Apr 24, 2021

What to know when moving to a bigger house

a large house with a big yard

If you feel like there is not enough space inside your home and that the walls are closing in, it is time to upsize by moving to a bigger house. Maybe you have lived there for years and years and accumulated too much stuff. Or your family has grown by one or two members. Whatever the reason, it is probably best to leave your smaller house or apartment and look for something bigger that will fit your needs better. Unfortunately, it is not just a question of buying a new property. There is also constant upkeep and considerably larger bills. So you need to be adequately informed before you make such a big decision. Here is everything you need to know to have a comfortable life in a bigger home.

The financial aspect of moving to a bigger house

Even though it is fantastic to live in a big and comfortable home, the fact is, all the expanses double or triple. Firstly, the monthly mortgage is considerably higher than before. And if you are thinking about a cheaper solution that is renting, that too is more costly. Unfortunately, this is not all. You also need to be aware that property taxes and utility bills will be higher too. Especially during winter when the heater is running 24/7. Of course, there are ways to solve this with energy-efficient home upgrades that pay for themselves. But it would be best if you kept in mind that you will have more space and thus need more furniture. So before you decide that moving to a bigger house is a good idea, you need to be sure you can cover all the costs and not suffer financially.

a calculator, pen, and paper with numbers on it
Carefully go through your finances to make sure you can cope with monthly expenses that come with a bigger property

The problem of location

Bigger homes are usually located in suburban areas, some distance away from city centers. Of course, it is possible to find properties in the downtown area, but the prices can be astronomically high. The suburban home is more affordable, and chances are the further away you go, the easier it will be to find one for the same price as your current property. However, to successfully execute a long-distance move, you need to spend a lot of time planning and organizing everything. But you can cut the work in half by hiring a good moving company because professionals know how to speed up the process. Still, there are some downsides too. A considerable distance from your children's school, your job, and other key locations means you will spend a lot more time driving around. On the positive side, you will have less traffic, less noise, and more parks in your area.


Relocating to a larger home seems like a great idea because you will get more rooms, a bigger bathroom, and a spacious garden. But, before you make a decision, you need to ask yourself if you have enough energy to do all the maintenance, which means fixing things around the house, regular cleaning, and garden upkeep. Because all that space means you will have to spend considerable time keeping your new home spotless. And if you are not used to it, it can become a huge problem. In that case, you can improve your quality of life by hiring a house cleaner. But that is one more long-term expense that you need to take into consideration. So if you have a small budget, think carefully before you make the first step.

person vacuuming a rug
Moving to a bigger house sounds like a great idea until you realize how much time and energy you have to spend on maintaining it
Do not rush with furniture buying

One of the more common mistakes people make is being so overjoyed about the prospect of a new home that they start buying furniture before the papers are signed. Firstly, this is not a good idea because you never know if something might happen and the deal falls through. Then you are stuck with new stuff and no space to put it. Of course, you can easily find storage solutions at vanexpressnj.com, but it is better to wait. Because until you move in and measure all the rooms, you cannot know if what you have will fit into your new home. You might end up buying pieces that are too big. They will eat up all the space, and you are back to feeling cramped. So it is better to be patient and not to jump ahead unprepared.

Resale value

You might need a bigger home now because of many benefits, but that might change in the future. Your kids will move away at one point, and you will not need so much space anymore. Or your financial situation might change, so you will need to downsize to cut the expenses in half. Whatever the reason, it is not only the question of knowing when is the right time to buy or sell a home. Before purchasing, make sure that the property has features that future buyers will want. Your property needs to be well maintained so that the potential buyer does not have to spend money on renovations. Otherwise, any faults that come up will lower the price of the property. Therefore make sure that your home is well kept inside and outside, including the garden and the garage.
hand-holding hose keys in front of the lock
You will have more luck selling your home if it is well kept and has qualities that attract buyers 

