Jul 9, 2016

List of Questions to Ask Prior to Signing a Leasing Contract

It is not a secret that rental contracts can be legally binding. That is why it is advisable that you read all sentences carefully before you sign it. When you are beginning your search for a new launch condo, jot down questions that you will need to ask. In case there are residence tours or meetings with landlord, don’t be afraid and ask if you can converse with other renters. This will be an awesome chance for you to inquire what they feel about the landlord, the neighborhood, the neighbors, or the rules of the community. If you want more details about the condominium, here is a list of questions you must to ask your landlord:

1. Ask concerning the utilities included in the rent
Some of the domestic utilities may be comprised, while some may not. Aside from the electricity bill, you might also want to ask whether there will be further charges for cable, telephone, gas, and trash removal bills. These utilities paid to the landlords could change, so it's vital to include them into your rental budget. It is also advisable that you ask regarding any additional fees, including garage parking, cleaning services, building maintenance, or extra storage.

2. Ask about the pet policy
All condominiums have their own exclusive set of rules when it comes to pets. Some communities have limits on the number or kind of pets you can bring along with you while some are totally not pet-friendly. This is due to the fact that there could be problems with pets that could arise due to reckless owners who allow their pets to cause disturbance or noise other tenants. Some pets could also damage inside the condo unit or ruin properties in the community. That is why it is a must that you ask concerning pet policies before you move into a new home. A pet-friendly condominium may mean that you will have to pay extra charges in your up-front apartment costs.
However, in case you are transferring with a service animal, then it will be a different situation since landlords are legally not permitted to deny you of moving with a service animal. You just need to current the necessary documentation as well as evidence that the service pet is a medicinal obligation for you. There must also be no service animal charge. But remember that you will still are liable if there are compensations in the condo by your pet.

3. Ask concerning the length of lease term
A short-term rental fee is usually twice a year or on a monthly basis, whilst long-term is usually 1 year or more. It is vital that you ask regarding the rental term’s length as this controls the number of months or years that you are locked into the contract. You must also ask if there will be consequences if you wont be able to complete the rental term due to unforeseen circumstances like moving to a different district or getting a job offer out of the country. Some landlords let pro-rated rental payments in case you plan to move in or out the new launch condo mid-month.

4. Ask about the payment rules
To avoid any late payment charges, know when and how payment must be sent each month. Many companies have at least 3 days before they consider a rental fee late.

5. Ask about the emergency maintenance
Ask your land owner if their services include a 24-hour maintenance services and an on-site property management. It is good to have an idea whether you can rely on the property’s management team or the landlord in case emergencies occur in the middle of the night.

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