Aug 30, 2022

5 classic home décor trends that will always stay relevant

Home décor is a big part of your home and the lifestyle you maintain. Whether you like to stick with a design that’s classic and timeless or prefer to live in a new-fangled look every year, there are home décor trends that you can count on for lasting impression. If you want a room that's filled with style and personality, pick one of these classic home décor trends. You'll be proud to show off your home for years to come, whether you're adding new furniture or painting the walls.

New age home buyers put a lot of thought into decorating their home. After buying a 2BHK residential flat near Budge Budge, Sunil & Shreya Mehra invested their thought and effort into decorating it in a classic style that will never go out of style.

  1. Neutral colour palette:

This is the simplest way to transform your home. Painting your room is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to completely transform the look. Some trending vibrant colours might be ruling the interior design trends right now, but some shades of time-tested neutrals never fail to breathe timeless elegance to your home. Vibrant colours, if chosen without much thought, may make your home look clumsy. This can be avoided by sticking with neutrals, such as shades of off-white, taupe, and gray. Then update your style with accessories such as colourful throw pillows.

  1. Marble and stone

Marble and stones are beautiful, durable materials that can be used in a variety of ways in a home. They add a sense of luxury to a room and are also incredibly versatile. You can use them on a coffee table top or even a beautiful backsplash behind your stovetop. Just be careful, though, that the marble or stone you choose aligns with the rest of your décor. Some of these materials come in such a wide variety of colours that it cannot be difficult to find something that matches your colour scheme. If you do want to go with marble or stone, just be sure to pick a colour that will complement your other furniture and decorative accents.

  1. Cozy upholstery

While natural materials are lovely, you don’t want your home to feel cold and impersonal. A great way to add the feeling of cosiness to your space is by adding some nice upholstery to your furniture. There are a ton of different fabrics to choose from, so you’ll want to pick something that matches your style. A good rule of thumb is to stick with neutral colours, like black, white, or grey, so you’re able to easily match the fabrics to your existing décor without getting too messy.

  1. Floral prints

If you love flowers, but don’t want to go overboard with the floral décor, try picking up a few prints. They are a great way to add a splash of colour and vibrancy to a room without overdoing it. If you really want to go all out with the floral theme, you can even have floral wallpapers printed or stencil floral patterns on your walls. One thing to keep in mind while decorating with floral prints is that they generally look best in a bright room.  So, if you have a darker décor scheme, you might want to consider a different wall decor.

  1. Natural lighting

One of the best things you can do to make your home appear more spacious and luxurious is by increasing the amount of natural lighting. You can do this by installing large windows in your home and making sure they are well-cleaned and free of clutter. You can also add more fixtures to your home that allow for more light to enter, such as chandeliers and floor lamps. Adding more natural light to your home will instantly give it a more open and spacious feel.


Whether you’re hosting a special event or simply want to add some extra character to your home, these five classic home décor trends will always stay relevant. With a few additions here and there, you can completely transform the look of your space. From marble and stone to floral prints, these trends allow you to add your own personal touch without stepping too far outside of the box.

Aug 26, 2022

How to Choose the Right Flooring Option for Your Home


Choosing palette options for flooring

Choosing the right flooring option for your new home can sometimes be very hard and frustrating. A new floor will bring a breath of new life into your home. If you want to make your home feel more yours or are planning to upgrade it for sale, changing the flooring is the thing for you. The big question arises, how to choose the right flooring option for your home? Thankfully, we are here to discuss the various options and help you decide.

What to know before selecting the flooring option

The right flooring option will have a high impact on your home. Changing the flooring in your home can be very expensive and time-consuming, which is why it is always good to get it right. It would be more straightforward and practical to consult a professional designer to help you choose. On the other hand, if you feel enthusiastic and want to save some money, here are some factors that may help you decide:

  • Style

  • Space

  • Practicality

  • Type

  • Budget

Flooring style

Selecting the right style can help you match the flooring option with the rest of the rooms. While surveying your local showroom or checking on the internet, you can sometimes forget that the flooring might not fit the need of your room. During your design phase, don't hesitate to ask professionals for advice. If you don't feel qualified to match the new flooring style with things in your home, it would be good to consult a professional designer. When changing the flooring style, you could also make some changes to your furniture.

