Dec 23, 2022

8 Signs Your Kemptville Home is Too Small

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Finding a perfect home is a long journey. That’s because our life circumstances and needs are constantly changing, and as time goes by, we require different things from our living space. We don’t look for the same thing when we are 20-something students and when we are older adults with kids. These changes are a normal part of life. And luckily, the real estate market in Kemptville, Ontario, offers many great options for everyone’s needs. The good thing is that it is not hard to figure out when the time has come to move somewhere. Usually, there are many signs your Kemptville home is too small; you just need to pay attention. But sometimes, due to the strong emotional attachment people have to their homes, it can be hard to see the signs clearly. So we decided to list some of those signs in this article.

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One of the clear signs your Kemptville home is too small is the lack of home office space 

You need a proper home office

Lately, the number of people who have turned to working from home has skyrocketed. And that is mainly due to the global pandemic that made it impossible for people to go to their regular offices. Unsurprisingly, this new phenomenon did not bypass Kemptville, and today there are a lot more people working from home. But working from home requires having an appropriate working space. You can’t work and be productive if you are sitting with your laptop on the couch, with household members constantly distracting you. This is especially true if you have young kids running around. You need to have a space where you can focus on your work without being interrupted constantly. This is one of the most obvious signs your Kemptville home is too small. A proper home office is a good and valid reason to start thinking about upsizing soon.

You require more space to entertain your guests

If you are someone who has a large circle of friends and likes to host them often, you know how big of a role a spacious home plays in these situations. You need an area where you can host dinner parties and entertain your guests. And over time, your circle of friends will expand, or your friends will have children that they will then bring along to your fun dinners and game nights. That means you are going to need even more space than before. If your home in Kemptville can't accommodate all of your friends and their kids, that's a clear sign that it's too small. In this case, you should look for a new home that will have enough space to accommodate everybody. Homes with big backyards are ideal for this because there you can have big barbecues and dinners out in the fresh air.

Growing family

When you first buy or rent a home as a single person, you don’t need much space. But with time, your life will change. At some point, your partner will move in with you, and you will have to share that space. Then a few years down the line, your family will expand even more. One kid, then maybe a few years later, one more. And kids need a lot of space when they are little. But the thing is, as they grow older, their needs will grow as well, and at some point, your kids will not want to share a bedroom anymore. So let’s face it, your Kemptville home is definitely too small for this. It’s time to upsize and give you and your family the spacious and functional home you need.

One of the signs your Kemptville home is too small is the lack of storage space

If you are constantly decluttering and trying to find new creative ways to use home storage, but you still don’t have enough space for everything, it is a sign that your home is too small. There are many ways to utilize home storage, like using space under your bed or vertical shelves to maximize the space. But sometimes, it just isn’t enough. You can try and rent a storage unit, but this can prove to be really expensive. Because chances are you are only going to acquire more things over time, and at some point, one storage unit won’t be enough. And renting two long-term storage units is expensive. It is better to find a more permanent solution, like a bigger home where you can fit all your things.

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Your Kemptville home is too small for your family and parents. 

Parents moving in

At some point in your life, you might find yourself in a situation where your parents will have to move in with you. Maybe they got sick, or they are just at that age where they need a lot of help. But what if you don’t have a guest room? Then you are stuck sleeping on the couch and giving up your bedroom for your parents. This is one of the clearest signs that it is time to upsize and move your family into a more spacious home that will accommodate you all. And you don’t have to worry about the logistics and stress that come with moving someone as old as your parents. Moving within Kemptville, Ontario, and hiring local movers is very simple because there are many experienced companies to choose from. Pros can help you settle in and make a move smooth and stress-free for your parents.

You adopted a pet

One of the most exciting things you can do is adopt a puppy from a shelter. Not only will you be giving that puppy a great life you will also bring a lot of joy to the whole household. When the puppy is small, it doesn’t need that much space, but when it gets bigger, it is an entirely different story. Dogs need space, and your Kemptville home is simply too small. Look for a nice house with a big fenced yard and make your dog happy.

A paint roller on a grey wall
When you live in a tiny home, it’s nearly impossible to decorate it 

It’s impossible to decorate

You will know your home is too small when you try to redecorate, and you can’t even get to your walls to paint them. A home overflowing with things is hard to decorate, and it’s almost impossible to make it look stylish and modern. Living in homes like this can be very frustrating and detrimental to your mental health.

You lack privacy

Lack of privacy is one of the main reasons people decide to upsize. When you live in a small home, especially with kids, it is really hard to have any private time. And this can be a huge problem. Every human being needs privacy in order to feel good in their own home. Sharing a bathroom with the rest of your family doesn’t help either. This is a clear sign that your home is too small.

In conclusion

Signs your Kemptville home is too small are usually very obvious. You feel it in your day-to-day life. Listen to the signs and search for your family’s dream home in Kemptville.

