Mar 31, 2016

Sun and Safety: Preventative Measures When Installing Solar Panels

With global warming affecting the lives of many people around the world, more countries around the world are now turning to renewable energy sources, like wind power in Denmark, Solar Power in the Philippines, and geothermal power in Iceland, to reduce their carbon footprint and hopefully limit the effects of global warming. 

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Home solar power systems are especially gaining traction in many countries because of the following:
·         They are totally silent
·         Maintaining them is not expensive
·         They do not require as much space as wind power systems do
·         They have no moving parts

However, despite the myriad advantages that solar power systems have over other renewable sources of energy, many are still averse to having them installed on their homes for fear of any safety issues that often arise with many fairly new technologies going mainstream.

One issue is that installing solar panels is very difficult and therefore can poses a risk to both the installer and the house it is being installed on.

Although the work can be difficult at times, as solar panels are big and heavy and some houses’ wiring systems are difficult to navigate, installing a solar power system on a house is generally a simple matter.  It is also important to note that each work site presents its own challenges (a two-story house with a sharply angled roof and simple wiring vs a single-story house with a flat roof and shoddy wiring, for example).

To mitigate all possible risk, the following safety protocols must be followed when installing solar panels:
·         Proper lifting techniques should be practiced when carrying solar panels.
·         At least two people should carry each solar panel.
·         Installers should avoid carrying solar panels while climbing ladders.
·         Ladders should be placed only on level ground and unobstructed places to prevent them falling over.
·         Installers should use proper safety equipment, like helmets, safety nets, and body harnesses, at all times.

Another is the issue of solar panels being a possible fire hazard.
It is important to note that, although solar panels have to pass through rigorous quality testing, pass tough, international standards, and be of a certain quality before they can be sold to various countries around the world, they are not totally immune to electrical faults.

This is why it is also important for both installers and homeowners to take the following precautions to mitigate the risk of electrical fires in a solar power system:
·         As faulty, low-quality components can cause electrical fires, the use of higher quality components is recommended.  One reason why higher quality components are priced higher than low quality ones is that their failure rates are very low.         
·         Experience does not come cheap.  Hiring quality, experienced installers that have performed hundreds of installations is miles better than hiring cheap, inexperienced ones that only have one or two installations under their belt.
·         Regular inspection of the system should always be performed to ensure they are working at top shape.
·         Although most inverters come with factory weatherproofing, they should still be well ventilated and protected from the elements.

Nothing is 100% safe.  In fact, any device that uses electricity as its power source has the potential to overload, short circuit, and develop electric arcing that can cause electrical fires.  However, through proper precaution, the usage of higher quality components and installers, and the practice of fire safety protocols, preventing electrical fires and building a safe and efficient solar power system anywhere is very much possible.

Author Biography:
Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy)is a Communications Degree holder, passionate writer, currently working as a local Public Relations Officerand an online Marketing Representative.

Thoroughly fascinated about travelling, leisure, and living the good life!
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Keep It! Tiny Kitchen Storage Hacks

Admittedly, no matter which one of the condominiums for sale in Quezon City you buy, chances are your new home will have a smaller kitchen than that of a regular house. If you are a person who love to create new dishes as if you’re a part of a wedding catering company, the storage may be a bit of a problem for you. Luckily, there are some ways to maximize the space you have. Here are some tiny kitchen storage hacks you can surely use.
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Metal Strip Knife Storage
For such slim instruments, the storage for knives can really take up a fairly large amount of space on the kitchen counter. If you are still using metal knives, you can easily solve this problem by switching that huge block with a magnetic strip. Simply install a magnetic strip with at least an inch in width on your kitchen wall— et voila, easy and less space consuming storage for those sharp instruments!

Towel Rack Lid Holder

One of the hardest things to store are pot lids. For ages, women across the world have been trying to figure out how to put away these covers without fear of damaging them. Here's the solution: a towel rack. Yes, you heard that right, a towel rack. Install it anywhere you want with its mounts, like the inside of your cabinet or on the wall and you'll have an easy lid holder.

Refrigerator Spice Rack

Your refrigerator can be one of your best friends when it comes to storage. Thanks to its magnetic surface, it can serve multiple purposes and not just a modern day appliance to keep your food cool. Turn it into a spice rack with some jars and magnets. If you have some baby food jars lying around, clean them then transfer your spices into those jars. Stick a magnet on their surface and there you have it, a magnetic spice rack! Oh, and don't forget to label the jars with the spice they contain.

