Jul 28, 2016

How To Quickly Sell Your House Without Paying Any Real Estate Agent Fees

If you need instant cash for your property and that too without the hassle of going through the rough procedures of a real estate agent involving loads of your precious time and money, there is an easy option of house selling companies. These companies are backed by cash-rich real estate investors and will buy your property for instant cash.

Most of these companies will provide cash for your house within 48 hours to a week. Most importantly, you save the hassle of going through the hassle of a property dealer which will take months to sell your property. Here we discuss the advantages of selling your house toa house selling company instead going the real estate agent way.

Relax things will be fine:
A rate of the property is increasing worldwide. There is no hurry in selling your house at that very moment. Therefore you should not stress yourself with that option, instead you should relax. Take your time and find out the best customers for your house yourself. Do not go to a property dealer. He may take months, if not years before he actually sells your house. Then there are payment issues and yes, their margins.

The property dealer will cut upon their heavy margins and leave you with the bare minimum price of the house. To avoid all such and many more stances, you should search for a potential customer yourself, or just sell it to a house buying company that provide instant cash for any property.

Advertise in an innovative way: 

You should take good care of your house. If there are any shortcomings on the repair front, get it rectified. It will not only help you find good customers, but also will improve the cost and the valuation of your house. A house with lofty interiors and shabby furniture is ought to fetch less money than a good, fully furnished house. Hence you should at least do any repairs that are required on your property. Then advertise your property in the right way.

Take care that you utilize the facilities provided by the websites these days on the internet. Internet provides a very good and cheap platform to market your property and fetch the right price and customer for it. You can also take the help of a professional advertisement agency that will pace hoardings about your property at appropriate locations in your area.

You can only get a better house offer, if you do the job yourself instead of going the real estate agent way. Not only will he eat up your money in the form of commissions, but he will also take much time to actually sell off your property. Fortunately, house selling companies are fast gaining popularity and you can utilize their services too. They will provide instant cash for your property within a week. They put a correct valuation of your property, and you get just an amount equivalent to that valuation.

Why Should You Choose A House Selling Company As Compared To A Real Estate Agent

People have many reasons to sell off their houses. Some of the most common reasons for people to sell their houses are:
·         Relocating.
·         Moving to another city due to job.
·         Immigration.
·         Selling house to repay loans.
·         More space requirement.
·         Poor health.
·         Rising maintenance cost.
·         Divorce settlement.
·         Other financial difficulties.

Whatever may be the reason for you to sell the house, if you require instant cash, then no other option can match a house selling company. Going through the route of a traditional property dealer will not only make the procedure more complicated, but it will take much time and he will surely eat up the profit margins.

Instead of selling it to a house selling company directly, you can negate the middle man in between and you get a higher price for your property. Let us see what selling a house through the traditional real estate agent would include:
·         It would include a time lapse of around 3-12 months. That too without any guarantee to not go beyond one year.
·         It is not secure from the market price fluctuations. If after 5 months the rates of the property drop, then you will get a lower price for the same house.
·         It would include the home valuation costs too.
·         You will have to adjust to the overinflated price quoted by the buyers.
·         Meanwhile, you will possibly miss out on your debt/loan repayment.
·         They work without guarantee and you may fall prey to the market.

On the other hand, if you sell your so cal house fast directly to a house selling company, you will:
·         Save much of your time as they take a maximum of seven days to provide you the cash you require for your house.
·         Get a correct valuation of your property without any time reparations.
·         You negate the requirement of a middle man that will eat up your margins.
·         You will not miss out on your loan repayment dates.
·         You get an effortless situation where you do not have to worry about anything.
·         They guarantee the completion process within the stipulated time.
·         You do not have to give any legal fees for the procedure.
·         You get instant cash on the sale of your house.
·         The house selling firms, being backed by rich real estate investors will surely make your experience a good one.

To be sure that you get a good deal out of selling your house to a house selling company you should:
·         Not increase the asking price of your house unnecessarily. It will turn off the potential buyers and you may end up owning the property forever.
·         You should make any repairs that are required to be done in the house so that there are no cost cuts when it comes to valuation of the house.
·         Get a third party to evaluate the condition and price of the house.

Make sure that you deal in written with any house selling company you are involved with. It would surely save you any hassle if any, in the future.

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