Jul 15, 2016

The 10 Advantages of using Eltrak Sliding Door Systems

Are you in search of a product that provides no restrictions for the width of openings and augments overhead clearance? The Eltrak sliding door system is ideal whether you require it for a tool shed, a massive industrial building, multi-track installation for an aircraft hangar, bi-directional or a multiple door.

Eltrak sliding doors are designed with side thrust door carriage to overcome the severe wind load conditions in Australia. Eltrak sliding doors are straightforward to install and are economical. You can achieve uniformity as the door cladding can match your building, and top-quality service is provided if you need repairs done or if the doors are damaged in any way.  Let’s consider why you should opt for Eltrak sliding doors.

Maximal headroom
Eliminates wasted space
Eliminates loss of headroom
Cut back on building costs
Full entry elevation Full-width Openings
Eliminates the need to offer costly additional operating height inside the building

Effortless personal access
Cut back on costs
Eliminates PA doors
Adaptable Weather Shielding
Limitless adjustable openings with full entry height permit complete access control

Custom Rolled
Made to your specifications
Eliminates wasted time
Eliminates wasted material
Custom rolled and dispatched within 24 hours: efficient and cost-effective

Limitless Opening Width
Eliminates centre Mullions
Mulitple Stacking Doors
Full Entry Width various sizes
Multiple tracks and stacking doors suitable for all wide openings

Prone to Less Damage
Full Entry Height Full Entry Width Openings
Eliminates security concerns after business hours
Uncomplicated on-site repair with no welding
Reduction of accidental damage from high loads and extended forklift masts

Limitless Infill Options
Include a Window
Include a Decorative Panel
Select your Cladding colour
Select Your Cladding material
Select cladding and infill panels to suit the current structure

A Multitude Uses
Department Stores
The possibilities are endless, as to when to use the Eltrak Sliding Door Systems

Internal or External
Huge or Compact
Elevated or Side
Fixed-Bolt-On-Weld or Adjustable Straight
Round Corner or Bifold
Eltrak’s substantial product range is accommodating any installation requirements

Pleasing to the Eyes
Striking Appearance
You Pick the Colour
You Pick The Material
Match to Current Structures
Design to Enhance New Buildings
Eltrak sliding doors can be coordinated to enhance new or current buildings

Low Maintenace
Galvanised Frames and Tracks
Roller Bearings or Sealed Needle
Trackmaster Side Thrust Carriages
Low Friction Nylon Guide Systems
Simple Tek Screw Door Construction

Exceedingly low maintenance and operating costs combined with easy on-site repair

Surdex Steel Suppliers Melbourne can provide you with more information about their steel products. 

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