Mar 10, 2016

Discover how a Jute Rug appears to be perfect floor covering solution

Is your recently bought synthetic rug fading away quickly and the synthetic fiber is looking dull or becoming loose?  Are you in the process of disposing it soon and planning to buy a new one? Your house may be frequently visited by your friends and relatives who would expect to see any floor cover shining bright or providing comfort to move or sit on. Your synthetic rug may have failed to impress your guests owing to failure to cope with the wear and tear of time.

Nowadays, people are more likely to buy carpets or rugs made from plant fibers which may either be the coil, sisal, sea grass and jute, etc. It is as attractive and strong as any carpet or rug made from the animal fibers which are normally from goat’s hair or sheep’s wool.  Purchasing plant fiber woven carpets or rugs are as attractive and perform better than the animal fiber made carpets or rugs. Cost price of any natural fiber rug or carpet is very affordable or reasonable, which allows anyone to buy them.

Jute is a favorite among many fabric lovers or fashion designers.  Jute is not only used for making carpets or rugs but also in the process of making loom for designing clothes. Jute is also used for making small or big bags. This plant fiber grows in the tropical countries of India and Bangladesh and even in some parts of China and Myanmar.
Cultivation of jute in the marshy fields relieves the farmer from the burden of bearing the extra expenditure of insecticides or fertilizers. If you are searching for a suitable jute to pair up with the interiors of either your house or office, then a Floorspace jute rug would be the ideal one for you at an affordable price. You can buy any jute rug of your choice by visiting the Floorspace store or going online. The Floorspace website gives you the option of selecting the color and pattern of your jute rug.

There are surely other good reasons for you comfortable choosing your jute rug from Floorspace. Such reasons are highlighted as follows:
1)   Jute as a plant fiber is very strong and durable. Its strength even encourages the synthetic carpet weavers to mix it with other synthetic or artificial fibers.
2)   It does not easily succumb to wear and tear of time.  However, it would be better to keep away the jute rug from any form of moist contact or UV rays of the sun. Otherwise, the brightness will go away and even the fiber may get damaged.
3)   Dry cleaning method will help in the process of maintenance of jute rug. If any solid particle falls and sticks to fiber of the rug, then it can be rubbed away with the small bristle brush and then vacuuming should be applied. Floorspace offers a dry cleaning kit along with the jute rug on request. This dry cleaning kit includes spot cleaner, dry cleaning powder and a brush.
4)   Avoid any form of liquid contact with the jute rug and if it does happen, then use blotting paper for clearing away the liquid. In the case of sauce or red wine spills, Club soda must be used to neutralize it.
5)   Available in different patterns or designs and dyed in different shades or colors.
6)   Often synthetic carpets or rugs effect peoples with allergies who will suffer from dust and other germs. By installing a jute rug, one would not face such a consequence.
7)   Softness on the surface of a jute rug is always there even after a long duration of time.
8)   A jute rug becomes a good absorbent of sound and therefore ideal for fitting into crowded areas to bear the heavy traffic and reduce noise.
9)   Unlike the synthetic carpets, jute rug would not bear the static electricity to bring any discomfort for any person who is young, old or even the sick. 

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