Jun 30, 2017

Ways to Go Eco-Friendly with Home Appliances

Saving energy is not just about buying eco-friendly appliances, but also about using them properly and practicing energy saving techniques. Here are some examples.
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Compact Flourescent Lights

Incandescent lightbulbs are going to be obsolete very soon because of how much energy that compact flourescent lights (CFLs) save. They come in all shapes, sizes, and even shades. Thus, they can replace any and all lights existing at your home.

Note: Because CFLs contain mercury, they must be disposed of properly.

Go Easy on the Heater

When you use your water heater, keep the temperature below 50 degrees Celsius. Using it above this temperature uses excessive amounts of energy. Also, make sure that it is insulated so that no heat escapes. This will allow you to use lower energy levels to reach your desired amount of heat. If there is no insulation, then you can wrap it in an insulating blanket but leave room for the air vent so it won’t break.
Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can save you 10% on your usual energy expenses by avoiding the overuse of your air conditioning and heating system. It does this by setting certain temperatures and certain times.

You can set it in a way that it is in low use while you are at work and high use when you return. You will want to keep the heat down when you sleep so you are comfortable and bring it back up again when you wake up so you avoid oversleeping.
Power Strips

Everyone is the house should use power strips because digital readouts and transformer boxes are found more often on devices nowadays. This means that electronics such as computers and TVs will still draw power as long as they are plugged in; even if these are turned off.

Because of this, they need to be unplugged in order to save energy. But a  better way to do this is to plug multiple electronics into a power strip then either switch this off (if it has a switch) or unplug it. Doing this will save another 10% from your usual energy bill.

Add Space Behind Your Refrigerator

Behind a refrigerator, you can find its coils. Basically, this is what allows the appliance to keep its insides cold.

When you place it too near the wall, it will gather dust and cover the coils, making the refrigerator work harder to reach your desired temperature. Add space between it and the wall to avoid it from getting dirty. Clean the back and the coilsevery three months as well.

A refrigerator is the appliance that uses the most energy at your home, so you want to make sure that it’s being used efficiently.

Clean You Air Conditioner’s Filter

If you feel like your air conditioner is not cooling a room enough, then check your compressor first. A dirty compressor and filter will not make the unit efficient which is why it under performs. It’s not because the unit is wearing down, but it’s because the cold air isn’t flowing properly.

Turn off the power flow to the compressor first and then clean it with water from a hose.

Key Takeaway

Because some appliances have been marketed to be eco-friendly, some people become complacent with their use. Because of this, their appliances either break or use more energy that it needs to. Be aware of efficient ways to use your appliances such as the tips listed above and you will see a drastic change in your energy bills.

About the Author:
Esther Diaz
 A 22-year-old graduate of graphic design, DIY enthusiast, make-up lover and has a love-hate relationship with desserts. I dream to be soon one of the known bloggers.

7 Inspiring Movies You Should Show Your Children

Films are some of the most popular forms of entertainment that people watch on a daily basis. There are a lot of films that show important values and lessons that children can learn from. In some of the best international schools, films are being used as extra educational media to motivate and inspire their students to achieve more. There are many inspiring movies that children can watch in school or at home, but these 7 listed here are some of the best and most memorable films that they can watch.

1.   Dead Poets Society

One of the most popular movies starring Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society is about an English teacher who uses his love and passion for poetry and literature (along with his other unconventional methods) to motivate his students to be themselves, and challenge the strict school rules of Welton Academy. The film is filled with intelligent and emotional moments that would inspire your students, and may even spark an interest in poetry and classical literature.

2.   The Blind Side

The Blind Side is based on the true story about the early life NFL player Michael Oher. He starts out as a homeless boy, who would later find a family that would take care of him, and end up becoming one of the best American football prospects in the United States. The film shows perseverance, along with family values, which give the film some memorable heartwarming moments.
3.   Pursuit of Happyness

The film is about the story of Chris Gardner (played by Will Smith), who was a father who was struggling to make ends meet, and his journey in the financial ladder. It is a film that shows the value of hard work and perseverance, and how to make every opportunity count.
4.   Nil BatteySannata

A popular and inspiring film from India, Nil BatteySannata is about a mother, who is helping her daughter excel in her studies like mathematics. The film has some valuable life lessons and some entertaining scenes. The film shows that education is something that everybody can have.
5.   Good Will Hunting

Another film on this list that stars Robin Williams (who plays as a psychologist named Sean), Good Will Hunting is about Will Hunting (played by Matt Damon), a math prodigy who has lived a rough life and works as a janitor. The film follows Will’s journey as he unlocks his potential with the help of Sean to become a genius who can utilize his talents well.

