Jun 17, 2017

Benefits of Cleaning Your Air Ducts Regularly

Did you know how much your home creates an estimated dust each year? Yes, it’s more than 50 pounds. If you’re a homeowner, obviously you will forget to take care of your air ducts. However, you should keep in mind that duct cleaning is a part of your normal home maintenance. Air duct cleaning is just one part of a cleaning industry intended at increasing inside air quality and proving good health. 

Internal heating/cooling systems work through air ducts. These air ducts circulate clean air through the house ensuring that dirt and dust do not enter the airways. However, with all things, even air ducts need to be filtered and cleaned on a regular basis. There are many home duct cleaning companies which doing a good job of cleaning your air ducts.

How much Air Duct Cleaning Cost

The cost of an air duct cleaning can vary less from professionals, but it ranges anywhere from around $200 to over $500 with the price affected by factors like the size of the room, the number of ducts, area and their configuration. Many companies offer cheap rates, but make sure their services and company values. On average, a professional dryer vent cleaning will cost anywhere from $90 to $160, depending on the cruelty of the clog.

 Main Benefits of Cleaning Your Ducts...
·         Reducing the level of debris and Ducts
·         Reduce toxins level
·         Reduced odors
·         Reduced Duct
·         Improve your family health
·         Energy Saving
·         Improved Air Flow
·         Indoor Air quality

Read below to find out the pros and cons of cleaning your air ducts on a regular basis.

Pros of regular duct cleaning:
Obviously, the biggest advantage of cleaning your ducts is that your home will be protected better from all the dust and dirt. By cleaning you will get rid of all the allergies that cause common ailments. You will protect the health of yourself and all those reside in the house. Other things you will get rid of whilst cleaning your air ducts are mould and mildew. These usually get trapped in areas where there is lots of heat and enclosed areas. They are spread and cause a lot of diseases, so getting your ducts cleaned can really help you.

Cons of regular duct cleaning:
Duct cleaning must be done by professionals and if done improperly then it can cause more problems than good.

If a partially trained person does the duct cleaning, he might unsettle things and just mess up the already settled layer of dirt in the duct. This layer must be thoroughly cleaned or else the dirt might get spread around the air and cause health issues for those around the house.

Prior to choosing a Melbourne duct cleaning services, it's best to compare the different types of companies available and then go from there. This will ensure you don't get tricked into choosing the cheapest or most attractive deal. As duct cleaning is not something you must take lightly, it should be done properly by a specially trained person so they will do the needful and make sure your home is left clean and grime free.

Finding a Good Air Duct Cleaner

Always, keep away from air duct cleaners who brag about the health benefits of their service. Be very careful when choosing a duct cleaning service provider and always check their licenses. If you do hire someone to clean your air ducts, make sure they know what they will need to do - a poor job is bad than no cleaning at all, as it can kick up particles or even smash portion of the HVAC method.  Do not hire duct cleaners who advise duct cleaning process as a routine part of your heating and maintenance.

A professional cleaner will always perform a site inspection before start the actual cleaning process. They will bring their own specific equipment including a vacuum and also know how and make an effort to look after your carpet and furnishings.

At last, Dryer should be inspected and cleaned at least once a year depending on the size of the room or household and dryer usage. 

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