Jun 3, 2022

7 Rustic Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

A rustic bathroom with a view

Whether you live in a city or the countryside, if your choice of the interior design of your home falls in the rustic area, you might be in search of some useful tips for achieving this style. No need to worry—we’ve got it covered. Here is our pick of 7 Rustic Interior Design Ideas For Your Home. Dive in!

Wood Elements

A rustic interior is unimaginable without wood elements. Natural wood is the quintessential element of rustic-styled homes. It can be found in almost every part of a rustic home, from the floor finishes, across furniture, to the countertops. Wood is simply what instantly reminds you of the rural setting, nature, and times of yore.

When it comes to flooring, recycled timber flooring is affordable and eco-friendly flooring option with vintage appeal that you might consider as an option for your home.  Parquet and hardwood flooring are maybe more traditional options if you want to play on the safe side and not experiment too much. In addition, you can use some wood accessories, like a basket of logs next to the fireplace or some wood sculptures, to freshen up the living room a bit. Whichever wood element that you use in your interior décor, you won’t be mistaken.

Refurbished Objects

What can remind us more of the times of yore than refurbished pieces that add this antique charm to our interior design? There’s something nostalgic in reusing old things and giving them a new purpose. It’s the best way to cling to the past while making a strong connection with the present as well.

A woman sitting on a stool, enjoying a glass of wine in a rustic room
Using refurbished pieces in your home is one of 7 rustic interior design ideas for your home

An old cabinet refurbished and placed in the kitchen in your new home or an old basket used as a light fixture all complete this rustic story you’re trying to build. So go through some old stuff from your grandma’s house, and don’t rush to toss away used things. In case there is some furniture you can’t use now, you should search for safe storage options for storing old furniture and protect older pieces of furniture you own.

Natural Textures

Using natural materials is something that goes without saying if your aim is rustic décor in your home. Besides wood, using stone and brick elements is your way to bring nature into your rustic home.

Exposed wood beams, a stone wall, or a stone fireplace can all be used to show off natural textures that perfectly complement that rustic look you want to dominate your home. Keep it as rugged and unpolished as possible. That’s precisely what can add just the perfect amount of rustic character to your place. Weathered materials add additional charm and create a feeling of being in an authentically rustic place. Using something that resembles nature’s true textures is also an option. Whatever emulates nature is your ally in making your home a rustic haven for your family.

Textural Fabrics

When it comes to fabrics that should dominate your rustic home, they should be textural and without any prints. Sturdy materials that were originally used in countryside houses where materials such as silk and lace don’t have their place in a rustic home.

So what materials are desirable in a rustic home? Don’t think twice if you see a heavy wool rug or old linen curtains. Reuse a burlap sack to accessorize your place, or use plain white cotton tablecloths and bedsheets. Simplicity is key when it comes to choosing the suitable materials that fit in well with your rustic interior. 

Natural colors 

What’s important when pursuing rustic style is not to exaggerate with colors. What best suits and goes with the rustic design are warm, natural hues and earth tones that emulate nature. Hues that go well with a rustic interior are all shades of brown, followed by red, orange, yellow, and green. Natural colors emphasize this warmth and coziness that all rustic interiors share.

Picture frames in a variety of colors, stacked together.
You don’t have to stick to the color brown to reach this rustic feel. Play with warm and natural hues.

You can mix these colors to achieve the perfect rustic color palette that fits your idea of what the rustic home should look like. For instance, an old green cabinet in the kitchen, a dark brown coffee table in the living room, window shutters in warm red hues—how you want to mix and match them is your call. You’re on the right track as long as they add this warm, soothing feeling to your interior.


Lighting is an important aspect of completing the rustic style, and it mainly relies on simplicity. An old iron basket as your light fixture or elaborate chandeliers all fit the rustic interior well. Depending on how big the space is and how light complements the rest of the interior, you have plenty of options. Choosing the right lamp type can make a big difference and help you create the ambiance you want.

Natural light is of great importance in rustic homes. Therefore, big windows are an important feature of any rustic home. You can go with the traditional models, with wood shutters and other elements, or stick to something simple, your pick with a touch of modern style. What’s important is to create this feeling that your place is one with the surrounding nature, as Zippy Shell Northern Virginia suggests. The best way to achieve that is to let in as much natural light as you can.

If you already own some lamps or chandeliers that would fit into your new rustic home, then make sure to hire reliable movers to assist you with moving your things undamaged. Professional teams offer assistance and practical advice when it comes to packing, moving, and storing.

Rustic Home Walls

Rustic home walls can give your house that perfect homey feel while adding some visual interest. You can achieve the look by using reclaimed wood, stone, or brick. Reclaimed wood can come from a number of places, such as old barns or pallets. Stone and brick can also be reclaimed from old buildings that are being demolished.

A room with a rustic brick wall painted in white as one of 7 rustic interior design ideas for your home.
Stone or brick walls can add this rustic character to your house.

The key to achieving the rustic look is to ensure that the materials you use are in keeping with the overall style of your house. For instance, if your house is a traditional farmhouse, then using reclaimed barn wood would be a good choice. However, if your house has a more modern aesthetic, using stone or brick might be better. Regardless of the materials you use, rustic home walls are an easy way to add character to your house.

7 Rustic Interior Design Ideas: Wrap up

We hope that you will find our list of 7 rustic interior design ideas for your home useful. Creating a cozy home where you and your family feel safe, and content is a challenge, but it is also a rewarding job that can bond family members even more.

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