Feb 4, 2022

How to avoid moving day disasters

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Are you planning to relocate to another home and want to avoid moving day disasters? To achieve this, you will want to carefully plan every aspect of the relocation process and familiarize yourself with potential pitfalls. If you are curious as to what precisely the most common relocation disasters are and how best to avoid them, My Home Sweet Home has prepared a small guide for you. We will walk you through everything you need to know for creating a smooth, enjoyable, and disaster-free moving process!

Most common moving day disasters

"Knowing is half the battle," as the famous 80's quote says. By knowing what the most common moving day disasters are, you will already have some ideas on how to prevent them. When it comes to relocations, here are the things you will want to watch out for:

  • Being a victim of a moving scam

  • Broken/Damaged belongings

  • Friends "bailing" out

  • Movers refusing to transport some items

  • Not being able to fit some pieces through the door

Person doing research
You can avoid moving day disasters by conducting proper research.

You may also want to take some steps to strengthen your home security. When moving into another area, you might be unfamiliar with the crime rate. New homeowners might also seem like an enticing target. Take the necessary precautions, and you will be able to sleep soundly.

Moving scams and how to avoid them

The unfortunate truth of the moving industry is that many "scam artists" are looking to relieve you of some of your hard-earned money. These rogue movers can quickly transform your relocation into a disastrous one. So, what can you do to avoid having to deal with them?

The first step is to conduct proper research when searching for a mover. In other words, you need to do your homework. Before you entrust your belongings to a moving company, you will want to check whether your movers are licensed, insured, and properly certified. Furthermore, you will want to check if there are any official complaints filed against the moving company in question and check their online reviews. You may also want to verify that your movers are associated with at least one prominent moving organization such as the BBB and AMSA.

Person with a mask
Be wary of scammers.

You can come across many unwanted moving expenses if you are not careful. By conducting extensive research, you will avoid overpaying your movers and minimize any chances of a disaster. It literally "pays off" to be as thorough and meticulous as possible.

How to avoid broken/damaged items

One of the most common moving disasters is when your belongings arrive at your new home only for you to find that some of them are broken or severely damaged. It is pretty common to find yourself with shattered glass and damaged furniture after the move, especially if you are conducting a long-distance relocation.

The best way to avoid this is to be extra careful when packing your items. You will want to use proper packing supplies and quality boxes, avoiding any that are damaged or obviously falling apart. Furthermore, you will want to utilize specialty boxes for sensitive items such as artwork, mirrors, or TVs. Ideally, you will want to invest in telescope boxes for this occasion.

You will also want to wrap any breakables in bubble wrap, foam, or newspaper and place heavy items in smaller boxes. Whatever you do, try not to place several heavy items inside one box, as that is equal to inviting a disaster to happen. If you are unsure of your packing skills, you can choose a moving company that offers packing services and have them pack your belongings for you. Professional packers always use high-quality packing supplies and will ensure that your items receive maximum protection.

Don't risk friends "bailing out"

The fact of the matter is that relocations are costly endeavors. You will probably want to ask a couple of your friends to help you relocate to reduce moving costs. But your friends might suddenly "bailout" on you when the moving day arrives. And this can spell disaster for your moving plans.

several people in a room
Your friends can be a great help, but you might want to have alternative options.

To avoid moving day disasters due to the lack of labor, you will want to have other alternatives at the ready. Contact a labor-only moving company ahead of time and make some arrangements just in case. While it is possible to find help at the last minute, this will usually cost more. When we talked to the experts at teddymoving.com, they recommended contacting your movers at least a week or two in advance. Of course, you will want to allow yourself the time to conduct some research about your hired help, which means that you may need to start thinking about this even earlier.

How to prevent movers from refusing to transport some items

The easiest way to avoid this particular disaster is to communicate clearly with your movers. Check with them and ask for a complete list of non-allowable items before you start to pack. If you are uncertain about a specific entity, consult with your movers.

Getting the couch through the door

To avoid this quite common moving disaster, you will want to measure both the couch and doorways before the relocation. You may also want to try to take the hinges off the door, remove couch legs, or search for another point of exit. At this point, you may encounter some common doorknob problems, as well. Therefore, you must start thinking about this early and take the necessary steps.

The best way to avoid moving day disasters - Choose a reliable moving company

While moving can be very stressful, having top professionals by your side will make it significantly easier. It is in your best interest to hire movers with sufficient knowledge and experience, as well as the ones that have a stellar reputation. You will want to take the time to ensure that you are working with the best moving company in your area. When it comes to making moving less stressful, working with reputable movers is the way to go. With their help, you will not only avoid moving day disasters, but you will experience a smooth and reliable moving process!

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