortable. Not to mention that the way you choose to light a room can influence your mood and well-being. For instance, not many people know that the light in your bedroom can affect your sleep. As a result, we'd like to share a few tips on choosing some of the lights in your home. To be more specific, how to choose the right lamp for any room. Continue reading to learn about the many lamp types, shapes, and shades and how and where to use them.

Types of lighting 

Lamps can have many uses. They can shed light in the darkness, highlight a piece of art, or change the ambiance of a room. Using them correctly may even help you bring more light into your home and make it feel brighter and more spacious. However, there are four main types of lamp lighting that we should mention:

  • Decorative lighting—The lamps that have the purpose of decorating the room rather than brightening it are called decorative lamps. Even if the light they provide is faint, they can give any room a dramatic or cozy feel

  • Ambient lighting—It refers to the total lighting of a room and includes all of the existing light sources. As a result, you can use ambient lamps solely to make the light in a room more uniform

  • Accent lighting—When you want to point out a key spot, architectural feature, or object in a room, this type of lighting is what you need. Therefore, use accent lamps to draw attention to your favorite piece of art or the gorgeous columns in the room's corners

  • Task lighting—If you need to do a specific task in a room and you could use more light, this is when task lamps become helpful. For instance, they are great for reading nooks, workbenches, or home offices

Table lamp lighting a corner of a room—the right lamp for any room
You can choose the right lamp for any room depending on the quantity of light you need.

Types of lamps

You can choose the right lamp for each room based on where you want to place it and how much space you have. As a result, below are some of the most widely utilized lamp types and where to use them.

Table lamps

As the name specifies, these lamps you can use on tablets and any other flat surfaces, narrow or wide. Dining tables, coffee tables, counters, consoles, the tops of dressers, or sideboards are great for table lamps. Furthermore, you can use these lamps for decorative, ambient, or task lighting. Therefore, you can use them in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, hallways, or dining rooms. At the same time, these lamps can be placed on nightstands, making them perfect for bedrooms. They usually come with shades, so you can match them to the design of the room you use them in. 

However, if you ever need to relocate to a new home and wish to transport your table lamps securely, you might need some help. And because advisors understand that fragile items must be packed and handled with care, they recommend working with moving professionals. They have the proper knowledge and packing supplies that can ensure the safety of any fragile object, no matter how big or small. 

Work desk with a glowing lamp on it
Table lamps are the right choice for a work desk. 

Wall lamps

Wall lamps, as opposed to scones or vanities, produce more light. Depending on where you will set them, they can be ambient, decorative, task, or even accent lights. Also, these lamps can be flexible, making it easier for you to direct their light to where you need it. Furthermore, they are not too large to fit in small spaces, such as between two large pieces of furniture. They often don't have shades and look more modern or industrial, steam-punky. 

Kid's bedroom lamps

As you can imagine, the name can't be more obvious. These lamps are ideal for a child's bedroom since they emit a soothing light that youngsters like. Kids' lamps can be fitted with dimming bulbs, allowing you to control the amount of light they produce. Also, they come in fun shapes like clouds, the moon, or even stories or cartoon characters. However, one of the all-time favorites is the lava lamp. 

Floor lamps—the right lamp for any room

These lamps are often used to augment a room's illumination and are frequently positioned in corners or behind furniture. Floor lamps, however, are far handier than many people realize. They are incredibly adaptable, flexible, and available in many shapes. You can have them with just one light source or with a body that branches out into more arms with more light sources. In addition, you can use them for accent lighting, task lighting, and even ambient lighting. Floor lamps can even supply the whole light in a room. Also, they come in different lampshades, so you can easily match them to the room's design.

Packing tips for floor lamps 

At the same time, floor lamps can also be problematic to pack and move. If you need to take them from one place to the other, you need to be careful how you handle them so that they stay in one piece. Therefore, you might need many resources for this packing task. Get lots of packing supplies for fragile objects, such as bubble wrap, wrapping paper, and tape. Additionally, ensure the floor lamps are the first items you pack and the last thing you load. That way, you have better chances of having them protected from damage. 

Beautiful rustic chair and floor lamp.
Floor lamps can be great as light sources as well as decorative items. 

Choosing the right lampshade

Knowing how to choose the right lamp for any room would be meaningless without discussing lampshades. Lampshades come in various shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. They control how much light the lamp releases and also have aesthetic functions. As a result, choose lampshades that filter light and complement the room's style as needed. 

However, keep in mind that there are some guidelines for choosing the ideal lampshade. First, the lampshade should not be much larger than the base, or the lamp will become unsteady. At the same time, it should not be too small, or else it will look disproportionate. The perfect width is around double the size of the base. Second, it's best if the shade has the same shape as the base. A round shade matches a rounded base better than a square one. Lastly, you should choose the material of the lampshade depending on how much light you need to filter. If you want a soft light, you can opt for natural materials that offer a nice ambient glow. If you want a more focused light, choose thicker materials. They are less transparent and produce a solid beam of light.