Do not forget to have fun

A lot of people, once they relocate to a bigger property, freeze up. All of a sudden, there is so much space that they do not know what to do with it. That is exactly what you do not want to happen. To be creative and imaginative, you need to have fun. Moving to a bigger house is a start of a new beginning, so do not be afraid to experiment. However, do not rush. You might need to live there for a while to get a better idea of what you want to change. But once you do, nothing can stop you from turning it into a dream home.
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Apr 21, 2021

For the Grease-Monkey Dads: How to Set Up Your Own Home Garage

Numerous Australians incline toward split level home plans since they are space-savers and normally have enormous garages, however not all mortgage holders can zest these carports up. All in all, a few carports are boring, with huge loads of floor space that can in any case be used. It is totally reasonable if very few vehicle proprietors can dabble with their vehicles consistently, however for the individuals who do, it is critical that they have enough instruments and gear put away inside the carport. To be sure, the carport isn't only a spot to leave the vehicle; it is additionally a zone that can be utilized a workshop for DIY fabricates or as a work territory for vehicle upkeep. 


On the off chance that you are one of those mortgage holders with split level home plans who like to get their hands filthy when managing their vehicles, you need to ensure that your carport is where you can work productively and simpler. Contingent upon the size of within your carport, it is significant that you amplify each space in it, however not to the point that you wind up jumbling it. The fact of the matter is for you to have a vehicle support shop at the solace of your own home, and an extraordinary method to get it going is to have the accompanying unquestionable requirements for your carport: 

• Ample lighting source. When working inside your carport, it is critical that you have sufficient lighting. It is a good idea to invest in solar panels as you will be saving a lot of money from utility bills when you use one for your home garage. If before, this technology is expensive, nowadays, since more and more companies are producing solar panels, the costs have significantly reduced.

• Car lift. You can't in any way, shape or form do genuinely necessary vehicle fixes or upkeep on the off chance that you can't check under your vehicle. This is the place where the vehicle lift could be an extraordinary speculation for your carport. In the event that you need to be advantageous, you could go for a pressure driven jack since it is not difficult to store when not being used. Then again, you could go for a two-post lift, particularly if your carport has a high roof. 

• Garage flooring. Your carport's solid floor is now extraordinary all things considered, however you might need to redesign it to something that would make for an incredible plan, yet give insurance to any spills and articles dropped from a specific tallness. Regularly, a solid floor with an epoxy covering finish is favoured on the grounds that it assists you with shielding your floor from oil or soil that could leave lasting stain marks. Notwithstanding, you can contribute on altered tiles, which are frequently tough. 

• Workbench. It is an unquestionable requirement have in each carport, for vehicle upkeep as well as for other DIY assembles. Obviously, when the opportunity arrives you need to make fixes or perform carpentry work, it is significant that you have a workbench where you can put every one of your instruments and some little gear. You can either assemble one yourself or buy a foldable one, as long as it doesn't occupy a lot of room in your carport. 

• Movable instrument chest. In the event that you need request as opposed to tackling job in the midst of a turbulent workbench, you might need to store the entirety of your handheld carport instruments in an apparatus chest. This is particularly required on the off chance that you accumulate on your instruments assortment 

These are only a portion of the numerous fundamentals that you need to remember for setting up your vehicle upkeep carport in your split level home. Making the most out of your carport space is significant, anda that can be accomplished by zeroing in on getting these unquestionable requirements.

Apr 20, 2021

Things To Know Before Buying The Kitchen Benchtop Stone

The upcoming project of kitchen renovation must be an exciting feeling as you are going to get the dream kitchen after the renovation work. Countertops are undoubtedly one of the additions that you have suggested but selecting the best option can be tricky. The unending options in laminate, concrete, stone, butcher block and the available varieties of customization will throw you into a more confused state of mind.

However, the kitchen benchtop stone is still the perennial favourite of homeowners. Stone is the most durable material which is available in multiple options and various price ranges. But before you finalize the product, you must make sure to pick the best material that will suit the needs of your home.

