Dec 5, 2020

Making Moving Less Stressful Guide

Changing the place of residence is one of the more stressful occasions you can experience. It can take a lot of time and effort not just to physically move your stuff, but to adjust to a new environment. Everybody wants to do this job as quickly as possible which can be pretty daunting if you decide to do it on your own or with a group of friends. Since I’ve been planning to move in recent future I decided to talk to professionals and learn how to best do this, San Diego movers at Move Central were kind enough to explain why hiring pros is the most efficient and the safest route. But before you book a moving service, it is important to do some preparations, here’s what you can do:

Get Rid of Stuff

Moving is a perfect opportunity to finally get rid of old clothes that’s been clogging your closet forever. You know what they say if you hadn’t worn it in over a year you probably won’t be putting it on ever again. It’s true that some pieces of clothing have sentimental value, but in reality, it’s better to give to someone else who might find a use than hold it hostage in your closet never to see the light of day.

Getting rid of stuff you’ve been hoarding for years positively affects your mental health too, it feels like a fresh start, and in terms of practicality, you make the move much easier and leave more room for new stuff.

Pack Early

Even if you might not know the exact date of moving, you do know that it is going to happen soon and if you put some effort into packing every day you make the job much easier when the day finally comes. First, you can deal with out-of-season items that already reside somewhere in boxes.

These items are already ready to go so it’s easier to start with those and then you can slowly work your way to the stuff you use more frequently, and when you wake up on the morning of the move, you’d be prepared.

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Prepare in Time

You should go out and check your new place as soon as possible to understand what sort of work needs to be done in order to make everything ready for your arrival. Maybe there’s some cleaning or painting to do. Maybe there are some minor or major construction works, you never know until you see, and the most efficient way to deal with the situation is to parallelly organize the moving and preparation of your new place.

Schedule Professionals

When you feel that you are ready and when you are sure you have completed the initial preparations it is time to call the people who move people for a living. It is better to do it early at the most convenient time. The benefits of hiring a moving service are plenty, but first and foremost it's all about comfort and efficiency. You don’t even need to lift a finger.

Your job is to sit down and give orders, while the guys carefully move your stuff to designated vehicles, pile them gently so nothing breaks and drive away to the new location. After that all your stuff is brought inside your new home, so your job is to unpack everything and arrange your new crib the way you like. Moving can actually be fun, and professional moving service can help you reduce the stress and workload for the entire transition, which is a reason enough to schedule today. The money you’d save by doing this all by yourself is really not worth the amount of time and energy required to do everything with probably mediocre results.


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