Mar 24, 2016

Sand Blasting Is Not Just for Cleaning

You would never think that sandblasting has applications beyond simply cleaning a surface. There are certainly many companies that resort to sand blasting services in order to clean buildings and remove grime and graffiti. But sandblasting is used in a variety of industrial settings in order to do more than just clean.
Why Use a Sand Blasting Service?
Sandblasting is used in a wide range of applications and is considered to be a precise and efficient process on surfaces that are appropriate for the treatment. But, apart from cleaning, what other advantages does using a sandblasting service offer? Consider the following.

·         Surface preparation: Because sand blasting is a fast and abrasive process, it is often used in industrial equipment manufacturing where metallic surfaces need to be prepared adequately for powder coating or a finishing coating. The abraded surface is ideal for the adhesion of a number of protective and powder coatings, including industrial paints. The high pressure of the sandblasting process will also remove old paint and strip the surface of contaminants, so that it can be put through a finishing and coating process.
·         Cleaning: Due to the high pressure and abrasive nature of sandblasting, any surface contaminants are quickly and efficiently removed. This can be used in industrial applications for surface preparation, but it is also used by local councils, for example, to remove graffiti from buildings, and a build-up of dirt, grime and pollution.
·         Protective coatings: The sandblasting process can coat a surface with a number of added finishings, including paint, epoxy primers, silicone, zinc and polyurethanes. Many of these coatings serve to protect the underlying substrate material and are durable and hard wearing. This makes the process ideal for areas that require weather sealing, and protection from weathering and fire damage. The coating left by the sand blasting process will also protect from rust and corrosion.

Even though sandblasting is an abrasive process, it can actually be eco-friendly when bicarbonate of soda is added as a cleaner. It can be considered a non-toxic process when used in this manner so that workers are not exposed to toxins. This makes sand blasting flexible in terms of application and use.

Using a Sand Blasting Service
If you are in a position to require a sand blasting service, it is always a good idea to check the credentials of the company that you are considering using. A reputable company will always provide obligation free quotes, and answer your questions thoroughly and without fear or hesitation. There are many such services available for hire, and one can even find sand blasting in Perth.

You should expect that a sandblasting service will be comprehensive in its service offerings, and include at least some of the following:
·         Sandblasting that is fast and efficient with a satisfaction guarantee
·         Sandblasting services that are available for any job regardless of size or complexity
·         Protective coating services that include appropriate finishing options for your requirements
·         Industrial coating

Sandblasting is a flexible solution that covers a range of applications beyond simple cleaning services. Do your homework and research companies before you decide to hire one. Check out their offerings and ask as many questions as possible. 

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