Dec 31, 2014

Banish Mosquitoes and Ticks from Your Yard

When you want to enjoy your garden, deck or pool area in the evenings, you could get a horde of uninvited guests. Mosquitoes know you’re sitting outside and make it a point to take advantage of you. You may not like the lotion that deters mosquitoes, and it isn’t really a solution. However, there are misting systems for mosquitoes that are a complete solution, so you can enjoy your outdoor time without uninvited guests.

What Is a Mister?

A misting system is designed to spray a fine mist of pesticides that will kill mosquitoes and other outdoor insects. The spray nozzles are mounted around the perimeter of the property in the landscaping or lawn, or may be installed on a section of fence or wall of the house or outbuilding. There are several different ways the systems can be controlled, including by remote control, by a timer and by an on and off switch.

What Pesticides Are Used?

There is a variety of chemicals that are used to kill mosquitoes, ticks and other pests. Some are all-natural, and kill the pest on contact for up to 14 days. The all-natural sprays contain essential oils that may add fragrance to your garden for a few hours after it has been applied. This type of pesticide breaks down more quickly than other types, which is why it needs to be applied every 14 days rather than the 21 days for regular pesticides. When mosquitoes feed on plant juices, the pesticides that remain on the leaves for two to three weeks will kill them.
Misting Systems for Mosquitoes
What You Can Expect

Misting systems are most often used for yards where continuous protection is needed. The systems:

• Release a 30-second spray two to four times per day
• Repel or kill ticks and mosquitoes in the treated areas
• Uses nylon tubing and nickel-plated, stainless-steel nozzles
• Are inconspicuous in the garden
• Will be filled and maintained by the technicians who installed them

No misting system can promise 100 percent removal of mosquitoes or ticks, but most people find that the number is greatly reduced, to the point that the pests are not even noticed for hours.

You don’t need to surrender the beauty and convenience of your backyard deck, pool area or kitchen because of pests. A misting system is a safe and effective way to control mosquitoes and ticks, so your backyard is open to you again.

Making Your Home Bathroom Feel like a Spa Experience

Going to a sumptuous spa for professional treatments was once a luxury reserved for the pampered wealthy portion of society. We now finding more and more middle income professionals taking advantage of the spa experience to off-set the daily stresses we experience in our fast-paced lifestyles. Now elevated to a mental health necessity, many of us prefer to convert our home bathrooms, providing that spa serenity without leaving our homes.

HOW: Depending on your situation and the feasibility of your home's confines, the first place to start is choosing a designer and contractor. This is especially true if this conversion requires the shifting of walls in an existing structure. The designer assists in choosing an overall theme, insuring the fixtures and decor mesh. The contractor is necessary to make this project comply with building and renovation codes.

WHAT: Ask yourself what overall "theme" or motif you wish to create. Perhaps you envision a clean, cool, contemporary space that borders on clinical. Or your spa style may be tropical, including natural plants and botanicals with a water feature. Whatever your style, clip pictures, jot notes and visit bath suppliers' model bathrooms to take photos. Assemble all this material in a book or poster to create a story board of your dream spa bath.

FIXTURES: Once you have established the design direction, choosing fixtures becomes an innate action. All fixtures and appointments should be high-end, luxury pieces that drive the motif. Whether clean chrome contemporary fixtures, or warm and organically inspired, these luxury purchases become the foundation of your home spa. Rainforest showerheads, soaking tubs, heated floors and so forth are only some of the technical advances now available for home renovations.
ACCESSORIES: This is an area where an interior designer can become invaluable. Some of us have an eye for color, fabric and texture -- but some of us do not. Choosing containers, fabrics, carpet or rugs improperly can circumvent your path to luxury. Towels, shower curtains, window treatments, right down to the "jewel box" accessories like drinking glasses, soap dishes and the like, serve to propel your theme's overall "feel."
Luxuriating in the spa experience in your own home will provide many relaxing, satisfying hours for years to come. In fact, you are eliminating an area of stress simply by not having to make appointments, drive to the spa, and generally work it into your tight schedule. With
luxury bath accessories collections and a clear vision of what serenity means to you, relaxation and improved mental health reside within the walls of your own home.

