Mar 4, 2016

What to Do If Your Business Gets Clogged Pipes

Clogged pipes cause leaking, which can result in water damage to your floors and furnishings. Unpleasant odors can indicate a sewer line is clogged and has backed up. When any kind of plumbing issue occurs, you need to contact a professional plumber before water damage causes additional problems. There are several reasons pipes get clogged and back up. It's essential to discover the cause of the problem right away to prevent another occurrence.

What Might Cause Clogged Pipes

According to Bonney Plumbing in Sacramento CA, clogged sewer lines can be a major problem for a business. If there are trees around your building, it’s very possible some roots have gotten into the underground lines and grew. It is one of the most common causes of clogged pipes. Other reasons for clogged pipes include improper materials being carelessly flushed down the toilet. Some things that can clog pipes when flushed are paper towels, personal care products, hand wipes, food wrappers, and any item that is considered to be trash. Signs should be posted in all employee bathrooms indicating what cannot be flushed. If you discover a leak, shut off the water in the area of the problem, notify employees of the issue, and call your plumbing professional.

Commercial Plumbing Systems

According to Real Plumber, businesses make larger demands on their plumbing systems and are designed to meet the increased use. There are subtypes within the business category, and each places different demands on their system. Some commercial subtypes include, gas station, strip mall, restaurant, retail outlet, and office building. Commercial plumbers are trained to install, service, maintain, and troubleshoot the various subtypes. Repair is not the whole answer, and your plumber will search for the cause of the problem to prevent it from happening again. Accurate troubleshooting will provide a long term solution for the plumbing issue your business is experiencing. You need the professional who can meet the demands required for large volume plumbing systems.

Choosing a Plumber

One of the tried and true methods of selecting any commercial repair company is to consider their reputation in the community. You need to know how many years of experience they have in the plumbing field and if they are available twenty-four hours a day. Ask for local references. A good company is happy to provide the names of their satisfied customers.

When your business is experiencing a plumbing issue, call a professional and get the job done right.

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