Mar 7, 2016

Why Finding Registered Service in Electrical Repair Is a Must

Gambling with your electrical installation or repair needs on a company who is not registered is an almost guaranteed way to lose money. When shopping for a trusted company to handle your electrical services, it is of the utmost importance to hire a company that can prove that it is registered.

Unfortunately, there are electrical companies and contractors who are not registered for certain work in certain areas. This often results in poor quality and even more problems, but thanks to the Internet, finding a qualified electrician is actually rather easy. Here is a brief summary of why registration is important and how to make sure the company you are choosing is registered.
Why Does Registration Matter?
To be able to provide electrical work legally, a person or company must be registered with the government. This is in order to make sure that they the electrical work they do is within the building regulations of that area. Hiring a company that is registered also gives the customer some added security if something happens to go wrong. For example,electricians in Essex follow a different set of regulations than those in Belfast, and vice versa.

The last thing you want is to hire an unregistered electrical company and then get fined by the government, because the electrical workings of your building or home are not up to code. In order to avoid this, you need to make sure that the company you are hiring is registered locally. You can do this by checking their website or simply calling and asking them.

Be Extra Diligent
A good rule to follow to make sure that the electrical company you are hiring is registered is to ask them to prove it. Many of these company websites will claim they are registered, but just because they have it on their websites does not necessarily make it fact. It is not inappropriate to ask the company to show you the paperwork proving their registration. If you are sceptical about the legitimacy of an electrical company’s registration, make sure you see it in writing. 

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