Playground Mats and their Usage

Science is the blessing of God. It is the precious gift for all the human being. Now it’s up to them how they use the science either for the positive purposes or for the other negative purposes. This the age of modern civilization that’s just because of the science. Man is very curious about things, it’s just his nature and science is just the result of human curious nature. Through science man invented a lot of technological things which no one can think that it would be possible. Like man has gone to the moon just because of the technology. He controls the whole world through satellite system. If he want to destroy any country then through satellite system this would be possible. You can easily access the secret data of that country.

Before the science there was no concept of the electricity in past. People used the candles to perform their activities at night or used the moon light. But science has changed this concept and produced electricity through water and wind. Now no one can think that he can live without electricity.

Atom bombs are made for the security of a country. That’s just because of the science. This world of industrialization, everything is prepared in the industries. These industries give lot of employment to the people. Thousands of people work in the industries just to earn money so that they can live a better life.

The health and safety of the people that work in the industries like military industries, or chemical industries where lot of different type of dangerous products are produced is the responsibility of that organization. So the good health of the employees is very important. Good health is like a boon. It’s the real jewel of the life and it is the most precious possession of the man. If a person loses his health, then the charm of the world is nothing for him. Health basically refers to well-being state and having no sign of the illness.

In the context of the industries and organization it’s their basic responsibility that they provide the safe and healthy environment to their employees. Safe and healthy organizations are those that do not harm to their employees and help them to keep safe. Most of the organizations prepare dangerous products or those products in which dangerous chemicals are used. So there health and safety is very important for the organizations.

Playground Mats are very popular in such type of the organizations and industries where electrical and chemical instruments are prepared and used. This keeps the employees safe from any injury and danger. These mats are not used in the companies and industries but also used for the commercial purposes. There are different types of the Playground Mats that are used for different purposes like anti fatigue Playground Mats, grass mats, rubber mats, horse mats, playground safety Mats etc. These Playground Mats are used also in the houses as it provided safety from the injuries and any type of the harm.

Dec 30, 2014

Create a Classic Look with Stained Glass Lights

Stained glass is one of the few home decorations that never goes out of style. Though you might think of Tiffany when you think of stained glass, you can easily find more affordable pieces that look just like those more expensive ones. Choosing the right one lamp lets you add some new color and a fresh and classic style to your home.

Types of Lamps
Stained Glass Table Lamp
Stained glass lamps come in a variety of styles. A table lamp is a smaller lamp that is usually around one foot tall, though you can find shorter or taller lamps. Many table lamps feature a solid cast iron or metal base with the stained glass shade sitting on top. A floor lamp has a similar style but is usually much taller. These lamps look nice when placed behind a chair or couch. There are also stained glass fixtures available. These lamps have a shade with a bulb that sits inside and a metal chain that lets you hang it from the ceiling in your home.

How to Choose a Light

Choosing a new stained glass light for your home is easy. Just think about the style that you like and the colors that work best in your home. Some lamps feature neutral colors, while others come in brighter shades of red and green. When selecting a new light for your home, check out the
new stained glass items from Smashing Stained Glass and other sites before making your final decision.

Consider Adding a Deck to Enhance Your Property

With a bit of imagination, virtually any doorway that is above ground level can be accentuated with a deck. While some houses may not have the capability of supporting a deck, many can greatly benefit from what it can provide. These outdoor additions can become shelter during specific weather conditions or simply give you and your family a place to barbeque during the summer.
Ipe Deck
Improving Personal and Resale Value

Having the perfect deck can fill you with a sense of pride and comfort as your home begins to feel more customized to your desires. In fact, adding a deck could increase curb appeal in the event you decide to sell. From a common area complete with outdoor chairs to a way to encircle your outdoor waterfall landscaping project, the right deck can add intrinsic value to the home.

Durability in Materials

Building your deck of the right materials can keep it looking luxurious. It can become an investment that can be enjoyed by you and the family. As long as you take the time to properly care for the deck and all other furniture pieces, you can keep the ambience of the area in excellent condition for years to come.

There is a great deal of appeal that can come from installing the right deck to accentuate the property. As these come in a variety of colors and textures; it can be easy to find one that fits your outdoor designs. Click here for more information about premium hardwood decking materials. Give your home additional appeal for yourself and future potential buyers.

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