Know about the stones

Do you know how many varieties of stone are available for making these countertops? The information is vital as it will help you to start analysing the qualities. For the kitchen benchtop stone, you will get six options:

1.    Quartz
2.    Granite
3.    Limestone
4.    Slate
5.    Soapstone
6.    Marble

There are pros and cons of each type, and so, the decision depends on your requirement and level of use. For example, granite is a common material that is used in kitchen countertops, but granite is a porous material, and it can get affected by grease and oil. So you need to seal your granite benchtop every year. Similarly, marble is fragile in nature and they cannot last for years. So always check their benefits and disadvantages before you install.

Analysing the variants

Quartz is eh only man-made stone in the list of the six options. The rest of the five are natural stones and have quarries. So, there is less control over the pattern of veining, colour, and texture of these stones, and the price will be higher. On the contrary, the engineered Quartz can offer a wide variety of patterns and colours while mimicking the appearance of granite and marble. The price of such stones will be comparatively lower. Granite and marble variants of kitchen benchtop stone are the most expensive ones. So, you can search them online and choose an affordable one according to your budget.

Heat resistance factor

The kitchen implies working on heat, and there is a high chance of surface heating when you keep the hot utensils, or the oven is heating. So you need to use heat-resistant natural stones which can resist the high temperatures, unlike the Quartz that usually cracks on exposure to extreme heat.

Durability factor

Once you get to know the weight capacity of the kitchen benchtop stone, you can assess the durability of the countertop. The following parameters do affect the durability:

•    How far the material can tolerate the shocks and heat?
•    How much weight it can bear? You can place the heavy kitchen appliances and utensils on your benchtop according to its load bearing capacity. .
Heat and shocks will be regular for the benchtops. So you need to choose such a material that can absorb the extreme conditions.

The porosity of the surface

When it comes to the selection of the kitchen benchtop stone, it is better to choose a non-porous surface so that you can clean it with soap or a mild detergent and water.

•    Quartz is a completely non-porous surface that doesn’t even require sealing. It shows high resistance to stains and does not accommodate the growth of mould, mildew or bacteria.

•    Slate and soapstone are also non-porous without the requirement for sealing.
Limestone marble and granite are porous stones that get the stains easily. So sealing is mandatory for using any of these kitchen benchtop stone.  Soalways keep in mind the factors discussed above to make the correct decision and enjoy an exceptionally durable kitchen benchtop.

Apr 17, 2021

Tips for Hanging Up Wall Art

Wall art, such as paintings, photographs, drawings, and prints, greatly enhance a room with color and style. Deciding how to arrange wall art in your home can be a challenging task, but there are several tips and tricks to help you achieve a polished and aesthetically pleasing look.

Plan the Look
It’s important to plan out your art arrangement before your start hammering nails into the wall. This can be done with digital tools or kraft paper.

In terms of digital tools, some interior design apps allow you to visualise an art piece on your wall before purchasing it. They use augmented reality technology to show you how a piece will look on your wall through your phone.

Cutting out kraft paper is another great method for planning your look. Simply cut out different pieces of kraft paper that correspond to the sizes of your art pieces. Then, using paint-safe tape, stick the pieces of paper to the wall to see what arrangements work best. Using this technique, you can experiment with different layouts and spacing options to decide on the best way to hang up your art pieces.

Get Out the Tape Measurer
There are several easy measurements you can make to ensure your art looks well-placed. For example, average eye level is around 57-60 inches above the ground. Make sure the middle of a painting sits at this height so viewers can see it clearly.

It often looks stylish to place several large pieces above a couch or console table. To do so, make sure that the art only spans ⅔ the width of the furniture piece below.

For a tight look, hang multiple art pieces around 3-4 inches apart. For a more spaced-out feel, hang them 5-6 inches apart.