6.   Freedom Writers

The Freedom Writers is a film about a high school teacher (played by Hilary Swank) who is teaching students in a struggling school that was once known for its high achievers. The student body of the school is composed of racially diverse students, which causes tension and violence within the school and the surrounding community. The film shows the importance of working together despite and many differences and barriers that are present. The film also shows how these barriers can be bought down for the purpose of becoming responsible students and people.

7.   The Great Debaters

Another film based on a true story, The Great Debaters is about a professor named Melvin B. Tolson, a man who would inspire and organize a school debate team that would compete with the Harvard University debate team, which is considered as one of the best in the United States.The film is a great way to motivate your students into taking their studies more seriously.

Key Takeaway
Movies are a great way to inspire students, as they get to have a visual presentation of the whole story, which can help it become more relatable to them. These 7 movies show some of the best values and lessons that can be taught to them, and messages that would encourage them to become better people overall.

About the Author:

Esther Diaz
A 22-year-old graduate of graphic design, DIY enthusiast, make-up lover and has a love-hate relationship with desserts. I dream to be soon one of the known bloggers.

What Is House hacking and Some Innovative House hacking Ideas

Amongst the latest trends to have caught on, this one teaches people to utilize on space at home for financial purposes

First there were just hackers (with knives and blades), then computer hackers and then came the life hackers. Now, we have something called house hacking which is being more and more commonly used in various parts of the world where there could either be living constraints or people are looking for ways to earn that extra cash.

The concept

House hacking in an integral stepping stone into the world of real estate investing

While it was not unheard of in the past of people letting out a spare room, it wasn’t really looked at from a business and investment point of view. This concept may not be new but it has only gained popularity and momentum in the recent past. If people go about this in the correct manner, they could end up staying free of cost in their own home only because they have turned it into a multi-unit facility to generate income.

The process

Getting started out as a house hacker is much easier than expected and you end up becoming a real estate investor in the process

One of the simplest and easiest ways to start out as a house hacker is to get hold of a duplex or a triplet and turn it into a multi-unit rental facility which would also be your principal residence. This would give you the opportunity to cover the EMI expenses and maybe even get some left-over cash after that. Living in the same place as your tenants will also give you the option on keeping an extra eye on the general upkeep of the property.  The following pointers are the types and then some innovative ways of househacking.

Equity househacking

Buy a property that needs touching up and then sell at a higher cost when the time is right

If carried out properly, this method could literally ensure that the cost of living in this property for whatever period of time till it is sold is absolutely free of cost. One needs to buy a Residential Apartments in Bangalore which requires a bit of renovation and will appreciate greatly in value once these renovations have been carried through. The profits from the sale would effectively cover the costs of the renovations and also the cost of living for this duration.

Cash flow house hacking

Do not wait just for the property to appreciate in value, make money right from the start

This is another one of the common methods used for househacking. This is when one purchases a property with the aim of subletting the rooms or has the one spare bedroom which could be given out to a college student or a fresher who does not want too much of his starting salary going on accommodation.

Pets only accommodation

While most places do accept pets, imagine having a personal animal haven of your own

While this would involve a little bit more thematic design to ensure that this place is pet friendly, how many people would have heard residential set ups that are meant only for people who have pets. Just imagine the delight of people when they find out that they can take their beloved little pooch with them on their travels. Plus having so many pets under the same roof would always ensure fun and frolic unless one of them bites off something they are not supposed to chew on. Given the number of people with pets, and the shortage of proper animal shelters, occupancy levels for this sort of a place could be high.

Community based

Similar ways and mannerisms would promote greater cooperation and better general upkeep of the place

India is a place where cultures and customs are still very much prevalent even in the most developed areas of the country. Even though the average Indian is friendly and helpful, most of them are at ease when they are in the midst of their own kind. After all, there are a greater proportion of habits that one has in common with their own kind. Having people from the same community promotes a greater sense of unity and would cut out common problems which a mixed set of tenants may have.

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