Final words

Now that you have a better understanding of all the lamp types, you can easily choose the right lamp for any room in your house. Just use the tips we provided, and you will have a home filled with light and beauty.

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May 16, 2022

3 Reasons That Decorating With Black And White It Timeless

We all love our homes and for all of us decorating our homes is one of the big aspects of our life. Whether you have a new home or an old home, you can always choose to switch to using wallpapers. A plethora of benefits is there of using wallpaper for the homes. Some of the biggest benefits of using wallpaper are that it can conceal the faults and the imperfections that are there in the walls. Besides that, another reason why you should be using wallpaper is that it makes the room or the space look bigger and more beautiful. But it also depends on your color choice. 

Image: pexels. com

Big & Spacious – 

If you choose removable wallpaper, (which you should always choose) that is dark and murky in color, then your room can look small, because the color looks close to others colors, or the combination. You should always choose a timeless color like that Black and White. In this guide, you will come to know why you should choose these colors. The first and the foremost reason is that, if you choose a black and white color wallpaper, then not only do the walls look suave but also the room looks big and spacious. 

Color Combinations – 

White is one of the pivotal colors that make any decoration or room or furniture look suave and big. Suppose you use white in your kitchen cabinets, so your cabinet will look more enhanced and bigger. For walls, you can use peel and stick black and white wallpaper. You can use the white wallpaper with black polka dot for the roof and for the four/three corners of the wall you can use pure white color wallpaper. If you like designs that are plain white then you can even choose that kind of wallpaper too. 

Timeless Color – 

Second, black and white are one of the most timeless colors. There are so many awesome combinations that you will find in black and white. For example, the piano. A dark black piano with white and black keys looks so beautifully suave and decent. So, if you want some such timeless colors or combinations in your room then you can use black and white wallpaper. Remember you can use black for the rooftop and white for the remaining walls, never use black for the four corners of the walls, or else your room will look like a black pandora box. You can use black and white stripes wallpaper for the four corners of the walls. 

Rich and Decent – 

And, even if you are choosing say pure black designed wallpaper for one portion of your wall, say in the living room, then make sure that the furniture is white or cream. Third, black and white look rich and decent. If you want to give the boring walls of your home a rich and sophisticated look, then use always black and white wallpaper. But also make sure that there is a lot of light including sunlight in the room. It is only then your room will look A class with the wallpapers. In rooms where there is no window or sunlight or closed rooms, you should not use these color combinations, except white. 


May 5, 2022

How to Shop for a Bathroom Vanity in Vaughan (5 Useful Tips)

Summary: Have you been making the rounds of bathroom vanity stores in Vaughan? Before you buy a vanity with granite countertops, there are a few things you need to know. Learn useful tips on how you can shop for perfect bathroom vanities in Vaughan. 

Installing a bathroom vanity is the easiest way to transform your bathroom, both aesthetically and functionally. But the variety of options you will find in a bathroom vanity store in Vaughan (or elsewhere) can quickly become overwhelming. 

So, what is the best way to shop for bathroom vanities? Here are some useful tips. 

Let’s get started

Useful Tips to Follow When Selecting a Bathroom Vanity in Vaughan 

Finding the right bathroom vanity can be challenging but is not impossible. 

  1. Consider Accessibility 

Your bathroom should cater to your needs. Who will use it and how? This is something you should keep in mind when buying a new vanity. Anything you install in this space should serve a purpose. Bathroom designers prefer using universal design concepts so the space can be used by anyone, irrespective of their age, height, and ability. 

If you are designing a children's bathroom, make sure the vanity height and countertop are accessible to the child. The same applies if you are planning for a special needs bathroom. 

  1. Measure The Area

Don’t fall in love with a vanity that won’t fit your bathroom. Be sure to measure the space properly, including the width of the door so you can get the vanity in.

Unsure of your measurements? Don’t hesitate to ask the staff at your local bathroom vanity store in Vaughan to take them for you. 

  1. Go With the Flow 

Decide where you want to place your new vanity but make sure it doesn’t compromise the flow of traffic in your bathroom. To that end make note of the swing of your bathroom door so it doesn’t block or hit your new vanity’s cabinets. 

Your bathroom should also be kept clean and hygienic at all times. So, make sure your new vanity allows you to access each nook and cranny of your bathroom. 

  1. Choose The Right Materials 

Your bathroom will get humid every time someone takes a shower. So, the material for your bathroom vanity, including its cabinets and countertops, must be chosen with care. 

Do you want a quartz or granite countertop? Both are good fits for bathrooms as they are durable, easy to maintain and waterproof. Understanding the materials used is a prerequisite for a successful bathroom renovation.

  1. Keep A Budget 

How much are you willing to spend on a bathroom vanity? Consider this before you shop. There are affordable bathroom vanity stores in Vaughan. But you need to take the time to check them out. Going in without any idea about how much you are looking to spend is never a good idea as you are more likely to go over your budget.   

There are many bathroom vanity stores in Vaughan, so finding your perfect vanity can be difficult. Following these simple yet useful tips will help you pick the right one. Visit your nearest bathroom vanity store in Vaughan today and get started. 

