Jun 21, 2017

Top Five Garden Landscaping Ideas

If you own a home, there is nothing better than having an outdoor garden to retreat to on sunny afternoons or crisp autumn days. Regardless of whether you have a large yard or a smaller patio space, you can take a drab outdoor space and turn it into a stunning and beautiful garden area.

The first thing that you will want to do is evaluate the area that you have to work with and think about what type of garden landscape you would like to incorporate into the space. If you are just now beginning to think about changing or improving your garden landscape, check out these five garden landscaping designs.

Foliage and Flowers
For an eye-pleasing retreat full of greenery and flowers, consider creating a traditional landscape with beds that have a variety of leafy plants, alternating with flowering plants. Leafy foliage can come in many shapes, textures, and colors. Even though they are not flowering, they can fill your garden beds and add a lush feel to your space.

In between the greenery be sure to add a variety of flowering plants. These should be bright and bold colors that will really pop out with the greenery in the backdrop. Feel free to use both tall and short plants in your garden landscaping design in order to add dimension to the space.

The Central Fire Pit
Do you plan on spending time entertaining in your garden area once the landscape has been completed? If so, a landscape surrounding a central fire pit, where guests can gather to eat and drink, may be an option to consider.

The fire pit should be positioned in a central area of your landscape, ideally on bricks or stones. Surrounding this area you can place greenery, shrubs, or flowering plants. Just be sure that the plants that you choose do not drop dry leaves frequently, as this can pose as a fire hazard.

Cozy Patio
If you are working with a smaller space, like a back yard patio or porch, consider purchasing a nice set of patio furniture and then creating your garden design around those pieces. With a small space you can’t go wrong with a few traditional bushes like roses, or any other flowering shrub that grows well in the London area.

To add some pop to the space, consider investing in a few large pots that can be filled with seasonal blooms. This will allow you to change up the look of your area throughout the year.

The Edible Garden
Edible gardens are all the rage as of late, and for good reason. Not only do edibles look nice, but they will also produce fresh vegetables, fruit, and herbs that can be used in your cooking. Edible gardens do not need to be grown in traditional boxy-looking raised beds. You can design an edible garden just like any other garden bed.

Plan to use a variety of edible plants that are different heights and colors. Herbs typically make great ground covering and vining plants, like beans and squash, can be grown up trellises. Pick a few bold plants, like tomatoes, peppers, or fruit trees as the centerpieces of your landscape.

Fountain Feature
For a relaxing retreat consider creating a garden landscape with water as a main component of the design. When it comes to the water source, you can choose from a variety of options, such as fountains, small waterfalls, or koi ponds. The trickle of the water will provide a meditative space to enjoy around your home.

The plants that you choose for the garden can range from simple shrubbery to bold flowering plants. The only thing that you should avoid when choosing plants are those that shed their leaves frequently. Leaves can be difficult to clean from small ponds and may easily clog and pumps that you may have in place to keep your water moving.

These five garden designs should serve as inspiration as you begin to plan and get inspiration for your outdoor area. The designs can be combined or manipulated based on your particular tastes and landscape needs. For more information talk with a professional about your area and they will be able to offer practical advice as you move forward with your design plans.

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