Choose a Style
There are many ways to arrange art pieces on a wall. When you’re deciding on the perfect way to incorporate art into your interior, it helps to choose between a symmetrical or asymmetrical look.

Symmetry is achieved through a window-like display. You can place identically-sized and framed pieces in a grid, in which they are evenly spaced. Lining up two pieces side-by-side creates a diptych, and lining up three creates a triptych.

Asymmetry is achieved by hanging pieces that aren’t perfectly lined up or by including a variety of art shapes and styles. In a gallery wall, you can hang up a variety of art pieces, mixing photography, painting, and other mediums.

Create Unity and Balance
Maintaining visual balance is one of the most difficult aspects of arranging wall art, but it’s also one of the most important.

To maintain visual balance in a linear row of art pieces, line up the middle of the pieces.

To keep a complex gallery wall balanced, envision a line down the center of the wall. As you hang up different pieces, step back now and again to ensure you place the same amount of small and large pieces on both the left and right of that line.

Though it’s always best to arrange art in the way that feels right to you, these pointers will guide you and help display art in a way that compliments your existing decor and reflects your personal style. 


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How to Arrange Wall Art

Apr 15, 2021

Essential Things To Consider When Hiring A Pergola Builder

A pergola can be found on the outskirts of a house where people can enjoy evening tea or sit in the garden for a while. Columns and posts are the main components of the structure. A walkway is also made that is used for connecting the pergola to the house. A pergola may have a roof, but it is not a complete one. The base of the pergola is made up of concrete and columns or posts are attached to this base.

There are many pergola builders and people need to choose the one who can do the required work under a specific budget. There are many things which people must consider before hiring pergola builders. Some of these things are described here.

Selection of a design

The first thing that an owner must do is to select a design for the pergola. The design must be chosen based on the space where the pergola must be constructed. This thing can either be done before selecting pergola builders or after that. Various catalogs are available online and offline with these builders which the owner can look to finalize the design. The owner also must choose the reason due to which the pergola has to be made. The design must be chosen according to the budget and availability of space along with the usage of pergola. This will prevent the owner from selecting a design that he may not afford or may not fit.

Research before selection

The owner must do much research before selecting pergola builders. He can ask his family or friends about an experienced pergola builder. He can also check online reviews and ignore those builders whose clients have many complaints against them. The builder must have expert staff and a log year of experience in making the pergola.

Check quotes given by different builders.

The owner should check the quotes given by different pergola builders. These quotes will help the owner choose the one who can make the pergola within the budget. The owner must ignore those builders whose quotes are exceptionally low. Such builders may not be experienced, or their work may not be good. He should check the market price and then select the quotes.

Check punctuality.

The owner must check the punctuality of the pergola builders. There are some builders who take an exceptionally longtime, and this can become expensive. The time frame should be decided by the owner so that no inconvenience is caused later. He must research and look for the builders who complete their work on or before time.

Building material

Another thing that the owner must think is the material which will be used to make the pergola. Some of these materials have been described here.


Timber is considered as one of the best materials to construct a pergola. After the structure is finished, the owner can opt for painting the pergola. The disadvantage of using the timber is that it is easily affected by weather and moisture.  However, the timber pergolas look timeless.


Pergola made with metal is waterproof and has long life in comparison to timber. It is better to use galvanized steel so that it is not affected by rust.Other metals used are aluminum, and irons.


The builder must be chosen based on the experience and budget. The pergola builders should have long years of experience and the staff should be expert and friendly to execute the best results.


Apr 3, 2021

Tips for repurposing your unused space

Our lives change constantly, and so do our needs. There may be a new baby on the way, an elderly family member moving in, children going to college and moving out, some new hobbies, a need to work from home, etc. These things and, of course, many others require a change of lifestyle. And, with a shift in lifestyle comes repurposing the unused space in your home. However, in most cases, doing that is not as easy as it sounds. Without proper planning and preparation, many things can go wrong. But, do not worry, we got you covered! Here are some tips for repurposing your unused space.


