Jun 16, 2017

How to choose the Right Flooring for your House

The right flooring complements the beauty of the house. When choosing floor cover, you may have in mind a few points about how it should look, what the purpose is and if that fits into your budget. However, safety is also something you should look into. Very often, the explosion of options results in confusion.

Common Flooring

The most commonly used floorings are vitrified tiles, marbles, granite, ceramic and wood. All of them have different properties that give your house a different look, feel and protection.

In a typical house, each room has a different purpose. At the time of purchase, you should make the right selection on flooring, based utility, and function.

So, how do you decide which flooring material will suit your bedroom and which your bathroom? To get rid of the confusion, here are a few points to explain the functionality and practicality of selecting particular floor types.

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Flooring for Bathrooms
1. Ceramic Tiles: The use of ceramic tiles is popular as they are easy to install and clean. In ceramic tiles, there are two types available. One is glazed & colored and the other is unglazed. Glazed tiles have a glasslike finish, and it’s more resistant to stains. Due to its glossy finish, it’s used for counter-tops and on the walls. No matter what the type of ceramic tiles, proper maintenance is critical as dirt particles keep accumulating in the joining areas.

2. Natural Tiles: They add a classic finish to bathroom interiors. The beauty of using natural tiles is that no two tiles are similar. By fixing them, you leave a natural signage to your flooring installation. However, some natural tiles require high maintenance due to porous properties but you can always call a professional property maintenance company.

3. Pebble Stone Tile: It’s a great option to add a classic touch to your bathroom.

4. Concrete: It’s a good alternative to expensive floorings like marble and ceramic. The positive aspect of concrete flooring is that it’s easy to maintain and proves durable. Besides, it can be installed within a small budget.

Flooring for Living Room
Wood Flooring: It adds more natural beauty, elegance and warmth than any other flooring. These days, wooden floors are engineered to withstand heat and humidity. The downside is that it’s more susceptible to scratches and more expensive than other flooring options. Ideally, wood flooring is good for dining spaces, living rooms, bedrooms and most office interiors.

Carpets: It’s usually less expensive than wood in square feet terms. Rich rugs and carpets add a cozy feel and leave a soft luxurious touch under your feet. Carpets are available in different designs, textures, and thicknesses. The choice of texture and quality of carpets should be based on climate, usage, and requirement. Carpets definitely require more maintenance and cleaning. With a high price tag and frequent cleaning cost, it’s important to ask the recommendation from the manufacturer or agent before you make the purchase.

Laminate: This is another durable and less expensive flooring option available to you. It is easy to maintain and designed to withstand heavy foot traffic. Laminate flooring is available in multiple colors, shades, and styles. It’s a good option when you want the natural look, but don’t have the budget for it.

Brick Finish for an Old World Look: If you like the old world feel and finish, then brick flooring can transport you back in time. The brick could be layered in the bond pattern or the basket-weave style. When properly cemented, it’s easy to mop and clean the floor. For daily cleaning of brick floors, you should use milder detergents. That’s where the challenge lies and brick floors can sometimes be uneven.

Flooring for Kitchens
Being a high foot-traffic zone, a kitchen should have a flooring material that is durable and easy to clean. In an Indian kitchen, where there are chances of spilling hot curries, it’s best to use ceramic. Ceramic tiles come in a wide range of colors and varied designs. They are easy to clean, low on maintenance and stay protected against cracks and stains. If you have children or senior citizens, then you may want to choose titles with anti-skid features.

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