Multipurpose Pegboard

It's sad to see some vacant wall space in your kitchen that you know you can truly use if you only knew how. Worry no more, because here's the solution: a multipurpose pegboard. Purchase a painted one and hang it on a vacant wall. Place a few S-hooks or a rack on it and there you go, a multipurpose pegboard. You can use it not just for storage purposes, but for drying kitchen instruments as well.

Overhead Shelves

If you have a lot of space above your kitchen counter and would not like to undergo the hassle of installing cupboards, then shelves are your best solutions. Put on the first shelf your most used cookware and on the top, place your special occasion pots and pans or the ones you rarely use. Shelves are quite handy as not only are they easy to clean, but they can be adjustable too if that's the type you bought.

Rolling Shelves
To cook, one needs ingredients and in a tiny kitchen, there's hardly any space for it— that is, if you don't account the tiny space between your refrigerator and your wall. Create a rolling, skinny shelf and you'll have tons of storage for all your canned, bottled and jarred ingredients.

Storage can be a bit of an issue when it comes to a condo, but with some ingenuity you can surely maximize every bit of extra space for your use.

Author Biography:
Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy)is a Communications Degree holder, passionate writer, currently working as a local Public Relations Officer and an online Marketing Representative.

Thoroughly fascinated about travelling, leisure, and living the good life!
Follow her on twitter: @kimmygayeta

Time to Declutter! Hacks to Organize Your Closet

No matter what the size of the closet in your Tagaytay Luxury Homes is, there just seems to be never enough space for all your clothes, shoes and accessories! Everything seems to be overflowing onto your dresser, chairs and even your bed, so what are you going to do about it? How about these closet hacks? With these tips you'll not only be able to stuff everything inside your closet, but you'll also be able to organize everything as well.
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Take Everything Out and Sort ‘Em

To organize your closet, you must first take inventory of everything you have. Use this opportunity to toss out pieces you haven’t worn in the last year or so. If it’s something like a gown, go ahead and keep it—just make sure to try it one first to make sure it still fits. If not, put it in the toss pile.

Same goes for the shoes and accessories. See those cracked, broken, sneakers? They may be your first pair of Chuck Taylors, but if they are just sitting there due to sentimental reason it would be best to put them into the discard pile. In the end, you should have three piles: keep, special occasions (like gowns, coats or jackets) and discard. Later on, further sort the discard into donate and throw. Give the donate pile to charity while the throw goes straight into the rubbish bin.

Use a Utensil Tray

One of the main problems of any woman is where and how to store her accessories such as her necklaces, rings and earrings. The answer to this problem is a simple utensil tray. You can designate a row for each category like watches in the first, bracelets in the second, etc. As for where to place it, you can either put it in a drawer near the closet or on top of the dresser.

Grab Some S-Hooks

You may have heard of one technique to maximizing closet space with soda tabs, but what about S-hooks? Get a stainless steel chain (to avoid any future rust problems) and an S-hook. Hang the S-hook from your closet rod and the chain on the other end. There you go, extra hanging space for your hangers. You can also use these hooks the same way you used the soda tabs, with one end on one hanger and the other open for another hanger. There you go, two ways to maximize your closet space with one tool.

Store Your Shoes

Do not store your shoes inside your closet! They can take up a lot of much needed space and might even funk up the place as well. Keep your most commonly used pairs near the doorway and the others on a rack kept near your closet. If you have numerous heeled shoes, some crown molding can help you out. Stick 'em to a wall and hang your killer heals on them.

Wire Baskets For The Win

Attach wire baskets to the awkward spaces in your closet. In here you can store all you scarves, purses, pouches and other knick knacks. If you want, you can even store your underwear in them.

An organized closet is one of the best things a person can have.  You’ll not just have a clean place to store your clothes, but some peace of mind as well to as where everything should properly be.

Author Biography:
Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy)is a Communications Degree holder, passionate writer, currently working as a local Public Relations Office rand an online Marketing Representative.

Thoroughly fascinated about travelling, leisure, and living the good life!
Follow her on twitter: @kimmygayeta

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