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Dec 13, 2022

Top 7 US Cities for Young Adults


Flag of USA

America has always been the land of dreams and opportunity. People all around the world are trying to find their spot under the sun here. The ones that are only starting their lives and careers are welcomed with both hands. There's something for everyone in these top seven US cities for young adults.

1# Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, the biggest city in Florida, is ideal for Millennials and Gen Z members in search of milder climates. The downtown area has a vibrant nighttime scene with pubs and restaurants for every taste. In addition, there are several museums and art galleries to tour, as well as an increasing number of brewers and distilleries.

Furthermore, Jacksonville is a utopia for outdoor lovers. In addition to parks, nature walks, and golf courses, the city features more than 80 miles of beaches. The Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Baptist Health, and CSX Corporation are major employers in Jacksonville.

The bridge in Jacksonville, one of the best US cities for young adults.
This can be a bridge to your brighter future

2# The City of Angels

Los Angeles, renowned for being the home of Hollywood aspirations, is a well-known startup hotbed. Young people are drawn to the hipster areas of Echo Park and Los Feliz, and Los Angeles' abundance of coffee shops, gastropubs, and new inventive workplaces make it an attractive location. The greatest summer parties happen here! Los Angeles is more of a collection of cities, so if you don't like a specific area, simply explore another neighborhood. 

3# Columbus, Ohio

It may seem in the middle of nowhere, yet thousands of Ohio State University students and alumni call this location home. Ohio State is the biggest college campus in the United States, and its influence is felt across this 900,000-person city. This is why Best Long Distance Movers experts always put Columbus at the top of the list when advising young clients thriving to move for college.

Outside of San Francisco and New York, the city boasts one of the most prominent LGBTQ+ populations. And if you need a break from the bustle of the city, you can always take a short trip to one of the several state parks or natural reserves surrounding Columbus.

It's easy to understand why Columbus is one of the most incredible locations to live in if you're young and single, given the city's thriving employment market and the presence of big businesses such as Nationwide Children's Hospital and JPMorgan Chase.

4# San Francisco, California

Silicon Valley is home to Google and numerous other prominent companies. This makes it the best location for fashionable and geeky individuals. In fact, there are no other areas in the United States with as many startup and IT opportunities. Also beautiful are the city's famed cable cars and Victorian homes. As such, it's one of the best US cities for young adults. 

The temperature is not as hot as it is in Southern California. But for some, a milder environment is preferable, as long as they don't mind the fog. The one catch is that it boasts some of the nation's most costly rentals, but there is always a solution for that.

A lot of young people are here to stay

However, even with this in mind, people from all around California still flock to San Francisco in search of a new life. An important thing to note here is that if you decide on a long-distance move from some other part of California, you'll need to find reliable movers in the early stage. So choose a team you can rely on to have a wonderful and stress-free moving experience. 

5# Seattle, Washington

This is where the headquarters of Amazon and many other digital titans are situated. The incomes here are astounding, and there is nothing to go except up. The city's housing costs are far lower than those in other regions of the United States, and it has traditionally prioritized sustainable living. Vancouver, Canada, is only over the border from Hollywood North. Thus it has the combined benefit of being near Hollywood and offering living-wage employment. If you don't mind a wet, mild environment, Seattle, the birthplace of Starbucks, is a great city to settle down in.

Skyline of Seattle.
Seattle may be cloudy, but it’s one of the best US cities for young adults.

6# Miami, Florida

If you've dreamt of living by the beach your whole life, but like crowds and parties, Miami has long been the domain of young people. Miami's diversified population and devotion to having a good time make it a desirable place for those pursuing a tropical way of life. The only problem could be keeping your home at a decent temperature in the summer.

Also, there are all the benefits of metropolitan living. The water always displays brilliant hues, the bars are open all night, and the city has a rich history. All of this makes Miami an attractive destination for those who like the sea, surf, and sand. The whole island chain of the Florida Keys is only a short drive away, which is an extra advantage.

7# New Orleans, Louisiana

There are three things that New Orleans that make it unique:

  • music

  • food

  • a little bit of magic (or a lot of it)

New Orleans is an excellent location for history and mystery enthusiasts. It was the longtime residence of Anne Rice, the author of The Vampire Chronicles. So, New Orleans is a perfect option if you've ever had gothic leanings. Also, the cuisine and music are out of this world. And the proximity to the Gulf of Mexico makes the water easily accessible. A lot of history will make you feel like you've entered a limbo where time and space do not exist – just the music and the present moment.

A statue of a person holding the trumpet.
Beware – the home of jazz can put a love spell on you.

Why choose one of these top 7 US cities for young adults?

Each of these seven US cities for young adults is unique and has many fantastic opportunities. These are the places to start if you really want to take advantage of your most active years. Don't be afraid of diving into this adventure. At every corner, an opportunity waits just for you. Don't miss it, and live your life to the fullest!

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