Feb 24, 2022

7 Decorating Tips for a Manhattan Style Apartment


The exterior of a typical Manhattan building.

Numerous people consider Manhattan to be the chicest borough of New York. All the popular movies and TV shows have created an illusion that Manhattan apartments are very spacious. However, the reality is different. Most Manhattanites actually complain because of the lack of space. Luckily, even though they lack size, they make up with modern furniture and style. So, if you are moving to New York or want to upgrade your NYC home, you've come to the right place. This article will share the best decorating tips for a Manhattan style apartment.


Decorating tips for a Manhattan style apartment: the ultimate list

Even though living in a small apartment requires some degree of sacrifice, your decor shouldn't be one of them. Small spaces are all about thinking outside the box and figuring out ways to make your home functional without feeling cramped.


For instance, one way of achieving this is to look for storage options. This way, you will have a place for your extra belongings while ensuring your apartment is unobstructed with extra furniture and stuff people accumulate over the years.

The Manhattan apartment palette

When it comes to achieving the Manhattan apartment look, the color palette you choose will play a significant role. Firstly, we need to use colors to help create an illusion of spaciousness and airiness. Therefore, when decorating your NYC apartment, be sure to choose bright colors for your walls. 

Secondly, opting for brighter shades goes for your upholstery too. This doesn't mean everything should be white. On the contrary, seek softer hues of some of your favorite colors. 

Lights play an essential role in your home's decor

Quite a few historic buildings can be found in Manhattan. These buildings are also known for their large windows. Their best feature is that they provide you with a lot of natural light, which is an advantage on its own. 

Long white curtains as one of the decorating tips for a Manhattan style apartment.
Having long bright curtains is a Manhattan apartment staple

However, don't be desperate if your windows are small. You can achieve the Manhattan apartment look by having curtains that pool slightly on the floor. They are a staple for Manhattan-style apartments and add richness to the overall decor.

Additionally, you can use mirrors and light fixtures to enhance the lighting in your apartment. 

Adding greenery is one of the best decorating tips for a Manhattan style apartment

Living in a city that never sleeps, surrounded by traffic and cars, with just a few opportunities to enjoy nature, has forced people to bring nature indoors. Thus, home greenery is a must if you want to decorate your home Manhattan style

Seven plants in seven small pots.
Bringing the outside indoors is one of the best decorating tips for a Manhattan style apartment.

Having scattered pots around your apartment will give you nice little pops of green here and there. Not to mention, it will also add texture to the place.

Even if you don't have a green thumb, that's okay. Some plants require very little maintenance and are perfect for the residents of the busiest city in the world!

Type of furniture

Generally, we can divide the furniture in some of the most beautiful-looking Manhattan apartments into three groups.

  1. Scandinavian

  2. Contemporary

  3. Sophisticated

A blue sofa in the corner of a modern Manhattan style apartment.
The type of furniture you choose will largely dictate the decor of your Manhattan apartment.

  1. Scandinavian furniture has had a significant influence on Manhattan apartments in recent years. The lines are clean and straightforward and create an elegant look. Also, they are incredibly versatile when it comes to the overall apartment vibe.

  2. Manhattan apartments with modern furniture are the ones you usually see in the movies. This type of style favors modern furniture with pops of glass and chrome. 

  3. Finally, if your idea of Manhattan-style apartments comes from shows like Sex and the city, you'll want to go for luxury pieces. The furniture can be partly antique, partly modern to achieve the whole look. 

In any case, you want to achieve a particular style by choosing the right furniture pieces and not having the place overcrowded with stuff. This is where professionals from nycministorage.com can help you. Keeping the things you don't currently need safely in a storage unit will be of great help.


Create areas with rugs

Area rugs are another way to define and break up the living spaces. This is especially useful for smaller apartments. Make sure you use the same color palette for your rugs. This way, you will achieve the flowing feel from one space to another.

Have colorful accents and modern artwork

If you have a monochromatic living room, you can spice it up by using an accent piece in a different color. For example, deep red cushions for your sofa or unique accent pieces in gold or marble will rejuvenate any space.

Additionally, you can hang artwork standing above your modern furniture. In these cases, contrast is a highly favorable feature.

Enlarge the space visually

Finally, the sacrifice most Manhattan residents usually make is their apartment space. Even though these apartments appear luxurious, they lack square footage. Therefore, it would be best to search for small apartment decorating tips and tricks to make it feel more spacious.

For example, you could go for bright white curtains - make sure you place the curtain rods a few inches from the ceiling. Or, you could have different light fixtures around the apartment.


Conclusion on decorating tips for a Manhattan style apartment

These were some of the best decorating tips for a Manhattan style apartment to get you started. Your next step is to research and plan how to use these tips to make the space suit your preferences while achieving the style you want. Happy decorating!

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