May 4, 2022

7 Ways to Bring More Light Into Your Small Apartment


a light bedroom with huge windows

One of the most beautiful things in everyone's life is purchasing a property. However, arranging, preparing, and decorating all rooms is not easy. It is especially the case if you deal with limited space. In these situations, space-maximizing ideas are probably all you can think about. Moreover, another problem that might arise is the lack of natural light. It seems a challenge to brighten up a gloomy room. However, there are many possibilities, from remodeling the house to tearing down the walls and installing new windows. Also, there are different ways to increase light by adding artificial lightings, such as lamps and candles. Here are seven ways to bring more light into your small apartment.

  1. Choose brighter colors

If your apartment is not well-lit, even before you decorate it, it is possible to deal with that problem successfully. Namely, when decorating and purchasing furniture, you are advised to choose lighter colors as much as possible. The reason for this is that natural light is reflected by white and brighter colors, whereas black and other dark colors absorb it. Moreover, it is believed that lighter furniture enhances a good mood while dark colors make us feel sad and depressed.

If you are planning a move and have not thought about the furniture arrangement, the best thing would be to hire professional movers. Executing a move by yourself can be tricky and time-consuming. If you want the move to be less stressful and more relaxing, check the advice that professionals such as provide. According to them, moving should never be a stressful experience. If it is, then you might be doing something wrong. Good-quality movers should care about their customers and help them experience joy and pleasure instead of worry and stress.

a dining room with a table and chairs.
If you want to bring more light into your small apartment, choose light colors for your furniture items.

  1. Add lamps and candles

If you need to add light into your small apartment, consider buying lamps and candles. One of the crucial advantages of using candles is that they allow you to create some light even at night. Apart from lights on the ceiling, which are usually used, you might want to consider investing in floor and table lamps. Another source of light, such as lamps and candles, will complement natural light and distribute it to every corner of your apartment.

  1. Storage is the key

Storage is always a top consideration when it comes to remodeling, decorating, and moving. The most important thing when adding more light into your rooms is to try not to have too many furniture items. The point is not to jam too much furniture into the area. Sofas and wardrobes should be carefully and thoughtfully incorporated. Moreover, too much decoration will make a room appear darker. Make sure you keep this in mind when trying to decorate your Manhattan apartment. All in all, having a bigger room with more space will undoubtedly add more light to it.

  1. Clear the area near windows

You can simply optimize natural light qualities by clearing the area around your windows. If you do not believe that this can bring more light into your small apartment, rest assured that each space is designed so that light can enter as deeply as possible. You have to make sure to make your windows ideally viewable from any position in the room. Therefore, try not to put large closets or cabinets near windows. Namely, their size can be a barrier that will influence having less lit space.

Another thing to consider is creating a bright room which will be used in your leisure time. For instance, if you like playing pool, make sure to put the pool table in a bright and well-lit room. However, moving such a big item scares people and puts them off from the idea of relocating it. Therefore, they opt for donating or selling their pool table. However, that does not necessarily have to be the case with you. Another available option is to hire professional movers to do the job for you. Skilled pool table movers in NYC can transport even the heaviest and the most massive items, such as a pool table. If you want to transfer it with ease, do not hesitate to hire a team that will make this challenging process seem a breeze.

a window with plants on the window sill.
Making the windows stand out will make your apartment brighter and lighter

  1. Use the power of mirrors

It was already mentioned that mirrors reflect light very well. Namely, mirrors and other reflecting surfaces may effectively double the reach of natural light. In case you need to bring more light into your small apartment, you can use the power that mirrors have. You can add additional sunlight in any corner by strategically placing mirrors. If you are not sure what kind of a mirror to choose, check the advice the professionals give.

  1. Paint the ceiling and walls

Certain colors enhance light and brightness. If you have been hesitant about choosing bright colors such as blue for your walls, rest assured that this is a brilliant idea. Such colors include bright white, blue, pale yellow, ocher, lime green, light grays, and lavender. For instance, by painting the walls sky blue, your room might appear brighter and better lit.

  1. Clean your windows

Even though it seems too simple, this can help. For instance, even though you have many windows and lots of light, it still appears that your space is dark. What you can do is clean all the windows thoroughly. Moreover, you might clean all the surfaces that reflect light from your windows. Although it seems useless and too simple, do not hesitate to try it. You will certainly not regret it. 

Moreover, clean windows can help bring style to your apartment. There are many stylish options for windows that can light up your small apartment.

woman wondering how to bring more light into your small apartment.
Regular cleaning of the windows can help you brighten your room.

Final thoughts

If you want to bring more light into your small apartment, rest assured that the possibilities are endless. Regardless of the natural light source that you select, it would help if you started by organizing your apartment. Removing the unnecessary furniture will make your rooms appear brighter right away. More room means more natural light. Moreover, adding artificial light might help create a bright space. Also, do not forget to clean your windows regularly. Spotless windows reflect light better. If you follow these suggestions, rest assured that your living space will never be dark again.


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