Mar 31, 2016

Time to Declutter! Hacks to Organize Your Closet

No matter what the size of the closet in your Tagaytay Luxury Homes is, there just seems to be never enough space for all your clothes, shoes and accessories! Everything seems to be overflowing onto your dresser, chairs and even your bed, so what are you going to do about it? How about these closet hacks? With these tips you'll not only be able to stuff everything inside your closet, but you'll also be able to organize everything as well.
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Take Everything Out and Sort ‘Em

To organize your closet, you must first take inventory of everything you have. Use this opportunity to toss out pieces you haven’t worn in the last year or so. If it’s something like a gown, go ahead and keep it—just make sure to try it one first to make sure it still fits. If not, put it in the toss pile.

Same goes for the shoes and accessories. See those cracked, broken, sneakers? They may be your first pair of Chuck Taylors, but if they are just sitting there due to sentimental reason it would be best to put them into the discard pile. In the end, you should have three piles: keep, special occasions (like gowns, coats or jackets) and discard. Later on, further sort the discard into donate and throw. Give the donate pile to charity while the throw goes straight into the rubbish bin.

Use a Utensil Tray

One of the main problems of any woman is where and how to store her accessories such as her necklaces, rings and earrings. The answer to this problem is a simple utensil tray. You can designate a row for each category like watches in the first, bracelets in the second, etc. As for where to place it, you can either put it in a drawer near the closet or on top of the dresser.

Grab Some S-Hooks

You may have heard of one technique to maximizing closet space with soda tabs, but what about S-hooks? Get a stainless steel chain (to avoid any future rust problems) and an S-hook. Hang the S-hook from your closet rod and the chain on the other end. There you go, extra hanging space for your hangers. You can also use these hooks the same way you used the soda tabs, with one end on one hanger and the other open for another hanger. There you go, two ways to maximize your closet space with one tool.

Store Your Shoes

Do not store your shoes inside your closet! They can take up a lot of much needed space and might even funk up the place as well. Keep your most commonly used pairs near the doorway and the others on a rack kept near your closet. If you have numerous heeled shoes, some crown molding can help you out. Stick 'em to a wall and hang your killer heals on them.

Wire Baskets For The Win

Attach wire baskets to the awkward spaces in your closet. In here you can store all you scarves, purses, pouches and other knick knacks. If you want, you can even store your underwear in them.

An organized closet is one of the best things a person can have.  You’ll not just have a clean place to store your clothes, but some peace of mind as well to as where everything should properly be.

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