Flooring options depend on space

The critical factor when selecting a flooring option should be the room where you will put it. Each room has a different utilization, a quality precursor to choose the right flooring option for your home. The room shape and size are also important because they can narrow or extend the options you can pick from. Depending on the room size, lighter colors can make a narrow room look wider, while a darker color will bring warmth. While installing the new flooring, you might need extra space to move things in the room. That is why the professional movers from always recommend you empty the room before starting. This will give you extra mobility while working.

Sample palette
Checking the sample palette during design is a good way to choose the right option

Flooring option practicality

The practical use of your flooring is the foremost principle. Defining the activities that will take place in the selected space can help you choose the type of flooring suitable for the room. The flooring usage amount can help you select the required quality of the flooring. If you rarely use the room, you can save some money by installing less durable flooring. Keeping in mind the utility of the room is also valuable. There will frequently be a lot of spilling in the kitchen and bathroom. These rooms will require hardy and easy-to-clean surfaces capable of suppressing moisture.

Type of the flooring

The modern era provided us with uncountable flooring options. Selecting the correct flooring option can be a time saver when it comes to maintenance and keeping the place clean. First, you should choose one of four main types:

  • tiles

  • wood

  • carpet

  • vinyl

Most of the time, selecting the type will be affected by the factors mentioned above, but always keep in mind that it is your choice in the end. After choosing the material, you should find out what subtypes are available and the shapes they come in.


Whatever renovation you plan to do, your budget is the most direct filter to guide you. Most of the time, you will find costly flooring options in the showroom. Essentially, your budget will decide if you can get the flooring option you want. If the one you are looking for doesn't fit the budget, there is always something similar that might. For an easier flooring installation, consider renting a storage space. You should leave some room in the budget for storage solutions during the renovation as a place to keep your things while the work is ongoing. If you move your furniture out, the floor will probably be finished sooner.

Projections and calculations
Preparing your budget for your flooring option.

Our flooring recommendations

To help you, we analyzed the basic areas of an ordinary home and the most suitable flooring options. My Home Sweet Home created suggestions based on the room utilization and the factors it needs to withstand (sunlight, moisture, chemicals, and foot traffic). We hope that these flooring options will help ease your choice.

Flooring options for kitchen, bathroom, and mudroom

Kitchens, bathrooms, and mudrooms are the hardest-working floors in your home. The tests show that wood floors are susceptible to constant foot traffic, and you should avoid them in these areas. The best flooring option for these areas is naturally porcelain tile. It can resist scratching, dents and moisture. A broad style range provides excellent and innovative design opportunities. Vinyl is also a good choice if you don't prefer tiles. Easy installation makes it suitable for DIY projects.

Dining, living, and family rooms flooring

Dining, living, and family rooms are where you will spend a lot of time during the day. These areas require an extra added value that only wood can provide. Your flooring option can set the quality and the mood of the room. Prefinished wood flooring is always a proper selection. Engineered wood is also a good choice that is easy to install, making it a good choice if you plan on doing it by yourself. You should consult a professional if you are thinking of a different flooring option for these rooms.

The wood flooring palette.
Choosing the right flooring palette

In summary

Each floor covering is unique in its specific way, providing different benefits and limitations. The endless options and features like color, texture, durability, price, resistance, shape, and others can get you heading. Overwhelming choices might set you back. Quality research will help you with the question of how to choose the right flooring option for your home. Understanding the best options for your home and lifestyle will get you in the right direction. Before you start, it is always an excellent idea to get samples from a selected supplier and put them in the room you want to make changes. Make sure that the flooring samples you take are available in stock. This will provide you with an idea of how it will fit within your style. In the end, remember the choice is always only yours.


Aug 11, 2022

5 Home Improvement Ideas to Get Your House Ready for Fall


A man painting a house.

The timing of home renovation projects is crucial. What is a better occasion for refreshment than the beginning of fall? It's the best time of year for many home renovations since the summer is gone and everyone is relaxed. And these five home improvement ideas are just a start. There are plenty of ideas if you are inventive enough. Fall officially begins around mid-September, and you can explore how to add some rustic vibe to your place

What are the most beneficial five home improvement ideas?

There's no doubting that fall has some fantastic benefits. It offers something for everyone, whether curling up indoors for a movie marathon or hiding under several blankets and comforters as the rain pelts the windows. There is still a lot of time to organize your home for the next chilly mornings, chilly evenings, and long, cozy afternoons. Here are a few interesting tasks to consider this fall.

