Jan 31, 2015

A Cat Scratching Post: Why You Need One for Your Pet Cat

Being the owner of a pet is a wonderful feeling and when your pet is a cat, the warm fuzzy feeling in your heart every time you see it is enough to justify all the scratching it does. Scratching is something that is natural to cats, whether you own a kitten or a grown feline. It may not look very nice when your cat scratches itself, but it is a natural tendency that your pet is best left alone to do whenever it wants to. A cat scratch post can be a great buy for your precious cat. The thing with a cat scratch post is that it may not seem at first to be much, but it can work wonders in many different ways. Here are just some of the reasons why a scratching post for your cat is something that you should buy.

cat scratch post

It’s great for kittens
Kittens have a lot of pent-up energy and a great way to use it up and make them less fidgety is to buy a cat scratch post and install it in an area of your home where it spends a lot of time in. This vigorous activity will also propel it towards creating an early sense of attachment to your home. It will also alleviate causes for any behavioral problems to occur later on.

It’s great for your furniture
If you have a cat, you know that they love the furniture. It is not fun having your precious furniture scratched all over by a scratching cat. Getting a cat scratch post is a great way of making sure that your furniture remains unharmed. Obviously, just installing the post won’t do. You will have to do things to lure your pet away from your furniture and towards it. Whenever you see it scratching against your furniture, just pick it up and place it in front of the post. Doing this every time you find it scratching will modify its behavior after sometime.

It’s great for the health of your pet
To most cat-owners, scratching may seem like a really irritating habit. But it is actually good for cats. Scratching gives them the opportunity of keeping their claws in good shape. It is also a way to get rid of the stress they may have. Your pet will be happy and healthy if it has the opportunity of scratching whenever it wants to, without anyone stopping it from doing so. Buying a cat scratch post is thus a wonderful way of making sure that your cat keeps well.

If you have more than one cat, it acts as a common ground
If you are the proud owner of multiple cats and find it difficult to bring all of them together, then a cat scratching post is a great thing to invest in. They all love to scratch themselves and when they have a post, they will find a common ground. The post can act as a place they meet and play.

Author Bio: Richard Bradford is a freelance writer with years of experience in writing on various topics. His recent blog is all about the importance of a cat scratch post and why it is essential for every cat owners to buy one. 

Jan 30, 2015

The Entrance Hall

Let me share the look of the entrance hall of Bogor Railway Station (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia) in the night.


The Weekend in Black and White

Jan 28, 2015

Tips to Make Your Christmas Tree Last Longer

Having a Christmas tree is a popular way to get into that holiday spirit every year. These days people are starting to decorate soon after Thanksgiving, however it can be difficult to make your live Christmas tree last through the whole month until the Christmas holiday actually arrives. But have no fear; there are a few things that you can do to help your tree stick around for the month without having to celebrate with an unfit tree for the holidays.

1.      The first tip is to pick the freshest tree possible. A tree that that has been cut more recently will be able to last longer than one that has been prepped and sent to local tree retailers. You can always ask the salesperson how long ago it was cut, or even go out into a wooded area and find your own tree.
2.      Don’t pick a tree with a lot of brown needles on it already, because this means that the tree is well past its prime and will likely not last long. When choosing your tree, make sure that the needles are flexible and bendable as this is a good indicator of its freshness.
3.      Mount your tree as soon as possible after bringing it home, and give it lots of water. Even though most trees can withstand a day of not having water, it will without a doubt last longer if you give it some hydration right away. You will want to mount your tree while its still moist and wet because a dry trunk may already mean that the tree is starting to lose some of its life. Make sure to water your tree every day, because it will be drinking a lot especially in the beginning.
4.      Keep your tree away from the windows and vents. Allowing it to stay in the shade for the month will keep it from drying out as fast, and it will live longer as a result. Also, keeping your tree away from direct sunlight will prevent it from losing its color as quickly.
5.      If your tree has been out of the woods or tree lot for at least five hours before getting inside your home, cut an inch off the trunk. Usually in that amount of time the ends will start to harden up, and it will attempt to close it off. If you cut that little extra amount of the end of the tree it will be able to drink water better and stay moist longer.
6.      Give your tree a sugar source in addition to its water. Since the tree has been cut from its natural location it will need something to give it the nutrients it needs. Maybe once a week or so put a couple teaspoons of sugar into the water mount below your tree. Sugar is one of the things that trees need in the wild, so helping it out in this way may not be a bad idea.
7.      To reduce the amount of heat that your tree endures, try using the newer LED lights as opposed to some of the older style ones. The heat from a lot of bulbs on string lights can be very taxing to the branches and dry them out a lot faster than you would like.
8.      Try brining in a humidifier into the same room as your tree. Adding some moisture to the air will also help it not dry out. During the winter, most places experience really dry air that can get into the home as well. Not only is this solution a great option for the tree, but it will also help you and your family get the some humidity during the dry winter months.

Stewart Scott is a certified arborist and is the owner of Cevet Tree Care, where he offers the best tree service Columbia MO has to offer. Cevet has provided tree trimming and other tree care services to mid-Missouri for almost 20 years.


Jan 27, 2015

Your At-Home Wedding Wonder!

Whether you are trying to save money or you have never felt really interested in the big wedding ceremony, there are plenty of great reasons to celebrate your wedding at home. It is intimate, it is friendly, and it really gives you a chance to let your home shine. How can you make sure that you are making the most out of your at home wedding?

Match the Wedding to the Space

You don't want to make people feel cramped. Where is the actual ceremony going to be? Holding it outside is fairly traditional, and there are plenty of people who have big yards that can accommodate a small wedding of thirty or so. Remember to measure the space for any seating or staging you want to put up, and in general, remember that having extra space is better than having too little!

DIY Decorations!

There are so many great ways to decorate your own home for your wedding. For example, you can make your own floral centerpieces out of your garden, and a quick trip to a home improvement store can give you what you need to build a quick trellis for the ceremony. Consider piercing ping pong balls and sliding them over small Christmas lights to provide a soft glow for a summertime evening wedding. There are so many wonderful options out there that you are sure to have a great time putting your decorations together. If you need some help choosing your wedding decorations, think of a theme that reflects the both of you, and let the theme narrow it down.

Figure Out Parking

Do you know what the rules on parking are for your area? Will everyone have enough space to park? On your wedding website, make sure that you give instructions on where your guests can put their cars, especially if you live in an area where the city likes to tow. This is quite important, especially for out-of-towners who might not know the area as well as others.

Decide on Your Food

If you are holding the wedding at your home, you can cook yourself, but even the most ardent DIY couple admits that having food brought in can be a life saver. When you are thinking of wedding catering, remember that you can choose nearly any cuisine that you like. Wedding catering for a home wedding can be as simple as a buffet, as fancy as a chocolate fountain or as light as tray after tray of beautiful appetizers. The trick is to head to a caterers website, ring them and see if they’re a good fit for your event.

Pet Sitting

You love your cats or dogs, but on a wedding day, they may be underfoot, or worse, they might run outside and get lost as people come and go. Make sure that there is a good place to put them with plenty of food and water, and be sure that someone checks on them periodically.

When you are planning your at-home wedding, there is no reason that it cannot go exactly as you wish it to. There are some wonderful options out there that will allow you to get the exact wedding you want, so keep an open mind, prep everything as early as you can, and smile!

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