Jun 16, 2017

5 Things to Remember When Searching for a Roofing Company

So you are looking for a roofing company. Whether you are considering a complete replacement or are in need of a minor repair, roofing is serious business: With the right materials and knowledgeable workers, it could last as many as 50 years. Here are five things to remember before you sign a contract:

1. Insurance

Make sure you are not liable for anyone getting hurt. Roofing is often dangerous, as the work is performed high above the ground and often on slanted structures. Your roofing company should have both liability and workers' compensation insurance, so if anyone were to fall or otherwise injure themselves, the company would be responsible for any hospital bills and court costs.

2. Testimonials

The opinions your friends and family have are critical, so do not be afraid to reach out and ask whether they have any recommendations or words of warning. Ask them whether they have ever had a bad experience with a roofing company.

Maybe they charged more than expected, installation was not done properly or they were somehow scammed. Generally speaking, if you do business with a roofing company and have nothing to say afterward, it has done its job!

Along those lines, you can search for testimonials online via Yelp, Facebook or other websites. Many companies post customer opinions online, as well.

3. Cost for Quality

Maybe you have to spend a little more to get the roofing materials that would be best for you. Do research online to see what types of materials are worth the extra bucks. Asphalt shingles typically last about 20 years, for instance, while slate can last 50 or more. Finding out what is best for your home as well as your budget can save you money in the long run.

4. Warranties

Ask about warranties that may be included in the work. Many companies will offer workmanship, shingle or manufacturers' warranties, which protect you in case of damage for various reasons. These warranties are all valuable in their own ways.

5. Company History

Family-owned or longtime local businesses are often reputable and popular for a reason. Many people find that these types of companies are more trustworthy because they are not standing behind a large corporation and tend to care more about the quality of their work.

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