1. Replace windows

Do you dread working outside in the sweltering summer months? During the summer months, finishing exterior home repair tasks may be tiresome, unpleasant, and even hazardous. As a result, it is considerably simpler to complete various renovation tasks in the fall, including changing windows. The possibility of decreasing energy expenditures is another advantage of removing outdated windows in the fall. When the weather begins to cool off, you can experience chilly air drafts coming in via a window that isn't appropriate. You'll be warmer and use less energy if you replace an outdated window in the next freezing months.

:A handyman installs a window.
You'll be warmer and use less energy if you replace outdated windows.

2. Repaint your front door, interior molding, or trim

Few things improve curb appeal as much as a painted door, mainly if the coat of paint is flawless. Many exterior painting chores may be completed in the fall, notably even before the weather turns wintry and soggy. It's a terrific method to fight the hot weather and give your doorway a fresh appearance.

Green painted door with a carved heart.
Few things improve curb appeal as much as a painted door, particularly if the coat of paint is flawless


It's also time to consider when you last repainted your molding and trim as October draws close and the weather forecast calls for rain and snow. Painting the interior trim of your house may help reduce dust and filth throughout the year and improve your home's aesthetics. Additionally, repainting your molding or trim may drastically change a space, particularly when you combine a rich wall color with clean white trim.

You can even paint your whole house exterior if you have the time and money. We advise you also to employ a professional for this endeavor unless you are an experienced painter. An expert business will ensure that there are no leaks or uneven finishes in addition to doing the job more quickly.

3. Repairing wood

The coolness of September is typically an excellent time for external wood repairs on your siding, porches, or window casings after the moisture of springtime and the heat of summer. This may seem like one of the home improvement ideas that lack the dramatic aesthetic effect of a new entryway color. However, it may easily save you huge amounts of money in future damages.

Any time there is wet or dry rot on the wood in your home, the harm might worsen. As an illustration, ignoring rotten or wet wood on your front porches might cause sags and cracks later on or even let moisture into your home. This is an excellent time of year to fix and maintain your home if your location typically has a dry fall.

Our experts at urge caution if you plan to do this yourself and advise you to ask professionals for assistance. Employ a specialist for this task because respectable wood repair businesses won't settle for mending merely obviously damaged wood. They'll take care to do a complete examination, remove, and repair both the visible and hidden wood.

4. Add a lot of plants 

There is no denying that plants are making our spaces more open and calm in numerous ways, so make sure to prepare your rooms for fall. In this manner, you will still feel as though it is spring or summer, and you will be much fresher. 

If your furniture occupies too much room in your surroundings, you may hang a garden from your ceilings to watch the green unfold. Plant rosemary and oregano together using supplies that are simple to get by. You may also make your own hanging planters to beautify your space using discarded lightbulbs.

a bunch of house plants concerning one of the 5 home improvement ideas is to add a lot of plants.
It's a fact that plants are making our rooms more fresh and spacious.

Plants on your windowsills will make the ideal little garden. For windows that face south, in particular, succulents and jade plants do well in the sunlight. If the space is dimly lit, you may also display flowers that thrive in the shade, such as flame violets, orchids, and peace lilies. You may enhance your green environment by arranging several groups of flora in a limited space.

5. Prepare your baking cupboard in the kitchen

Since everybody wants their houses to be perfect and flawless, there are definitely small projects that don't require a lot of time. You can always find remodeling projects you can do on the weekend.

We are unaware of a finer time of year to fill the house with the aroma of freshly made bread, cookies, and cake. Why not take full advantage of all the reasons to whip up a batch of snickerdoodles or fill your house with the aroma of melting butter, chocolate, and marshmallows? Dedicate a section of your kitchen to all the culinary necessities.

Browse through your favorite cookbooks for an afternoon, making a list of all the things you'll need for your fall feast. If you're starting from the beginning, this list includes all the ingredients you'll need for home baking. If you don't have enough shelf space, keep in mind that labeled jars may serve both functional and aesthetic roles.


Starting to prepare for some helpful fall home improvement tasks is a terrific idea in the summer. Fall is a great time to do many different kinds of home improvements because of the colder weather and impending winter. So, with the help of these five home improvement ideas, you will have something to start with when preparing for the fall


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