Brainstorm And Make Your Decision

Before you start repurposing any room in your home, think about your needs and your interests! Many people want to use the free space they have in their home just because it is 'sitting' empty. By doing that, they make a mistake that ends up costing them a lot of time, energy, and money. So, do not make that mistake - make this new repurposed room of yours match your lifestyle, that is, make it fit your current (and future) needs and interests.

Start brainstorming! For instance, if you have a formal dining room that is just collecting dust or a guest bedroom but no frequent guests, what will you turn that room into? Think about your current needs and, most importantly, think about the things your family needs in a home! After thorough brainstorming and consulting with everybody, make your decision!

Prepping is a Must

Another thing you should do you start with any remodeling projects is to remove everything 'removable' from your unused space. It means that you should take out all the furniture pieces and all the knick-knacks from there someplace else. If you have any difficulties doing this, then it’s time you let the guys from Heart Moving, NYC, handle heavy lifting and help you find good storage options.

Once the room or the unused area is free from all the clutter, be sure to clean it thoroughly too! This is important for two reasons. Firstly, an empty and clean working area will make your renovation project safer. Secondly, empty space will allow you to see all the possibilities clearly and enable you to brainstorm some more.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Everything in life starts with a proper plan! And so does repurposing your unused space. The first part of planning is mental. You must think about everything you should do and the best way to do it. Think about how your new space should look and what pieces of furniture you should put in there. Moreover, if you think you cannot pull off this remodeling project yourself, think about the people who can help you - interior designers, contractors, movers, painters, etc.

The second part of planning is more concrete, where you must do all the prepping mentioned above. After removing everything from the room and cleaning it thoroughly, measure the space! That will help you when picking new furniture or repurposing the old one.

Most importantly, plan your budget! It is easy to get carried away when designing a fun room for your entire family, but your bank may easily break if your budget is not figured out. But, do not worry, there are many ways you can repurpose and remodel your home on a budget, but for that, you must know how big your budget is in the first place.

Shop Till You Drop

Take your measurements and hit the stores. Do not hesitate to do some window shopping first. Take your time to explore all the stores that sell the items you need for your new repurposed room. So, for instance, if you want your basement turned into a cozy space, be sure to check out all the stores that sell living room furniture, pillows, throws, candles, curtains, and other comfy stuff. 


Window shopping is essential as it allows you to brainstorm some more and compare all the prices. It would also be a good idea to check the online stores since items there are usually cheaper. For even more budget-friendly solutions, you can check sites that sell second-hand furniture too!

Execute Your Idea Properly when Repurposing Your Unused Space

You should have a clear vision of what your new repurposed space should look like by now. And, hopefully, your new furniture and other home stuff are ready to be placed in. All that is left is to execute this idea and start enjoying your new space. When executing an idea, that is, when executing a remodeling project, it is crucial to follow the 'order'. First, finish all the structural and cosmetic changes, such as repainting, adding new floors, changing doors and windows, etc. Only after those things are done should you start adding the furnishings. Always respect the order: add rugs, then all the furniture, install the lighting, and finally, accessorize the room.

Find the Right People for the Job

If you decide to hire somebody to help you out with this project rather than to do it all by yourself, be sure that you found the right people for the job. Not every company (and not every worker) is the same. Some are better, faster, cheaper, and more legitimate than others. So, find the right company to paint your home, another good one to add your floors, one more reputable business to replace the windows, a reliable crew to move your heavy furniture, etc. Spend some time asking around and 'googling' different companies in your city to find the one that suits your needs and budget.

It would be best to hire a company or a worker recommended by someone you trust. Do not focus solely on the price - remember that good things cost more, especially things in the house that are supposed to last for years. Cutting corners on important stuff can lead to money loss and the loss of your energy, nerves, and a considerable amount of time. Take everything into consideration when repurposing your unused space. 

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